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  1. Comix is playing it a fair bit, havent updated it for a while (since the void changes)
  2. I hear she is worth the wait
  3. Send me your bank account details and your mothers maiden name then.
  4. It does look rather promising. I for one am waiting to see how ping will affect battles. (Being Aussie is sometimes painful)
  5. I only played it for the Black Knight server mod... bashing people to death with your shield because you lost your sword arm never gets old. For those who actually liked Chivalry, but found the exploits a deal breaker, its worth having a look at this https://mordhau.com/
  6. Currently banned from FB for 7 days for posting cuntface meme on kac page.... fwarken
  7. It helps a fuck load when you are tuning up a sheila whilst 3/4 munted stumbling home from the local*. *Autocorrect - getting Poli laid when he can actually find his phone whilsy pissed
  8. I gave up the will to live after doing it numerous times but failing to survive for the honours. Cap circles are a thing pubbies!
  9. Do it on my account with honours and you can have the first battle in the T-55..