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  1. So the 51’s armor is 10mm thinner than the 49,... but it’s also better angled, giving it ~300 effective ca HEAT
  2. good changes. It was absolutely maddening how the Tortoises armor was worse than the AT-15 and AT-15A
  3. Oh fuck me I’m thinking of the 49 and the 51
  4. It’s only a minor difference but it’s going to drive me fucking nuts if the amx 48 and 49 have different armor profiles edit: oops I meant 49 and 51
  5. IMO its currently the most enjoyable of all the D25T tier 8 prems... except for the 112 on good days. The T-34-3 can still make that shitty gun work in the current meta.
  6. It seems like they were talking about effective values, not raw. That’s still a shitton of armor for a tier7 but not as insane as 260 raw
  7. I wish the torts armor wasn’t mysteriously worse than the at-15 and at-15a’s
  8. Very conveniently, both the T-34-2 and the WZ-120 both still need HD models and, by extension, there's still an extremely good opportunity to rebalance and overhaul them. They could make the tier 8-10 Chinese med specialty high alpha/high DPM, vs the high alpha/high armor schtick that the 430U line seems to be taking. Give the WZ-120 -5 gun depression and slightly buff the reload time [and give it the same turret armor as the Type 59] and then its golden. Give the T-34-2 the Guard's higher-pen gun and better DPM and that's golden too.
  9. The tier 9 430’s premium shell looks so insanely useless. Also lol didn’t they just finish giving the 416 an hd model?
  10. At least for the Conway doubling the depression alone should be a massive benefit. I’ve found it almost unusable in the current map meta and being so tall. It’s nearly impossible to find actual good cover and 99% of the time you’re better off using a tortoise, even with a fuck ton of gold ammo flying everywhere. That thing at least gets more DPM and an assload of hitpoints.
  11. I'm curious what the WOTlabs consensus is behind 112 vs WZ-111. Firepower differences aside, is it pretty similar to 113 vs WZ-111 5a?
  12. Would the shitbarn be considered well balanced post-buff if the hesh shells were simply deleted?
  13. The armor either needs to be extremely effective or it needs an abnormally large hp pool like most of the other armored Brit td's
  14. This tank is now on tanks.gg. If you thought the AMX Cda didn't look that good, you're probably not going to like this thing. It's basically the exact same tank with less engine power, better track friction, and a fraction of the effective armor. DPM is equally as bad
  15. Tanks.gg is updated with the comparison tools. I didnt check the armor models but this thing has literally nothing going for it vs the fury aside from the theoretically higher top speed. It suffers from a weaker engine and has identical ground resistance. Also the engine is stupidly fragile.