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  1. I find this endlessly mesmerizing despite being utterly ridiculous:


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  2. To be clear: They also at least sold my E 100 in the process. Ticket is in to WG right now asking them to look into it; I gave them dates and details, so they should be able to see what's what.
  4. I...think I saw a movie about that?
  5. Never log into their site to tweak them, guys. It uses your WG login, supposedly going through WG's secure authentication process, but somehow somebody managed to log into my account, post as me on the WG forums, and apparently play some matches on my account.
  6. You guys need to read that four part "interview". I was actually laughing out loud at that one. Oh, and you can log in and leave comments there with your Wargaming.net ID.
  7. They seemed to have made a lot of Nazi accusations too. I wonder how many of those people actually made Nazi comments and how many got plastered for being fans of German tanks or just History Channel Wehraboos?
  8. Goddamn, they're just short of deranged over there. That's an awful lot of doxxing attempts and quasi-threats.
  9. I really like the scroll wheel. It feels very solid.
  10. Right now I'm tinkering with Skyrim more than anything, and use an Xbox controller for that, so the mouse isn't even relevant. I noticed it when I was playing Supreme Commander 2, and it was causing issues there with the freezing. I'd have been really hot if it had made me lose a WoT match.
  11. I did wireless for a long time, but once it started glitching, that was it. Done for. I haven't even noticed the wire on this one.
  12. Yeah, I couldn't bring myself to drop that kind of $$$ on a mouse. Hand comfort and precision are what was looking for. The 502 did me right last night. I'll have to try WoT and WoWs tonight,
  13. They had the same price as Amazon. They had one on display. Yeah, but at that price it better. It was like $150.
  14. Looking at a g502 right now at Best Buy, $60. Think I might go with that. There's a g900 here too, and it oooks nice, but $150 is way out of my range for a mouse. They have a few Razers here, plus a few Corsairs and a Steelseries, but the g502 seems nice.
  15. Looks like I'll be making a trip to Best Buy tomorrow to test some meese out.