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  1. Fought you twice yesterday in my M46 Patton with the pew pew gun while you were on the 105.. welp at least hit you twice with HE for that extra damage.
  2. E25 boys. My Leo is going to have so much fun...
  3. Holy shit now I understand Spacewolf's post. Cheers
  4. plot thickens... Plot thickens..
  5. Damn and here I was thinking I uncovered a conspiracy.
  6. I was dead at the time so I was spectating you, that was glorious.
  7. Just a bit of banter. Been carried by them as well.
  8. Looking at his stats past tier 5 I really don't think it is a troll.
  9. Oh man that burn on the "bouncing 2k" thread.
  10. Wasn't there a graph that showed most players got an extra 2% or 3% to their win rate when they played a defender? Only at high levels that increase was not reflected?
  11. I rage and tilt too much to be in a clan.
  12. Glorious Russian technology.
  13. British Turreted line is pretty good with the buffs they got. Mate of mine is plating it and I got to try a couple of them.