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  1. ITT: Stats are dead, game is dead, why even try for anything, effort is pointless. Pretty positive community you got here my dudes.
  2. Playing games like CS:GO, League, and Osu. Going to start college here too soon since I just graduated.
  3. Ye exactly. Was getting destroyed on ESEA.
  4. Got global and I couldn't get gudder. So I came back to tanks. :^(
  5. Yeah but I was primarily looking for a clan for strongholds so I could get credits to get a tier 10.
  6. Haven't played in years. Just want to get some tier 10s tbh since CS:GO got boring. Also I currently own only 18 tanks in total, half of which are tier 1s. Tier 10s in my garage however: Obj. 140 E-50M T110E5 Nevermind, I'm not what I used to be anymore and I can't seem to play the game. Sorry for the filler post.
  7. Methos


    D:! Why do you leave me? ;-; See you later Animactus, have fun with the real world.
  8. Methos

    So how exactly is this fair?

    I really hope they make it so that it does fly 500 feet forwards whenever you're trying to get shots off around corners. This was also an annoying side effect. I'm a really big medium player and I don't own any tier 10 heavies since I prefer mobility over armor. Snipers/Campers and arty will have major advantages since there is now momentum and you can't stop immediatley or change directions.
  9. Methos

    So how exactly is this fair?

    They made my T62-A into shit tank. I don't want to play this game anymore.
  10. Methos

    How do you avoid arty?

    You literally keep moving. Not in straight lines or anything, but once you sit still for about 2 seconds, you need to get up and do something still. At least, that's how I mitigate it. But hey I don't know what I'm talking about. I came on here because I got clicked for full HP from a 261 in my 62-A.
  11. Methos

    What would you do?

    T30 is there so you're screwed either way.
  12. Methos

    Meta Changing on Swamp High Tiers?

    I do this aswell. I'm tired of drawing out games.
  13. Methos

    Getting a premium back

    Do they take the credits out of your account?
  14. Methos

    Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

    This exact situation probably is what I'm found in the most on this map. Though, I'm an extremely aggressive player and usually I will not back down.