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  1. Still on the main forum
  2. SO anyone caught that meltdown on the foruns? Thread was locked by the time I checked it.
  3. Probably the same shit whoever thought the v4 is balanced.
  4. Tiger P bot?
  5. *puts tinfoil hat on Ok so WG wants to make battles more predictable and with their history of shitty map balancing....they are artificially influencing our win rate. Illuminatti confirmed.
  6. Is he the one whinging at Saffee?
  7. IS6 has crappy pen? No worries.
  8. Stuck on that one as well. Almost got it with my Mauschen but bounced m y last shot so no 2k damage.
  9. But he already has the freaking e100.
  10. Fuck this guy with a blunt jackhammer.
  11. Shout out to this night's MVP - Captain_Retard. For camping with arty till mid game, team killing me because going around my tank is hard and still managing to do a whooping 0 damage. Congrats C_R here's the golden turd. Assuming tactical position Helping the team kruppstahl afficionado.