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  1. So, I have that 30% coupon for WoWs (of course, can't be applied to doublons or special offers) : what to spend on ?

  2. Used the code, it did something, though I dunno what yet. Hope I get the french plane, it looks deliciously ugly
  3. Ok, so Orange Fatso (2 "qualities" one can do something about) fired back at Corcker "he's a child" comments by criticizing him on his height (about which not exactly much can be done).

    Well done, Donald, you just proved him AND Tillerson right in a single intervention.

    1. Errants


      This is why I've been calling him SCROTUS - Supposedly Called Ruler of the United States.

  4. Wow. Most maps seems to make a lot more sense, now, if you know what I mean. Also, is it me, or will that castle in El Halluf provide more arty cover than there is now ?
  5. Also, floating HD rocks.
  6. inb4 inconsistencies between physical and visual models everywhere.
  7. I must admit I didn't look at the columns orders But the ubiquitous campanile WG seems to be putting everywhere (including mines, still) certainly smacks of Italy. Hell, the whole of Abbey is a smaller and rearranged Cassino Seriously, I think we can't get any more precise than "general mediterranean atmosphere" Let's just revel in the fact it's generally looking great.
  8. yeah, I mean, who has ever heard of classical Greeks on what is now the Turkish coast (you know, Ionia…), in Southern Italy or Sicily… /s
  9. El Hallouf is barely recognizable. Love how they expanded the scenery way beyond the map limits, though said map limits might seem even more frustratingly arbitary now. Also, judging from the video : funny how it makes everything seems *bigger* (when it probably isn't) Mostly has to do with they don't have to close the map with absurd-looking horizon-blocking hills.
  10. Necroing this : Is it me, or is the lower part of the green area, which is supposed to be thinner than 90 but slanted at 60° still a flat 90mm plate in the collision model, despite being slanted in the visual model ?
  11. … Well, as long as I keep my T-10… If it has its own minibranch, I wonder what the tier X would be (inb4 Object 279 , lol)
  12. It used to be so good.
  13. This thing has the worst dpg of any tier VII HT I've played, like 200 below the fucking black prince and 50% less than the Tiger H and T29. Hell, I'm doing worse in this tank than in any tier VI HT save for the TOGII* and the T-150, which I have barely played yet. BP still is the worst @ wr, but I'm barely reaching 51% with the P, meaning that I'm not even really help my team by say blocking damage. It feels like a tiger H crewed by a totally rookie crew who tried to compensate their lack of skill by slapping extra armour haphazardly on the hull front, achieving nothing but a loss in mobility. Still, I must be doing something terriblty wrong with the thing, as I'm barely green in the thing and can't even 2 mark it.
  14. Yes, because Greece was the only place where people build templs, or even where greeks were. Watching the vids on the previous pages w/o sound : QB's facial reactions are hilarious.