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  1. 113

    That's never been a problem, Obj.260 already exists. I'll be okay with a alpha damage buff(to 263 level) or just give it a BL-10 or something with 3rpm.
  2. Made this a few days ago:
  3. 7 free tickets got me two of these.
  4. So, tier 6 SU-122-44? Armour can't be more shitty than SU-100 because that thing has massive and weak frontal ammorack.
  5. According to LN, Saekano is about to go bad, do not watch if you haven't seen S1.
  6. (Lamb)Parchment and Wolf.
  7. 113

    When people shoot through IS-7 ufp with premium rounds, you will realize just how much ammorack and fueltank IS-7 has in front as well. Maybe IS-7 will get buffed to decent level, or maybe it will continue to suck.
  8. 113

    At least it's better than IS-7.
  9. It's not a WW1 setting. Dunkirk...etc. is all from WW2. The rockets are repurposed V1(late WW2). Russian Revolution and Stalin purge already happened. So basically, it's a WW1.5 story with magic seamlessly(as much as possible) integrated into the story. Mage battalion represents a more powerful special forces, which was a thing in WW2. You can guess what represents nukes.
  10. I don't recall another anime of WW1.5 with Loli hitler.
  11. Good thing it doesn't happen to WZ-132.
  12. Major wasn't "whitewashed"...her body was supposed to look "white" in a lot of movies/manga/anime of GitS. The real "washing" is black/brown/yellow-washing, Togusa looks too Asian(and I'm pretty sure Japanese people were more offended that a Singaporean actor was given the role), Ishikawa had pacific islander actor iirc, and Boma has african actor. Frankenstain monster was made out of pieces of story from multiple other stories, like assault on Section 9 members from SAC; but, they did get many other things right. I feel like money was wasted but the movie is a solid 5/10, and "whitewashing" has nothing to do with why I think it's mediocre at best. AotS is either youjo senki or gundam ibo. Youjo Senki is faithful(enough) adaptation of LN about Germany almost winning world war 1.5(a mix between 1 and 2) with flying, fully-clothed, loli hitler. Gundam IBO can be summed up in one meme: "People die when they are killed." It's just so much better than the previous few shite series(G recon...whatever, AGE, 00...etc.). Episode 48 IBO spoiler:
  13. There is Obj416 HEAT spam.
  14. Leotard has more accurate gun(at least when fully aimed) which allows for more reliability when chaisniping.