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  1. IBO actually feels like a gundam anime, like older, UC, ones. Like back in the day when they actually spend the time to flesh out the characters before killing them off, and there's a lot less "teenage jesus in invincible mecha(problem with most of 00, W, Seed...etc.)" here. The reliance on physical/projectile-based weapons gives it a more Votoms feel than typical beam-spamfest that was getting boring in all of the previous TV series. And no, not TV series between 00(including) and IBO is worth time. There is Unicorn gundam and Origins that are good, for the most part(lots of retcon...etc. to sell model kits).
  2. Gundam IBO is turning out great. They actually kill people off effectively.
  3. Even though the artstyle reminds me of OreImo(aka burning volume 12) for obvious reasons, Demi-Chan is not too bad:
  4. The eyes are completely off and you can't see them?
  5. Part of the hilarity comes from characters not looking retarded but act retarded. Now they both look and act retarded. What was supposed to be heart-pounding(/s) loli bath scene became cringy. It's like going from Prison School to Three Stooges. The stupid "art style"(actually just really low budget) makes it less funny. Look at first season or Gintama for how gag anime with occasional serious humor is supposed to look.
  6. Are you just pretending to not notice how most of the episode got outsourced to Koreans? Pick a random episode from season 1: And no such problem exists.
  7. Seems like a viable choice now with the Swedish TDs(especially the tier X one).
  8. Looks like I'm going to continue not playing WoBS.
  9. Manga is already cheese. (literally beastiality) But Anime just went the extra kilometer and killed off main guy. Both anime and manga killed the one person who shouldn't have died, but anime did worse.
  10. The show sucked. The Manga was just that much better at ending. They can have perfectly smooth frames and/or extra frames per movement and still look like shit because they drew facial features out of place. Which is what matters. For example: (with slight exaggeration) I'm pretty sure the first season wasn't like that.
  11. The drop in animation quality isn't exactly subtle.
  12. CDC is reliably frontally penetrated by HE of 100mm or above(just anything with 50mm or above) if you don't angle(if you do, it's about 50% with a 50mm pen 100mm HE round); and even angling won't save you from 122mm+...etc. (you will have better luck not getting penned by 122mm+ HE by driving sideways and hoping RNG puts the shot onto tracks) I love the CDC; shooting it, that is. STA-2 at least requires aiming(at turret ring) to pen with HE.
  13. I stopped playing WoT regularly/at all around late 2014. Recently played a few days of games and dropped 30-day to horrible levels. (pretty sure it used to be around 60% recent before I stopped playing) I feel like I have forgotten how to play WoT. What are the most significant changes in 2015-2016? (aside from physics and new op lines)