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  1. @warrends Cartoons don't get shanked the moment they enter super max. Fuck snitches. Forgot to mention Open Red Alert;
  2. Does X3 Albion Prelude Offworld Trading Company might be considered one Prison Architect Autistic Transport Fever - for building an economic base?
  3. I tend to agree with others about the foundation being there but what's above it being where the game fails. RNG, inter-tier balance and map design need work. I'd add that the economic system is cancerous with the constant grind which hampers enjoyment more than enhancing the player experience. Whether you're grinding for another tank, more credits to buy a tank or credits for equipment. It's presence is enhanced by the lack of a range mode where you can drive and shoot, or play any tank in the game vs. bots to see how they handle and determine if it's something you're actually interested in obtaining.
  4. They released their first patch 3 hours after launch but it's still got a notice of being pre-alpha in-game so I say wait and see. Sandbox games in early access is quite a common thing nowadays with many of them never really getting finished. Edit Watching a stream of it now. you die incredibly easy in it. Oxygen doesn't last long but you can build tether lines everywhere. Not sure if they cost anything, still stupid if you're just gonna have tethers all over the place. I've seen someone repeatedly die to a poison gas... while wearing a space suit. I like the farm area. Not mining a specific block but general area all at once. Makes it easier and faster. Direction of travels seems to change with camera angle.
  5. For actually serious game recommendations - though genital jousting does have local multi-player - the biggest limitation is your match time. You can even just install tabletop simulator and a bunch of stuff from the workshop. Probably offers the greatest variety of options.
  6. Genital Jousting is fun for the whole family.
  7. I don't like the music they chose.
  8. Depends, does it have any features over holocaust architect or isn't there such a mod for Prison Architect? Seems like it would be ideal for such a thing.
  9. Gomez also posted a screen shot of something while in his garage with a mod that shows tank stats over the carousel and it was compared at the time to Vladimir's account as identical.
  10. Remember people, Gomez is Vladimir, aka badimir. The guy who ran that free thought wot forum and subsequently banned those who disagreed with him. Retarded is his middle name.
  11. GoG added some more games to their connect program:
  12. Oh my.... I just saw this on that page...
  13. Procedural generation takes care of any potential scale for them with minimal efforts on their part for world crafting. The galaxy is large, sure, but the scale of the game is actually quite small in what the player does and how they impact the world. It's a rinse and repeat experience from planet to planet where all you really do is gather resources to craft what's needed to survive. With what's in the game, there is no evidence of big goals or scale; the player experience is far too narrow, far too restricted.