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  1. FlorbFnarb

    Reddit reacts to Wotlabs reacts to MAHOU tking arty

    One month isn’t a necro at this point!
  2. FlorbFnarb

    Reddit reacts to Wotlabs reacts to MAHOU tking arty

    I ran into a Mahou tonight...playing arty. He did not TK his own team's arty though.
  3. It's the only place I could think of to post it that wouldn't result in twisted panties. No, I remember him, but this guy was different. Frumpylumps was a bit of an asshole who liked to post on the forums and tried posting here for a while. This guy I'm thinking of seemed entirely absorbed by the idea that the game is rigged. I wish I could remember his damn name because it's bothering me now. He really did seem kinda obsessed. The guy I'm thinking of did have an IS-6, but then he had almost all the premiums. War Shitposting never changes.
  4. Because it's Shenanigans and I'm trying to actually see if anybody remembers the name. Does anybody actually even read status updates?
  5. Dude had tons of premium tanks, only played premium tanks, never spent money on the game, never fired premium ammo, and would start every match by saying "This game is so rigged" in all-chat, then drove straight at the enemy firing standard ammo and dying as fast as possible...then getting out and repeating the process in another tank? Guy said his only goal was to accumulate as many credits as possible. WG eventually permabanned him, IIRC. Just read something on Reddit that reminded me of that type of idiot.
  6. FlorbFnarb

    T-50-2 Returns

    You remember how when one showed up on the enemy team's roster, the arty players during countdown would panic and start crying OMG STICK AROUND SPAWN THE FIRST 20 SECONDS AND TRY TO STOP THAT FUCKING MOTORCYCLE BEFORE HE KILLS ALL US ARTIES? And how sometimes people would be (cough cough) "unable" to stop the -2 from killing all the arty, despite "trying" their "best" to save the arty? Cuz fuck arty and all? The old Chaffee was fun as hell, though. I genuinely loved drawing some of the open maps, finding a nice bush, and just spectating as my team blapped Tier 10s and such. I don't remember the KV-85 being OP, but the old Tier 6 KV-1S was a little OP. Not as much as some made it out to be, but definitely a little. It was pretty much an IS at Tier 6 minus some armor, hit points, and RoF.
  7. There are some people with a case of terminal scrubitis that could use the help.
  8. FlorbFnarb

    T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    It’s been a while since I played the T-43, but I don’t offhand remember it being painful. I’d have to play it again, but it seems like I remember it playing a bit like a 34-85 once elited. The Panther is just a fast heavy with a crap gun and weak armor. Or - more realistically - a sluggish medium with bad DPM.
  9. Had that happen yesterday. Shot a medium tank (Tier 8 I think) in the side with my Panther's APCR...bounce. No idea how.
  10. FlorbFnarb

    T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    It's largely crap. All it has are pen and accuracy. Armor is crap, top speed is fine but no faster than other meds, and acceleration and turning are heavy-ish. Bad camo, etc. Not a good tank. Alpha and DPM are crap as well.
  11. I've gone beyond salt colored glasses to a full-on Iron Man suit built of salt.
  12. FlorbFnarb

    I seem to be washed up

    Yeah, I really did get overly aggressive. With meds I sometimes like to try and control that hill, but I think it's too exposed. I got blapped hard. I learned early on that getting aggressive pays off, and I've always had trouble with being too aggressive as a result.
  13. FlorbFnarb

    T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    <ahem> Panther, hmmm?
  14. FlorbFnarb

    I seem to be washed up

    My game has suffered greatly since I came back. I mean, horribly. I'm oh-so-slowly clawing back some skills, but I expect I'm overextending early on as well. I place a lot of value on grabbing key terrain early and even slowing the enemy's advance toward key terrain if I can, but I think I'm overdoing it. Arty hits ridiculously often now. I regularly have arty drop rounds on me while moving - it's entirely common for me to get three-shot by arty while I'm moving and turning if they decide to focus on me. Keeping on the move doesn't suffice to avoid arty now; you either have to be under hard cover or else go unspotted for a while so they focus somebody else, because they will hit you regularly if they choose to focus you.