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  1. The closer a target is, the more the shells disperse. Seriously, when I shoot at something 12 km distant, and then close to like 4 km, I don't hit any more frequently. Battleships seem to be the worst offenders in this. I regularly will fire at a target only 3 km distant, and see every single shell spread out impossibly wide, like they're fired from a blunderbuss or something. The range and lead are right, but shots go left, right, over, and under the target. I have fired at a target 3 km distant and showing me its side, and had 100% of the shells from my salvo miss the target. Every last one. If they were consistently that inaccurate, it would be literally impossible to fight at 10 km distance or more - you'd hit about one shell out of a hundred. I don't get it. I really wish I understood what was going on, because shots at 3 km should be almost guaranteed to hit unless the range or lead is miscalculated, but when I see shots go over, under, left and right of the target, nothing can cause that but insane dispersion. WTF is going on with this game? People tell me speed doesn't affect the accuracy of the guns - does anything else?
  2. Why did they give us the Tier 4 for free and not the Tier 3? If they wanted to make the Tier 3 descended from the Dreadnought, why not make the Dreadnought be the Tier 2? What's the current opinion on the things?
  3. I think God decided to play little jokes on us today. Just had a 5 kill co-op match in the Emerald, of all ships, and then a later co-op match in the Hosho my entire team was bots. I was literally the only human in the match. Naturally my team's bots suicided and left me to fight a DD and CV solo. Fortunately bot fighters are apparently shit and I took them both out.
  4. Yeah, probably gonna have to go that route. XP rewards are lower, and that kind of accuracy can be a pain in something as fragile as an Emerald, but maybe I can make the computer's idiocy work for me.
  5. I won't skip ships or tanks like that. I refuse to reward WG's shadiness like that.
  6. The Emerald is awful. Totally unplayable. Guns load fast and it's reasonable agile - but not agile enough to really dodge enemy fire 100% of the time, and that's what is required - if the enemy hits even 20% of the time, you die fast, because one of those hits will always be a citadel for 50% of your HP. The torps are largely useless in my experience, because closing to within 6 km is usually suicide.
  7. Not anywhere near the KGV, but I'm gonna bet that's very true. You gotta be either agile enough to avoid getting hit or tough enough to take a hit.
  8. Good to know. Still getting my feet wet in this carrier stuff.
  9. Is it just me or is the Hosho drastically inferior to the Langley? Langley fighters practically instantly delete even upgraded Hosho fighters. I mean, it isn't even a contest. Doesn't help that I've played only four matches and all four have been blowout losses right from the start, but seriously, the planes seem unimpressive.
  10. What tier do you get to pick your loadout of planes?
  11. Oh don't tell me that. Everybody said the Jap BBs are the tits.
  12. Yeah. I mean, the guns seem okay, but it's insanely fragile. In literally every match, a shot will take like 40% of my health. It's pretty agile, but not enough to make every shot miss, and you literally can't ever get hit in it. Because of that, the 6 km torps are almost useless: any time you're in the vicinity, every enemy will drop their current target and shoot at you. I despise it, and although I usually give WG credit for running a fairly clean freemium game, there are some ships in this game I'm positive they intentionally made that bad just to make you buy gold and burn some free XP to skip them. There's no excuse for the Kawachi or Emerald otherwise.
  13. lol
  14. The Emerald is absolute trash too. I mean, unplayably had. When I mention this in chat, the advice people give amounts to "just don't be seen", which is of course impossible if you actually intend to fight.
  15. Sure, but you didn't say "at Tier 7", you just said "never played anything this bad". I'd have trouble believing there's a ship worse than the Kawachi.
  16. Kawachi?
  17. lol
  18. Yeah, they seem even worse than Jap turrets.
  19. Same here - people told me early the Orion had troll armor, then I found myself regularly taking 10%+ damage from BB shells nose on.
  20. Yeah, somebody said HE was the way to go with the Brit BBs. I don't even know where to find this stuff. Do they have an abnormally high chance to set shit on fire?
  21. lol Probably, since it's a famous ship and class.
  22. ...and people still came close to throwing a couple of the matches. One of them the only reason we won it was because after the rest of our team suicided, me and the other guy left were in St. Louises versus like four ships, and the AI doesn't manage to do jack shit with its own St. Louises. Seriously, who thought it would be a good idea to have a Tier 3 cruiser that has more HP than Tier 5 cruisers, lots of accurate, fast-firing guns, solid armor, and at least workable speed? It just deletes most shit in its tier.
  23. Actually that sounds rather exploitable. Take DD and drive around at the edge of the enemy's gun range and just zigzag and make them miss, while drawing all the fire from your team. Nof that that would net you any reward, though.
  24. Looks like WG managed to screw up this latest patch. Sitting at the harbor screen and there's just the spinning logo, nothing further happening. Click on anything on the screen and it locks up, and what's more, if you alt-tab to the desktop it makes the screen go black, meaning it's impossible to just shut down the application from the start bar or even Task Manager. The only way to shut it down is to log off and log back on. I fucking hate wargaming's incompetence at this shit.
  25. Now that I've run into even in middle tiers. Play a PvE match in a Tier 5 ship as a kinda warmup, and I get zapped pretty easily from max range.