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  1. Ah okay thanks for the tips yeah got a fully upgraded Bayern I didn't know about the difference in the shell velocity until you mentioned it. Yeah your right I didn't like the long range performance of the shells they spend too much time floating back to earth. Yeah I'm not a fan of showing broadside I prefer the wiggle in and wiggle out to get guns on targets. Otherwise do I need to change my aiming point I usually aim for the upper belt on German battleships for the penetration damage is it worth aiming at the waterline belt for other battleship targets? Otherwise love the over match capability of the 15 inch guns when they want to work.
  2. I'm just having trouble adjusting to the Bayern' gunnery style, I've had shots completely deviate from center around 5-6km against dds, not used to the over penetration of the shells against soft targets. I don't feel comfortable with the engagement range of 12-14km. I'll probably take some time in the training room to train on the guns. I guess I need a few points and tips on the ship.
  3. Hi Gents quick question I've gotten up to the Bayern the tier 6 German BB I hate her guns god the floating shells are absolute shit, the back turrets have really shit angles, I've been spoiled by the warspite and its punchy guns.
  4. Hey guys working up my way through the tech tree of the Germans and Japanese battleships. I've think screwed up my play style by choosing 2 different lines that have opposite ethos. Do you mind if I pop in on discord and play a few games with you guys.
  5. Yamato: 22Montana: 20 Großer Kurfürst : 27+1=28 Its big and clumsy but does it live for a brawl, 12 main guns backed up with an impressive secondary suite of guns, and Hydroacoustic search. Issue is getting into optimal engagement range which requires good coordination and timing but when it happens this ship truly shines. Conqueror: 18Zao: 16 Des Moines: 25Hindenburg: 30 Moskva: 14Minotaur: 11-3=8 A ship that makes a decisive choice between a smoke generator or radar, the fragility of the ship forces a defensive stance through a smoke generator, but with the prevalence of radar on other competing cruisers at this tier weakens your defensive measures. The limitation of AP rounds also weakens your firepower against angled targets and the slow shell velocity at maximum range requires good gunnery to compensate. Ends up in an Atlanta scenario where enemies can tank you with their superior firing range forcing you to disengage or risk heavy damage. Shimakaze: 11 Khabarovsk: 7 Hakuryu: 18
  6. Fucking LOL, what horseshit from Mr i don't work full time for my.ass.com


    As least they haven't fucked up their new 2.0 balance patch.

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      I'm really having hard time watching that video, the developers are so out of touch what is needed that it is mind boggling:facepalm:

      -"Type 5's new weak spots are 260 and 250mm" What sorta heavy tank can pen even that with AP?

      -"Type 5's issue was that you couldnt out manouver them" WTF, the issue is the armor and the gold sink derp gun.

      -"400 alpha is low for a td (AMX Foch 50b), no worries, we compensated that with 2,5k clip potential" Fucking idiots....

      -Patton buffed, why?

      -AMX 30b over buffed, cos why the fuck not.


    3. Assassin7


      T-54 nerfed, Maus nerfed the wrong way, batchat very nearly nerfed. 

      Im not looking forward to 9.20 in any way shape or form

    4. TAdoo87


      I decided to quit, because every change they make is just more and more retarded. There were mainly two kind of change in the past months. The first kind is the intentionally toxic change for short term profit increase. The second kind is when they genuenly fuck up, because they have no clue what to do, and they end up introducing toxic changes.

      Why would I invest my time in a game with such a shitty outlook. 

  7. Isn't this just putting lipstick on a pig trying to make it look good?
  8. The question is when will the buffing stop? when will the buffs make other buffed vehicles obsolete, and therefore they need to be rebuffed to be competitive, so any KV-5 and KV-4 buffs in the super soviet power patch?
  9. Thank you for the tips, I've been reading up on damage control, and know that with fires its not worth activating it for one fire instead save it for 2-3 fires if necessary, what about flooding? For Repair party do i use it as a health pool if I've used damage control? Are there better reticles for using spotter planes? I find it hard aiming on a top down view with a cross hair flat base aiming bar. I'm starting to time my broadsides with an enemy fire, meaning i commit to the turn to bring guns to bear after they fire, where should i be aiming on ships? I've tried waterline shots but they fall short, or aiming at their broadside means some times i hit their main armor belt and shatter or over pen their superstructure, should i be aiming for their bows or is that overpen?
  10. Well I've made the jump to boats, I'm finding battleship play a bit difficult, the low tiers are ripping my eyes out. I know that their dispersion sucks so I try getting closer, then bust a salvo that misses at 3-5 km on a target, I've started practicing turning in and out onto targets to bring guns on for broadsiding targets. But I'm aiming shots too short meaning when the target enters the area they end up taking shells on the rear half of the ship, I'm really bad at swapping shell types I go full ap in some cases, and the hud sucks in giving feedback in terms of shell penetration, did it shatter, overpen? I'm really bad at managing engagement range a part is wondering if I'm learning bad habits to get damage in, I know of the wasd hacks and know that when there are cruisers and destroyers around its time to turn bow on and prepare the rudder, for torpedo beats. I'm wondering of the context of angling bow on if the enemy has guns that can overmatch my bow I put myself at an auto bounce angle is it towards the front guns or rear?
  11. https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/storyline-campaign-episode-1 https://aw.my.com/us/news/general/offer-seahawks-armory So they'll started the great Slientstalker's fan fiction story campaign that requires you to play certain vehicles, guess what the marketing department thought up everyone can do these missions if they pay to get the vehicles to attempt the missions. Yes My.com new plan to increase participation in events is to sell tech tree tanks for missions, I'm waiting to see if their gonna bite the bullet and start selling tier 10s off the bat. Enjoy a picture of the new improved UI not in anyway related to that other tank game... I need a drink for all this crap they do, I keep thinking they can't fuck up even more and they manage to do it.
  12. You understand that's the terrain resistance going forwards right? French gonna do what French are best at! Hon Hon Hon!!!
  13. Trying the patch out its not the complete balance package they promised. Like you said TD's have nothing going for them because when the fire they lose 0.2 camo rating compared to light tanks I bid you not, no camo loss while moving and when firing they only lose 0.05 camo. I shit you not light tanks have a 75% better firing camo loss than TD's, and they have fucked up armor packages from tier 7 on wards that can bounce AP and totally fucks up HEAT due to the super sloping effect on HEAT rounds. HESH rounds don't get good until the Challenger 2 ADTU, PISH rounds. I love the little shits their like HEAT rounds from before that ignore sloping fuck up the insides of tanks better than HEAT. Oh don't let me get started on AFV's from tier 1-10 they all have 140mm of penetration good luck attacking the sides of higher tier MBTs you might as well go fuck yourself. Except for the Draco B1 which gets 435mm of penetration but drops 7 rounds from its drum to a 5 mag drum with 16 second reload. ATGM's they are great but only 20 for auto cannon armed vehicles and 30 for specialized ATGM's carriers. Don't get me started on view range fucking MBT's can go up to 450-490 view range, same with LT's and TD's but AFVs get a bitch ass spotting bonus of 30 meters standing still. I Shit you not fucking LT's, can do scouting better than a AFV's because no camo loss while moving.
  14. Fuck me that looks great, feeling shit here I'm currently running a gigabyte P17F v5. here's its specs http://www.gigabyte.co.nz/Laptop/P17F-v5#kf This shit costs at full price $2200 NZ dollars, I was caught in by a black Friday sale and it was going for $1700, I couldn't resist it. I might invest my older sister into getting that dell laptop looks great at $2100 NZ currently.
  15. So MailRU loves a reskinned World of Tanks for Russian users, great that's wonderful another World of Tanks clone coming up.