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  1. The tier 9's have less drop off over range. Nice balance...
  2. OMG " Along with increased durability, the FV4005 Stage II gets easier gun handling thanks to a faster turret traverse speed, 180° gun traverse, and lowered dispersion from turret rotation. Finally, the gun depression of -10° lets it poke ridgelines without exposing its frail hull and turret, while the increased ammo load of 20 shells ramps up its chances at seriously damaging a target "
  3. This is the "vintage" 1971 Tamiya one, this actual kit was an ebay purchase of a part kit dating back from the 80's, which I used some scratch built plasticard to fabricate parts. I purchased it to test a winter white wash which had worn away.
  4. Vijayanta would be fine for a Tier 9 with a Vickers MBT with 20 pounder for tier 8. I'd also like to see a British Light line also. With the Scorpion and Scimitar.
  5. I ground the Caernarfon pre HD when it had a better turret, and we even played them in CW from time to time, as it was usable then against non HD IS-3's. Ahh the golden age of WOT as it was... I hope the 215b makes it to HD with the change too, as it is looking lo-fi vs many of the new tanks...
  6. Nice work, I love 1/35 tanks, I have a shelf of them to build! My last one.
  7. I'm thinking of giving up on Grand Battles, which is a shame, but the meta is far to campy and doesn't reward aggressive play. May work on RU server as they are less campy in general.
  8. I'll probably get rank 1 or 2 per week or whatever, just for the extra bonds. Minimal stress...
  9. When I was at Bovington, they had a display of the guns, almost like the iron throne, the L1A1 is HUGE. Much larger than the L11 from the Chieftain.
  10. About the depression, the D-10 gained 1 degree, the D-54 didn't lose a degree, it has the same depression as the old T-54 had with both guns at -5. So if you liked the T-54 before the D-54 should be fine...
  11. Other than extra threads, the 1700X isn't exactly much of an upgrade? I'm an AMD fan, but my gaming rig is still a 6700K due to the epic clock and IPC of the chips. My media rig is still running a i7 980x which may become a Ryzen if I ever feel the need, but the gaming rig will stay Intel until AMD bring out a faster chip.
  12. These Tier 8+ buffs are going to be murder for new players and people grinding up new lines. With many tanks at tier 8 now going to be impenetrable to tier 6 and 7 even with premium ammo.
  13. It's a shame, I like the work done, with new crew, voice overs, and such, it's just the tank... If I wanted to play a Cent I can play the British one, If I want a Premium like this I'll play the FV4202... If this was something kind of novel like the Lorr 40T when I would of purchased.
  14. Looks like a "Super" SU122-44