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  1. Btw I'm going to Anime Expo for about 3 days. It's probably going to be shit, so I'm just going to get a signature from Fujino Omori then leave.
  2. Nothing to be happy about S3 since that should be the most boring one so far. ------ At that point, he realized how much better off he was, having a cute NEET for sister instead of a bitch. (although he doesn't have KuroNeko)
  3. Mangakanna's head proportion looked off anyway.
  4. None. They're not football jerseys.
  5. I stopped watching all anime showing this season aside from Merlin anime and Zero. --- Also have good shirts.
  6. The best animes is clearly Cory in the House.
  7. Got two of these: Doublesided "GTFO Rem/Ram" Pillow for tossing around.
  8. Guess you never expected Yosuga no Sora on TV. --- Monthly reminder I sell this stuff:
  9. 113

    That's never been a problem, Obj.260 already exists. I'll be okay with a alpha damage buff(to 263 level) or just give it a BL-10 or something with 3rpm.
  10. Made this a few days ago:
  11. 7 free tickets got me two of these.
  12. So, tier 6 SU-122-44? Armour can't be more shitty than SU-100 because that thing has massive and weak frontal ammorack.
  13. According to LN, Saekano is about to go bad, do not watch if you haven't seen S1.
  14. (Lamb)Parchment and Wolf.