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  1. I grabbed the JPZlike thing, and the captured KV-1.
  2. This section exists? Meanwhile, I picked up some 5.0 german premiums and have been derping around in them.
  3. Arrgh, pubbies in WoWS right now are cringe-worthy.

    Oh, and @Deusmortis I will get my revenge.

    1. Deusmortis


      Go away.  I'm winning almost half my games, which is more than usual!

    2. Tedster59


      Meanwhile, I just won a brawl with a Yamato in that crappy new tier 7 prem BB.  Pubbies be pubbies.

  4. It's almost like CV's are blocked from WG's CW right now because spotting is so powerful... Can't wait for the vision/AA overhaul that is supposedly coming.
  5. Blazing Angels used it kinda like a steering wheel (held horizontally, think mario kart style) in one configuration. Bank the controller to turn left/right, lift it up or lower it to change pitch.
  6. I kinda wish I could use a Wii controller to play this game, mainly because this game feels a lot like Blazing Angels (for the Wii) did.
  7. I live in Fox Chapel, but I currently study at CMU so I live on campus.
  8. Wow, I didn't realize we had that many pittsburghers here
  9. I've been having a ton of fun as one of our Montanas and callers. Neck and neck with salty for 1st, we'll have to see how trihard we want to go though.
  10. Hype, I can run the M55 this campaign.

    1. Errants


      Ooh, mebbe I won't be promoting my M53/55 crew to T92, then...

  11. it's a bunch of missions that are worth a total of 1k gold, and one of them is bugged anyways right now
  12. I've actually been enjoying derping around in all of them, they aren't too bad.
  13. I think the best part of this is the salt from the people who somehow liked the game before talking about how they dumbed down the game. EDIT: so apparently I'm really good at getting top points on losses because nobody on my teams can cap the points. IMO the point gain from objectives needs to be toned back a bit.
  14. except those don't combine it with a citadel the size of pre-change Iowa's.