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  1. dully noted~ gotta learn how to do that, I will read around the forum notes
  2. Since I saw toomfolery was sort of accepted~ The song for all the unicums, their hymn!! (interpret Carrie as Carry ofc) Also, reading the lyrics just makes it better
  3. This came to my mind after checking a few of the guides presented by users on the forums. Some of them made a point, explaining that sometimes players just find certain days in which they can be consistent and some days in which they can't be. This weekend that just passed (the 13th friday weekend) was horrible for me overall, I couldn't seem to be relevant on most matches even if I put the damage on the table the teams just didn't worked (even got TK dmged) so I was wondering about others experiences regarding this? I find it myself, that playing at nights teams seem to be more competent and stable mentally (probs more older people playing at night? ) and seems to bring me better results from mixing up with them. Do others also find event days-weeks-weekends to have tons of super platoons both on the extremely good and extremely bad compositions? Thank you for reading!.
  4. Thank you all very much for your answers @Sgt. Pepper Also everyone else ! Right now I'm struggling to learn how to play as a support tank with medium tanks and the heavy AMX50 120, I really like the potential of the tank, I'm also struggling on penning higher tears and reading the map, that is, what to do if for example the enemy team is hulldown and my team is hopelessly trying to fight them, or what if the enemy has a bunch of heavies and I'm only a light tank-medium tank or a Support, what to do if both enemies will engage head on on a combat where I will get wrecked fast if I tag along the huge guys? The rest is just, needing a bunch of practice on driving and accuracy, the two things I lack the most. Hopefully I can hear your opinions! thank you a lot! part of becoming better, seems to lie in the mentality!.
  5. Good day to whoever might read this thread, I thank you for your time. I will try to keep this as concise as possible. I used to play tanks while being aloof and not very interested on ratings or how I did things, I was fairly content with 52-53% WR and a WN8 around 1300, when I started hitting the 6K battles I noticed I was having lots of difficulties being relevant on higher tiers, I was usually killed pretty fast while putting one shell on someone or two, sometimes none at all, I got frustrated and decided to start reading. 2.6K battles later I'm at 1462 and still the same 52-53% WR, I don't see myself improving much. I did a bunch of experimenting to figure out what tanks I was comfortable playing, what I liked, what I didn't, I figured out eventually that I really liked having versatile tanks, speedy if possible with good DPM, likewise, I started noticing hard hitters damage per shot weren't really my thing as many times it was less forgiving, specially when your team was losing. I stopped playing TD's overall because, aside the T67 (which I also stopped playing despite loving it to prevent any stat padding conformism) I seriously dislike having huge platforms with tons of weakspots and dummy armor (Dummy armor is like, Tiger P, Ferdinand, Churchill series, and to some extent a few KVs) sooo I started focusing more on Heavy's with some speed (like AMX M4 45, AMX 50 100 and even to some degree the Tiger I ) after a while I also felt i wasn't progressing so I went for the russian Mediums. I loved T43 despite it's shortcomings with the non improved gun, I also liked a lot T34-85 and T44, but I also hit a stalemate. I also have a Defender, I mostly use it by credits since I have a mediocre 1.6K DPG on it, I like heavies with some armor that doesn't feel like ridiculous bricks (like the Japs or Mauschen line) I have been wondering about the E75 for a while... My main problem is I can't seem to properly work Tier 8s when bottom tier, sometimes I just feel the whole map is closed and there's no opening for me to attempt to flank or get a good shot at someone, then, after overthinking, I finally get swarmed. I also have problems using my AMX50 120, it was so bad, that I had to save a bunch of Free exp to get the top gun. I don't understand at times the concept of supporting with it, if I go to the front lines, in the current meta, heavies like the Japs or Tier X germans are difficult to crack frontally, not to mention I get punished heavily if I make a mistake, if I go to the lights-mediums spots I either get out-ranged, out paced or out-DPM-ed. I'm not complaining about the tank, I'm complaining about my ineptitude, sure I've had a few good matches of 5.7K and 4.7K but, I want consistency, not 50 bad games, 10 good, 1 spectacular. I want 5 bad, 25 decent-average, 21 good. To sum it up, right now, I feel at a loss as to how to properly manage situational awareness, tactical positioning as well as strategical maneuvers, how to discover openings and so on. Here's my wot labs page~ Don't be fooled by my recent performance, I was doing a meager, mediocre 1000-1150 WN8 per day sessions last week, I just decided to think very hard on how to not make so many mistakes this weekend and somehow pushed the numbers a bit. I'm not consistent on my performances and it bothers me. The most important thing is... I'm interested in WN8, BUT. I'm more interested on knowing how to become a more valuable and pro-efficient players. I want to increase WR by myself, not with Stat padders like Defender, T67 or T71, I want to make things through with good tanks that have good skill learning curves. Any questions that you may have about me are welcomed, if you reached this far, thank you so much for reading, may you have good games!.