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  1. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I’m wondering if there wasn’t some sort of server glitch that time I died. I initiated combat against somebody with a bounty, but I guess he just wasn’t present for you. Very weird. Did you turn off Flight Assist when you were strafing sideways in that fight? I haven’t dabbled in that yet.
  2. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I have to say, @skyf24 absolutely crushes Elite Dangerous. He took his big-ass ship - corvette I think? - out to do some bounty hunting with me and carried my ass to a few million credits. Looks like killing pirates is more lucrative than running courier missions. That corvette is a beast. I don’t know how he manages to put fixed guns on a ship that size and still hit targets, but he does. He was popping FDLs without breaking a sweat. Also, so many people ran chaff that I see the downside to gimballed weapons now. I’ll have to try mounting fixed guns and using more lateral thrust to strafe around targets and maintain better separation. My Cobra is a sweet ship now too.
  3. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Will do. My name in the game is Hal Quartermain. Sounded like a good pulp SF name. I usually just use FlorbFnarb these days too, but I figured I’d do this one differently.
  4. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Yeah. I have the money to buy a Cobra Mk III, but I'm gonna hold off just a bit to try some combat first - I've only had one actual combat in the Sidewinder when some NPC pirate tried to get my cargo, but it was for a mission so I couldn't give in. Gonna try some mining and exploration too, but maybe that'll have to wait for bigger ships. Also yeah, I've heard of the Fuel Rats, but I have no idea how to contact them. Is there a way in-game, or do I have to send a message to them by internet or something?
  5. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Almost totally courier missions. I'm still in the starting Sidewinder, although I got very tired of the puny jump range and upgraded the power plant and FSD. Oh, by the way, if you have a mission going to Ehrlich orbital at system LFT 1421, be prepared for a very long in-system flight, probably over 1 million light-seconds. I literally hit over 1,100c on that trip, probably hit 1,200. Insanity.
  6. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    Will do. Docking Control actually gives me a trespassing warning as I’m exiting the station, though, not as I fly over a different docking spot.
  7. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    1. Yeah, I'm gonna have to figure something out to remap them. Right now I'm just being really careful, and basically making a point of dropping my landing gear before I make the turn for final approach, while I'm not actually pointed at anything. 2. I'll have to try that bit at 7 seconds out. Just overshot again tonight. Not a big deal, but it's annoying as hell if it puts me on the opposite side of a large station. You'd think they could have made those bitches open at both ends as much traffic as they get. 3. I'll have to look into a Cobra. I'm coming up on half a million credits, so I'm starting to think about what I want to do for the next ship. 4. I think my flight stick is one of these deals: https://www.amazon.com/Saitek-Digital-Throttle-Stick-Windows/dp/B00005TOTG Different color blue on the housing, though, and it's old as hell. 5. Yeah, people have been telling me that VR is the way to go. I really have held off considering getting an Oculus Rift, considering the price, but fuck it - I saw a couple videos of a guy looking around and using voice commands, and frankly that's pretty damn awesome. Looks like the Rift is down to around $350 or so, so I'm gonna have to consider picking one up early next year. I need to see if the Best Buy around here is still doing demos. It's gotten to where Docking Control gets pissy with me about every other time I leave any station where you're actually parked inside. I'm going straight out the exit anywhere from 25-45, and they still tell me I'm in an unauthorized area, for like half a second.
  8. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    I actually managed to get the game for free. I asked around the Elite Dangerous official subreddit and said I was considering getting the game, and a guy who already had the game said he had also won a copy, with the add-on, in some sort of competition, but that none of his friends were interested. He gave me the codes for free and they worked. So far it seems like a lot of fun, although I'm still at the point where I make some rookie mistakes: About 25% of the time I overshoot my approach in FSD and have to loop around to wherever I was going. Twice now I've actually hit the boost button instead of dropping my landing gear - I'm using an Xbox controller, and boost is mapped to B, and landing gear to B + down. Both times I slammed into the station for minor damage. I have a knack for coming into an outdoors landing pad exactly backwards the appropriate direction. Docking control has no patience for getting through the airlock. Two or three times I've flown through without incident at about 20-25, and they've bitched at me. 1. Apparently the official sub will ban you just for calling anybody a carebear or telling them to git gud. Also, there are people who actually play open but bitch about piracy. 2. I'm using an Xbox controller, but I have a HOTAS in storage that's probably fifteen years old. One of the earlier USB flight sticks IIRC, but it seems to have all the modern bells and whistles, with a separate throttle, hat on the joystick, and several buttons. Quite sturdy too. I'll have to give it a try and see whether I like it better than the controller. Keyboard and mouse would just feel weird. 3. As for combat, I'm starting out as a courier/trader/smuggler, but I figured on picking up some bounties too. 4. ED seems like the Star Wars game that will never be made, because all they want to make are (1) SW RPGs, or (2) Battlefront style games. After X-Wing, then Tie Fighter, then X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter, they've diligently ignored the spaceflight genre altogether for some reason.
  9. 4,481 damage, 1,287 assisting in my T-34-3, still can't drag those fuckers across the finish line.  :nmad:

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    2. FlorbFnarb


      I assume you mean 8,000?  Yeah, that would really set me off if I lost that match.  I'd honestly feel bad about beating somebody when they did 8k damage and their team potatoed hard enough to still cost them the game.  WG ought to set up a "betrayed by scrub teammates" award that anybody can nominate a teammate or opponent for, and have them awarded manually by an award reviewer, complete with a small gold prize.  Just to recognize perseverance in the face of adversity.

      Sad thing is that in my match, my team was much better than the enemy team, at least in so far as a clear WN8 superiority still indicates skill, and yet they threw their tanks away left and right.

      OH WELL.

    3. BlitzReaper


      No, I meant 800 dmg. Being the pro player I am.

    4. FlorbFnarb
  10. FlorbFnarb

    Elite: Dangerous - Anyone Out there?

    So, what's the state of this game nowadays? Kinda contemplating picking it up.
  11. FlorbFnarb

    Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    Valentine gets B2 MM? Didn't know that. I admit I've only played it once recently, but I'm pretty sure I didn't bounce a thing off my armor.
  12. Yeah, I've seen some players like that who have made me wonder if they were botting. Like they're retarded but deadeye shots.
  13. FlorbFnarb

    Rating the Premium Tanks (Tiers 5 through 8)

    I agree the Valentine II is absolute trash. No pen or alpha, no mobility, no armor.
  14. 4/18/1 for the evening, with 12 losses in a row.  I think that's enough for one night.

    1. NightmareMk9


      I feel ya.  I've had so many nights were I go to bed thinking: "Why the fuck do I even play this game?"

      Then last weekend: 46 games, 28 wins, 61% wins, 135,000 XP :)

    2. FlorbFnarb
  15. FlorbFnarb

    Buffed Preferential MM Premium 8s

    Yeah, that should still work.