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  1. How the Hell is that thing 45 tons? Is it actually huge or something?
  2. Update 1.0.1 world of tanks

    Are we seriously going 2 consecutive patches with no balance changes?
  3. I think that ammo system is on WoT Blitz.
  4. Would the tier 8 MM get better if pref-MM didn't exist anymore?
  5. I can only speak to tanks that I actually own and have played. If they gave the KV-5 the same pen as the KV-4's gun, the E-25 the same pen as the Panther and the JT88 the same pen as the Panther II that would pretty much solve most of the problems right there and then they'd work fine with standard MM. The E-25 could still stand to have a size/camo nerf and still be fine. The KV-5 would have to deal with some massive armor creep [lol 180mm turret face], but that combo of pen, DPM and raw HP pool would still make it formidable. Likewise if the 112, WZ-111 and T-34-3 were given something functionally equivalent to the IS-5 gun that would be fabulous. The AT-15A would work perfectly fine in standard MM, even with the 17lber, if it had the same HP pool as the AT-7 and a DPM buff. A45 just... idk, thats a hard one to actually make good with standard MM. Make APCR standard? SuperPershing can be converted into something functionally near-identical to the T26E5. The only one that would be really tricky is the FCM 50t. A good place to start would to massively buff the ammo rack health.
  6. Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    Didn't read all pages; isn't the AT-15A godly right now? I may have gotten extremely lucky with the MM but tier 8 MM getting thrown in the trash seems to have resulted in an absolute field day for pref-MM tier 7's, and the AT-15A just fucking rolls over shit.
  7. Ehhhhh.... The Type 4 and Type 5's armor profile is completely idiotic, but it and the HP pool are the only genuinely good things about them. The mobility is abysmal and, without the premium HE, the firepower would also be complete ass. Frankly its not even *that* good with the premium HE. If premium ammo were rebalanced to be less effective... but also more accessible and widely available, these tanks would get hit by enemy HEAT/APCR more frequently which would naturally offset the ammo itself being nerfed. The Type 5 and 4 could actually be pretty well balanced if the ammo being shot at them was, in of itself, balanced. If premium APCR/HEAT were functionally standard ammo and balanced against standard ammo, then the armor wouldn't really be *that* dumb. It would end up being a giant brick with 3625HP and a shit-ass gun [assuming "premium" alpha damage is cut 25%]. The tanks could probably benefit from having the 15cm gun deleted and being restricted to the 140mm gun, but that's a different topic. Overarmored heavies may be driving more gold spam, but these tanks got overarmored in the first place because of gold spam. The Maus getting overbuffed was a rather explicit response to its inability to function in a HEAT/APCR-rich environment. That itself drove even more HEAT/APCR spam, which lead to dumb shit like the WZ113G FT and the O268v4. WG at some point has either recognized that this cycle needs to stop at *some* point, and/or the way "gold spam" has become nearly mandatory at mid/high tiers is pricing out too many payers, which may be leading WOT hemorrhaging its player base.
  8. I'm going to go ahead and guess [possibly incorrectly] that if premium ammo in general got some sort of rework, the Type 5's premium HE will also get whacked in some way.
  9. SU-101 Wow!

    Using the 122on this thing just makes me think “man, what if the wz120-g ft was actually really bad?”. i switched to the 100mm just so it would be interesting
  10. So are there any balance changes coming this patch? Or are they coming later? Because the power creep at upper tiers has become insane and needs to be addressed
  11. I would kill for a pve mode similar to what warthunder has
  12. I think they said the main line will be mediums
  13. I guess they could try turning the turret armor into hot dogshit
  14. I’m guessing you’ll have the tier 9 430, the tier 9 430v2.... and the real question is what tier 10 they’ll give you. I’m personally betting that we’ll get whatever the new rear turret tier 10 is
  15. The ferdi works reasonably well in brawling situations because it has decent gun traverse. Brawling in a td with very narrow traverse always sucks, no matter how good the armor or firepower is.