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  1. It is their way to balance the Defender... Buff EVERYTHING else...
  2. Also a side buff to Caern turrets? I hope they change the FV215b also...
  3. Maybe new personal missions tank? There have been rumours for ages about new missions.
  4. I've seen a few people running the fire fighting directive, and no fire extinguisher to run food. Vs the 5000 bonds for equipment, some of the directives actually look pretty good value.
  5. The Tier 10 lights, get shit DPM, shit accuracy, shit view range, plus they get oddly huge pen drop off for their APCR which no other class gets. The only plus for lights is good mobility. Lights should be snipers, no DPM of TD's but able to get to a good position fire a shot or two (accurately) and scoot. Give them standard Pen drop off over range, make the guns very accurate and I could live with the poor DPM and rubbish view range. Otherwise almost all tier 10 mediums are better.
  6. I don't usually say this but I'd recommend Quickybaby's live streams. www.twitch.tv/quickybaby He explains a great deal of what is going on, also he streams are usually expletive free so I watch it with my son (8).
  7. Slight turret side change also on the T-34-3 From a 150mm cheek and 120mm upper to a flat 130mm side. So WG's way of balancing the Defender is to just buff the armour on EVERYTHING else?
  8. New Tier 8 Premium...
  9. Yes, No, Maybe. There are a FEW good spots for randoms, but most spots are only either dependent on the team failing, or useful for Clan Wars/Tourny play for spotting.
  10. http://www.wotstats.org/stats/na/iyaayas_1991/ You seem to play better with Heavy tanks, maybe the slower speed stop you over extending, or maybe you over expose meaning that the heavy armour keeps you alive longer. You are mainly playing tier 5-6, which is fine as it has many good tanks which allow you to learn the game mechanics. You have only 5000 games but you are grinding a butt load of tanks. Maybe concentrate on the trees you do well in? The KV-1 seems to suit you, as does (oddly) the FV4202. In my first few thousand games I didn't go above tier 7, I ground to the Panther (i'm a WW2 tank nut) and the decided to improve in the tanks I liked. As Henderson says you need to get your damage out put up. This will help in more income and more XP per match.
  11. If you don`t mind a bit of a spend Smugmug is pretty good. Works fine for me...
  12. Lower Tiers are better for examples, Firefly is a nice Tier 6 IKV103 can be pretty good in a Derpy kind of way. Crusader (ish) with the 6 pounder it is a nasty DPM machine, but IRL the 6 pounder had one less crewman... T-34 with the 57mm is historical and in game OP to fuck. Valentine isn't terrible in any of its configs. Arguably KV-2 SU-100 with the 100mm is still good. T-55A is still a nice tank to drive and historical. Comet is good with its historic config also.
  13. Make the Rudy Polish... Then you have a nice tier 6 Prem like most nations have...
  14. Germans... What about Tiger 131 at tier 6? British, hmm Vickers MBT?