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  1. most of the buffs are shit really. Basically if you dont have 200+ base pen as a tier 8 heavy facing other T8's you a screwed (looking mainly at the defender etc) Not even going into the T9s Placating the masses is bascially what ive gleaned from the article. Other then that, 6 months for the MM fix is basically a death sentence to T8s/player retention. Can't see myself sticking around or wanting to wait that long for a fix to the 3/5/7(bet they will change it to 3/6/6 or some bullshit)
  2. Personally i blame FeeT.
  3. T30 best T9 heavy but. Play it exactly like a T34?
  4. Have not had an urge to tank for a while. HK server switch just reinforced it. (Still, if someone could get me my obj 260, k thx.)
  5. I got roughly 200-240ms to NA but it was stable as fuck. Whats the ping to HK?
  6. Merge back to NA soon?
  7. Politx_Killer

    KV-1 mod 1942 Lightweight Cast Turret (Trumpeter 1/35)

    Needs tactical log. In all fairness, not much to improve on, Looks really good. What did you use for the mud?
  8. Mittengard for tier 10s soon^tm