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  1. Loaded up the common test and checked out the new personal missions.  WG uses the orders you earned completing 4 of 5 with honors on the set you didn't finish (arty for me) for the tanks you already earned.

    1. NightmareMk9


      That sucks.  I can't verify because I played cancer for free chix.  Hopefully that was only on the test server.  I'm sure lots of people will bitch about it.

      I didn't understand the 'Orders' in the WG explanation.  You get 1 Order for every "15" Mission completed with Honors (LT15.1 with honors = 1 order).

      I currently only have 8 Orders, but I can easily go back and get 3-6 more completing STUG and T28 missions with honors.  It should make the OBJ missions much easier to finish off.  

  2. Is it just me or does the ELC look better than the bc 12t in just about every way?
  3. What times does the trolling usually take place?
  4. Op, I think most of the people on this forum would agree that the enhance equipment is a bad idea. As for your original point, it seems what you want to get the same reward as better players without having to play against better players. Nobody here has much sympathy for that position and that is why you are getting some grief. As for the mode itself, it was tedious for me. If somebody enjoyed it, more power to you but it's not for me. I didn't play after the first week last time and I won't this time unless it looks like this equipment is going to be a required thing. P.S. Are clan wars suspended during the ranked season?
  5. @Dualmaster333, all I hear when I watch that gif are the seagulls from Finding Nemo calling 'butts' instead of 'mine'. Good stuff.
  6. WGNA could fuck up a two car funeral. I'm surprised that anyone is surprised enough to generate any more outrage than a shrug.
  7. I hope your camera shows nothing more than some wet shrubs as the worst misses you. Odd about people being douchbags at Walmart. You'd think in a concealed carry state everyone would be polite.
  8. I was hoping for a non-sabaton cent remake. Instead, we got another tier 8 russian medium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irq-g-oMKss
  9. I will give you a US dollar, not any of that Canadian or Australian cheap money, if you make this a post on the official forums.
  10. WG managed to break the leave clan button. 

    1. Errants


      Eh?  Works fine for me...

    2. Hellsfog


      It works now not then.  I guess it was broken for a day.

  11. Just about every time I play tier 6 skirmishes there are always a couple of teams that use only gold rounds and still lose. It doesn't bother anyone because the meta tanks can be penned with standard ammo so these guys are just wasting credits, which kind of defeats the purpose of tier 6 skirmishes. Once you realize how silly it is, you reach a zen like state where you no longer care.
  12. ^best post in this thread so far. So much HE in the pooper.
  13. I'm not sure I want to go deep into your holes. Not sober anyway.
  14. Thanks. I'm an idiot so an idiot proof gun works for me.
  15. Is the 15cm derp still the way to go on the O-Ni for the grind to the O-Ho?