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  1. I tried the Kagero with the torp reload boost and the 8km F3 torps - suicidal at times. Better value with the longer range ones, though I have no idea what that is now after the rebalance. 67 knots @ 10k should work great with the 30 sec reload.
  2. Was curious and yeah, quite a bit more xp than expected based on the results.
  3. Our favorite purple text messiah has now arrived on the NA server! Shockingly he has decided that DD's are his Bey - Deutsche DD's btw ....
  4. Depending on how a match is going, ie we are going to win with a 3+ ship advantage, I will actually let a friendly torp hit me and not repair the flooding. Every couple of seconds, there is another warning message about team damage, and after 5 of them I will hit my repair party and then heal the flooding ( obviously this is something I only do in a BB, or a Cruiser with heal ). I do this because I want careless team mates to turn pink, so the team in the next match will have a warning that this guy is a window licker. Once a pink DD did this to my Scharnhorst, and sank himself from the team damage HP penalty being applied to his own ship. He got irate at me for sinking him ... LOL. He was yelling at me to hit my repair party - I kept saying, "Where is dis party at? How do I get into dis party? Why I hit dis party, he not hit me?" Then he raged at me for being a noob, a wallet warrior, a stupid ass, it was heart warming. He threatened to report me - I begged him to! In the spirit of openness, I have turned pink 4 times since the system was installed, three of them came in PVE from hitting bots on my own team that were attempting the patented suicide ram. Cue SolideoGloria calling me a shitter and to stop playing PVE!
  5. In a similar vein, I will get the Missouri and not the Alabama because already owning the Texas and Arkansas Beta, I can't justify the purchase price of the Alabama. I already own the Warspite and the Belfast, I don't see myself buying a tier 7 premium BB to compliment them. While the skills may not line up perfectly, those two ships are sufficient for helping to train additional Brit BB's captains.
  6. Did you act like a DD hunter to support him? I have found that the rapid firing AP of the Brit CL's will quickly terminate any revealed DD's in smoke - two to three volleys and they are toasted - even with a fair amount of overpens. At sub 6-8k range, it's not unusual to get 6 or more hits per volley in the Leander, 9 or more in a Fiji.
  7. All the things you kind of liked in the Leander, will blossom into respect and admiration when embodied in the Fiji. Tier 7 is the sweet spot for being top tier frequently, and all the tools the Fiji has make it a force to be reckoned with. Jarkosis thinks the Fiji is better than the Belfast - it might be, if not it is very close.
  8. I can't believe I wasted my time grinding the Shimakaze - it's like the object 268 in WoT ... pointless when all it's peers can do the same things as well and other things far better ... Guess I need to focus on going from the Benson to the Fletcher/Gearing
  9. I'm not gonna start a new topic for this rant ... but DAMN - what is the point of a Shimakaze anymore ? It's almost the equivalent of the Obj 268 in the old days of WoT! US DD's like the Gearing are spotting me at near equivalent times, their torps are close to mine, and their guns say FU Shima. Combined with an unholy amount of Radar and Hydro at that tier - what is the effing point? I finally make it through the grind and it's a damn near worthless tier 10. Sure, I have a lot of room for improvement - but my last match I had two DD gun kills in it, for a whopping 24k damage - eff my torps and shitty slow firing guns. Forget closing on and getting a good spread on the BB's - here comes every campy cruiser cock blocking me every damn time. Object 268 line had a great tier 8, a sublime tier 9 - get ready for the prize and NOPE nerfed to uselessness. Shimakaze? I'm done with it unless their is a need in organized play - but why not bring the Gearing or Khab instead - they are both better ...
  10. "thick germans" is almost a porn title ....
  11. I'm a pretty mediocre player, but I never really thought much about trying to stealth fire with the Belfast. I love the small detection range on it, and used it to maneuver aggressively close to a good fire point that would have lots of spotted targets. Hit full reverse ( or better yet run aground onto an island and then reverse ) pop smoke, pop hydro and start the fireworks. The Belfast, Fiji and Kutuzov are focused so quickly when spotted ( as they should be ) that I was leery of giving any BB the chance to blind fire on me by seeing my actual position before I dropped smoke. I had a game last night in my Kutuzov where my priority target indicator bounced between 3 and 5 all match when I was exposed, and that was at 13-15k range from the red ships. Shorten that number to 10-12k, and you are a goner in a Belfast or Fiji.
  12. It's always better I think to begin the ranked battle process about 1 week or less after it starts. My reasoning is that you want to have a large number of good and above average players in your team mix, something you will see early on despite which rank you start at. As you move forward, you should see your name in the top 3 every match, then comes the inevitable point where you start to struggle a bit, maybe even show up as bottom 3 from time to time. When that starts happening, it's a warning signal that you are playing with people who are as good and probably better than you, and you can no longer count on being the top xp earner in a loss to keep from falling back. That started for me at rank 10, and while I was moving forward a star or two, I was also moving back a star or two - but I was no longer automatically in the top 3. I actually fell back to 11 before fighting back to 10 - and that is where I decided to stop. Lots of people spam battles, hoping that RNG will take them forward, and considering the quality of team skill drops considerably towards the end of the season, they hope to become the cream of the crap, the best of the worst so that they start earning top xp again with crappy team mates. I don't enjoy that kind of match, so I just stop at the level where I can influence the game with good team mates and good people opposite me, At this point, ranked is more like you playing a solo match with 6 bots with you versus 7 bots on the other team - frustrating no matter how well you do individually.
  13. The Atlanta got a lot more exposure from people winning it in Santa crates then it had in quite a while. It's aces at AA, but you can never count on getting in a battle with a carrier - so that is a moot advantage. It has a ridiculous volume and rate of fire, which is handicapped by the rainbow arc of the shells over 8km from you. So - hump an island, dare a CV to drop on you - when somebody tries to flush you from the island - drop the fast short range torps and DPM away - use AP as available per the target. It's a troll ship - I don't see what buffs could fix it - maybe drop it a tier and nerf dpm? It's for lols - enjoy it.
  14. As the owner of a Hindenberg, I can say that if I an close on one and dodge it's invisifire as I am inbound, that I can finish it off more often than not. I'm not talking about outplaying guys like Onboard or Mesrith, but a large chunk of Zao players are dependent on free damage from invisifire and don't really know how to 1 v 1 when the situation warrants that type of engagement.
  15. I only have a couple of games in the Iowa, but it was A LOT softer than the North Carolina in those games ( still stock hull, though I don't think that changes the armor model ). If the Alabama is comparable in Armor to the North Carolina, I predict it will sell well - those 16" guns, while slow - do serious damage to everything.