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  1. PlanetaryGenocide

    T-34/100: All the 'Meh'

    This tank is fucking garbage lmao If it's gonna be this slow it could use an armor buff or a gun accuracy buff. I don't even care about the pen, I can work with 175mm pen at tier 7. But for fuck's sake there's literally zero reason for this to have the armor, speed, and size of a barn and a derpy as fuck gun
  2. 22k people on USC and I still get this shit CThvxN5.jpg


    Don't worry though the game is fine

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      er, if you don't know what i'm bitching about, it's in the bottom right corner

    2. nabucodonsor


      Don't worry as you can see Ivan and Vladimir in the background are discussing on how to fix these problems for you. WG working as intended 

    3. Tarski


      Yeah, I don't understand why there can be so many tier 10 tanks in the queue and I still have to wait for several minutes every single time. Something is screwy with the matchmaking. 

  3. PlanetaryGenocide

    How to balance the 268-4?

    nuke the armor or nuke the mobility. That's literally it. It's absolutely retarded that it has both
  4. PlanetaryGenocide

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    lul yea same. oh well at least you didn't detonate me or set me on fire, i'll take it
  5. PlanetaryGenocide

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Haha oh shit that was you? I remember thinking to myself I was gonna get counter-blapped when I crested to take the shot and I had to repair my tracks and suffer a broken ammorack for the next 90 seconds... You guys won though. I did blap your heretic T49 for 850ish but i couldn't finish him, was too low health because some motherfucker rolled 900 on me in the opening 45 seconds of the game edit: tfw you roll higher than the other guy for HD also i can't believe our heretic dove you, died, and didn't even finish you off what a garbage misuse of a T49
  6. Here's some super :triggered: pubbie wreckage in literally the most cancerous way possible

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned


    And just to keep in the theme of complaining about pubbies that every other status before this one was doing, we lost this game like 15-3

  7. PlanetaryGenocide

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

  8. PlanetaryGenocide

    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    I guess? Hopefully he'll actually weigh in on it when he's not busy being on his own diet of cough syrup
  9. PlanetaryGenocide

    The Untold Truth about the Somua SM

    @Trobs has this tank and he describes it as if a Lorraine and a 50 100 had a baby and the baby had cardboard armor plates strapped to the paper hull.
  10. PlanetaryGenocide

    Object 268 version WTF were they thinking?

    Tfw I play arty sometimes and focus these tanks exclusively until i don't have a shot or they're dead (or I'm dead) and I realize that cancer is the new chemo
  11. PlanetaryGenocide

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    Personally, yeah. Vents/Vstab/Optics + Cola is what i'm currently running and I've never thought to myself "Gee i would much rather have a 1.8 second faster reload instead of being able to outspot enemy light tanks at 400m+". I've found that counter-scouting by simply popping their sixth sense and making them break off before they can spot any of my dudes (or me) is far more effective than having to use my gun to do it.
  12. i had this guy on the enemy team today. He camped base in a WZ-111-14 on Abbey, did 0 damage, got 7 XP for the match. I only recognized his name because of your post. He wasn't even afk, his turret was turning and his tank moved a few times... but he didn't fire a single fucking shot.
  13. PlanetaryGenocide

    IS-M - Is Serb > Murazor?

    I'll be honest, I've considered re-buying it and trying to do HT-15.3 with it
  14. PlanetaryGenocide

    T49 -- Land Arty in a Bite-Size Package

    No such thing as overkill for viewrange IMO.
  15. Had some fella from THUGZ named antisniper in a match today while I was grinding out SPG15.3. Load in, he immediately says that the next three arty match he gets he'll TK all three (which is understandable I guess). Sure, eat a ban, why not. Then he sits in the spot I was going to fondle myself in for the first 8 minutes of the game (A9 on Murovanka south spawn) and doesn't leave until it's like 4 enemy tanks left and we've clearly won without his help. He did like 1k damage total. didn't THUGZ used to be a somewhat decent clan? On the other hand I did end up getting SPG15.3 that match