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  1. Had a battle last night with 1 arty. Didn't know weather to be happy or sad it was on our team.
  2. Edit playerspanel.xc file and remove "${"barBg"}, ${"bar"}," from the extraFieldsLeft and extraFieldsRight lines.
  3. Couple of questions for you. I think 9.15 you had health bars in one of the players panels. Is that XVM config still available for download? I couldn't figure out how to navigate to it. You may be able to tell me if what I want to do is possible. I'm wanting to see if I could use the detected colors in your player panel as the health bar background color and eliminate the space taken up by the detected indicator.
  4. I miss the hilarious swarming power of the T-50-2. Wish I could do that again.
  5. Watched it a little more closely. WoT Numbers is missing some exp values for battles and those are the same battles that session stats is missing.
  6. Lost my xvm colorblind config for your pack and am recreating them. Where do I change the enemy health bar color? healthBar color and lcolor in markersAlive*_standard.xc doesn't seem to be it. Yeah, mine is missing some battles.
  7. A way to avoid the WoT throw meta. Something like premium gives you MM at tier 8+ that excludes sub 2K PR players. Had several games with players under 200 wn8 today. The ones that weren't bots were chat bloggers. This exclusion would have to include arty platoons. ...and all Japanese heavy platoons. Can't rely on any of these kinds of people. I can't believe stickygreen0 still has an account.
  8. Just had GordonForeman rage in a battle. Poor fella was mad at me in my tier 9 batchat. My damage at that point. Later.... My damage at that point. Later, GordonForeman was killed by a rental tard and that really put a pubic hair on his chicken tendies. My damage at that point. and then the battle ended and he became very quiet.
  9. made the XQMP change in XVM and now I'm stuck at the "Synchronizing discounts" message while loading. Much joy.
  10. 7 out of 9 battles I get disconnected from the server exiting a battle.
  11. Just try to work out how much time it would take to investigate and correct the credits afterwards? Especially if the credits had been spent. Then add in all the fake support requests. It amazes me how few people understand how a business works. Keep up with the GIMMIE FREE SHIT NOW impotent rage tho. I'm sure it'll get you far.
  12. I'm not crashing but switching players to view after being killed takes so long it seems like I've crashed. Sometimes up to 20-25 seconds to view the next player. Sometimes it's instant. A few times while switching to arty view it does the same thing. I have to make sure I'm stationary before I switch views because if it happens my tank will just keep moving.
  13. Nah, he's fighting the good fight so he can camp out in NC women's bathrooms. Sela, in a dress, streaming tanks from a woman's public restroom will be the ultimate sub bait.