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  1. Does mentality change if you have 50k+ battles and already own all/most of the tier X you want? At that point, less pressure to accumulate credits so can be more liberal with premium ammo? (hopefully somewhat balanced by better judgement on where prem ammo is appropriate?)
  2. Have you tried the clan finder tool on wot webpage? If you go to a clan page on wot website, it will show you the number of skirmishes played at each tier in last 28 days (and win % at each tier). like so:
  3. Hi Wessmen, ping one of the [-VM-] recruiters ingame (maybe briankreiser) and they'll get you an invite - regular, casual T6/T8 strongholds - no pressure, no obligation, no minimum participation, just have fun, and try not rage too hard when RNG ruins your day Though with your playing hours, longer term if you want organised fun you might have more joy with a clan in an eastern european time zone.
  4. In the live QA video on friday they said they'd learned from the T22 fiasco: ranked battled would only be available for an unspecified number of hours per day to avoid entire clans syncing in at 4am. Very possible those hours will clash with CW though.
  5. Hola hxdoom, your best bet is w-uni / havok community - for six months or so, When wn8 is 1100 then you will have many more options.
  6. broken arm... yay for arta!

  7.  fun with physics... 


  8. And how much the fortunes of WN8 realignment have buffed/nerfed their overall since they last played a game
  9. Stannis is the One True King.
  10. GL Brumbarr
  11. Hola, good (not frightened to experiment) FC is looking for clan. His WN8 1850 ish, but he's great FC. Would suit active blue+ clan LF FC with fresh ideas. If you clan doesn't compete on Tier X (maybe T8) global map then dont even waste his time. See here: Tchao, Sylvan *sheds a little tear*
  12. what about MS-1?
  13. looking for: crosshair mod where reticle doesn't jump around when aiming near ridgelines/horizons.

    1. engineered


      Get safeshot mod, enable longshot in xml file.

    2. Sylvansight


      cheers - will try it out