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      Forum possibly affected by CloudFlare leak. Change your passwords.   02/24/2017

      So as some of you may know, today a bug on CloudFlare's proxy service was revealed that caused random data that passed through CloudFlare to leak on request. CloudFlare is a service used by the WoTLabs Forum to set up DNS for the whole domain and cache information in order to reduce the load on our own servers. With this bug, people could potentially get random bits of data that happened to be passing through CloudFlare at the time of the request. So far there is no known public leak of any data originating from WoTLabs. Since this attack could only get random data, it can't be targeted at any website in particular, so the chances of a single website having significant data leaked is small. Even so, I ask that you change your passwords just in case. Better safe than sorry.


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  1. I was going to say, its not amateur hour. I'm going to go the tourist route and hitting bondi in the morning. Sadly i actually know how to spot a rip, so no 5 mins of fame.(unless there is a couple of birds on lifeguard) Fb messages acceptable?
  2. Poli solo pubs himself and Reaps is busy Adulting in a pit made of fire.
  3. In sydney next weekend. Will be freeish* saturday arvo/night for a few to many ales. *depending on tinder game
  4. I find it hard to forum at work with my manager and the area manager on site.. limits fap time too the bastards
  5. Unless it has tentacles, then it is midly erotic (still weird but fappable)