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  1. The challenge is city battles. You might be able to handle top 12 in a win but you are rarely getting a top 3 in a loss. Is your improved chance in open maps worth the trade?
  2. Because that isn't LT-7 for 260. Current mission is detect and damage three, kill one higher tier.
  3. This is exactly right. If you cause module or crew damage to the enemy it is counted immediately regardless of repair. If your tank is required to have no module or crew damage it is checked only at the end of battle.
  4. Just to sidetrack this conversation, if it's a blind shot it doesn't matter what your tank is doing. By definition, he is aiming at a point in space.
  5. It's 3 seconds. The new directives could reduce it to 2s in some cases.
  6. The difference between versions now is less important than the difference once people start selecting for the metric. With previous versions light tanks were a padding choice, with tier averages the padding tanks are the ones with the biggest delta over average. its an open question whether the work is worth it, but you can't simply say "it looks fine now" as though they are going to remain "close enough" in perpetuity.
  7. You tell 'em bro.
  8. They have done this contest a few times before with better prizes, I think a premium tank once? i think it's a gold sink to get people to change their name
  9. I think mt 15.4 is a wash; it's easier to get a full tier 10 battle which means more hp, but the TD count was always iffy.
  10. Passable, yes. Good, no.
  11. Yes it really is a problem. I didn't think they would adjust missions for arty, but they did that. However they are ignoring the effect of meta changes. max three arty so spotting three is difficult. Can't platoon with arty so hard to improve chances. Can't fail platoon so many missions requiring higher tier tanks are substantially more difficult. some other missions have become easier but some became much more difficult.
  12. Are you sure that's the reason?
  13. Team damage is a definite no, and self-inflicted is unlikely, but if you are that close no harm in trying.
  14. I think it is VERY unlikely they will update them, and damage missions are likely to become very difficult or maybe impossible (based on comments; I haven't played them). I pushed through the 260 arty missions to beat the patch. I am hoping lt missions are not impacted acted as heavily.
  15. Wg has always argued that identical teams is uninteresting, and I agree. the challenge is making different teams that can compete; right now the tank weights in mm are blind to the effectiveness of a tank on a specific map. also see the people that complain (for example) about nerfing view range to make lights relevant. Their point is that if you make all roles important you are at the mercy of your weakest player. They want a tank that can do reasonably well at all roles so they depend less on the team (hence the focus on meds)