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    Piano, some music, TF2, WoT. Flights of fantasy sometimes, when I remember.

    I also go by the alias Sunfish or A Sunfish.
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  1. Outside of stronks, light tanks are worthless.

  2. ThePowerOfLove

    Had enough of my bad play.

    I've had enough of your bad play too. (Just kidding!) Welcome, and turn that drive to improve into results and a spring of pubbie tears!
  3. ThePowerOfLove

    Unicums and Superunicums: What is your profession irl?

    Singaporean spotted? I'm about to finish my third year in a Life Science (Biomedical Science) undergraduate course.
  4. ThePowerOfLove

    my new toy E50 ! Loving it... but

    Unless you're really confident in your abilities, playing at tier 8 or higher with a ghetto crew (i.e. without 6th sense at least) will be a recipe for frustration and disaster.
  5. Went slowly off an incline about the height of my tank in the T-34-3, was just about too steep to land nicely on my tracks, exploded immediately from half HP.
  6. ThePowerOfLove

    Best Mouse for WoT

    Am I the only one here who has had no problems at all with wireless mice? I'm using a Logitech M545, it's small and easy to bring around (I use a laptop) and I don't have to worry about rolling over any wires. The only problem I can think of is that some people might prefer larger mice.
  7. ThePowerOfLove

    Carrier thread

    Recently started playing carriers. I have a two questions: What do you guys normally do with a strike loadout? The Houshou has 1 fighter squadron and 2 torpedo squadrons. Should I have my fighters hang around/scout the area I plan to torp, or should I see what the enemy CV is doing and try to stop his bombers if they're going for my ship? How does strafing work? Should you try to line it up so that they spend as much time as possible in the area of effect? Does the squadron speed up during the attack or slow down after it?
  8. ThePowerOfLove

    AMX Chasseur de Chars Super Op

    I like it as a credit earner, since it does print silver and you don't have to use much APCR, but snapshots absolutely do not work on this tissue box. It feels like I'm driving a tier 6 tank that aims in a little faster. Kind of regretting buying it now that the Mutz is available.
  9. A lot of my battleship (Myogi) AP seems to overpenetrate cruisers as long range (>~11-12 km), dealing usually only 1000 damage for each shell that hits. Would these be shells that plunge onto the deck but end up leaving the ship because of overpenetration? I also seem to have a lot of difficulty landing citadels on other battleships even at close range. Should I aim slightly below their hulls and hope for underwater penetrations?
  10. ThePowerOfLove

    Your keeper boats for each tier?

    Slogging my way through the Kawachi now. I like the idea of the Konigsberg, a cruiser with a lethal AP salvo, but I think I'm going to have to free XP past the Kolberg Also got to the Phoenix and the Kuma, even though both of them are almost stock they seem really good. Could anyone tell me what the Kuma has over the Phoenix apart from better torpedoes and the ability to get one more gun on target? It looks like the Phoenix wins in AA and firing range, both of which seem pretty important.
  11. Managed to summon the determination to start watching Owarimonogatari, 9 episodes in and I'm quite enjoying it. Should really take a look at all those Ghibli movies sometime... Also Lockhart, I heard about the bombings, not sure if you're from Jakarta but is everyone okay?
  12. So I just started playing this game and I'd like to know what you guys would opt to pick. Any suggestions? I'm currently planning on going down the USN and IJN BB lines, and just unlocked both tier 3 cruisers (St. Louis/Tenryu).
  13. I get to go to Hiroshima on a homestay programme :D

  14. I'll just interject here to say that 热干面 was one of the best things to happen to me in 2010. I'm ready to begin watching Code soon as I find the time. :(