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  1. minivinny789

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Thread too dead for me. Here is some shitty t49 gameplay. 6k combined.
  2. minivinny789

    Obi-Wan doesn’t need the high ground to win

    Well for the Order 66 example you also have to realize the proximity the other jedi were to the clones. Obi-Wan was the only one far enough away to take advantage of his inverse-high ground advantage. When you can reach out and touch a jedi they have no chance to react to their imminent demise.
  3. My 28.01 seems to get artied a lot

  4. China's Tank Division

  5. minivinny789

    Suggestions for a gud multiplayer on steam

    Insurgency is pretty good and +1 for chivalry.
  6. minivinny789

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers

    no problems what so ever.
  7. minivinny789

    Quick Questions/Quick Answers

    The top engine for the WZ-120 gives only 20 more engine power, is it worth getting?
  8. minivinny789

    Remmels Dark Corner (60fps videos)

    Your voice is so soothing i can't even tell if you rage or not.
  9. minivinny789

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    Garbad thoughts on WZ-132 crews skills? Right now im running (all skills 66% on 3rd) Commander:6th,camo,recon Gunner:camo,designated target,snap shot Driver:camo,smooth ride,off-road driving Loader:camo,Situational Awareness,Repairs
  10. minivinny789

    LABS now accepting potential purples!

    Can't join too busy being bad.
  11. minivinny789

    Paintball Thread

    I have an Axe and a Phantom. I prefer the Phantom cause #pump4lyfe
  12. minivinny789

    Yet another Twitch stream, Zeven[-G-]

    Zeven can you link your offline pic? It looks absolutely amazing. (The one with the tank)
  13. minivinny789

    Your current T10 grinds poll

    Grinding: Indien P to Leo:Cause I have always wanted a Leopard 1 Pershing to M48: First Line I started Crommie to FV4202: Cause Chieftain AMX 13 90 to Batchat: I like Scouts/LT's Chaffee to New American Lights: #ChaffeeOP
  14. minivinny789


    Crab what do you think is the most important LT lesson every LTer should know?
  15. minivinny789

    imma do my own solo challenge

    How would breaking up sessions be less representative of solo play? When I solo, frequent breaks are early and often sometimes for hours.