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  1. I haven't watched any other stuff iirc from iChase besides the video you are both making reference to, so I don't really know of his anti-WG stance. I realize WOWS isn't a simulator and certain elements of the ships models have been simplified for ease of construction and server load. AFAIK only main layers of armor are modeled like the armored belt, certain decks, superstructure, citadel armor, barbettes, and some bulkheads, but not each and every cabin or room. Would individual cabins even make a difference and act like spaced armor vs main battleship guns if they penetrate the main belt? If a shell had to penetrate 4 or 5 cabins with ~1/2 inch walls between the armored belt and the citadel armor wouldn't that make a sizable difference? A HP based system for a video game is the best all around way to go, hands down. You'll never hear me argue otherwise, but it can pose serious challenges to balance at times. If you wants a semi simulator wait for War Thunder naval battles. It sometimes does irk me that it is possible for a DD with 100 mm guns to take out a BB just by shooting it in the thin superstructure or bow armor when by rights unless they hit the BB with a torpedo, they'd be doing little or no damage. There were even cases of ships having their entire bow blown off and still being afloat(the USS New Orleans was one). All that being said, a ship doesn't necessarily have to be sunk to be combat ineffective - the Bismarck is a great example, and according to which account you believed whether she was sunk or scuttled is irrelevant as almost everything above deck was blown to smithereens. HP represent a large number of things in game such as ammo, fuel, manpower, and ability to make effective repairs to name a few. Unless you're going to do a modular type system like in War Thunder making it more a simulator than a video game (if that makes sense), you sometimes have to endure the seemingly irksome aspects of a HP system. I do think the new vision mechanic is going to balance things more in favor of the BBs, and make it seem less cheap getting whittled down by some "lowly" DD blind firing you to death. If WG is willing to adjust ship design characteristics like they are doing with the Iowa/Missouri/Montana citadels for the sake of balance vs the iChase suggestion of scaling the pen values to in game ranges (which could have unforeseen balance issues down the road), I say let WG do their thing. sorry for the long rant
  2. Not looking for excuses, but when some twat shoots me for no good reason I get a bit pissed off. Now if I'm sharing smoke and we happen to jostle around some avoiding torps, and I get some friendly fire because we're a little too close, that's no big deal as it wasn't intentional. I've done that myself. I've had people in destroyers and cruisers way out of range from the enemy drop torps behind me for god knows what reason, while I'm up trying to scout or make a torp run myself which either killed me or disrupted my attack. There's no excuse for that crap.
  3. He shot me twice, I was going to shoot him again but the Bismarck settled for me. The first salvo he connected with was a full broadside of HE setting me on fire so I used my repair(the second he fired was AP which citadeled me). Hitting someone with 1 or 2 turrets is one thing and could be accidental, but the chances of a full salvo connecting 30 seconds after the match starts is pretty slim. Enemy fire caught me on fire soon thereafter, and I pretty much burned up because of his initial salvo.
  4. If some asshat shoots me first ... I shoot back. If he does it again rinse and repeat. Getting caught by an errant torp is part of the game, but when you have ships behind you launching torps that's just stupidity and unacceptable. Had a jerk in a Bayern shoot my Scharny a couple days ago for no reason at the start of the match. He said it was accidental, and I find that to be highly unlikely, so I shot him. I was behind and island but he was out in the open and fired again doing a citadel to me this time . The enemy Bismarck proceeded to spot him and double or triple citadeled his stupid ass ending him before I could torp him. so I lost 1/3 of my HP to some asshat who either was jelly of my Scharny or was just being a jerk, thus ruining my game
  5. They should be the same or slightly better as the ship was newer 1915 vs 1920 ... although I'm not really sure how much FCS tech if any improved in those 5 years, but the guns were the same Mark I 15" 381 mm.
  6. Any idea on prices for the 'Bama and Hood yet? Anyhoo, it was a good design when built because a lot of the old Dreadnaughts like the New York Class were just too stinking slow, and the British Empire was still very big at the time. The big fat slow ships with 14" guns were outclassed vs the 15" guns on the Hood and the Warspite. She was Queen of the sea for 20 years. Ships like the Kongo and Fuso from Japan were faster as well with Japan being another island nation like the UK. The Hood vs Bismarck is 1920 vs 1940 technology Battlecruiser vs Battleship and in game terms a tier 7 vs a tier 8. Even if she hadn't gotten one-shotted, I fear she would have gotten wrecked regardless
  7. It's because most tier 9 and 10 BBs have sufficient AA capabilities to defend themselves from CV air attacks and too few CVs are played at that tier. There's nothing really stopping them from sitting there at 24 km and lobbing Volkswagons back and forth.
  8. In mid tier the Atlanta is a very good DD hunter. Stealthy enough to get close without the big boys hammering you with radar and the quick 5" guns to track and mow them down up close. It can dodge torps well but has enough HP to finish them off if you happen to catch one. Most DDs tend to panic and run when a wall of HE flame from the ATL is inbound.
  9. The big question in my mind, is how the gunboat DDs will adapt to this: Will they stay back farther or will they go in and mix it up, as they are spotted regardless of which range they fire from.
  10. Wish you could run 1 main flag as a bonus and 2 for purely decorative reasons
  11. I use it as a DD hunter sometimes ... fun and challenging
  12. I think they are only detected at 1 or 1.1 km so no time to dodge them once spotted ... just tough to gauge target movement in anticpation
  13. I run the 12km 67 knot torps in the Shim ... any longer range and your just firing hope to Jesus shots. I have even considered the torp acceleration which would drop them down to 9 km but bump the speed to 72 knots. More risky that way(inside BB secondary ranges and most radar ranges), but higher percentage to score hits ...
  14. IMHO you need all the main battery accuracy you can get as they are quite derpy and you really can't afford any misses. I liked the Gneisenau, but prefer the Scharny who's secondary build is a viable choice ... use the same Captain as on my Bismarck