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  1. Ive been back and playing a bit. But now with new HD map reworks i dont see the point. Tier 8s are ruined mm wise. Isnt that more important?
  2. no......more.... fastbois......... Aw man. Tier X is still ok, i still can do 4k+ easy in my 113 The worst for me is the loss of shit talking. Just isnt fun anymore without it If any of you guys wants to carry me while i relearn how to autism. Let me know.
  3. I come back and tier 8 is absolute shit. Arty still cancer, but less. I managed 93/100 games in tier 10s in my tier 8 I dont get why its still popular. Cant talk shit to enemy teams anymore wtf?! Why did i come back.
  4. My experience varies, since im running a lot any AP pens down my length of the ship usually rekts me,
  5. French Cruisers are tincan peices of shit

    1. TohtoriP


      Cruisers are generally tincans in this game.

    2. Jaegaer


      I don't which tier you are talking about but beyond tier V the Cruisers are fast with very good gun ranges and very high fire chances. That makes them easy to play, if a bit one dimensional.

  6. I cant figure out french Cruisers. Unless im at max range shooting away. Even then, one hit from a bb is 80% even when well angled at 15km~ Getting bitched at by DDs because i cant bully shit outta a cap or hit stuff super reliability in cap from 15km
  7. And so a hero valiantly walks away...

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    2. hallo1994
    3. Diatomix


      eggs_ got banned by stalin  miros


    4. hallo1994


      You mean permabanned?

  8. Who cares what the admins do. IF they ban you then they banned you. Put mr bean back. I like mr Bean Im bad at forms.
  9. Sold all 22 of my tanks. Got critted by arty for 6 mod damage and 3 crew while moving. Fuck this RNG fuck fest.

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    2. Evelyn


      Aw, but that's where all the cute tenks are :3

    3. ViktorKitov


      Hmmm, if we replace cats with tanks, does that make you a tank lady.

    4. Evelyn


      Yes I can be a crazy tank lady :3

  10. Eve online roam tonight 9!

  11. This. I used this same method back in 2008~ (prior to tengu) Made isk hand over fist (and can PVP decently) if hes pveing why the warp scrambler? id throw something else in there like target painter
  12. I Upgraded to the sheild. While its a great tablet, Depending on what games you want to play (VIA streaming) or emulators Its sufficient. You can probably use what i use for emulators without any trouble. YMMY
  13. I found a video of the whole shoot down. Sucks for the people that died.
  14. 1. What do you do for a living? Are you motivated to do what you do or is it simply a way to earn your living? I'm in the military. We sing 'america fuck ya' while doing anything. We play fuck fuck games all day. (not the fun kind) Hell no, Its a really easy life. I dont care what i do long as i make over 50k a year. 2. How do you dress? I know this can differ a lot depending on where you live but do you like dressing well? Cargo shorts, teeshirts, sweater if cold. Ill dressup if needed for ocassion 3. How's your social life? Are you a hardcore gamer to the bone, or do you have a family? Do you like going out to meet new people? I game to troll bitches into giving me free stuff like :yearly premium, free tanks ETC I have a life outside of the game, if that is what your asking 4. What kind of food do you prefer? 4 years of culinary school. I cook all my own shit + 10 additional skill points because im asian 5. Pepsi or Cola? (There's a correct answer). Diet Coke