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  1. Modifying a poem about the Holocaust for pixel tanks is in poor taste.
  2. This^ but for basically any reason.
  3. If you say it three times while looking into a mirror, the buffs will appear.
  4. Will the obj 430U make out of test in its current state and, if not, what will WG nerf first?

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    2. Hellsfog


      440 alpha with a slightly faster rof than both with better aim time,  better front hull armor (160) the same front turret 300, worse side hull armor but better on the side of the turret, same top speed, same 400m vr. worse gun depression.

    3. Tman450


      The good thing is that the 257's front armor is pretty weak. (Weaker than the defender actually.). And the turret has the IS-3 turret roof overmatch.

      And the gun is bleh. And it's kind of slow.

      4 hours ago, Deus__Ex__Machina said:

      yeah ive seen the 257 memes


    4. Hellsfog
  5. I've only seen 2 Loza Sherman's in strongholds so far. I for WG's sake it is selling better on RU.
  6. http://wotlabs.net/sig_dark/na/skepnad/signature.png Skepnad hid in a corner in the tier 9 swede TD. Fired 1 shot.
  7. Consider this a parting gift, the Obj 416 is probably the best tier 8 TD. Play it like that and you'll be fine, in my opinion. It doesn't have any armor except for the occasional troll bounce so I wouldn't worry about gold spam. Feel free to throw 330 pen HEAT back at them. It's glorious. Gents, is that pretty much a fair summary of the 416 thread if the OP was arsed to find it. Good luck elsewhere.
  8. RU 251 and T54ltw, are they keepers? 

    1. kreigermann


      I kept both. I haven't played the RU much since the tier shift, but the LTWT is still quite good. Not very good at being a "real" light tank but an excellent harassing medium.

      I think @CraBeatOff wrote he really enjoys the RU at tier9.


    2. CraBeatOff


      I grew to appreciate what it offers. I wasn't a fan of the bloom and shell speed at tier 8. It's comfortable enough at 9 that I've kept it. It's certainly better per tier than the RhmPz. The 54LW is excellent.

    3. Hellsfog
  9. As I was saying elsewhere, it's a one trick pony without the trick.
  10. The Tier 8 STrv is on sale for 15% off but is going to be on sale again in January on NA.  Anyone have any idea whether the January sale will be better?  

    1. monjardin


      I had the same question, but from what I can gather, the sale in January is probably a for-cash bundle.

    2. Fulcrous


      Jan sale is cash bundle. 15% off has historically been the best for gold so I wouldnt expect better.

    3. 8at_eNTrOpY


      You missed out on 30% discount over the Thanksgiving weekend

  11. My biggest complaint is that it rolls too easily, which makes the speed less useful.
  12. My only complaint is that the Lowe is slow. The gun has good accuracy and pen with reasonable damage for it's tier. The turret armor and -10 degrees depression are good as well. I like it.
  13. Now WG is saying it may get it's own mini line to a new tier 10? https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/2018-preview/#tab3
  14. According to tank fest, a new soviet heavy mini line is going to start off the KV-13. I guess we will be seeing more of these.