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  1. Screng

    Gaming Laptop for a Friend

    Wow thx Fulcrous for FPS numbers, that is way more than I expected.
  2. Screng

    Gaming Laptop for a Friend

    When you say gaming laptop, are we talking medium lvl games like say world of warships or able to play current games like BF 1 or Doom? I guess Im asking both the orig poster, but also Fulcrous - can that rig run BF 1? Tell your friend to hit the dark net and buy the stolen-at-CES Razer prototype
  3. just some friendly banter between friends
  4. well i have decided to start doing Light missions again so this will be a one-time thing.
  5. Whew, wasn't sure how far down the douche scale i had gone going for a laugh.
  6. Sack of Doorknobs [_SACK] is not recruiting at this time but i could waitlist you guys... Minimum requirements: - Valentine II - a Tier V derp
  7. Screng

    How is XP per battle calculated?

    Thanks all! I had calculated the prem tank bonus (9 - Tier, times 10pct, so a Tier 6 gives 9-6 = 1.3 multiplier) from my obsession trying to figure out how recruit xp factored into everything. but the base xp itself eluded me. also, and i am not sure why this never occurred to me, i assumed wotlabs reported base xp not actual. dunno why i assumed that. i have found the formula is basically total = base x (prem tank bonus ie (9-tier)*10pct) x (recruit multiplier PLUS daily win multiplier) x (1.5 if premium time) dicking around with 99 cent val ii codes on ebay and names we come up with drunk, its satisfying to get 16k xp in a recruit win on a x5 weekend via a (1.5 x (3+5) x 1.5) = x18 first win multiplier. you can milk it up to x20.4 in a T2 light but its harder to get the base xp. I say that with the caveat that the last time they had x5s, the math was not working out right, but it had been for years. Sadly we both have the recruit tank now and the days of getting drunk and playing val iis on x5 weekend are probably over =(
  8. Screng

    How is XP per battle calculated?

    Oh i had assumed wotlabs showed base xp for some reason. Ya, so if we have prem time, and get another 50% bonus for being platooned as recruits and both top 10, thats all added into wotlabs records? that explains a ton, thank you
  9. Screng

    How is XP per battle calculated?

    TY for reply! Heres a quick example, sorta. picking out a tank both players have Padder in his e-25 -> win8 in his e25 of 2200 after 236 matches. 59.75% win rate. his avg xp is 577 brother not good in it, has a 36% win rate and a win8 of 600 but is still avg 557 xp, just 20 less. Do you think the relative closeness of the avg xo is bc my brother assists and spots more? Are there other reasons? It seems weird that a 36% 600 player is basically same xp as 60% 2200 guy tia screng
  10. I just tried to search the forum for this and it says no posts with XP in them exist, which is odd bc i can see a thread with XP in its title in this forum. oh well. My brother and i routinely "wotlabs" stat padders to get some smug satisfaction that yes, they only play T67s and e-25s and are scum and we are superior. Simple pleasures. But we have been noticing people with higher winrates, avg damage, and wn8... who get less xp than us. How is that possible? Thats when i realized that i really have no idea how xp is calculated. We cap and defend cap a lot. Is that it? How are we getting more xp than pedobears? #FreeHalloweenGarage2015
  11. Screng

    DxRacer Exorcism needed

    (although this may seem humorous, i assure you, I AM ASKING FOR HELP) I present to you my DxRacer, aka FartSponge i have had many chairs, and this is by far the best - my back and leg problems have gone away! However, it has a major flaw - it soaks up flatulence and stores it, then releases it every time you sit down. Now every chair might have lingering issues for a couple hours, but i am talking WEEKS. Every morning since i got my dxracer has started out the same - i wake up, say angry prayers to god for not having killed me peacefully in my sleep, and take my pills. then i get a diet coke, pepsi if it was on sale. Then i sit down to use the computer. WHAM, a stench rises from the dxracer to greet me. FartSponge has struck again. I always fall for it. Of course we have all had chairs where things lingered a bit, but this is seemingly infinite. I went on vacation for 9 days and came back and it still greeted me with a grilled stuffed steak burrito from taco bell. and the current culprit costco hummus - this is the one that has finally driven me to shame my colon publicly and ask for help. its not just the latest craze though - if you close your eyes and examine the expulsion, you discover olfactory strata going back weeks. sure the hummus hits you first, but then its meatloaf night, linguini w clam sauce from my parents anniversary dinner two weeks ago, and then the dreaded quarter pounder from McDonalds where i told them to leave off the onions but half way through i realized they had left onions on it and i was in for a rough twelve hours Ive done the basics. Ive washed it with clorox bleach wipes, hosed it down a hundred times with febreeze, and even done fart-cpr and used two hands to pump on it over and over, trying to get it all out. nothing has worked. I am looking for ideas. Im about to try carpetfresh but i am not sure it will work since the material is kinda slick and not very carpet-y surely i am not the only dxracer owner to have this secret shame?
  12. Screng

    cant view 9.5 replays in 9.6 - anyone else?

    Downloading now (10 gigs) but this looks amazing. thanks so much community! ive just got to see this 13k spotting match
  13. Title says it, i cant view replays from 9.5 in new 9.6 client. i have two installs, one EU, one NA, both updated to 9.6. Eu one has no mods, NA has a lot of mods. i was told theres a way to download the old 9.5 client from FTR to quickly solve this, but ive googled the crap and i cant find it. 1) is anyone else unable to view 9.5 in 9.6 or just me? 2) it doesnt work if use the NA 9.6 w mods, or the Eu 9.6 vanilla to launch it. when i say "it doesnt work", i mean the client launches, i get a warning that it is imcompatible and am i really sure i wanna watch it. i click yes. i think get a loading screen for that map, but all 30 player slots are empty, and it is frozen. there is no way to shut it down other than launching task manager and killing the process. i have some replays of a wz-11 completing ht-15, and a 13k spotting light. i really want to see these. does anyone have advice on either getting them to work, a way to download a 9.5 client, or some web site i dont know about that turns replay files into vid files?? Bestu kve├░jur screng
  14. Assumptions: - i realize only an idiot would grind a X to try and complete the HT-15 mission. i am that idiot. Gentlemen, they rebuilt me. they had the technology. Missions must be cleansed from list or my e-peen shrinks - i will gladly take advice on the the T8 prems i have, or T8-9 that would also work for the mission, but I have tried (well around 30 games, not a huge amount) and i fear my tonk-fu is just not strong enough. I had been planning on my next X being a heavy anyways, so this is only 94% as idiotic as it sounds. Ive been trying to do HT-15 with my T8 prems. googling made it sound like a wz-11 could do this in under 2 minutes, and i havent been able to get more than 5300 in matches i consider some of my better work. i will of course keep trying to get it done in the wz-111, or whatever people advise, but i think Id rather stop working on my 50B and just get this mission done, then go back to the 50B. so i am in the market for a new X to aim for. Current T8 prems with which i am having no luck - wz-111 - is-6 - 112 - kv-5 - t34 - lowe - fcm 50t Drunken_walrus' wz-111 guide and videos was freaking awesome. it greatly increased my skill lvl with it. theres a tiny chance now i can complete it in the wz-111, but i dont think im there yet skill wise. sad to say. If you think any of those have a better chance than the wz-111, please holler. if not, ill keep using the wz-111 hoping to pull off a miracle as i work on a X to try and do it more easily (again i wanted a hvy anyways, so this isnt too OCD amanda bynes) I had been going for a 50B, but now considering IS-4 110E5 E-100 T57 am i right that the 50b has no chance in hell of doing this mission? (given my low 50s skill lvl) assuming the 50b needs to be back burnered, can i get advice on which of those 4 other candidates would work? Id really prefer the is-4 or e5 if possible but frankly i like all of those candidates or is my only chance going e-100 since im noob. thx in advance o great and wise community
  15. Screng

    Brutally bad passive scout asking for help

    thank a lot for the help and watching it! i was only passive scouting for the LT-10 mission. I agree its a horrible map to not be either active scouting or firing. i guess i felt bad map or not, a decent player would have done better. i ended up getting the mission complete a few tries later - i got malinovka and just sat at the fence, went afk to get a low sodium V8 juice. 1800, complete with honors. Not exactly the "A-HA!" learning experience i had hoped (i have to admit some of the missions have forced me to play smarter) your comments are at least re-assuring that i was correct that i was in the wrong spot for reasons i understand both times. i guess its better to know my performance on that map was poor but that it was a bad map to passive scout on, than to have a bunch of replies that it was the perfect map to passive onand i was an even worse player than i thought. thanks, your comments helped