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  1. No lie, I actually almost posted a spoiler'd dump of all my favorite CC pics to demonstrate my excitement, but I decided not to because I thought it would be too obnoxious
  2. Is it actually even Anime Abridged if we don't have to wait 6 months for it?
  3. Watch Baccanno! One of my personal favorites - its an equal parts goofy and serious action show about prohibition-era mobsters with a supernatural twist. The story is told out of order and requires a bit of attention to follow it, but it's a ton of fun and I recommend it to everyone. Darker Thank Black is another one of my favorite action shows (one that I've been meaning to rewatch for a while). It's about a criminal underground involving super-powers, and is a great watch. Also has a badass OP (The more observant of you will note that both of these shows feature the talents of Brina Palencia in english dub - which by the way is top notch for both shows if you like dubs). I'll leave you with those two for now, but there's certainly some more I could recommend if these aren't your glass of scotch. EDIT: Fucking @Lockhart77 sniping my Baccano! recommendation. Kekkai Sensen is another one of my favorite shows by the way. That one is sillier, but also a boatload of fun - I also recommend it.
  4. Should I watch the drifters ova before starting the show? Or is the ova just a preview of the first few episodes/sort of thing?
  5. @LordSilen Thanks for the round-up. Hopefully I'll actually get to watching something soon haha
  6. On the bright side I won't feel like I'm missing anything. "UUUUH, ASKING FOR A FRIEND" ;^) Don't worry it's not a show he wants to watch anyways. Or at the very least its not a show that you should want him to want to watch
  7. You should have jumped on it as it was leaving the station, not after it's already arrived KonoSuba is great anyways. No shame on that one, it's just fun. Don't worry dude, Trigger actually is a casual (it's just impolite to say so to his face )
  8. So, finally sat down to watch some anime for the first time in 2 months, and the first episode I pick is Re:Zero 15. Jesus Christ that was intense. A lot dropped that episode. I'm excited to see how Subaru tackles all of it. Feels bad to have missed out on the discussions while this was all still new haha. What were your guy's final thoughts on Re:Zero? gud show? I hope it finishes (finished) strong.
  9. But why wait when you can have this :3 @LordSilen What is that kawaii Don't Starve gif how do I do that... Feel bad to have missed out on all the Mirai Nikki discussion. For what its worth I actually think the dub is worth listening to as the character's voices are significantly less ear-grating. Also, since I've missed out on practically a full season of anime, someone please give me the 3 shows from the summer that I need to watch, and the 5 shows in the fall that I should look forward to.
  10. I watched that this summer - the first two thirds or so is very good, despite being rather low budget, but by the end of the show the budget restrictions were so bad that I gave up watching. And I don't mean minor annoyances, I mean like bad - like sometimes they would just show pages of the manga with voice over, at least one episode wasn't even animated (the characters were like drawn on paper cutouts [examples from ep19]), scenes without any color, and episodes without voice acting but just a narrator (ask @An_Arty_Player_Hits_You - I sent him snapchats about this stuff). Maybe I'm remembering it worse than it actually was, and maybe my memory is just exaggerating some of these things, but whatever it was, it was enough to make me stop watching the show. That being said, the majority of the show is great and its a good romance, even dealing maturely with an issue I have with a lot of romance shows (I won't elaborate on this because spoilers, but it might be apparent when it happens). So yeah.
  11. You totally should it's really good. I'll admit that I'm not up to date on it (or anything for that matter), but everything I saw was excellent.
  12. @Assassin7 Glad to hear you enjoyed S;G - it's one of my favorites Did you watch the OVA? (Some sites have it listed as episode 25 instead.)
  13. I got a D in english, OK? AAAAYYYYY
  14. Direct quote. “For years I have been inspired by the inventive and masterful storytelling of the SAO franchise. I’m thrilled to get the opportunity to work with such talented partners to bring this cutting-edge yet timeless story to a new format at Skydance.” wat Assassin, this lady must be drinking the same different water than that you are.
  15. I haven't even finished last season yet, let alone start on this season. Haven't had the time for anime in weeks actually. Once school starts up again though I'll have more time to watch. It certainly sounds like the kind of thing I'd totally be into (my current avatar pic being evidence of that). Yeah, I died on my first attempt watching it on like ep 8. Came back like 6 months later and powered through it, finished the second half in a Saturday. Great show, but takes a long time to get there. And just in regards to the discussion about Angel Beats, I don't really think it was that great either. I like to compare it to a strong punch to the testicles: yeah, it might make you cry (a lot), but there's nothing particularly elegant or impressive about it. (For the record I didn't like the 3 episodes of Your Lie in April that I watched before I dropped it either. At least I finished Angel Beats).