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  1. Wtf, went from 92.2 to 95.2 in a single churchill I game. 1920 damage and 0 assist. o_o

    1. Jaegaer


      This happens if you do not play the tank for a long time. The base went down and your displayed percentage was outdated but it only ever gets updated if you play one game.

    2. Sidus_Preclarum


      I played it yesterday…

    3. sohojacques


      If you were playing on the SEA server it would be because I just brought the requirements way down this arvo. Not one top tier game after 15 battles has me really struggling to give a shit. T67 padders must be raging about tier 5 MM at the moment.

      And ps: fuck arty. 

  2. I'm tempted to buy french premium planes mainly because they sport utterly hilarious looks


    1. Errants


      What in the fuck?

      Both for spending money on WoWP, and the designs...

    2. Haswell
  3. Kamikaze planes don't do damage, afaik. I still don't know for sure if I like this game or not. I alternates between hard carries and games in which I'm OSed as 1 seconds after I make contact with an hostile. Not that I went beyond tier I in any of the nations, tho. Am still playing from times to times, and am waiting for the french tonks.
  4. Anyone knows if the Blenheim bomber is any fun ?

    1. Tedster59


      If the enemy doesn't have anything that can climb high, enjoy the free win as you go around bombing everything.

  5. I thought not using Vstab was a given considering the great dispersion values ?
  6. Having fun and even some success so far playing mostly like a mindless idiot, but then again, max lvl have are 2 tier V planes, at what tier do I need to start to actually study maneuvres and shit? *edit* also, weapons groups not working for anyone else ? :/
  7. Lol @ Trump asking Japanese car makers to start making cars in the US. Does he not listen to briefings or have they decided to skip those altogether because see 1st point ?

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    2. kreigermann


      @Assassin7 we didn’t. We literally didn’t... he lost the popular vote by several million votes.(which of course he claims were all systematic voter fraud). The system broke again. He won because of an the electoral college, the obtuse way the US actually elects it’s president.  

    3. ThomChen114


      the powerpoint probably missed that or wasn't interesting enough. It needs simple words, big pictures and interspersed with his face and name to regain his attention

      and no using the phone while a lecture is on!

    4. cavman276


      @kreigemann the electoral college was created because the fathers didn't trust the citizens to keep from electing a fucking loon.  They did EXACTLY THAT and the electoral college didn't do anything about it.  It's pointless.


      Thankfully Northam just won my state, so we won't have a trump stooge as governor. 

  8. Shooting at Trump for the whole game would be a definite improvement over the actual current arty gameplay
  9. So, one of the most annoying maps is apparently being reworked, with a strong emphasis on the NW open field at the expense of the city area : Thoughts? I mean, I can't get any worse than what it is now, and at first glance it might even be a step in the rigth direction?
  10. A real 2C wouldn't use multiturret, though, as the rear turret was armed with a 8mm mg. Unless, ofc, they plan to put a, say, short 37mm in it as an upgrade. Such a beautiful model. Also, to think that this thing is a 1917 design…
  11. ? I pretty much read this instead of TAP.
  12. Haha, yes. I have that soviet tier IV (the IL 2 proto) : bases get captured before I can even reach them. Then, I can't fight red planes and don't even have a rear gunner
  13. There. I was dead drunk, but a good bismark game sealed the deal. Didn't get to try it, though, as it was waaaay past time to go to bed.