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  1. "Lunch time swim". Mine invovles diving into the dam at work fully clothed because fuck 40 degree heat... whilst wearing an ice cream bucket (hard hat) Fuck I love Straya summer.
  2. It hit 45 last friday. 3 beers after knock off and I was tindering the bigger lasses like no tomorrow. Also split shift today so ill be on in an hour or so
  3. I predict WG is going to royally screw balance for a couple of patches with high camo tier 10 meds, huzzah. Really how much difference is there between the medium and light tank roles once the tier 10s come into play. Meds usually = dpm, mobility, vision and semi decent camo. Tier 10 lights = mobility, dpm, vision and awesome camo. Feels half arsed to me, tier 10 meds and TDs changed the game immensely, whether for good or bad depends on the individual. (I think WG has released too many niche tanks and cant balance them for shit now)
  4. The issue is generally 90% of balancing issues are caused by poor map designs.. #visionmetaisded
  5. WG are [email protected] other then making money
  6. Gun handling isnt a big issue for me personally, once you get bia/camo/repairs its good to go basically. There is a reason its my most played tank, it combines mobility, armour and camo in a money making platform.
  7. Id kill for some snow right about now. Being 31 degrees at 9 am isnt fun