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  1. Hmmm rip69 has 187 games in the Ranger avg dmg 13,174. He has 197 games in the Indy at 12,271 avg dmg. He has 108 games in the Bogue with 7,503 avg dmg. Aaaaah, AS load out queen, boy do we need more like him.
  2. One of the main differences in WoWs from WoT is that premium ships are generally equal in ability to non-premium ships. If you go to Warships Today, and just click on the "ships" dropdown, you can specify tier 6 and the which type ( BB, CA/CL, DD or CV ). It will then give you the server wide win rate, damage done, games played etc. Aside from CV's, of which there are exactly two at tier 6 - the top of the list skews heavily to Premium ships and ships that are won in contests. Top DD's: #1 Shinonome ( in game campaign ) 55.41% wr, 32,970 damage. #2 Anshan ( premium ) 53.41% wr, 24,506 damage. #3 Ernst Gaede ( normal German DD ) 51.42% wr, 23,818 damage. The Farragut and the mosh pit of restructured IJN and Soviet DD's are all sub 50% w/r with most doing between 18-20k damage. The top 3 for CL/CA are either in game campaign rewards or premiums. The top 4 for BB's are all premiums as well. Are they really better? Not as much as it would appear, a lot of it is that peasants can't afford to buy premium ships, or don't commit the time to win them in campaigns, where the committed players do both. Better players playing these ships is partially why the results look better. All four tier 6 main line cruisers can be effective and fun to play in battle. The three main line BB's are also good ships and fun to play for different reasons. DD's are kind of a different story, and I will let someone with a little more expertise address those. Each season of ranked battles develops its own meta as the season progresses. Guys like Onboard, Mesrith and Roller are usually at the fore front of pointing out what they are seeing. Based on what I see as useful that you could actually grind towards; the Leander ( tier 6 Brit CL ) might be an unexpected star in ranked compared to it's pub stats. It is fairly fast, and has fast firing 6" guns but has horrible armor. To compensate, it gets smoke charges and 8km torps and HEAL - something that is rare at that tier. The Budyonny is very fast and hits hard, but it has horrible armor as well, it's damage numbers are 3rd at it's tier for cruisers. Onboard was always a great proponent of the BB Fuso at tier 6, it is fast so it can flex. the Bayern while not as fast is tankier and better at brawling than the Fuso. Look at the wiki and find out which current tier 6 IJN DD has the best concealment and torps, it will be useful for capping and torping smoke. If you want to brawl in cap - the Gaede might be the one to pick over the Soviet or American lines. Edit Note: I realize I am not either a Uni or even very good player - so forgive me for chiming in Sgt. pepper - but sometimes even pubbie scum can track the flow of a game and which way it is heading.
  3. Tier 6 is supposed to be the highest you can bring, but he had two tier 5's brought in by other players. He was using a Ryujo to great advantage and strongly suggested that each team start with at least one CV. He also thought that high DPM cruisers would be more useful than some BB's ( Cleveland better than a Fuso ) due to all the ships approaching at bow on angles.. The "normal" difficulty battle would have been a straight up loss if he hadn't carried the team by sinking 6 ships ( including a tier 9 Izumo ). It looks pretty interesting at this stage.
  4. Flamu posted a nice video explaining the upcoming PVE mini campaigns. Looks very interesting, and a much better alternative to trying to set up training room scenarios for focus fire practice. Flammu said he went 5 and 2 in normal mode ( there is a hard difficulty ) with just randoms, so I imagine at first it will be a bit like Halloween mode until people get used to working together. They have an anti-spam timer in it, you must wait 30 minutes from the end of the battle to bring that same ship back in for another PVE campaign. Annoying but you can bypass the timer by paying 20 doubloons.
  5. The fact that you have to set up matches in the training room between both parties, with no help or record of the result from WG is not going to grow these competitions. How hard would it be to make a 7 v 7 single elimination type tourney 3 nights a week? Fill out a 32 team bracket made up only of clan teams starting at a specific time and lock it in. Run through the elimination phase and have your nightly top 3 get rewarded with some gold and flags. It's a simple landing tournament, without the winner having to fight the original land owner. It's not a long term solution, but it will at least keep some interest in this game for the more competitive players. I understand that WG does not want to drive players away by making a crappy version of CW, but they can't keep dawdling hoping people will just ignore it. The Clan based PVE thing will be interesting/challenging for casual players, but I doubt it will be interesting to the more serious ones.
  6. I feel ya! getfun sounds like a morning radio DJ, he is smooooooth on the mike.
  7. I didn't translate it LOL! I was saying that the info from Armored Patrol was translated from a Russian Q&A attended by the Russian you tuber "getfun". I still want his "spotted" graphic from the video.
  8. Got this info off of the Armored Patrol - it's from a Q&A in Russia If you speak Russian - have at this video by some guy named "getfun". I like him more than iChase or Notser already ..... I desperately want the graphic he uses for being "spotted" in his client. It's like a ghost chef or something
  9. The next day it started working again, now it is doing the "group day after day of stats and increment the # of days played" that Mesrith has previously mentioned. While not ideal, it's fine with me, though being able to see how I am doing on the current day, versus the previous day is more informative and useful. When this starts happening, it also freezes the signature from updating. Right now I am at 3 days of compiled stats, and the signature is from 4 days ago.
  10. It won't load stats at all today when I tired it. It could be that it's Wargaming's servers that are not releasing the data, but after it loads my name - it stops and will show no stats. Even just tried it at work and nothing is coming up.
  11. • HMS Hood + Port Slot • 6 - Skill Point Commander 10x Blue Dragon Signal Flags 10x Wyvern Signal Flags 10x Red Dragon Signal Flags 10x Ouroboros Signal Flags 10x Hydra Signal Flags • 2,000 That is what you get for $6 US over just the plain Hood and port slot. The gold is worth $9 give or take, and a 6 point commander is worth another$2-3 minimum. The flags are pretty OP, and 50 of them is worth $7-8 as well. It's a good $10 discount for the package available June 1st - and that will give you more than enough time to go back and complete the ez-mode Hood missions for flags and Medallions you might be missing. I'll probably watch a video review tonight to see what good players are saying about the Hood and how to use it.
  12. Yeah, you need a high rof cruiser to put those zombies down, preferably a Des Moines that can pop radar on it when it runs and drops smoke. Not seeing many German DD's or the alternate Russky tier 10 Grozovoi in high tier battles.
  13. Yeah, I agree completely - this is a well thought out promotion with tangible rewards for players EVEN if they don't buy the Hood. Compared to the mess that was the Fire and Water event, this one is doable without dedicating 6-8 hours a day shooting pixel ships. I really hope they use the same team to organize future Clan battles and events. I'm pretty sure even the most rabid Russian Nationalists refuse to play this ship. I'm guessing if you look up Krasny Krim in a Russian dictionary you see a picture of a towed target barge..... I might do that as well, my 27th wedding anniversary is coming up in June - I can buy it for my wife, I'm sure she will be happy with it .....
  14. So I started the campaign this morning and was pleased with how normal the requirements are for the first stage. I was able to unlock the Final mission in 7 battles, though if I had the Hood, it could probably get done in only 2 missions.( you get 5 of the 7 stars needed from doing 60k damage in the Hood - ezmode). The range is tier 5-10 for the first set of missions, and there are a few ship class specific ones in addition to generalized tasks. Completing a task earns you a container, and each container has one of the new "super flags" plus two medallions. The missions seem to scale in difficulty, but they are still doable by average to good players ( baddies will struggle or try to do them at tier 5 I guess ). Owning a Hood is a guarantee of completing all the missions, but you won't be able to earn all the medallions for the funky Bismarck camo's that way. WG should sell a lot of Hoods and also a lot of container packages ( probably to the same people ), so it should be a good money maker for them. The Hood packages are dropped over time - the $99 super package with 5k doubloons, a month of premium and a bunch of other goodies is available now, the more reasonably priced ones won't be available until after a week or two. I already have the Bismarck, so I will get 11 million credits instead, it's worth it to do all of the individual tasks simply for the crazy flags you get with each container. Overall 10/10 from my perspective.