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  1. You're right Furutaka is good. My real problem with it is that everybody seems to prioritize shooting at it over everything else on the team. But good guns, long-range torps, and good speed is a good combination. Turret traverse is irritating but I'm learning to think ahead with it, just like with BBs. ST LOUIS IS A GIFT FROM GOD. I'll accept the label of seal-clubber for its sake. XD
  2. Good Lord. How do you people get your shells to fly that straight? I get lead and range done right and still I see shells spread out like I'm shooting a blunderbuss. Then again I don't play BBs a ton, so maybe that's a factor.
  3. True, low tiers seem very uneven. I love my St. Louis, however, and would throat-punch anybody trying to take it from me. I just had a 50k damage match (loss, due to awful team) where I kited a BB, dropping one salvo after another on him while he was otherwise occupied. Kuma is a brilliant ship too. Furutaka is pretty good but fairly fragile. Brits just feel underpowered so far.
  4. Yeah, my main problem seems to be that last night almost every match I had a single shot take 25%-90% of my health. Happened almost every match except for BB matches.
  5. Yeah, Furataka is pretty different than Kuma. Still agile but not so much as the Kuma, which is pretty much an oversize destroyer. I can deal with the bad turret traverse. The Brits are killing me though. After an eight-game losing streak last night I don't think I've won a match in the Danae yet.
  6. Clearly WG hates the Brits, because the Caledon is a worthless sack of shit, and the Danae is made of spun sugar and unicorn farts. I've played exactly two matches in the Danae and both times a single shot took over 90% of my health. i'm gonna call it the Tootsie Pop.
  7. Sweet. I'm still figuring out the interface as far as stats go.
  8. Sweet. And yeah, when DDs park in smoke I just shoot to where I see their shells come from.
  9. That bad? I haven't used a ton of free XP yet.
  10. Yeah, the Tier 2 thing doesn't seem to be all that good. Guns are decent but not impressive really, agility is decent, but to be honest it doesn't feel like it could reliably solo a DD, and that's a problem with a cruiser that doesn't have the HE to go after BBs.
  11. I took the perk and use the flags that improve chances to set fires and cause flooding. I always like to rapid-fire barrage a BB with my St. Louis's kajillion guns, and the Kuma does the same thing with fewer guns and armor but more speed and torps. Not abandoning the Brits yet though. Gonna see it through to Tier 4 or 5.
  12. Ah, might have to jump into the Brits then. I really do like the Kuma.