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  1. One on one I'd say no, but do any here think the 57 mm on the KV-1 would be viable for 3 on 3?
  2. Did OK in the Scharny knowing when to load AP vs HE is key here, but the Belfast is what really shines. You can't carry like some of the other ships, but I ran Hydro and Radar which really crimped the style on any DDs we ran up against and allowed us to turn the tide when we were down a ship
  3. I agree and that tier 2 mod you can buy gives another -20% bonus to dispersion as well, because you can have all the IFHE you want but it means nothing if your secondaries shoot like a blunderbuss at 100 m! LOL
  4. True you'll have to decide between IFHE and manual secondary control, but its possible
  5. This will make stealth builds a more viable approach for German Captains to avoid a lot of gun fire when closing the gap to under 10 km.
  6. Got the Shriatsuyu and lovin it like McD's, we went in a 3 man divisiojn of them and kicked out a wall of torpenis that was epic ... mangled 3 BBs badly
  7. Also tier 2 Perk Expert Marksman: +2.5 deg/sec rotation for <139mm guns, +0.7 deg/sec rotation for >139mm guns goes to +3 and +1 repectively.
  8. Then I'm not going to even bother getting it.
  9. Do the guns on the Akizuki make up for the loss of speed and losing the torp launcher vs the Shiratsuyu with your IFHE setup or is the Shiratsu better?
  10. A lot of what many players think is happening is due to confirmation bias, period. In many cases YOU as a player on the team by taking key positions, getting early damage, and early kills or by not doing so can affect the outcome of the battle. I don't use XVM in game, I treat all players as if they were good. Even a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn once in a while. Players like myself will occasionally have a great game which totally influence the games outcome, or even be exceptional with a couple of vehicles.
  11. Holy cash grabs Batman! Blatant. This thing is retardedly good. Only real weak spot frontally is the tiny drivers hatch.
  12. That makes me glad !!!
  13. I hope you're being sarcastic, that's the dumbest thing I ever heard you say. Even if you are on a big enough map to take advantage of a 30 to 36 km shot, the dispersion would be insanely high over 300 m maybe even close to 400 m and take what 30 seconds to get there?
  14. I have 61 million now and would have more but I recently bought 3 ships - Ognevoi/Kiev/Nurneburg. A guy in my clan is up to 73 million. You need at least 30 mill to buy a tier 10 with all the bells and whistles