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    It's Six Nations time, bitches !


  2. *cough* insider trading *cough*
  3. Finally got this thing. Well, it's as bad as advertised, and then some.
  4. Tanks played atm : Amx 65t, Amx AC48 witjhout Sixth Sense, T-69, Tiger P, Churchill VII. Somehow, I'm a wee  bit burnt out by the game…

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    2. Sidus_Preclarum


      Nah, am at 99% now

    3. DirtyACE7


      No surprising you're feeling burned out. You've been playing some of the most vile pieces of garbage in the game.

    4. Sidus_Preclarum


      I plan to play the Churchill GC someday.

  5. Happy day of the birth of the Unconquered Sun, Wotlabs.

  6. Been off the loop, what's the concensus on the Elc Even so far ?
  7. The hull armour is riddled with weakspots. The turret armour IS a weakspot. But, yeah, the most infuriating thing is the bloody gun. The tiger P looks like the retarded cousin of the Tiger H manned by the retarded cousins of the Tiger H crew.
  8. Ffs, how many soviet projects are there. I'm starting to suspect a descendant of Serb will invent a time machine in the future on the moonbase (which will have by then become Serbopolis), and will use it to go back in the 1940s and 50s, where he has been instigating a whole lot tank projects, so that 60 years after Serb can become filthy rich out of it and build a moonbase…
  9. Oh, yeah, interesting. Must be the answer to the current obvious inbalance of field being better laid out north and having an easier time firing down the main street.
  10. Am playing the M4 45 again to get the XP for the *shudders* 65t, I'm having way more fun that what I remembered. Possibly because *nobody* expects you do do *anything* Plus, with a mere 15ish % holidays bonnus I manage to turn a decent profit despite APCRing like a petite femme de Pigalle.
  11. Lost it at the In the Hall of the Mountain King rendition.
  12. If only for his face when he gets that american tonk.
  13. Wtf, went from 92.2 to 95.2 in a single churchill I game. 1920 damage and 0 assist. o_o

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    2. Sidus_Preclarum


      I played it yesterday…

    3. sohojacques


      If you were playing on the SEA server it would be because I just brought the requirements way down this arvo. Not one top tier game after 15 battles has me really struggling to give a shit. T67 padders must be raging about tier 5 MM at the moment.

      And ps: fuck arty. 

    4. Jaegaer


      The thresholds are adjusted (weekly?) and if a bunch of Unicums tried to mark the tank and it is seldom played otherwise the values can change pretty drastically even in a short time.