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  1. If my opponent is shooting gold I always respond in kind, the rest of the time it varies. For most tanks I just think about the average number of rounds I fire per game and make that AP with the rest premium. If you run out of AP it's likely a close game and you want to be shooting gold to close it out. this only applies for tanks with decent ammo capacity; you have to be more selective if there is klimited capacity.
  2. All tanks get a split of cap points to avoid making it confusing about which tank to hit to reduce the cap counter. Every hit to a tank on cap will reduce the counter. This does mean that there can be value to have more tanks on cap (the impact of a reset is lower if the points are spread across more tanks). It also means that you do NOT want to be on cap when screening, because you are "stealing" points from one of the actual cappers (aside from the fact that it's hard to effectively screen from cap).
  3. I believe the consensus is that overall account numbers are worthless. They have been for awhile and keep getting worse. For that if you want a number use WGPR. Recents are the only thing meaningful if handled well, and the discussion was generally about using wn9 for recents only.
  4. You are reading that wrong. It is saying the you can get the track+damage in one shot, and if you only track you can still probably get a damaging shot in before repairs. Track and damage in one shot does count.
  5. I didn't word it well but basically yes. In response to "I hope they code an exception for pref tanks" I think they would consider it a bonus if this made pref mm tanks less desireable. this will make some missions difficult. No more fail platooning for killing high tiers or damage. I was trying spg4.5 (10x hp) over the weekend and I swear they were testing the mm. I couldn't get a tier 10 fight in my 53/55 or 40/43 to save my life. First game Monday though ran 5600 on mines to finish it. i am definitely prioritizing missions based on upcoming changes because it's unlikely they will revisit the criteria.
  6. Pretty sure they are happy to use this as a chance to nerf pref mm.
  7. Remember that you are usually playing against their base campers and a few other dummies that think it matters. if you understand team comp (what td and arty deployment they have) and know how to avoid getting bogged down it is feasible because it is hard to assault base d from the city. Remember roughly 40% of those gifts you will win regardless. i took my oho north on arctic region; they had lots of heavies and I would be too slow late to get there, but we had td and arty support to punish them trying to get to cap. I had almost no damage when I got to their base but ended up with TG and high caliber. It's really hard to dig out a hull down tank on that hill near base; their heavies couldn't come back and just got eaten alive.
  8. By "win the flank" I mean kill the aggressors. The TDs are not going to pursue, so you don't have to worry about them coming up behind when you switch to the other flank. It's different if you leave while the flank is still contested by mediums or heavies that will pursue you. the core principle is That there will be some number of players that refuse to leave base. If you ignore them you have numerical superiority someplace else. If you fight them you are letting them be involved despite base camping.
  9. The general strat applies in a lot of maps. Win your flank, then clean the other flank, then finish. If you try to push you are letting base campers into then fight when you don't need to. Kill the rest of their team and then dig them out with map control and numbers.
  10. The second part is not correct. If your mission is to damage a module just doing it counts regardless of whether it is repaired. If it shows up in post game stats it counts. if your mission is to finish the battle with no crew/module damage you can use first aid or repair kits since all that matters is the end state of your vehicle.
  11. Mmm replay? How does a kv blunder into a hellcat (or much of anything)?
  12. I am assuming that you can hide it like training rooms. At the very least you can control who actually gets in. given that, who cares if some scrubby clan picks up ransoms. If it makes it easier for more teams to keep SH active that's a good thing.
  13. I don't think I have ever seen a discount for training a different role. Only train/retrain (tank) or skills. might be a long wait.
  14. You won't get the module for free, but your tank will still be elite, based on previous changes.
  15. True, it's just a matter of how many battles fall on each side of the line. i think there is also a difference between a tank that just isn't able to do much in certain situations, and a tank that is fighting you. Module damage is also a huge "not fun" feature. If you take two tanks into battle and have the exact same impact on the battle, but lose an engine in one it is just a more frustrating game. that said I bought the a44 back and play it at times, even intentionally