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  1. But he already has the freaking e100.
  2. Fuck this guy with a blunt jackhammer.
  3. Shout out to this night's MVP - Captain_Retard. For camping with arty till mid game, team killing me because going around my tank is hard and still managing to do a whooping 0 damage. Congrats C_R here's the golden turd. Assuming tactical position Helping the team kruppstahl afficionado.
  4. Last game I had this individual on my team. I can confirm that this person does display those characteristics. I did tell him that he is famous and that he should come visit us but alas all I got was "WATS WOTLABS?". It was such a pleasure.
  5. what was was your impression of the side armour and the fact that you cannot track and damage?
  6. What do you think about Circon's video?
  7. Going for the shitbarn, challenger is quite fun.
  8. Well even with all the decoration debacle I decided what the hell and get me some 75 boxes. Got just over 30k gold, 22 days of premium time, 4 million credits, all three tier 4 prems and 2 dupes and with my last box and I shit you not a Type 59
  9. It seems like a good purchase if you expect to be playing the next couple of years. Buy the 75 pack and use the gold to get premium time.
  10. Fought you twice yesterday in my M46 Patton with the pew pew gun while you were on the 105.. welp at least hit you twice with HE for that extra damage.
  11. E25 boys. My Leo is going to have so much fun...
  12. Holy shit now I understand Spacewolf's post. Cheers