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  1. Got a spare purple re roll with Is-3/T29/Is-6 if you want that dank arty focus?
  2. Thats my brothers account. I may have mention that anyoke from PBKAC gives out free codes
  3. Arty pre nerf?
  4. Id take a lowe over a patriot tbh. Lowe has 320 alpha and AP normalisation on cred ammo and better gun handling.
  5. First pools? How good is the ammo count buff.
  6. He only needs to grind me 80mil give or take.
  7. Dont hate myself enough yet. Do I look like an amatuer? I can swap hands without missing a stroke. Cant bend index finger or my middle finger due to the dressing (has to be on for 3 days). I guess I can always roll face across keyboard and blend in.
  8. How to stop playing tanks Poli style. Step 1. Try to catch frying pan as it falls off your gas cooker. Step 2. Get 2nd degree burns on right index finger from juices/fat from 400g Tbone. Cunt.
  9. I've made beach on overlord(?) Work
  10. New patch thoughts. Pros: Type 59 is no longer a chore to pew pew in. Capable in medium speed snap shots now which is nice but gun handling is comfortable rather thrn slightly painful. Thuper Conq is ok? Cant really fault it other then speed. Cons: FeeT still not kicked. Still asia server pubs, staya server will be interesting but full of fail.
  11. Low tiers is definitely Soggy/Joc
  12. Lorry isn't broken at all. I mean you have to wait to reload with out getting shot.