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  1. No. Too many actual players who are just really fucking bad would get swept up in the process - and while I'm not saying that's a bad thing from my own personal point of view, it would be bad for the health of the game especially since NA server population is already pretty low compared to EU/RU. You know for a fact that those people who would keep getting mistakenly flagged as bots won't think "wow I must be really bad if people think I'm a bot, I should improve", they'll think "STUPID FUCKING UNISCUM STAT PADDING SHITLORD FAGGOTS KEEP LABELING ME AS A BOT FUCK GOLD SPAMMERS WINRATE IS LUCK I PLAY FOR FUN" and then just quit the game.
  2. I finally rebought this tank today partially because of the IS-M and partially because of this thread. I haven't tried the 100mm gun yet because I'm not sure I want to - first game back, using the last 122mm in a tier 8 match I had maybe 21 hp left or something like that but not bad. We'll see how it does in a more open map like Prokhorovka or something
  3. So hey guys apparently this is happening soon: tl;dr get 100 bonds a day for being top 10 on team in 15 battles (win or lose, apparently, so basically play 15 battles a day) get 150 bonds a day for getting 13k xp If you want your iVstabs and shit this is the time
  4. Honestly, I have a lot more success on Kharkov with this tank than with any other light tank. I think it's because there's an abundance of hard cover to hide behind when I fuck up and do something stupid and there's all these little cubbieholes and passageways that you can pop up behind someone at. Anyways, have a gif or three
  5. That'd be really fucking dumb but this is WG so I guess I'll lube up my chode gun and try to not get shot
  6. I did always enjoy shooting those with my T49 Depending on how hard these personal missions are they'll be rarer than unicorns for at least the first couple of months so it won't be too bad for a while after it's released.
  7. Replay time! This was my 22nd (by my count) Ace Tanker in the derpwagon - really wish WG would keep count for you - which means I average one ace every 72 games. Needs improvement but at least it's better than 1%. Quick play-by-play: Start - I run up to the bushes at the northeast corner of the bowl, try to get some lights on the heavies and see what pokes the ridge on the opposite side. I'm prepared to shoot at any light tank that goes on the middle hump with the windmill, but no dice - 13 75 appears on the ridge instead. Bad dudes sent a T29 and an IS-3 to the 4/5 lines. We send nobody beach, thank god, but it does mean we don't know what's down there. Oh well, we'll manage. 14:15 - I take my first shot, at an enemy WZ-132A. Unfortunately, RNG puts it a little high and to the right - I think i hit his gun and splashed his hull roof or something, maybe hit his turret face for splash. 375 damage, nothing worth writing home about. 13:39 - After realizing I shouldn't pop back up in the same spot, I relocate a bit to the west, snap off a hastily aimed shot at a WZ-120-1 FT or whatever the fuck it is... miss. Checking the minimap, I see our skorp is in danger from a 13 75 and our arty as well, so... 13:20 - ... I drop by and blap him for all his health. Got a thank you from the friendly Skorp too. Meanwhile, team has won 4/5 line and everything else seems to be hanging around in the southwest quadrant of the map - there's probably TD's on that southeastern cliff because there's always TD's there, but I don't need to worry about that right now. 12:57 - Heading back to the middle area, I consider trying to get the WZ-120 butt, except their other T29 is behind him and I'd probably get shot twice for the trouble. Instead, I notice our 110 go down to the WZ-132A, who then turns to retreat.... giving me his butt and the pen that I failed to get earlier. I take a shot from the Caernarvon in return, since I didn't notice him pushing into the bowl, but IMO even if I had noticed I still would've gone for the butts. Totally worth it, much better decision. 12:27 - Swinging back around to the northeast corner of the bowl area, both the STA-2 and the Caern are in the bowl pushing towards our T29 and AMX 13 75. They're both facing me at first, but the STA turns his turret (and gives me his hull side) and I slap him for 882. He gets finished off by the 13 75 and I relocate to try and get the Caern butt. 12:03 - I get the Caern butt (and get shot again). 11:37 - Since everything in bowl is dead and everything else is in the southeast corner, I chase after the Chinese TD, snap off a quick shot, and secure the kill. 11:15 - This is my dumb moment. I forget the Tiger I is there, move up a bit too close inside the bowl, and get proxy spotted without noticing. Get shot by waffle for my trouble, try to snap off a return shot while retreating, no go. 10:39 - The Tiger died, but I wait a bit longer just in case I'm still spotted. The Su-100M1 gets spotted and I figure those TD's have bigger problems now, so I move up anyways to try and get a waffle snipe. Aimed in fully but the shot flies low, end up with no pen but I get the tracking damage for the rest of his health. Game ends after that, 15-2, ez win ez Ace. I did 2x+1 the damage of the next guy on the team and a decent amount of spotting damage as well. And now, the gifs:
  8. So uh,... what's the point of loading gold in this tank? It's only 18 more pen, slower shell speed... and it's regular AP instead of APCR, like what the fuck
  9. maybe you should've taken your own advice tbh
  10. I switched off it just because I was tired of getting outspotted and after someone here (or on reddit, idunno, but probably here) made a convincing argument for the GLD being effectively useless 85% of the time when you already have a Vstab. I started using cola around the same time, but either way I haven't really missed the GLD that much compared to the benefits of having hilarious viewrange. 500+ viewrange is the tits though, I'm at 507 and all I need is Recon left to hit 520, another 3% on this set of skills and then I can slap that on the commander
  11. So which would you say is the optimal setup for solopubbing? Spotter? What would you call Vstab, GLD, Vents (which was my old setup before this thread convinced me to use Spotter instead)? I honestly can't see any setup forgoing a Vstab being as effective with this tank due to the fact that it goes zoom and the gun is so derpy, so I guess keep us updated lmao And yeah she is The black one is more camera-shy so I haven't been able to get any good pics of him/her (not sure which yet). Joke's on you I'm gonna build a model T49 and put the cat in it. "cats can't drive", pshh.
  12. Today, I learned that (with a high roll for pen) this is possible: super max mega HD Gfycat version: 833 damage and 5 crits (track, ammo rack, turret, commander, and gunner, I believe) GG was fun Also, while i'm here, I picked up a co-commander and her sibling over the new year:
  13. Were you expecting that RU for that opening shot or were you just thinking "i'll shoot whatever goes past that's squishy"? Also lmao that UDES humping at the end, what a way to finish him. The issue is that is the link to the "album" that contains your image - you want to, as crab said, right click and "copy video address" and then embed that as an image... though you have to change the file extension from .mp4 to .gif first: will embed as also, nice butt snipe
  14. Sometimes, RNG just makes magical things happen Also, butts here