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  1. old one but funny
  2. i like this light but prefer the WZ love the dmg and better gun, depression sucks but getting 445 rolls on RU meds make me smile i cant pen for shit in the T100 so many bounces and crit hits. 3 bounces/crit hits in a row on a damn conway that is 40m in front of me sitting still tracked, i almost sold the damn thing after that. i have had some great battles in it but i cuss it more than i say good about it, it is fun the speed is retarded, i like the WZ so much more
  3. Well i dont mind it , some things inchon is way to serious about that is for sure i think he forgets its a video game. Being in top clans before Old Forge and G i can tell ya i am sick of the purple players most have these huge swelled heads that they are untouchable and their shit dont stink. I cant count how many times sela rage quit G then came back a few days later all over loosing a CW battle to fucking funny really. Most i see sit back and wait till battle is close to being over then they move in (not all but most) Kinda nice not having them type of guys around and like you said zeph we have kicked them out just for that reason they cant stop running their mouth. I play to get drunk with my buddys if we find a asshat hes pretty much gone right away.
  4. awesome tank kept mine and still play it every night, great post, its a flat out beast in the right hands
  5. oh gawd the t34 was sooooo much better when it wasnt a premium ,, nice posts sela