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  1. The speed buff made me happy tbh, I was always told the IS-7 was extremely mobile and I felt lied to when I first got the tank. The gun does feel more comfortable but IMO it really needed a final aiming circle size buff (or a pen buff) as well. Not even a huge one, just tighten up the dispersion a little bit or something at full aim.
  2. that was dirty but oddly beautiful
  3. Lmao I can totally see the thought process on that E4 revenge shot too. It basically goes "BUTTS? BUTTS?!?!?!! BUTTS!!"
  4. I am unironically awful with the Derpidan compared to the T49 for all of the reasons mentioned in this thread already - Soloing sucks and mistakes get punished much harder. Still put a girlcrew in it though, kek. I used to have the T49 crew in it and the girl crew in the T49 when I first got the Sheridan but once I realized it's not as fun to solopub in I switched them back. Used gold both times because fuck credit retraining two 4-skill crews.
  5. Aight I just got home, was busy most of the early evening, but I added you Crab. Also, nice memes from the both of you, that DP on the E5 butt was sick nasty
  6. Roger that, I'll do it when I'm home tonight
  7. How do I sign up for chode class? Also, re: Deathstars @CraBeatOff This is from ages ago but it's still one of my happiest moments. Unfortunately I couldn't get the freecam to move fast enough to see exactly where it hit but it's likely the back third of the turret like you said.
  8. What do you mean by clunky? I've never really had an issue with using it - the only beef I have is that I have to remux each recording from FLAC to MP4 before I can gfycat it and there's probably some setting that I'm missing that eliminates even that. After my original setup (which is easy because the only window I need to capture is the WoT client) was finished and the settings were done I haven't touched anything config-wise; just open it up and press F9 when I want to start recording and F10 when it's done. E: Also, did you get the replay links from that fucked up post I made? If not, I'll grab them again and repost them here - the times are on the descriptions on WoTreplays as well
  9. OBS is what I use for all of my gfys
  10. yeah, yeah, I know... the only good autoaim shot I had in those four replays was the STA booty and the E4 butte, and you can't even see it without clicking five spoiler tags because I'm retarded and fucked up the hidden content, still not sure how. So instead I"ll just repost them here, have fun (enjoy @Haswell). Usually when I autoaim it's because: 1. I'm on the move - My hands are shaky as fuck and sometimes I'm just lazy. Also, if I'm carouseling around someone. 2. It's something I can pen no matter where I hit it (tracks aside, which IMO is more a matter of RNG than it is a matter of manual vs autoaiming, but that's probably why i'm a baddie) 3. It's something I can't pen no matter where I hit it - which as Crab pointed out, is still dumb because I should be aiming for the thinnest armor because HE mechanics. 4. I'm being dumb. As an addendum, my favorite flavor of butt is American TD. Finally, two more questions: 1. Third person or sniper view? Or does it depend on the situation? 2. How the fuck do I close spoiler tags properly?
  11. what's your favorite butt flavor
  12. Edit: Woah, I really fucked up the formatting on the spoiler tags somehow. Is there a way to disable this stupid auto-formatting thing in the editor? I'm going to watch this after I post one of my own - the best out of the four that I ran tonight. Plus the other three replays and some gfys. don't expect the same level of quality of play, I'm intoxicated and bad. I did remember to switch over to optics from vents though Game on Swamp 1. drive up northeast, whiffed my first four shots (T49, AMX 13 75 x2, T49 again), feels bad man. two were autoaim and the other two i aimed in 3rd person, not sure why. 2. I drive back up to the northern side of the south spawn's rock, catch the 13 75 just as he's left cover, and delete him
  13. Real talk: Sometimes when I want to feel better about myself I dig up the old gfy of my T49 penning a Maus for 1010 damage, and giggle quietly to myself for 10 minutes before continuing my day.
  14. @Trobs is doing (has done) the same thing, iirc. Right now I think he's also putting in Type 4 Heavy/FV183 derps as well for the next one but he might have a few clips he's willing to share? I won't be able to play tonight probably; going to see a movie with coworkers. but when I do eventually get home I'll dig through the few 9.20 replays I do have and send you anything I find that's good.
  15. Figured. Now that I can get bonds from random pub Tier X matches it's looking like less of a pipe dream and more of a (admittedly distant) certainty. I think I'm going to switch out my vents for optics tonight and go a few rounds