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  1. Ok. ======================== "You wouldn't fuck a gun!" "Hold my vodka."
  2. Disc? You mean you don't just keep anime in a hard drive? They still can't, because none of them are dead enough. Rem seems way better to me(and alive, mostly).
  3. Straight from card graveyard. what? Maybe. Ya'll niggas need some Gundam. (IBO is a good one, unlike SEED/D, OO...etc.)
  4. Gundam IBO episode 48 spoiler.
  5. Didn't have much idea for gif, so I made this instead:
  6. TIL Maus is Russian.
  7. The new Nier game is pretty good.
  8. The only show that matters, the only character that matters.
  9. That's because you can't pen slightly-angled IS-6 hull from front reliably even if you do load APCR on Panther M10. And APCR makes almost no difference against 252U.
  10. I'll buy one at high price if gold plated.
  11. It actually did. I bet they realized they can't hire Koreans to draw everything every time. (Koreans also like to remove Japan from space view of earth in anime, just look at Cross Ange)
  12. This completely nullified panther m10 buffs. It's basically shooting at IS7, half of rear armour would bounce. Except this traverses faster than IS7.