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  1. It's pretty horrid already. Track, re-track, damage some more, kill. Stun, stun some more, stun yet again seems less of a pain. Annoying. Potentially deadly if the other team develops a sense of teamwork, but at least you don't get killed by the bat-fucker.
  2. Well if you have a repair kit you can pop that. I don't know. This seems fucking annoying, but much less so than getting one-shot in lightly armored tanks. In fact it seems pretty shit if everyone has reusable first aid kits. But if arty turns out to be shit I'll be a happy bunny.
  3. I take it you need the big med kit to negate entirely the stun effect? If so, won't just everybody use those, at least in high tiers? And if you use them multiple times per battle, do you pay for each time you use them or just the once?
  4. Well, the E100 will be screwed, but a fast light/med stunned will be dead. Again, someone camping the other side of the map can just fuck your game with a good RNG roll. Awesome.
  5. Because this game really needed a heavily-armored KV-2 at tier 10...
  6. Grinding the tier 7 IKEA-TD. If I get tier 9s on Stalingrad one more time I'll punch something.

  7. If the fucking MM could stop putting me in teams of meds vs teams of heavies on Ensk and Hitlersdorf that would be good. Fucking retarded.


  8. Yeah, I'm only doing the TDs now since I'm up to the Emil II and got bored with high-tier games...
  9. Yeah, I know. I'm mostly playing the line to have something to do, and eventually try out the new ultra-campmode.
  10. Damn that thing reloads slowly. I really don't get why they don't shoot the syphilitic monkey that apparently does the tank balancing and hire a 5 year old to do it. Seriously? Just under 1550 dpm in this shitter when the Nashorn has 2400 and the Jagdpanzer sits at 2550, all with the same alpha. Really, apart from gun depression the Nashorn shits all over this little bush-camper. And if you find yourself facing one of the million E25s in the game right now expect to get off one single shot and watch the E25 rape your turddestroyer while you either wait for death or try to run away. Will sell this shitter so fast once I've unlocked the next shitter.
  11. I didn't do too badly on the Emil I, but for some reason I had a horrible WR in that tank despite quite reasonable (for me) damage etc. The Emil II is a huge upgrade though. Much better at tier. Emil I really suffers vs tier 9 and 10. Emil II has better pen, far better turret, bigger alpha/clip damage and better side armor, which sort of helps with arty. The longer reload and longer intraclip is a problem, but not that horrible. So I'll say Emil II all the way. Sold the Emil I but I think the Emil II is a keeper.
  12. So if the problem Wargaming is trying to solve is the lack of survivability of heavy tanks why are they ignoring the only thing that really punishes the class? The problem is not TDs penning them at long range, or that Leo 1 sniping them from 500 meters. They are already able angle to bounce at least some of those shots, and the accuracy of the guns at long ranges still screw over the snipers. For every shot that actually hits the weak spot there are three that miss and/or bounce, assuming the heavy isn't sitting still in the open saying hurr-durr. That and the corridor maps that don't really allow much long-range sniping. The only thing they really need to fix is artillery. Think about it, you spawn on Prokorovka in your E100/Maus/IS7 two games in a row. In game A the enemy team has 3 tier 9-10 arties and 2 light tanks. In game B the enemy team has 3 tier 9-10 TDs and 2 light tanks. Which game is likely to be a better game for you in your heavy tank? Don't think anyone who's played this game at that tier would even hesitate before saying A. And that's on a map with lots of possibilities for long-range sniping. The problem isn't sniping. Only rarely can you win in this game by camping. The problem is that Wargaming have an entire class of vehicles that can shoot you from across the map, over obstacles, without you having a chance to detect this enemy vehicle or retaliate. Fix this problem and the armor on heavy tanks becomes very viable. Ignore this problem and screw again with accuracy and penetration of guns and you will lose players. Fast and in large numbers. The fact that Wargaming intends to try out all those changes first and then have a separate sandbox for artillery shows that they are going about this the wrong way. Try out your changes for the artillery first and see what they do to correct the problem. If you still feel there are changes to be made after that, perhaps nerf the tanks that are the real problem (do tier 10 Soviet meds need to be able to snipe this accurately?) and don't implement sweeping changes that risk alienating most of your player base.
  13. HEAT sniping FTW...