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  1. Maybe it also makes people ignore you since they probably assume you're a retard for using the 88mm
  2. If I made a thread every time I had a win streak, I'd be perma banned for spamming
  3. You can let loose in the venting room, in the original thread you made
  4. The 50M is actually one of the least underwhelming Tier X mediums as it is. Usable armor (bully vs lower tiers), reliable gun, reliable speed, and ramming. Good reliable DPM from its effective range. It's an effective pubbie farmer especially in the regions where prem ammo isn't common (EU/RU). There's raw DPM and then there's effective DPM. The 430 is not the unicum favorite for its derpy gun and handling despite having the highest raw DPM in the RU med category.
  5. Easiest way to tell if someone is good to platoon with, is if they stay on cap
  6. Probably something like the G502 where you can adjust the fit yourself. It's a bit on the heavier side.
  7. If you can do extraordinary amounts of only early damage, your win rate will naturally rise. In order to increase your win rate further, you'll need to learn so much more like positioning, trading effectively, and winning your side of the map fast. Wn8 accounts mainly for damage, wr, spotting, and kills (unless that's changed since I stopped playing). All of those are important for winning a match. You don't typically see high WR players (excluding seal clubbers) without high Wn8. But you see plenty of "high" wn8 players with only above average WR.
  8. hey kid, wanna do some memes?

  9. There's no point buying a 144hz monitor for a non-competitive game like WoT The refresh rate only really helps during fast camera movement.
  10. yo dawg I herd there's a chinese reward tank. I suddenly am willing to play tanks again
  11. Drunk buying the maus was the best decision I've ever not made
  12. What I actually meant was that, the price you think your car is worth is not necessarily what the insurance company thinks. Despite it looking very new, insurance companies also have to worry about potential chassis rust underneath