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  1. That actually looks like it could be good.... if the rof was higher
  2. Iirc both designs only ever reached the wooden mockup stage. Both are as real as the other.
  3. It's being given to supertesters in 9.20.1. It's really well hidden in the patch notes and extremely easy to overlook.
  4. Iirc doesn't the 65t at tier 8 have dogshit armor but an amazeballs 120mm gun?
  5. The STG is now on sale in the NA server. That means the other "mystery" is probably the WZ-120 1G FT. No AMX Cda 105 yet most likely.
  6. One of them is almost certainly the WZ-120G FT. other strong contenders include the STG medium, AMX Cda 105, Tiger 217, and T-44-85 which just got an HD model. other possible, but less likely candidates are the T103, VK.168.01, T92 light, Kirovets-1, KV-4 KTTS, and Somua SM
  7. The M10 couldn't "bunker down" or "hull down" or whatever in COH. actually an ability like that would be pretty interesting, if stupid. Tortoise goes "bunker down", can't move, but gets +25 spaced armor on its entire front profile because a bunch of shit got piled up on it
  8. It has a lot of new idiotic downsides that it should not have gotten, but the massive increase in pen and damage alone may make this thing actually usable in the current meta. that said, it still looks bad compared even to the amx cda thing and a joke compared to the wz-120 1G FT
  9. It's everything that the su-101 so desperately wants to be
  10. It looks like they're trying to widen the play style gap between the Caern and the British mediums
  11. Wait, isn't the 120mm gun staying as an option?
  12. I C&P'ed this from the NA forums. Its been a while since I've posted on these forums... or played this game for that matter. The Chinese TD's, fake as they might be, are the first things in a while that i'm actually genuinely interested in this game. Anyway, the general consensus on these vehicles are that they are basically Soviet TD clones. To some extent, they are, but there are some small differences between them that make the Chinese TD's distinct and, IMO, better suited to the current corridor meta that is so cancerous to the vast majority of other castmate TD's. The general theme with Chinese TDs are: 1. Take a Soviet TD in that same tier. 2. Give it lower DPM and make it less accurate, give it worse mobility 3. buuuuuut, give it considerably better gun handling, add +10-20 view range. 4. At higher tiers, give them considerably better armor. Lets start at tier 4, since that's the first tier that can even pretend to matter. Tier IV SU-76G FT vs SU-85B Here we have two TD's that both look extremely similar and have generally similar characteristics, but there are some key differences. SU-85B has: Better DPM [2224.76 vs 2085.71] Better pen [130 vs 128] Better accuracy [0.36 vs 0.38] Less bloom when moving the gun [0.08 vs 0.10] So far so good for the Soviets, right? Well... SU-76G FT has: MUCH better aim time [1.63 vs 2.21] more than double the gun elevation [15 vs 7 degrees]. Much better gun traverse [15 vs 11 to each side] Slightly better view range [320 vs 310] and is MUCH more mobile [25.21 vs 16.33 P/W, same track resistance]. The Chinese TD may not be able to spit out damage as quickly as the SU-85B, but the it is much more mobile and the gun handles much better, allowing it to avoid getting hit much more effectively.... and that counts for a lot in the current meta, especially for a TD with no armor. Worth noting; gamemodels3d seems to indicate that the SU-85b does have slightly better camo. The Chinese TD seems like the clear winner here. Lets move on to tier V 60G FT vs the SU-85 The 60G FT is a funny looking vehicle with a tall silhouette, this is important because its camo value actually really isn't good. Anyway; the Soviet SU-85 has: Considerably better shell velocity [950 vs 720] More accurate [0.33 vs 0.36] Faster [55 vs 45 top speed] Considerably better armor [45 vs 25, this matters a lot vs 105 derps] Much better camo [0.391 vs 0.224 camo while still]. The 60G FT has: Much better DPM [2346 vs 1877, this is possibly the only case where the Chinese TD has more raw firepower]. Much better aim time [1.63 vs 2.21] More accurate while moving [0.21 vs 0.24] Better gun depression [8 vs 6] MUUUCH better view range [340 vs 280]. 340 still isn't even good, but 280 is pure cancer. This one is more of a wash. The SU-85's armor advantage doesn't seem like much but it actually does matter at tier 5 vs all the derp guns and sh!tty tier 4 cannons. While the Chinese TD has much better view range, the SU-85 compensates with much better camo, so that might just be a wash. The 60G FT still might be slightly better at avoiding getting hit in the first place, but its a close one. Also, the 60G FT has an APCR shell with 220 pen vs the SU-85's 194 pen. Tier VI WZ-131G FT vs SU-100 I'm assuming the SU-100 has the 122mm gun, even though the 100mm would be a better comparison]. Here we have a small, sleek TD based on a light tank vs a much more standard TD based on a medium tank. This really shows when comparing armor and mobility. This is also the first case where the Chinese TD has better camo, but it is close. SU-100 [122] has: Much better alpha [390 vs 250] Can overmatch 40mm plates. Better elevation and depression [20/6 vs 15/5] Better armor [75 vs 35] In turn, the WZ-131G FT has: Better shell velocity [900 vs 780] Less aim time [1.92 vs 2.78] More accurate [0.35 vs 0.41] More accurate while moving [0.20 vs 0.22] Better p/w [21.5 vs 15.91] Much better premium ammo [241 pen vs 217 pen] The general overall winner in the current meta is probably the SU-100. Its a much clumsier vehicle, and that sucks for a turretless TD in the current meta, but the raw power of the gun cannot be ignored. This may be a wash in tier 8 matches where the superior Chinese APCR shell might really count for something. Tier VII T-34-2G FT vs SU-152. Notes that the Chinese TD can choose between a 100 and 122mm gun, and with the 100mm gun it is more similar to the SU-100M1. However, the Chinese 122mm gun is generally superior to the 100mm gun and thus is best compared to the SU-152. The T-34-2 itself is one of the smallest mediums in the game with one of the highest camo values, and that advantage is inhereted by this TD. SU-152 has: Obscenely better DPM [3297 vs 2568] Better aim time [!] [2.78 vs 2.88] Better health [880 vs 800] Better elevation and depression [18/6 vs 15/5] Less gun bloom moving the gun [0.08 vs 0.10] T-34-2G FT has: Considerably better pen [192 vs 175] Better premium shell [250 HEAT vs 217 APCR] Marginally better accuracy and bloom while moving [0.38 and 0.19 bloom vs 0.39 and 0.20 bloom] Considerably better gun traverse [12 to each side vs 8] Much better mobility: 50 forward, 16 backwards, 16.25 P/W, 31.3 traverse vs 43 forward, 11 backwards, 13.09 P/W, 27.11 traverse] Better armor [70mm sloped vs 75mm not really sloped] Much better camo [0.26 vs 0.17 stationary] Better view range [360 vs 330] The T-34-2G FT seems like the clear winner in spite of the SU's insane DPM advantage. The SU-152 is arguably better with the stock 152mm derp gun, but with the 122mm its low standard pen and stupid weak APCR shells just don't hold up in tier 7-9 games. 250 HEAT isn't even that good, but 217 APCR is just miserable. Also, more importantly, the T-34-2G FT is much better at avoiding incoming fire in the first place. Tier VIII WZ-111-1 FT vs ISU-152 Now we're at the stage where all the TD's are based on heavy tank chassis. This combined with the inflating view ranges at these tiers makes camo less important and I won't bother mentioning it again unless there's a large difference. The ISU-152 no longer has its devastating BL-10, but the gun it gets instead is still quite powerful. This change does, however, give the Chinese TD an edge in pen values. The ISU-152 has: Slightly better DPM [2.666 vs 2.502. Not a huge difference, but it matters when combined with better alpha Better alpha [750 vs 560] Can overmatch 50mm plates. Considerably better bloom values [0.19 moving and 0.08 traverse vs 0.23 moving and 0.10 traverse] Slightly better P/W []14023 vs 13.33, traverse and resistance are the same] More health [1200 vs 1000] WZ-111-1 FT has: Better shell velocity [930 vs 850] Better standard pen [271 vs 260] Better premium ammo [340mm HEAT vs 292mm APCR] Considerably better aim time [2.68 vs 3.26] Better accuracy [0.35 vs 0.39] Better gun traverse [12 to each side vs 8] Better view range [370 vs 350] literally double the armor [180mm vs 90mm]. Granted, that armor only applies to the top superstructure. The actual hull is 100mm thick, but it features the WZ-111's compound angling. Most of the front profile - the LFP ranges from 194-202mm effective armor, vs the ISU's ~100mm effective. Even the Chinese TD's LFP has about 173mm effective armor, more than most of the ISU's entire front profile. The armor difference may not be much when in a tier 10 game, but it does matter when tier 6-7 vehicles are shooting at you, so the WZ-111-1G FT will win there. As much as I hate vouching for gold-spamming, the WZ's 340-pen HEAT shells also give it a massive edge in tier 10 games compared to the 292-pen APCR shells on the ISU. WZ-111-1G FT is the probable winner here. Tier IX WZ-111G FT vs Object 704. These two vehicles are very similar and easy to compare. Object has: Marginally better DPM [2744 vs 2607] better shell velocity [880 vs 760] marginally better accuracy [0.37 vs 0.38] Better mobility [14.38 P/W vs 12 P/w, and better resistance values] WZ-111G FT has: A stupidly powerful HEAT shell [395 pen vs 329 pen APCR] Better aim time [2.4 vs 2.78] Slightly better gun traverse [12 to each side vs 11]. Better reverse speed [16 vs 13] More health [1800 vs 1600] Better view range [380 vs 360] And, again, much better armor. Most of the WZ-111G FT's front profile has 269mm LOS thickness vs the Object's 183mm. This makes the WZ-111G FT extremely hard for most tanks to engage without premmo spam, and even the Object 704 itself may bounce off. The WZ-111G FT also benefits from a ludicrously powerful HEAT shell that can slice through tier 10 superheavies with 0 effort. Additionally, the WZ-111 may be slower but it does have better reverse speed. Combined with the better aim time it, again, has the advantage in avoiding enemy fire. WZ is the clear winner at tier 9. Finally, tier X WZ-113G FT vs Object 268 This comparison is fundamentally similar to the WZ-111G FT vs the Object 704. Object 268 has: Better dpm [2844 vs 2760] Better pen [303 vs 290] Better shell velocity [950 vs 760] better accuracy [0.32 vs 0.36] Faster [48 vs 38kmph, 15.7 vs 11.8 P/W, same resistance values]. WZ-113G FT has: Better aim time [2.4 vs 2.59] Less bloom while moving and traversing the gun [0.18 and 0.06 vs 0.2 and 0.08] Slightly better gun traverse [12 to each side vs 11] Better view range [390 vs 370] And, again, vastly superior armor that approaches the T110E3 in terms of bullsh!ttery. The WZ-113G FT's superstructure is 230mm thick sloped at 42 degrees, giving it 303mm of LOS thickness.This makes it practically invincible vs most standard rounds. Even other tier 10 TD's have mediocre odds of penning it, and gives the armor decent odds vs high tier medium HEAT spam. The upper hull is 100mm thick at 68 degrees,giving it 267mm LOS thickness and quickly becomes autobounce with even marginal angling. In comparison, most of the Object 268's front profile ranges from 202-230mm LOS thickness. The compound angling can make the Object 268 a very tough nut to crack itself, but it has to hide more of its hull, where's the WZ-113G FT's weakzones are tiny slivers on the bottom. With even marginal sloping or angling the Chinese TD becomes practically invulnerable from the front, even vs most enemies gold spam. WZ-113G FT is the clear winner, even in a gold-dominated tier X meta. Generally speaking chinese and Soviet TD's are quite similar, but there are small differences between them and those small differences generally give the Chinese a slight edge in the current meta. They are generally better at getting a shot off and avoiding enemy return fire than the Soviet TD's, and at higher tiers they are also better at handling incoming fore when they actually are hit. The tier 10 TD is an idiotic monster that combines the T110E3 and Object 268 into one idiotic package.
  13. Wait, I may be out of the loop on tier x gameplay, but when did the 103b become viewed as so cancerous?
  14. That thing is beautiful. I like premiums that are generally lesser overall to their in-premium counterpart, but can be better under some specific, limited circumstances. Even if it's something completely marginal like the chi-nu oak having slightly better turret armor than the regular chi-nu, even if it almost never makes any actual difference. My problem with this thing is that there isn't any evident situation ever where it's not just plainly worse than the vk100. Maybe if they gave it marginally better dpm or something.
  15. Most of them seem quite solid tier for tier. They may be fake, but they are at least semi-believable fakes.