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  1. Damn, gotta be careful with the world generation settings. Just had a match where everybody was on an island with only one region, practically no strategic resources to speak of.
  2. .. Why would you google that?
  3. Yeah, that'll do it.
  4. That's possible. Early in the game I really jumped on food and industry improving techs, and when a new era shows up I'm fairly religious about not researching stuff from past eras for the most part. I literally had to go back and research the techs for transport ships and for alliances when I was in Era 5, because I had skipped them in favor of improvements to agriculture and industry early on, and then later for weapons and armor. It's habits holding over from Civ; I usually prioritize stuff that boosts growth and industry, and rarely go warmongering before I have gunpowder era weapons.
  5. Agreed, and I take initiative improvements when I can get a good one; I just remember the glassteel seeming to give what seemed at the time a rather minimal initiative improvement in exchange for what seemed to be a rather large drop in damage compared to Tier 4 iron stuff.
  6. That's correct, but IIRC the same tech gave me access to Tier 2 iron weapons and armor too, which generally give better attack, damage, and armor values. The main benefit of the titanium and glassteel stuff seems to me to be improved initiative and so forth, but at that level seems to be pretty small. Once I got access to adamantine stuff, though, I used the hell out of it.
  7. You're right about the research; that's why I figured I ought to play a game on the easiest level first, just to get stuff down. You're probably right about the adjacent units, although I think it might work two spaces out. As far as the materials go, I don't remember seeing titanium and glassteel before getting Tier 3 iron stuff, although it's possible I overlooked it; there's a lot to take in. Also, they should have created a Guardian that's a gigantic, green, winged, squid-headed monstrosity that shows up out of the sea.
  8. Played a bit of the game, lots of the first match stuff was really going over my head; some of the game mechanics are not explained all that well in the tutorial. Played a bit until I learned some things and it became obvious that I was not doing well on the normal difficulty, and started a new match on the easiest difficulty to really learn how the game works. Doing much (obviously) better this time around, and learning some of the mechanics. • I still can't find anywhere that tells me how many armies I can have at the time, or how many units can be in one army at that time. • I don't know just how close an army has to be to another to be allowed into a fight as reinforcements. • Titanium and glassteel don't seem especially useful for weapons. By the time you get Tier 1 titanium and glassteel weapons, they still aren't as good as Tier 3 steel weapons. Adamantian stuff is still better than steel, even comparing Tier 1 to Tier 3. • Has anybody else noticed just how Lovecraftian some of these species are? You've got the Necrophages, the Morgawr, and the Cult of the Eternal End, plus a lot of the minor factions are a bit like Lovecraftian horrors. Looks like a really good game so far, but they really could have made better tutorial content.
  9. You should photoshop in some Bismarcks on the water.
  10. Yeah, the game is fun and you're right - it really does look great. I wish they'd get WoT up to that graphical standard. If they made it play like WoT but look like WoWs and War Thunder they'd be doing well.
  11. Working on a couple Tier 4s right now. Cruisers seem to be fun to me - no idea why they reload faster than destroyers, but they do, at least the ones I have, BBs are fun when you practically one-shot somebody, but they take so long to close with the enemy. DDs are lots of fun but it's tough waiting for an enemy to get distracted and focus on my team's cruisers so I can swoop in and nail them with torpedoes. I do try to avoid setting excessive standards for myself, and I'm getting a feeling for positioning and aiming. It's just those nights of a 20% WR that have always ticked me off, especially when it's compounded by intentionally suiciding teammates. My temper can get the best of me some nights.
  12. Miscounted. Three wins, six losses. Going to bed. That's two miserable days in a row. Oh, I'm not sure I played any ship twice in a row. I would have been better off playing Endless Legend. XD
  13. Ten matches so far tonight, nine of them were losses, almost all of them I could tell were lost in the first 60 seconds. Two of them literally had teammates throw the match on purpose. The sheer number of matches where somebody drives a cruiser straight at the enemy and suicides is appalling. Gonna stay up a while and see just how many losses in a row I end up getting. This is flat out ridiculous.
  14. Man, just a word to any programmers or software developers around here, from one of the kajillions of people who use your stuff:

    If you make a purported video recording program and I can't intuitively tell how to just get it to record what's on the screen without having to dig around on your forum, you're doing it wrong.

    Interface is not a secondary concern.  Do not develop it as an afterthought, please.  Don't look at it yourself as the programmer and think "well, that's good enough; seems simple to me."  You developed it and wrote those controls.  Make the interface for somebody who is sitting down to it the first time.  Use familiar controls so that they can figure it out quickly without help.

    That is all.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. orzel286


      >writing in visual studio

      >where the fuck is the compiler?

      >looking through menus, options, found nothing

      >had to google it :facepalm:

      Even the fucking turbo pascal had in-built, easily accesible compiler ffs.

    3. nemlengyel


      Proper software has designers responsible for UX so devs know what to implement :D

    4. FlorbFnarb


      Yeah, I remember good ol' Turbo Pascal.  Good times.

      This is probably heresy, but I can see the sense in starting with an interface first. It's a good way to know what you want to include, like you said.  Might be a bit prone to feature creep, but a tacked on and badly designed interface will kill software commercially.