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  1. Eternal crusade will give you your mmo spesh muhreen fix. Personally i want a fully fleshed Inquistor RPG. Purge the heretics! Bit out of touch with recent 40k are leman russ vanquishers still a thing?
  2. Its a trap!
  3. Gosford is a known centre for love and learning.
  4. But clicking downvote is the where the satisfaction comes from.
  5. Not all bogans are retards
  6. Didn't FeeT come from 1AR? As to CW. Used to be fun for me personally back when it first started on ASIA in MP then PBKAC. T6/8 was the death of it tbh. Spread out the player base and instead of training people for tier 10 CW it made T6 CW clans a thing. VN merger was positive till the rampant cheating issues where swept under Tans rug and the flow on effect of making me want to commit mass genocides. On a totally unrelated note, need a couple of tonne of high grade plutonium. Asking for a friend.
  7. If only someone wanted to kill politics or some such *cough*
  8. Fox = grumpier then Reaps?
  9. When is the Type due to be buffed? Asking for a friend
  10. Finally got NBN, spent a blissful day of downloading bulk porn @ 3-5mb/s. Jump on a day later to find it cant even load the speedtest page I blame Labour. Thanks Liberals.
  11. I do like a challenge. Ps you only get a hangover if you stop drinking.
  12. I may now be interested in tourneys.