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  1. Bis repetita placent : Also, naming and shaming the forum WysWyg editor for being total wank.
  2. Oh ffs. Half of the people on EU are actively trying to lose the current mission, even when given the *names* of the specific ships they have to sink.

    1. DirtyACE7


      Half the people? There's your mistake my friend. At the very least, half of the player base cannot be technically considered human. Once you alter your thinking, then you will feel better.

    2. nemlengyel


      Time to abandon ship? :kappa: 

  3. All this asshole had to do for us to get a 5 star Killer Whale victory was to take his Leander east through the center, and sail up the eastern side of the northern island to the exit point. Instead, the fucker stopped and smoked, then fucking went reverse as his smoke faded out, reaping us a defeat.
  4. I swear to god, one of the ships of the first two waves of reinforcements in Killer Whale bloody goes hiding in a retarded spot as soon as it spawns or something…

    1. BiggieD61


      A Kolberg spawns at 6-7 km away from the Haven border in the channel by the northeast forts.  You need a Cleveland or a Leander to head north from the central entry so when everything gets killed in the base, you are ready to insta-gib it.  As a fun bonus, I used a Budyonny and not only killed it, but 5 torp deleted the two Kaisers that spawn up there in the following waves.

  5. Not sure why all the Shakespearean characters are all raving about claret. Maybe I'll understand better after the second bottle. *Uncorks*

  6. Fuck all those bloody cuntish wankers in the arse with a red-hot poker.
  8. QB's reaction to the crew voices, hahaha. Not overly annoyed by the tank's apprearance. It's a looks like a plump German. But seriously, did WG think the fact this tank cannot be used for crew training (a drawback the ammo price more than make up for anyway) is enough to offset those retarded stats ?
  9. Considering the amount of gold ammo slung in ranked,  wg must be giggling uncontrollably at the thought of how many credit packs will be bought...


    1. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      This will be one of the songs played at my funeral.

  11. *sigh*

    Oh well...

    I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overlords.

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    2. BiggieD61


      Assassin - the above link is from the WHO, it ranks nations on air pollution from particulate matter.  The US is one of the cleanest nations in the world - higher in fact than any of the other G7 nations.  As expected, India and China are close to the bottom of the list - the nations that will be exempt from doing anything in the near future.  We aren't saying "Fuck Off" to the world, we are saying "Do your part and quit counting on us to do it for you."

      SmirkingG - I'm not a fan of lobbyists - it's pretty obvious that what is happening in Indiana shows the corrosive effect of corporate/trade group money in politics.  Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump both opposed the this use of money in politics ( Hillary LOLOLOLOLOLOL gib meh MOWR! ).  Trump is trying to extend the jobs of existing coal miners until the use of coal becomes obsolete - at some point it will die a natural death when faced with cheaper and less dangerous alternatives.  Outlawing Coal is not a natural fade out, it's a gut punch - not only to coal workers and their families, but to the large parts of the nation still having coal plants.  Their are good paying jobs at those pwoer plants, they don't exist in vacuum as a single entity, and the power they provide if not used locally, is being delivered to an area that needs it. Forcing these plants closed will end a lot of jobs, and raise electric rates significantly while cutting industrial output.  It's a bad idea, thought up by somebody who has never made any money before being President, and now is buying a 12.5 Million dollar home in DC. 

      I sympathize with the situation you are in, but it sounds like you have the knowledge and the passion to lead the charge against this situation - are you in an organized opposition to "Big AG"?

    3. BiggieD61


      I'd like to say that I think the people of Indiana are pretty smart and reasonable, compared to a large swath of this nation.  In the 90's I worked for an Industrial LASER marking manufacturer, we designed and built custom systems for industry trying to meet ISO 900X compliance standards and Sigma 6 accountability for the product they made.  I was a System Design Engineer and also a Field Service Engineer when they needed someone to fix a problem on a time sensitive basis.  Caterpillar had a plant for fuel injectors for their Diesel engines in Pontiac ( pretty sure it was this town ) and they urgently needed someone to fix a LASER engraving system from a manufacturer that had gone out of business.  I went in on a Saturday evening and walked through the older part of the plant - it looked like a B& W video from world war II, dark, grimy and oily everywhere with no workers on any of the milling machines or lathes.  I went through a set of double doors into a meticulous, while walled robot assembly plant, where all of the assembly, parts receiving, parts replenishment, certification testing was ALL automated.  It was incredible, like watching a Sci Fi movie of the future.  I made my repairs over the weekend, and after checking on production on a Monday morning, went out the front gate to catch my return flight.  I was heckled, jeered and had tomatoes thrown on my rental car because they thought I was a scab.  Whatever, these people were union employees going on strike for better wages and benefits ( mid 90's).

      Three months later in the fall, the Q2 financials came out for Caterpillar and they had a 38% increase in profits with all these guys on strike.  the strike ended the next day - smart people.


    4. SmirkingGerbil


      Big Agriculture rules with an Iron fist around here. All that farm aid crap in the 90s makes me laugh. Big Ag around here are large multinational corporations that manage and farm millions of acres. The entire family farm thing is a joke. I am not in an organized opposition to them per se. I made my own BioDiesel for awhile, and the legislation and trickery that Big AG pulled to kill Bio Diesel production, you would think Indiana Power and Light, along with AMAX and other coal companies took the lines right out of their play book. I learned a lot about how to look for legislation that these guys enact to kill off alternative fuels, and then kill off the "cottage industry" home brewers. They spend millions trying to stay ahead of the nascent technology curve of anything that threatens their income.

      As to the coal jobs and folks losing jobs, tell that to the families of children suffering from all kinds of Asthma, Allergy and other tough to combat and diagnose pulmonary issues. I get what you are saying, but it is hard to feel for those families when you get to know the statistics about how those companies are killing folks around here. We live in a river valley, and in the summer we get thermal inversions that cap the Wabash/Ohio valley's and trap in heat and pollutants. We routinely get heat indexes of over 100 deg F, and coupled with the humidity, go higher and cause Ozone to form. That is a recent phenomena in the last 10 or so years. I am not from here, but moved here when I was young, that never happened in the 70s or early 80s, then all of a sudden we get strings of that happening. Some years more than others, but it happens with a frequency way beyond anything I remember as a child. I am an early riser, and in the summer mornings when the heat is on, you can see a brown streak all across the horizon. Smog, just like LA.

      Anyways, that is why I am aggravated with Trump on this, such a simple thing to stay on board with, it is not like Coal was making radical changes around here, now they will just start to push to dismantle scrubbers, especially as long as that TWAT he appointed to the EPA is in charge.

      But, I digress, boats is my thing now, and my relief valve!

  12. T-150 is pretty brutal.

  13. It's raining pascuccis. Which is cool, but I'd have liked they'd distingguished the old medals from the new ones.
  14. So far, I find LTs in 9.18 pretty, pretty fun.