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  1. Apparently I am clearly retarded, though the last Zao i wrecked in my Hindenburg @ 90% health to my 55% health must have been a bigger one - lol.
  2. Yamato: 20 + 1 = 21 Ignore it at your own peril, it can eliminate a cruiser that makes one mistake.Montana: 19Großer Kurfürst : 25Zao: 21 -3 = 18 It just doesn't hold up to the strengths of the other Cruisers in the game, it would lose in a 1 v 1 versus any of them. Without stealthfire it is looking mundane.Des Moines: 23Hindenburg: 27Moskva: 17Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 13Grozovoi: 5Khabarovsk: 16 Hakuryu: 18
  3. Yamato: 20Montana: 21 - 3 = 18 Seems like it should be a great ship, but I rarely see them on top of the leaderboard - too many bad players, or just hard to play well?Großer Kurfürst : 25Zao: 23Des Moines: 22Hindenburg: 25 + 1 =26 Usually "jack of all trades" ships are crappy at most things and good at none. Hindenburg is the exception.Moskva: 19Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 19 Grozovoi: 11Khabarovsk: 16 Hakuryu: 17
  4. The Emerald is sooo fragile, that any mistake you make in showing too much broadside to cruisers, or any part of your ship to a BB, will get you wrecked. You have to learn to hold your shots in the Emerald so as to not reveal yourself until you have a target like a BB that has just fired it's main guns at someone else, or a Cruiser that is looking the other way. Once you start firing, rip away and begin your exit strategy of kiting away, getting behind an island, or going dark again. The Leander is a bit tougher, and has smoke charges that get you dark quick, plus hydro to see incoming torps. The Fiji is where the line hits an early apex, it is easily the best tier 7 cruiser, better than the Belfast in some ways as well. If you can learn to play the Fiji well, you will probably never sell it ( or you can buy the Belfast ) it is EZ mode once you understand the role it plays.
  5. The nice thing about the ARP/IJN captain crossover is that a player can now keep a Kongo and Myoko to play with friends grinding up those lines, in addition - the Takao is a good ship for those who don't own the Atago but want a high level Capt for it without grinding it out in the ARP ships.
  6. KISS method is the best way to start, then add on things as you have mastered the basics. There are over 10-20 good ways to lose weight, so the method is not really the problem - it's the discipline to follow the method day by day. Pick your plan, and learn to follow it day by day - just keep focusing on following your plan for THAT day - not tomorrow's plan or trying to make up for yesterday's screw up. The biggest mistake people make when trying to make a life change, is changing 3 or 4 bad habits simultaneously - and it rarely works. Failure in any one of the multiple changes will allow your subconscious to convince you that it is impossible to succeed in ANY OF THEM. That's why untold hordes of people join a gym on January 2nd, got for a week or two - miss a few days, get depressed and never go back. They are trying to diet, exercise, firm up their bodies, stop smoking or drinking - all at once, and it's too hard for a regular person to exert that much self discipline all at once. Just pick one thing that you can do that will make a positive change. Try and do it every day for 30 days, 60 is better, so that it becomes a habit. Once you have built one successful habit, it is so much EASIER to build a second one. The trick is to build them one at a time. We don't ERASE bad habits, our brains don't work that way - we need to OVERWRITE the space that was the bad habit with a new good habit. Alesia - I know you feel down because your family is not giving you what you need, and frankly they might never give you that. So what can you do? Feeling sad isn't helping you, it just allows you to feel pity for yourself - and that is not gonna get you to where you want to go. Look at it from their view point, you are not giving them what they want/need either, at least from their current perspective. Basically you need to do this thing without expecting their help or support, after you have become what you wish to become, then maybe you can come to a new understanding with them ... or not. The successful people I have met were not waiting on anyone's permission or approval to move ahead with their lives. Whether your dad calls you son for the rest of your life is something you have NO control over - other than to not speak to him - same for your mom. It would be nice if they treated you how you liked, but if they have no history of doing that, why would you expect that to change? Controlled Anger is a powerful tool for change, it can focus you to achieve what you might not otherwise do. Use these disappointments to fuel your commitment to moving forward, it's better than the alternative.
  7. 1. It's been a while, but the Furutaka is a capable tier 5 Cruiser, it can and will see tier 7 MM now, and that will teach you quickly not to sail straight line in front of either tier 7 BB's or Cruisers, who can citadel you dead in 1 or 2 volleys. 2. American CVs are Okay at tier 4 and 5, but are the absolute worst ( all bottom 10 in win rate on the NA server except for Midway which is in the bottom 20 ) from there on out unless you are playing the premium Saipan or Enterprise. American BB's are solid all the way up from the New Mexico on. 3. German BB's are a lot of fun, brawly and difficult to Citadel because of their "turtleback" armor. They have amazing secondary's and interesting AA ( and sometimes torps ). Plus you have two premium trainers in the tier 7 Scharnhorst and the tier 8 Tirpitz. It's a "must play" line in my opinion. 4. Low tier play is kinda weird, so I hesitate to endorse anything - Tier 4 BB Imperator Nikolai is OP with a server wide 60% win rate - but you won't be able to buy it again - Ischizuchi is cheap and available, and while it's a battlecruiser not a true BB - it's very flexible, fast and fun. IJN DD's at tier 3 and 4 ( Wakatake, Isokaze ) are kinda of regular ship seal clubbers - as is the tier 4 US DD the Clemson. Tier 4's get special MM where they never see higher than tier 5 - so tier 4 is where most seal clubbers live. 5. 1-4 low tier 5-7 mid 8-10 high tier. Tier 8's played properly can do more damage to a tier 10 enemy in WoWs than is possible in WoT ( I am talking average players here - obviously Unicorns can play whatever and change the game flow.)
  8. I decided to take advantage of the Grozovoi missions to finally go up the RU DD line. The Izyaslav was fun, and a good bully, as was the ultra speedy Podvoisky ( 47.5 knots with Speed boost and speed flag ) that was able to yolo run single BB's for full health with high speed torps. The Gnevny is quite good too, and it's increased concealment is good at bullying DD's in cap and then vanishing as Pocktio stated. I still have the CE captain skill, but I will probably drop it when I get to the Minsk and add in SE and another 1 point skill to make a full 19. I'm not sure if IFHE is worth it instead of SE and a 1 pointer, I will probably watch Flamu's and Aeroon's builds on their videos to see what they do.
  9. Yamato: 20Montana: 21Großer Kurfürst : 22 +1 + 22 Like the 110E5 was the "comfort" tank, this chubby is the comfort BB.Zao: 23Des Moines: 20Hindenburg: 25Moskva:18Minotaur: 20Shimakaze: 19Gearing: 2 -3 = -1 Mercy Killing. Z-52: 4 Grozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17
  10. Some lines are just inferior, or boring. I have only seen the Charles Martel pulkl it's weight when I face them on the enemy team. The rest ( including the tiwr 10 ) are pretty incidental to the outcome of the battle.
  11. Pyschodiver, we have a pretty heavy representation of Wotlabbers in RUST so definitely drop by our Discord for divisions. I play mornings during the week because of my work schedule, and I still find people to division with. This game is a whole lot less frustrating with just a 2 man division - to speak nothing of a 3 man Nikolai or Kamikaze division. Below is EXACTLY how we make it rain doubloons in RUST!
  12. Yamato: 22Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 20 + 1 = 21 I just like a ship that can take a punch while it is dishing them out.Zao: 23Des Moines: 20Hindenburg: 25Moskva:18Minotaur: 23Shimakaze: 18Gearing: 14 - 3 = 11 Shouldn't a tier 10 be demonstrably better than it's predecessor?Z-52: 7Grozovoi: 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17
  13. Yamato: 25 Montana: 18Großer Kurfürst : 18 Zao: 22 Des Moines: 19 Hindenburg: 24Moskva: 21 Minotaur: 21 +1 = 22Shimakaze: 21 Gearing: 20Z-52: 18Grozovoi: 17 - 3 = 14Khabarovsk: 22Hakuryu: 17 Round 3 for me: Minotaur is my idea of the perfect late game assassin, if you can keep your health long enough, you can melt quite a few ships 1 v 1, even the deadly Khab. It's also pretty good at raking BB's mid belt while they are looking somewhere else, taking 20-30k damage off over 4 volleys is a bitch for any BB. Grozovoi - Who actually plays it? It's rarer than a Pikachu on the NA servers, and the few you do see never seem to last long in the match.
  14. OMG! - "Welcome to Min-Max Mart for all your disgustingly precise and mathematically supported game playing needs!" I am embarrassed by my stated claim of 117% cumulative - and I can't even claim that I haven't taken basic prob. and stats classes in college ( although that was back in 1981 ). Let me rephrase my original statement - "Dis bitch here be spittin' fire ... BOI!"
  15. How Terrible touched on how to use HE to make it a worthwile ship - with a base 35% chance for each round to start a fire - boostable to 39% with Demolition Expert Captain skill and both Fire flags. It has a long range of 19+ km, and you can use all 8 barrels without giving much of a target at the start of a match. if you land 3 of the 8 shells on a slow BB ( Arizona, New Mex, Warspite ....) your base chance to start a fire is 117% cumulative. Assuming the driver blows an early Damage Control party, your next volley will continue burning when it lands - at least for the duration of his Damage Control cool down - or enhanced fire prevention skills. While I don't recommend sitting bow on and sniping ( the armor is so bad that you will get overmatched bow on by everyone - even another Dunk I think ) - you should be moving from cover to cover, setting stuff on fire every 30 seconds - low tier weak armored cruisers can be HE citadelled easier with your HE than the AP in close range. If I do get BB broadside, I am aiming upper belt with my AP, too many shells will go everywhere but the waterline and fall short if you aim at the waterline. I know enough to not bother with HE in a normal BB unless it is dire circumstances with a tough bow on BB. But the Dunk is not a BB, it is a Battle Cruiser - fast and fairly maneuverable with a neat trick that lets you get 8 barrels on a target without lifting your skirt up and showing the goods ( going broadside for younger millennials ). Play it like a cruiser with a heal and great fire starting and you will enjoy it more easily than trying to be a "model" BB.