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  1. Yeah, just playing it makes it feel like there's not much point in playing actual DDs at Tier 4, because all you get is a little more speed, a little more camo, and a smoke screen, all at the expense of (1) a lot of hit points, and (2) a lot of gun-power. Kuma still has torps plus almost as much speed and agility as the DDs, while gaining lots of durability and damage potential.
  2. The word I got was that BBs and DDs are the best lines, so I've gotten to Tier 4 in American BBs and DDs, and have the Tier 3 German BB, but honestly my most played ship is the American Tier 3 cruiser St. Louis. Lots of reasonably accurate guns. BBs can be fun at times, but holy shit they take forever to get into the fight, and their guns seem so incredibly inaccurate that it can be endlessly frustrating; many times I've shot at an enemy ship from as little as 6 klicks, and although I use the proper amount of lead, the spread is so wide I'll see shots go over, under, left, and right, and get maybe one hit out of it. Incredibly frustrating to use the proper amount of lead and have my guns act like a shotgun spreading shot all over. DDs can be fun and devastating when you get that three-toro strike, but they're so fragile that it can be difficult to get within that 5 klick torpedo range to strike and survive. Cruisers seem to be able to get into the fight and stay in the fight. Anybody focus on cruisers? What's the best cruiser line in the game and what's the single best cruiser?
  3. The Kuma seems to be doing me right, or feels like it at least. Feels fast and agile, like it's a destroyer that has real hitpoints and guns that do something.
  4. I grabbed the Homeworld Remastered Collection, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, and Witcher 3.
  5. Looks like I finally pissed off enough chickenshit camping BB drivers. I got a 24 hour chat ban today after ripping into a couple idiots that basically didn't leave spawn until a third of the team was dead.
  6. Then what's the supposed strength of the American BBs if they're that slow but also not especially accurate? Good armor?
  7. I tend to angle at about 45° or whatever is the minimum required to get the bow and stern guns on the same target, never a 90° angle. Nose-on makes sense though - accept a 33% loss in firepower for drastic defensive gains. Runs exactly counter to how they actually used BBs historically, but we all know what trying to apply real-world tactics gets you in tanks, so a ship game would be no different. I have the American Tier 4 BB, the Tier 4 DD, and the German Tier 3; I have the Tier 4 researched but not purchased yet. Japanese Tier 3 cruiser, gonna continue up that line and debating adding the Japanese BB line. Also vaguely debating American carriers.
  8. Is it just me or is the St. Louis a really good low tier ship? A hell of a lot of guns, a knack for setting BBs on fire with HE, and what looks like a pretty serious armor belt in the middle for a cruiser at that tier. I can't even tell, really, I don't have enough experience in WoWS, but it sure feels like a good one. So what's a good way to play the things? Drive in close so the secondaries get in the action and hope the guns are more accurate at half a klick? I can't stand the thought of sniping at 12 km while my team's cruisers and DDs die because the BBs refused to share taking damage.
  9. Yeah, BBs are the class of choice for the same cowards that like to grab a heavy tank, sit on the red line, and farm damage while everybody else is taking all the risks. They'll defend it to the hilt, too; TONS of people will tell me it's a BB's job to sit in the back and snipe at max range "cuz torpedoes" meaning everybody else has to move up front and run the risks so the BB cowards don't get their paint scuffed. I'll have to keep with it then. Fucking EXCELLENT. The speed and turret turn rate I've been able to work with; I played enough HTs in WoT to be able to think ahead with BBs. The accuracy was killing me though; they didn't seem to get any more accurate at 6 km than they were at 15 km. Shots just bracketing the target left, right, over, and under, all in the same salvo.
  10. Ah, good to know. Wasn't sure how much it mattered that so much long-range fire seems to hit the lightly armored superstructure and not the more heavily armored belt on a battleship.
  11. Ok, good to know. When's a good time to use AP and HE? With DDs I only use AP against DDs and use HE against cruisers and BB to set fires if I get within range. Cruisers I use AP against DDs and cruisers, HE to set BBs on fire - and BBs I literally never use HE. Am I doing it wrong?
  12. Christ it's weird how damage varies from one match to the next. I just did 54k damage in a Tier 2 Chikuma in a Tier 3 match. Helps that I set 8 fires, I guess.
  13. My BBs seem rather...inaccurate at times. I'm not sure what the issue is. Sometimes I can nail things at long range, but other times I'll be shooting at a target 6 klicks distant and will watch every round but one miss. I know I'm leading properly because the shots aren't all ahead or all behind or anything, but they seem to land around the target too often. Too often I'll fire at a target and see shots land in front of the target, behind the target, past the target, and short of the target, and hit with maybe 1 or 2 shells out of 8 or 9. What am I doing wrong? I normally fire in sequence, rather than all at once; does this affect accuracy? Also, I tend to make it a point to always be moving at full throttle; does that affect accuracy? I (too often) see people literally park motionless somewhere and fire at targets at max range; does this actually help accuracy?
  14. ...Really? "Retarded" is one of their things? Christ. They must not go off on this shit in WoWS. I've absolutely ripped the hell out of people for parking a battleship in the back all match spectating.
  15. A mind is a terrible thing to bugle.
  16. People like doing this shit because they enjoy being an asshole in situations where there's no possibility of consequences.
  17. This game is as infested with people who throw matches on purpose to troll as WoT is. I've played eight matches now today, one in the Wyoming which was a win because I got focused and sunk early, the other seven have all been in the St. Louis, and every single one was a guaranteed loss from very early in the match. In EVERY SINGLE MATCH my battleships adamantly refused to get anywhere near the enemy. One match I was bottom tier, did 60,000 damage and four kills, and STILL it was a blowout loss with zero chance to win. To put it bluntly, if you are driving a BB and you go park motionless in a corner sniping from max range all match because you think everybody else should get shot at so you don't, you're a worthless asshole and you need to uninstall.
  18. I'mma go with meese. My mouse (7 year old wireless Microsoft thingy that I picked up on a FOB in Iraq in 2007) has done well by me since then, but just yesterday it started freezing on me. Changed the batteries, no improvement. Moved the USB dongle from a rear port to a front port just in case it was starting to get a weaker signal, no improvement. Switched to a mouse we had lying around unopened that's even older, it works but is "mushy"; it drags the pointer sometimes, but never freezes. So, I tried the Microsoft mouse again today, and if anything it's worse than yesterday; it freezes five or more seconds at a time, and sometimes it will unfreeze for less than a second then freeze again. So with both meese screwing with me, I'm thinking it's time to buy a new mouse. Tips? Any suggestions for a mouse? Anybody see any real reason to buy a wired mouse rather than another wireless mouse? I want something that moves very fluidly and precisely, fits my hand well (right handed) and has some weight to it; I don't cotton to featherweight meese. Oh, and a good scroll wheel too.
  19. I've played Skyrim since it came out, just got Witcher. Both look great. Agreed. Skyrim's vanilla graphics aren't quite the equal of Witcher 3's out of the box, since it's several years older, but both are awesome. Skyrim is really a must-buy, IMO. Get a solid mental concept of the type of character you want to play, and play the first playthrough completely vanilla. Starting with the second playthrough mod it to hell. Learn how to use the various third party modding tools to be able to use the most mods with the most compatibility. Witcher 3 does look really solid though. Nope. Special Edition is basically a version they made to use more modern computers' memory and graphics abilities - but you can mod original Skyrim to look as good or even better than you can Special Edition, to give you the short version. The stuff bundled with the Special Edition - you're probably seeing the DLC packages they put out. Yeah, I agree on skipping SE. At this point I'm skeptical SKSE will ever come out for SE.
  20. Ah, got it. I thought it was a certain number of days. I agree finishing the game then returning it would be bad.
  21. Can't you get a refund within a certain window of time?
  22. Went back a couple pages, didn't see one for the T34, so decided to start a new one. I'll probably get this thing eventually, since I own and am keeping all the American heavies from the T1 HT to the E5, including the T14. I only lack the T57 and T34. Is the deal that's still up fairly good? I don't need the 100% crew, really, since I have crews in all my tanks and I'm pretty sure a T57 Domination crew is sitting in my barracks. My schedule doesn't allow for tournaments, so gold is almost totally bought apart from the very small amount I score from CW at times. Is the deal of the tank plus garage spot plus 30 days premium cheaper than the gold it would take to buy it with gold? Did the buffs amount to much when it went to HD? All I'm hearing about are very small armor buffs. How frustrating is the gun handling and aim time?
  23. I find this endlessly mesmerizing despite being utterly ridiculous:


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  24. To be clear: They also at least sold my E 100 in the process. Ticket is in to WG right now asking them to look into it; I gave them dates and details, so they should be able to see what's what.
  25. http://exposingwot.com/ Please tell me this isn't already a known thing. I even have my own profile page as a "known troll". It's like my very own trophy for rustling jimmies.