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  1. Too funny
  2. I don't have the MK but from what I've seen its a beast, how's the armor on it? I think you will like the Edinburgh a lot, but I have not played it in competitive play and would have to agree that its not very useful there as you have to camp in smoke to get the most out of it. It's a great support ship especially if DDs drop smoke for it once in a while.
  3. Gotta love it !!! It happens to me all the time where 1/4 of the team holds off the majority of the other while our main force gets stumped by 2 to 4 ships and the BBs are so far back they can't help either flank effectively
  4. Heck! I'm a green and I've been accused of hacking. Most are just butt hurt because they got wrecked. "Didn't you know they only way they got purple unicum is because they are all hackers and cheaters!" I even explained that while there are some mods which do make for an advantage, in order to truly hack they would have to have hacked WG and everyone would get that advantage, and they still didn't get it. You just can't fix stupid ... hence deep reds with a forecast of continuing reds indefinitely and a slight chance of salt next week ...
  5. Tough call in my book each has it's own special perks and flavors. I have the the Atago, the Chapayev, the Edinburgh, and the Mogami. I had the Adm Hipper and New Orleans but sold them, and I don't have the Russian Premium either. I'd say the Atago and the Adm Hipper are the best 2, and the Edinburgh comes in 3rd place. Thoughts?
  6. That's what I was thinking and debating as to whether I would keep it and train up a new captain for it while keeping this captain for the Zao for a stealth build
  7. Would it be worth running the Mogami with IFHE with the 155 mm guns?
  8. The Des Moines is worth the grind IMHO, that thing just lobs 203 mm shells like crazy every 6 seconds, better reload than the Cleveland with the 6" guns ... Having torps would be nice on it but not really necessary
  9. Yeah I said "other flags" originally which is why my number was ~600%, but edited the actual names in a few mins ago
  10. I got an ACER it's 23" but we use them at work and they stay on forever in harsh sometimes dirty environment and seem to be indestructible $109.99 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0098Y77U0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  11. I know it's not a Sim game, but tanks gun designers never designed guns to be inaccurate or pattern thier shot groupings like shotgun pellets. They were designed to consistently hit in groupings. Just because some huge bunch of retards sits still in a heavy and some guy who can actually aim puts 2 or 3 rounds in the cupola or front sprocket cries like babies isn't reason to change this. Making guns that were actually accurate less so and thereby relatively making big inaccurate derp guns designed to shoot buildings more accurate is stupid and bad for game play.
  12. OK thanks ... the one I saw was tearing chunks off an Arizona, but it was too far to see if he was hitting just super structure or not.
  13. The biggest difference for me is the IJN BBs speed (and gun range) allowed the flex and were forgiving if you did not guess right where to go on the map initially. If you choose wrong on the US BBs (and don't go with the lemming train, well follow behind them) you will be out of position and spend half the match trying to get to a spot where you can deal damage OR get stuck when everyone dies or runs off to be focus fired unable to escape being too slow.
  14. I tried RDF on my Chapayev, and wasn't impressed. Way too vague to be really useful other than early game and late game play. Much better things to spend points on. So pretty much anything 155 mm or less get the IFHE, and the 203 mm guns you are better off with DE? I will say I saw an Atlanta with IFHE and it was brutal!