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  1. Someone explain to me how this works:
  2. Cause everyone loves a good bounce
  3. That joke is so old it takes your grandma back to Nanking. Also you misspelled micron.
  4. You know no one counts them cumulatively, right?
  5. While waiting on truces why don't you hit Circassia to set up a border with Russia and slow their growth by preventing them from grabbing it?
  6. I enjoy reading AARs, by all means keep going guys.
  7. Yeah, I think I got it mixed up with losses to attrition.
  8. Leader skills as well. Iirc (may be mistaken in which case someone correct me) maneuver reduces casualties taken.
  9. EU3 badboy war era player here. I enjoy playing to a GC for most games or where no alliance can rival me. Some I do a balance of power thing of breaking other nations up into smaller ones. Was extremely passive in this game though until around 1700 as I tried to figure changes out and refamiliarize myself with playing EU.
  11. Pretty much all of those nations are fairly easy early on. Muscovy is really fun though. One of my favorites. I also enjoy Austria (also easy, just more politiking). Because of this thread I started my own game. Did two games. First as Portugal when I came across the bullshit treaty of tordesillas. Disabled El Dorado and went about starting a new game. Never used random new world before so I enabled that. I also never did custom nations so I basically created a custom Ethiopia. Never played an African nation besides Morocco. For this play through I basically just gave Ethiopia a new name (Saiquel) and different national ideas to more suit my prospective play style. I came across yet more mechanics changes which pissed me off, and the unfortunate users of WoTLabs discord got to see me bitching about them. Ships no longer prevent movement across straits & if you're besieging a fort and the AI goes to relieve it, attacking you - the besieging gets labeled the attack and receives all terrain penalties which is fucking moronic. I then go to abuse it against the AI but the AI receives no penalties even though both provinces list the same penalties I received when it did it to me. PI sure knows how to fuck up their own games and if they keep it up with the stupid shit I won't be grabbing their other games. Anyway I ended up playing more passive than I usually do. At this point in my game - I continued past the end date - I'm potentially at the point of no return. Brief history: Early on the Ottomans & Russia had a dual alliance and dominated everyone. That waned when Western & Central Europe allied and took them down a peg individually in a few wars. France became dominant taking me into a personal union as a lesser partner. After I broke away France started to wane a little as Alsace & Venice grew. Alsace inherited some larger central Europe nation then as Germany inherited Venice. Russia inherited Great Britain and the two allied. At this point Germany has Russia in a personal union as a lesser partner with no desire for liberty and the two are going to be extremely difficult to break in war. I'm working towards challenging them directly having signed a bunch of alliances. I go to check out who would join an offensive war against them but as everyone feels threatened by me, few will do so. Screens: Screens will show the diplomatic lay out and the relevant ledgers. Recommendations?
  12. Bro, his average tier is higher than yours.....
  13. Never played it but am heavily turned off by Civ and Civ like games.