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  1. I can't believe you actually had HE loaded for that shot ahead of time lmao
  2. Deleting heretics always gets an upvote
  3. You can do what dual said, or you can download OBS (or use shadowplay if you have an Nvidia card, or whatever AMD's thing is for AMD cards) and record the 15 or so seconds of the shot you want to gif, and then upload it to or imgur. It takes a while but if you strip out the audio somehow (I use sony vegas pro but there's probably a much better/easier way than that) then the filesize is vastly reduced and it uploads much faster. What about Mountain pass? I assume it's on the "dislike" side, but at least I like north way more than south on that map.
  4. You must cut down the mightiest TD on the enemy team with... A herring 152mm HE round! And then post a gif of it.
  5. >open replay link > >nice well done dude
  6. Lmfao he was not happy during the actual game though, that was great. What I want to know is how I've literally never once come up against (or with) you and Crab in a battle despite playing T49s at the same time as you guys, it's kinda weird.
  7. >thumbs.gfycat so that's how you're doing it. I was mega confused at how they were loading so fast and not breaking on embed, I'm gonna start doing mine that way in addition to posting the full-sized links. Also, nice engine deck on the T-10 lmao. Greatest feeling in the world.
  8. Today I learned that this is a thing:
  9. People on reddit are idiots

    "The T49 isn't a very good tank and I don't know why you would run the 152mm if you wanted to be competitive" was in the same paragraph as "All HE guns are a problem for game balance because of their oppressive firepower".

    Paraphrasing, but essentially what he said.  Are you serious, dude?

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    2. PlanetaryGenocide


      @Fabunil I mean that was me so yeah I know... but you can't call a gun non-competitive and then say that every derp gun has oppressive firepower that's not how that works at all

      @Macus I have no idea, he's some euro server pleb who thinks being able to tickle superheavies every 20 seconds is "oppressive"

    3. Fulcrous


      My thoughts on t49 derp.

      1. It's not arty

      2. Actually requires skill - positioning/setting up for the shot

      3. It's only oppressive when its a pubbie landing a snap

    4. neziho


      I mean I’d rather have a t49 on my team or the enemy team use the 90 mm. Almost everyone I see play with derp are impossible to rely on and it’s a pain in the ass to play against if they’re pulling good rng. At least if they have the 90 it’s much more predictable to play against and with. Personally I’d say the 90 mm is way more competitive, but most people who use the derp are just doing it for fun.

  10. Yeah this behavior isn't new with this patch, it's always been like that if you use full-screen mode and not borderless windowed mode. What may have happened is that your settings got reset if it wasn't doing this before the patch
  11. First battle I had today in it was 4.5k damage but no ace tanker (first class) because no spotting damage, on Swamp. I decided fuck it I'm just going to upload one long gif with all of the pens in the game in it. I'm proud to say that none of these were autoaimed
  12. m8 that's no gold round that's the holy grail of stat padders everywhere cheap HEAT
  13. Someone told me on reddit just now that putting improved equipment on the T49 was "amateur hour" and recommended I put it on the leafblower instead. Some people, I swear...
  14. I personally use my T49 with crew training off for grinding convertible XP because A. it's fun so I play it the most by far, and B. even running cola I'm credit neutral or barely credit positive with a premium account. I also turn off accelerate crew training off on my 10s and other elited tanks that I still play for the same reason - all of my 10s/keeper tanks have fairly good crews already. Besides, this normally is a temporary thing anyways - I only do this when I'm in actual need of free xp, otherwise I have accelerate crew training on for everything.
  15. Usually whatever has the best chance of doing hilarious damage without me getting shot at a bunch. So in your example, assuming the E-75 is looking at me, if I'm not completely full on hp I'll probably shoot the E-75 before he can shoot me unless it's the end of the game and we're clearly going to win. If the E75 is also not looking at me then i'll go for the T28 snipe or, if the E-75 is in the T28's way, I'll run up close and butts. Obviously this is sometimes influenced by "is someone capping" or shit like that but otherwise damage is the main goal as long as I don't get shot a bunch in the process. Not that I don't get shot a bunch anyways or anything but that's just cause I'm bad