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  1. Mittengard for tier 10s soon^tm
  2. Mmm wonder if they have elder scrolls redguard. (Unsure if thats the correct title, was my first foray into the elder scrolls 'verse) Bought baldurs gate I & II so a fair chunk of hours. (Plus boo and minsk crack me up.)
  3. Have looked into it. Its on my wait and see pile of early access games. Went and bought a shitload of games off GoG to relive my youth. Thinking more of an AAA title, but they are all just rehashes. (See the list from E3) might have to invest in life.exe.
  4. Eadc. E3 left me without any hope (BattleCoD 5 looks amazing but will be trash. Gimme bad company 3 cunts) Running out of midget porn to fap over. Need new gamessssss.
  5. Yet to play a battle without multiple CTDs on loading in. Fresh install. All drivers updated etc. Took it as a sign to purge some rats (vermintide 2 fyi) Need a new game that doesn't involve stompy robots. Sling 'em at me. (Either that or im buying more golf shit)
  6. You mean you aren't bad at heavies? Lies.
  7. Add some goon and that sounds like a party.
  8. I now has the internets. Sadly pockets go missing every 30 secs or so. Better news is I've ordered FTTP because fuck NBN. (Max speed in our town is limited to 25mb/s on existing services because reasons) Also new laptop feelsgoodman.
  9. Politx_Killer

    The End: Object 279

    Yay for 1000m maps. Really the map size is the limiting factor plus the whole map design department.(frontlines was a huge step in a better direction, still corridors but enough of them to provide flanking opportunities) As for the 279, cant wait for the T-64.
  10. And telstra is going to fuck me over for 2 weeks. Last time I ended up installing it myself while the technician was on his phone. Fwarken. Bonus is i now live exactly 213 paces to the local. Much better then 387.
  11. Nope. Its like cuntception. Nothing but unfiltered cunts wrapped in a bogan coating. With a sprinkle of low standards. Fwarken, just gave away my recipe for life.
  12. Politx_Killer

    Fallout 76, Online Survival RPG ?

    *still holding breath for new vegas esque fallout 5* *turns purple* *gets ammo racked by xvm sniping arty*