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  1. Yeah, the Simms generates that nice native xp boost. Good info Madner Kami.
  2. Initially it will be like the early stages of ranked battles, good players can bring whatever they want in the entry level stages to advance, then once in the higher groupings, meta ships and play will identify itself and be adopted.
  3. Hey Vettish, we have a sub clan that is for parking applicants until they get close to their tier 10, and it would allow you to Division with us in Discord Your recents look like you are quickly getting a handle, and we are pretty good about helping people grind up through the lower tiers, pm MtnRunner and I'm pretty sure he will give you a Discord invite.
  4. @RollerCoaster47 That Gearing on your team .....
  5. The metric is limited by the very small amount of information that Wargaming provides in it's API for data mining. It is a lot easier to get a higher win rate than your WTR rating due to divisioning with a group of 3 similarly skilled players. The biggest part of the metric is damage dealt, accounting for 50%, followed by kills and win rate. Until someone decides to work on a new formula using the newer info that WG is releasing, WTR or PR from are going to be the default ratings. a 3 man div is 25% of the total force on a team, compared to only 20% in a 15 tanks match. therefore 3 good players will have a greater impact in ships than tanks.
  6. MaxL_1023 had the shortest learning curve of anyone I have ever seen pick up this game. I was in a div with him in a tier 6 match about a week after he started and watched him rack up 7 kills in a Fuso for a mega carry. Plus he is a really cool guy to boot, definitely not a rage-a-holic. I look forward to seeing you in-game when you get back from the IEEE conference!
  7. That must be old, I hear Loz saying that the 13-90 is a tier 7. I heard someone that sounded like How terrible and ye Old Derps as well .....
  8. The whole "Tier X rental is going to be a joke, absolutely horrid teams will show up to get trounced. It will be the early equivalent of tier 6 stronghold teams showing up in heavies and TD's against a team of Cromwell B's and Type 64's .....
  9. Hey Max, you are always welcome to hop into our Discord for the RUST clan, we all keep tier 4/5 "stress relief" ships and I have several tier 2 and 3 as well from rewards. We are more of a "dad clan" but we are full of Wotlabs guys like Map381, How Terrible, Yoyoya2, MntRunner and Ye Olde Derps, but we have a lot of fun and we tend to pull down good win rates in 3 man divisions. Anyone from Wotlabs is welcome to come and Div with us, if you're interested I will pm you a Discord link.
  10. The good news is that if you were a Uni in tanks, you will probably become a Uni in ships fairly quickly. Low tiers can be infuriating ( like tanks ) because player quality and ship performance are all over the place. At tier 5/6 it starts to fall into place, and by 7/8 the game starts to reward skilled play. One huge advantage in Ships over tanks is that the premium ships are equivalent to normal ships you grind. There are also premium ships you can buy with free xp, as a reward to those who play well and often. It's like the golden era of tanks in someways, hopefully it stays this way for many years. Be sure and ask community opinion before you buy any premium ships, there is a clearly defined level between good and meh as far as premium ships are concerned. Little White Mouse from the main forums does a very good job of detailing just about everything pertinent in her ship reviews, they are worth the read.
  11. The 4 classes are pretty separate in their performance and how they operate, especially once you get to tier 7-8. In addition, each nations lines ( some have all four like the US and IJN, others only have 1 or 2 ) have a national flavor to the lines that influence how they play. For example, German BB's at tier 6 and up develop progressively more powerful secondary guns and develop "turtleback" armor schemes that make them very hard to citadel ( a citadel hit is when an AP round penetrates and detonates in a ships protected area like a boiler room ). They are brawler BB's that specialize in getting to 8-10 km range and wearing down the opponent. The IJN BB lines are better at long range fire, when they get in a brawl their HP melts quickly, so they are better at staying at 13-15 km. Flamu is the best non-CV youtuber in my estimation, and he has a bunch of low tier videos that you will find useful. Notser and iChase are US youtubers that are somewhat popular, but I find Flamu to be the most informative and consistently correct about the meta. Here is an example from his collection of low tier guides to get you started.:
  12. So, I finally found a formula that kind of works in the NO, pick an island that will allow your radar to fully sweep a cap zone. Hump said island for dear life and wait for red to creep into the capping indicator. Announce to your team mates you will have 30 seconds of radar for the cap. Push the radar, watch stuff die, contribute if possible. Once you or your team cap ( if you cap you will probably die, let a DD do it ) move on to the next suspected DD or smoke CL hangout and make the same announcement. Die the minute a Yamato catches 1/16 of your exposed stern with his heat seeking love missiles. GG.
  13. Or this ^
  14. Emerald is playable as long as you are in a tier 5 match - uptiered and you're consigned to hide/ambush DD's only. Played a few in it, and then got the Leander as part of the earlier campaign. Leander is fine, as is every RN CL after it - Emerald and tier 3/4 cruisers are fodder for everyone else. Hey, you want to play an ARLV39, go for it, just be prepared for a lot of matches ending prematurely.
  15. Did they drop the guns down to 14" on this because it's supposed to be a Battle Cruiser? Also, how was the speed / maneuverability of the ship?