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  1. Started to play the game again on a new account and I have to say I enjoy it for the meanwhile. I used to be a 60% WR, 2200 WN8 player and I hope to be there again. As I started to grind the Chinese TD tree and plan to play Tier 9 mostly in random battles, I am wondering about the viability of the Chinese Tier 9s. I have a battery of questions: How well do the WZ-132A, WZ-120, WZ-111 model 1-4 and the WZ-111G FT do? From my little research the HT is solid, the MT questionable, is that so? In case the WZ-120 indeed sucks, any recommendations for a T9 MT, what about E-50? What about the other tanks? Also when it comes to decide between the T-34-3 and the 59-Patton, which one to grab? Same for WZ-111 (availability) and 112? Same for Type 64 and Type 62? Thank you for any input.
  2. ICameForFame

    Chinese Reassurance for Tier 9 needed :)

    Ah right, thank you. I bought it, first match yesterday I got blown up (ammo rack exploded). Had lots of fun after it, even with a 75% crew and no rammer. That thing seems to be bouncy at longer distances.
  3. ICameForFame

    Chinese Reassurance for Tier 9 needed :)

    Sorry, does not ring the bell. Which one do you mean?
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    Chinese Reassurance for Tier 9 needed :)

    Thanks a lot guys. I clicked the Type 62, I like it. I will also grab the "WZFaggot TD premium" as I liked the SU-122-44 :-). Will continue with the TD line and the HT line after. Opting in for T-54, I am surprised that it still kicks ass. Will keep the mentioned alternatives in mind.
  5. Some questions for those who play War Thunder ground forces in realistic mode: ULQ aka Ultra Low Quality settings - does this give you really an edge due to less foliage rendered? Supposedly one can screw a match by capping fast and then spawning into a Ground Attack plane with rockets, kill all the tanks et voila. Can this be countered by spawning into AA or plane to counter? Question two is based on this video I watched: Any other supposedly / potentially broken game mechanics? What about the German & Russian vs British & US balance?
  6. Stopped WoT twice, once in summer 2012, then with the 2nd account in early 2017 at WN8 of 2200, 6k battles at ~60% WR. Novelty has worn off, the issues (corridors, match making, power creep) remain. For the market leader and the shit load amount of profit they make the game is in a strange state. At least it looks semi decent nowadays. I'd love to go back and play a Tiger I, II, E-75 and a Leopard 1 again, but apparently those tanks are not worth it anymore. PvE'd my ass off in Armored Warfare and did the reset before "balance something" (112k gold, 532m credits) and never played again after they got rid of Obsidian. I liked the Global Operations mode. I have a War Thunder account that has some American BR 4.0 planes including two low tier premiums and some BR 3.7 German tanks. It felt good to hop into some low tier German tank (must have been a Luchs or so) with good speed, firing frequency and some armor, got 10 kills in dog fighting with it. I do not understand how to fly a plane, but the freedom to get it up in the air and do whatever you want plus the very nice air fights on YouTube made a lasting impression on me. And I have a WoT account with a Churchill and a Matilda on it. I think that War Thunder has a higher skill ceiling than WoT and sometimes I wonder why not more purples play War Thunder. Once I have a gaming rig again I'll check out all games again, but since I have the least experience and progress in War Thunder this is going to be my favorite. My younger brother is a tomato in WoT though, he needs some schooling and I have to do something with the gold in the Armored Warfare account. Doh...
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    Obsidian got fired

    You got your purchases for AW back from PayPal? How did you do it?
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    Obsidian got fired

    What's this about?
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    Obsidian got fired

    Is it actually known when OE stopped developing Armored Warfare? Who is Nakoomba? I am also curious about the whole "balance 2.0" thingy. It's really a bad way to pull out a game out of mud IMHO. As a player I'd prefer to see small patches addressing the most inhernt issues one by one and as a developer it is also easier todo. Who came up with this idea? You can slap me, but in good faith and without doing any research I have bought the Christmas tank package, just to see them offer gold for less and less money every couple days. Something was very fishy already in December.
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    Obsidian got fired

    Let me be blunt: you have no idea how modern software development works. Mail.ru as the product/project/game owner is 100% responsible for what has happened. They have given the mandate, the specifications and put the result online. As a developer it kills you mentally if you are not allowed to work on the bugs/balance issues/things that the customers are demanding, because the product owners/management will not let you. Such big revamp like "balance 2.0" ought to be, could not be an idea of an development studio that is experienced like OE is. It sounds to me like some kind of management bubble aka THE NEXT BIG thing that will save us all. Again, final decisions on behaviour of the game and priority of tasks: product management. Implementation: development team. If it was not like this, it makes mail.ru even 120% responsible because they have failed up to set up a healthy structure.
  11. I see with your mods I have reached to new heights: 106% recent win rate and 7332 recent WN. I think I have to donate some money again.
  12. Thanks for the updates Sela. Switched to J1mB0's sights, the other two (Pro tanki bla bla blub?) disable vehicle and quest extended mods.
  13. Money aside, if you (with your experience) could have only one of the premium tanks to generate credits/free exp and train up crews while maintaining reasonable stats, which one would it be and why?
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    Is the Maus underrated?

    Why not just mastrubate?
  15. Thanks for the nice post, I like it a lot.
  16. I am prolly one of the few who always considered FC as a synonym for an insult in EVE . If you're in for some range that made it into a soundboard, search for "C4W3 soundboard".
  17. I started to like Deeggies, think gonna stay with it. Granted the bloated version with the "video text" is a no go.
  18. ICameForFame

    xTE and the obsolescence of Wn8

    Possibly. In reality 99% of the players never bother to come back to protect the cap after a lost flank. Purple or red, same shit.
  19. ICameForFame

    BDR G1 B

    This tank is a keeper for me. Got perma camo on it and a Pirate lettering. 70% WR, XX xTE, max. destroyed in battle 10.
  20. Had a CTD too now. Right click for auto aim, aiming in from range without being scoped in and after 3-4 seconds a CTD. (Also, upon relog chat doesn't work, need to kill client again and relog. Had this in 9.6 too. Not sure if related.)
  21. Holy f***. I don't know if it's the mod collection or a 2 weeks break from WoT, but I am hitting every freaking shot and play at double the WN8 I used to in the last 1k games.
  22. Sela, fantastic work! Much cleaner file structure now and I actually somehow like the cleaned up Deggie's. Runs flawlessly so far.
  23. Melty's been always somehow shaky and behind... I had a lot of CTDs with 9.6 too, but only upon battle loading which didn't bother me as I could relog fast enough before the battle starts.