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  1. And yet, most of the server is still too retarded to make them work.
  2. How is it with a keyboard and mouse? I know I am a heretic.
  3. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/561163-new-clan-coming11a-d/

    Are there any active people behind these accounts?

    1. Daerlon


      I played a good game with zhongchao84 this week. He in his 1390 and me in my t100lt, we did 8k combined direct damage and who knows how much spotting.  I also saw Burger_BOI playing and he seemed to play intelligently. Those are the only 11_ad accounts I've seen active, though.

    2. king_spaniel


      most of the games i see them, either they play like orange shitters or they sit in the back chai sniping.  Still the same shitter clan that bought up a bunch of accounts from unicums that have quit the game - not much has changed

    3. Assassin7


      Every time I see an 11_AD player I assume they're yellow at best.

      Im almost never wrong.

  4. Most tier 8's in the french line are in the area of 80K xp but I think it depends on the cost to elite the tier 7. I think 80K-100K is a safe bet.
  5. High roll around 413 compared to 375. I had a couple 398-400 hits which provoked some satisfying complaints.
  6. You're right the 105 with gold spam is pretty good, as long as you aren't trying to manfight heavily armored tanks. I don't think anyone expects the 330 alpha.
  7. I seem to remember WG said we would get a female crew member and 1 order for compensation for the personal missions being offline. Did anyone get it?

    1. TAdoo87


      They said, they still working on the final fix of the issues and they will compensate after they finished. Possibly they will give out more stuff, but not promisses made yet.

    2. Javajunkie8b


      Keeping my fingers crossed for a few free prem time weekends like they did for the friends list issues.

  8. So I got this back for the french heavy line. I used the top 90 mm when I played it last, I think, because the increased pen was better at dealing with higher tiers. Is the consensus now to use the 105? I seem to recall this could see tier 10's when it was introduced but I'm fuzzy on that fact.
  9. MOE's are back on NA. At least on the Type 4 anyway.

  10. The fastest and easiest way to help is to platoon with your friend and show him the ropes. Correct him when he makes mistakes and give him pointers on each map while you play.
  11. Okay, I think I'm getting the tank or RNG is making me think I am. One shotted a WZ-132 through the turret side and a couple of RHMs. I didn't realize that the 15cm derp had that much splash damage and killed myself shooting a face hugging M103. I killed him to but I did not expect 375-ish splash. It's an extremely slow playing tank which can really melt fast if you aren't careful.
  12. On the official forum, a thread like this one never closes. It gets bumped down the list by the next MM/hacks/rigged/arty whine threads until people stop posting in it.
  13. I don't know about that. At least the Strv is fast. The tort is slow and without reliable armor.
  14. nvm. I found out I am still dumb.

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  15. WG really, really, really wants you to play their Halloween    http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/559523-advances-and-war-games-disabled-for-this-weekend/ game mode.


    1. DirtyACE7


      This is just their way of sucking your barrel.

    2. hazzgar


      Funny thing is t8 is getting really good MM today. At least for me. Either pure t8 games or top3 t8 stomping t6s

    3. kreigermann


      someone else has already suggested and I agree... there are mechanics that they are testing in this that they are considering putting into the game. Like... the arty markers, multi turret etc.. this is a low pressure way to test the systems.

  16. The inconsistency between the announcement and what is actually happening is why players are pissed.
  17. Fortunately, most players using super heavies rely on their armor to let them camp the end of corridors are easy. Decking JPE 100's is amusing too. I found hitting turret roofs with the 14 cm to be meh since if I tended to miss to hit the turret for no damage. With the 15cm, it's more worth while since even if you miss the roof, you get some damage and maybe a broken gun. I just don't feel I'm getting the damage I should be. I guess it's different play style from other tanks and I will have to think more about where I am shooting.
  18. I'm having a hard time making this tank work damage-wise. I was using the 14cm and while the pen was adequate, hitting weak spots was hard due to the shitty dispersion and 19.5 sec reload for 600 damage was disappointing. I've been using the 15cm which makes getting damage easier, especially at range (cause derp don't need no weak spots), but I'm still not getting good results. I also find the armor to be unreliable against anyone but idiots. I feel I'm doing something wrong? Any pointers?
  19. My understanding is from the official forums and reddit was that people are not getting the orders back even when completing the final mission with honors and Wg customer support is telling them working as intended.
  20. I skipped the arty missions for the Stug and HTC. When I click on the campaign for either vehicle and then on the portrait at the bottom, it tells me I can claim 2 female crew members. I haven't claim them since I don't know what country I would like. Is this awkward UI lying to me? WG made it seem pretty clear that completing a previously skipped mission set would return the orders. Now they say it doesn't? That is irritating.
  21. Both the luch and leopard with the 3cm autocannon are fun. For some reason, WG left both untouched with better match making but thought the VK with the 105 derp would be unbalanced at tier 6. P.S. The only problem with the autocannon is sniping but waiting for mid-game to zoom in on a distracted tank for 300-330 hp is worth it.
  22. I don't know who this whalehax guy is but he's not a fan of exposingwot


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    2. Tarski


      "Hello, is this Tsavos' boss?"
      "Yes. To whom am I speaking?"
      "Uh, well, I run a website about an online game that Tsavos also plays, and I think he is bad. You should fire him."

    3. CandyVanMan


      Holy shit that site is cancer o.O
      Someone should just doxx the cunts back.

    4. lordawesome7


      no one should be a fan of their website, not even ironically


      they actively harass, bullying, and even take it outside the game (take killswitch and tsavos cases for instance) ; these guys are the literally scum of the community 

  23. It's pretty frustrating to play.