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  1. I just realized, I haven't played a single random game since the 5x weekend, just Frontline. It has problems, but it's a breath of fresh air for the game. It needs a couple of more maps and perhaps different tiers at different times (tiers 6-9), a few performance tweaks, something to discourage spawn-camping and that's pretty much it.

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    2. Jesse_the_Scout


      I'm waiting for Frontline to end and the server to empty because every one has finally experienced non-shitty WoT and can't go back.

    3. Kymrel


      Yeah, I may take a break again when they shut down Frontline.

    4. kariverson


      Same. Not even the x5. I got in one by mistake (didn't switch to FL before pressing battle) and I hated my life afterwards. 

  2. Kymrel

    Chinese Reassurance for Tier 9 needed :)

    It is a monster in the Frontline mode as well. With little prem ammo and only tier 8s many tanks will have problems penning you, especially at range.
  3. I mind the Defender less in this game mode. Most engagements are at medium or long ranges and any position worth taking can be flanked. That said, I had a game where a platoon of two Defenders and a VK just drove onto an objective B and parked there. My team couldn't kill them fast enough to prevent a cap. The rental T32s and T-44s have problems with them even from the side.
  4. Wow. When Frontline started I alternated between Scorp and Blackdog with Type 59 or WZ 120-1G FT if both the others were locked. Made General most of the time, all good. Then I started playing almost all Scorp with some Patriot to brawl at the objectives and to push on sniper nests. Still made good credits but ranking up was a little harder. So I started experimenting more with the Blackdog. And playing light tanks is apparently pretty easy xp, and therefore ranks. Take my last game as an example. Scorp did just under 8k damage (5,3k from 300+) with 2,6k assisted. All good. Blackdog did 1,4k damage (550 from 300+) and 360 spotting with 114 defense points. Scorp nets 1.925 base xp. Blackdog gets 1.614. Either disrupting cap is super, duber valuable or light tanks get en even insaner amount of xp in this mode than in randoms.
  5. Yeah, the problem is that it requires others to follow, when they prefer to snipe and hide. But I agree, I was playing with a friend last night, it is pretty easy to farm the spawn-campers from behind coming in from B even with two tanks.
  6. Spawn campers in zone C are getting to be annoying. Allowing for easier support from B and perhaps making tanks invulnerable for a short time after spawning might alleviate the problem...
  7. Wargaming could instantly spike up the sale of tier 8 tanks if they made Frontline permanent.

    1. Errants
    2. TAdoo87


      Had they introduce this a bit earlier, I would have bought the tier 8 spagetti premium with 50% discount.

  8. This mode isn't without problems, but I like it. It's almost what WoT should have been. Large map, any position can be flanked (I've almost never seen a tank trying to sidescrape) and an incentive to push. Re-spawning also means people aren't quite as risk averse. Slow tanks are the losers here, but I like fast tanks so that doesn't bother me too much.
  9. I like the game mode. It feels refreshingly different. Even if your team sucks you can still farm a lot of damage, which makes me happy. I'll use it to grind through the SU101, it seems to do well in this mode. As does the WZ-120-1G FT with that insane DPM and good alpha. I find that you want speed above armor most of the time, except perhaps when defending that last stage, and that you can get plenty of long-range engagements. Scorpion, Blackdog, Progetto, Lorraine and even Type 59 have been working well for me. Apart from the SU101 the only tier 8 tank I'm grinding at the moment is the O-Ho. I can't get that one to work well, except perhaps in the last stage of the defense. It isn't good at range and when you brawl you get shot from 11 different directions. I will, therefore, finish the SU101 grind and then use it like most people, to grind credits with premium tanks.
  10. From the man who brought you the guy who loved his AMX 13-90 long time comes ... The man who is in an exclusive relationship with his Pz.III/IV. (See picture)


    I think I may be collecting players with weird tank fetishes now.

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    2. hazzgar


      @PlanetaryGenocide I hit 60% on tier5 on a non prem accout, firing no prem ammo after 3-4k battles. I was 51% overal but I was good low tier. I would not call it good. Put a 2 skill 100% crew + good equipment and 58%+ should be a given in tier5. 

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I'm unironically garbage in low tiers, lol


      except the T67 I have a 67% winrate in that but I also haven't played it since it was still called the T49

    4. hazzgar


      @PlanetaryGenocide I think when you get used to high tiers low tiers are awful since in lower tiers flanks collapse much faster and you have to be in a 1vs 15 mindset more. Never rely on anyone, not even to do damage, never rely on a full hp tank to not be killed in 30s by a lower tier tank. This means that sometimes you have to react faster and be more passive (while year sometimes agression also works beause of the dpm to hp ratio)

  11. Kymrel

    The return of Province

    Well, at least it's mixing things up from the usual stupid heavy tanks = lost game on the city maps. I've only played it once, in a tier 5 (Italian). Haven't formed an opinion on the map yet.
  12. The unicums must have stopped playing the AMX 13-57. I just aced it with a paltry 1,294 xp.

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    2. Kymrel


      Agreed. I'm a scrub and I have an average of 1,028 xp in that thing. This is why getting an ace with less than 1,3k surprised me.

    3. TheMarine0341


      So you're saying my 5 aces in a row was luck? :feelsbad:

    4. Kymrel


      I'm not saying it...

  13. Wow. 8 our of 15 players on my team did 0 damage in my last game. In a tier 8 game. Impressive.

    1. Kolni


      Not gonna be that guy, but I was a 3K DPG tier 8 player and I still had a streak of 4 0 damage games with the full intention of tryharding without derping

      You probably had a few doing just that with the obligatory potato teammates along with them :doge: 

  14. Do you love your AMX 13-90? Well, no matter how much you love it, you don't love it as much as billyyyyy. (see picture)


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    2. Marty


      To be fair, 13 90 is atleast fun, there are people with 15-20k battles in single arty or T95.

      @orzel286 something including this guy?  :gachi:  :kappa:

    3. Assassin7


      I mean he probably hasn't played 19K games since it became tier 9 lol

    4. orzel286


      @Marty Errrrrrrrr yes.