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  1. Have not played against one, but that is sound advice Hellvn. If seasoned CV captain(s) really have it out against you or decides to focus on you and sends enough squadrons from a non-premium CV he will make it sting bad even fatally. I was in my Iowa with 100 AA AFT and BFT when the 2 Lady Lex tier 7 CVs ganged up on me with dive bombers and torpedo bombers and rocked me badly. I shot down 18 but was so messed up and had to use my repair and heal. The enemy BBs and CAs in range were able to focus fire me so badly, I was done.
  2. ^This, plus the lights and bushed up TDs as well. Food optics vents all add to your max view range which is the number that the camo percentage comes off of. The end result which can be up to but not exceeding 445 m. Problem is that there are so few maps where the vision game actually can be exploited on. With the corridor maps and the terrain features which shorten up engagement ranges, I can see where many opt for Vert Stablizers/Rammer/Vents sacrificing optics in favor of reload time and gun handling/soft stats especially on heavies.
  3. Yeah, that sounds right. Pretty sure the Atago is 9.1 km.
  4. Are you on EU? Could it possibly have different stats on EU Jarkosis??? trying to think outside the box.
  5. Good guns but can be derpy at times.
  6. On the Armored Patrol it explicitly says you can't stack two of the same mod ... ie IVents+Vent boosters, IVStab+Vstab booster,ect ... https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2017/05/29/update-9-19-improved-equipment-and-directives/#more-49979
  7. Yeah I was going to post it, but you beat me to it. It shows in the rewards in the lower left hand side after you open a crate ... 10K credits per duplicate card.
  8. Achtung!!!! Feindliches Schiff!!! Feuer ... Boom!
  9. Been detonated in DDs mostly a few assorted CAs, but twice in my Scharnhorst - once on the first shot I was hit fml.
  10. How did you get 9.1 km concealment? Mine says 9.7 km? I have second hull, Concealment expert, and camo paint job. I do like it better than the Mogami. The torps can be fired at a fairly decent angle backwards, intead of a straight up broadside only on the Mogami. So if invisible with someone chasing you can drop torps running away and they may indeed run into them. The extra gun range is a god send and they are very accurate. Still learning her, but tried to push too hard first few matches and got smacked.
  11. Someone told me they read that any duplicated cards you earned from the crates after getting the Bismarck Camos would net you 10 K credits per duplicate ... true or false? If true, it's even more worth your while to go back and do the left over missions other than to earn more of those fancy credit/xp flags!
  12. Atlanta for steering and went DD hunting sheer volume of fire makes it doable
  13. 100% yes.
  14. Been doing a lot of different ships. Best results in Bismarck and Tirpitz overall.