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  1. Made a little improvement to Fate/Go event banner.
  2. Ogiso is shit in WA2. She's like Sakura from Fate/Stay Night, minus the penis worms and potentially disastrous ending(those were the best parts yet Sakura is still shit too). So nobody truly gives a shit about her. I had to Ctrl through her arc in WA2 visual novel to get to the true ending for Touma.
  3. Clearly we need 152mm on IS-7. It's the only "logical" step to solve this powercreep issue, komrades. Or 550 alpha like 263, and buff accuracy to 0.38, maybe. (which only puts its dpm on par with e5)
  4. WTF that hull looks stronger than IS-7!? EDIT: it totally is, autobounce angle unless shooting down means no amount of pen on AP/APCR will pen it straight on ufp. UFP could be nerfed to 100mm and still not be underpowered... Accordion and DP? Sounds like a good time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Still have i7-4790k so I won't be upgrading to it. Maybe interested in the lower end models for a new budget rig for gf.
  6. So I was just rubbing salt on baddies who are bitching about removal of indirect fire... And he's still at it: Link to youtube comments Oy Vey I'm caught aimbotting!!! XAXAXAXAXAXAXA ============================ As for FV183...FV183 can two-shot anything(1 if rng and lower tier) in WoT if they pen with HESH. SPG in AW can't two-shot because HP is inflated. SPG is no worse than T-14 152mm gun in 0.18, it's a 3 shot at best for the usual vehicles which are easily over 2k hp. And the difference is that HEAT don't do at least 1/3 damage when they don't pen, unlike FV which can still deal around 6-800 when they fail to pen. Real problem is that OE went full retard and made all those high tier MBT "autoloaders."
  7. I watched it when it came out. IT'S GOOD SHIT R.I.P. (x3)
  8. I play the one that I don't need to look up translations(subtitles) for. Also, China server == no need to wait for rerun events.
  9. Roman Bias (3 servants on field, cards are all for Nero):
  10. IBO actually feels like a gundam anime, like older, UC, ones. Like back in the day when they actually spend the time to flesh out the characters before killing them off, and there's a lot less "teenage jesus in invincible mecha(problem with most of 00, W, Seed...etc.)" here. The reliance on physical/projectile-based weapons gives it a more Votoms feel than typical beam-spamfest that was getting boring in all of the previous TV series. And no, not TV series between 00(including) and IBO is worth time. There is Unicorn gundam and Origins that are good, for the most part(lots of retcon...etc. to sell model kits).
  11. Gundam IBO is turning out great. They actually kill people off effectively.
  12. Even though the artstyle reminds me of OreImo(aka burning volume 12) for obvious reasons, Demi-Chan is not too bad:
  13. The eyes are completely off and you can't see them?
  14. Part of the hilarity comes from characters not looking retarded but act retarded. Now they both look and act retarded. What was supposed to be heart-pounding(/s) loli bath scene became cringy. It's like going from Prison School to Three Stooges. The stupid "art style"(actually just really low budget) makes it less funny. Look at first season or Gintama for how gag anime with occasional serious humor is supposed to look.
  15. Are you just pretending to not notice how most of the episode got outsourced to Koreans? Pick a random episode from season 1: And no such problem exists.