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  1. Not for tankrewards, you still get gold for duplicate tanks from those missions
  2. Well, for anyone that has access to tankrewards missions (not sure if it's NA only) I wouldn't recommend selling any tier 5s or 6s, as it's easy free gold when you're awarded a duplicate. The more of them you have in your garage the more likely whatever tanks are on offer will be a duplicate. Especially lately, as they've focused on simple XP grinds for a bulk of the points, and they all award XP boosters when you complete them, you stay booster neutral using a booster to get the mission out of the way quickly.
  3. Am I missing something with June's Tankrewards missions?  Every month has one of the missions being to earn 20k XP a day, and the addon for this month is to earn 10K a day.  There are no requirements to have one done before doing the other, so you will do the second automatically half way through doing the first mission.  I'm not going to complain about easy points and free boosters, but just seems like I must be missing something...

  4. I'm not sure if this reflects the game, or that I'm a crusty old fuck (or both) but this excites me solely to the extent that I can get the 20k XP tankrewards mission done faster and turn WoT off.
  5. SoS and BiA are compatible in 9.19, nice :)

    1. hazzgar


      I'm happy. one of "my" accounts had a retard playing it before so I won't have to retrain.

    2. NightmareMk9


      Only too what, 2 years?

    3. Kramburglar


      Have to grade WG on a curve.  I wouldn't be super impressed if some random person decides not to eat my trash, but it's impressive if my dog can keep it together :P

  6. They definitely need to address the direction the game is going, but I didn't expect it to be in this PR statement. Balance is a long term thing and you don't want to go making promises you might not be able to carry through on down the road. Apologising for fucking up multiple times in the same PR disaster should be a no brainer though, and they finally did that, so half a step in the right direction at least. Hopefully we'll get more good news regarding balance soon.
  7. Looks like they finally managed to get a map and flashlight together and find their collective asshole. Still mind boggling that it took this long.
  8. Fair enough, have no idea what they're from, just looked weird. If it's supposed to look weird then all power to them
  9. Is it just me or does the scale on the gun look way off? Looks more like a 128 or even 150 (minus the muzzle break) than an 88
  10. I will forgive you for these comparisons only because you speak out of ignorance.
  11. UK one reminds me of Natalie Dormer. Time to mod that in as the default soundpack
  12. E25 is only as campy as you want it to be. If you're bored playing it as a campy TD it can be a lot of fun to play it as a light (a light with pref MM and ~3k DPM)
  13. Trading in the CDC will only get you an extra 225 gold for a trade in, and between the 2 it seems much more likely that the CDC would be buffed into something fun than the T28 C
  14. Well, it can be used to train up replacement crew for any of the tanks you've ground through and are keeping. Just means you need to wait until they have trained up all the skills you want before retraining them to a heavy crew. Not ideal, but better to grind them out at tier 6 than 8/9.
  15. Doesn't WG farm out all their HD modelling to a 3rd party company?