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  1. I'm a certifiable idiot, but it has been a hoot over the past 17 matches. . It's fun shooting other 257's in the LFP while they shoot my turret front and pike. Once everyone figures it out, I can sell it and go back to stinking in RU mediums.
  2. Uh, yeah, - and I live in prairie Canada ffs.
  3. i applaud Wargaming for making it possible for people to apply bright red and blue to their tanks.  It makes them stand out so much better against the landscape.  A welcome aid to old eyes when they are on the other team. 

  4. What he said. Works fine to copy into the folder
  5. Jimbo's works, I think I just grabbed it from Sela's last full mod pack. Sela's latest update works fine for me. The Sixth Sense sound is missing, but it is a small thing in the grand scheme of things. Thanks Sela!!!
  6. Sela, as always thank you for what you have done. To those so impatient to get things back the way they were - remember, there is not a released XVM for this patch yet. One of the guys on Korean Random is estimating there is a month of work to on the minimap alone. Lots of XVM is being re-written (by volunteers) to accomodate this patch. It will take some time to get back to "normal"
  7. That was magic, thanks for sharing! I'm old and from Canada, so I even have an F104 story. My brother and I once watched a two-ship go overhead at about 60 feet as they split around our hamlet's grain elevator. The elevator being 90 ft tall, more or less. The wing tanks were about 80 feet apart. Engines smoking black the whole time. One other time a pair went by at about 500 feet, pulled up into a climbing scissor, leveled off and disappeared. Even one scissor uses up a crazy amount of space. They got rules against that sort of stuff now...
  8. Yes, you have no choice, you need APCR for some targets - or at least some angles on targets. Shoot T14's in that little machine gun port in the front plate. AP works there, as I remember. I would rather be in a Church III than a T14 any day. My Church III had been running at 54% WR for the longest time, but the last three weeks have been appalling and it has only managed 43%. That is due to me running it to train a new Heavy crew who are only at 1.9 skills and partly it seems to be Tier 5 has becoming even more chaotic.
  9. So far I have found one glitch with this approach. Selecting the "Exterior" button in the garage sends you to the proper screen, but the buttons to add camo and emblems are not there. Just documenting this so it's easier for Sela to troubleshoot. I fail @ quoting
  10. Tried it with a M44 with crap crew in my garage. Completed another STUG mission (one-shot some poor slob and survive). Played a few more, marveled at how little fun I was having. Gave up and went back to real tanks. I am NEVER gonna get that STUG
  11. This guy has probably already appeared here, but I just noticed him in a game today. I'm a slow learner, but i bow down to this guy. He's all clanned up and everything: 628 games in a day? You would think WG might be able to identify that sort of thing - if they wanted to, I mean.
  12. Not the same skill level, but I am playing a fair amount in the morning as well.
  13. Basically, much better. Smooth ride, off road, snap shot, BIA, and 85% Clutch braking make it much more comfortable. Being a potato,i don't generally run food due to having trouble making the machine consistently pay for it. Besides, dual repairs can make the stupid ammo armor, sorry - ammo rack, last longer. I do run vents,but unfortunately, mine shares it's crew with my AMX30 1er so i have had to give up some view range. If only the AMX30 1er were the premium instead...