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  1. Been away for a year and havn't needed to care about T10 heavies since I came back a few weeks ago. I just looked the Type 5 up on tanks.gg Who the fuck thought giving the HE-100 a 50% alpha buff was clever? Turns out buffing a meme by 50% makes it full stupid.
  2. Thanks guys, Will see how I go.
  3. So whats up with Tundra as a light tank? Theres not much need for spotting. Is it just rush hill and hope they don't send autoloaders up there or am I missing somewhere for spotting to be relevant?
  4. The uptier is a bit sad. I already have a non-autoloaded 75mm T8 US LT. Probably still by this though, I love LTs.
  5. One, twoing two tanks in a row was pretty rude, reported to WG and the internet police.
  6. And still no generally available light tank premiums unless you're China. Sub T6 doesn't count.
  7. Thanks! I was hoping you'd say that, 6mill credits goes a long way.
  8. So I come back to the game and find there are now two LTs with 152mm of freedom. Do you guys thing the Sheri is an upgrade as a derp of just get the T49 and stick with that?
  9. FlashW HanMonster CadmiumTea
  10. RedCoatCat Silverbirch Johis
  11. firekeeper77 Amarian
  12. Why should computers be the only ones who get to pilot missiles?