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  1. I have been observing the same problem. I've set tanks on fire and after the battle the only crit it shows is tracks. Somehow I set the tank on fire without critting the tanks or engine? I think there is a bug for sure, unless you can set a tank on fire without making a module yellow, which seems strange.
  2. Whut? I didn't even have the imagination to try that out. So if I finish Light tank 4-15 I can just get the Obj.260? (Not that the Obj is much of a prize...)
  3. Ah, thanks. And here I was, grinding away like a hamster on a wheel. So it might make sense to go back and finish some easier 15 missions (there are a couple I didn't finish with honor on the second and more on the third) to get a free pass. Right now I have 12 so I could skip quite a bit (3x15 missions, skipping tryharding rushing TDs on my meds sounds good), especially since I finished the (very easy) cancer missions for the Obj.260, all but 4-15 on the lights and don't have that many to go on TDs, Meds and Heavies.
  4. I've done all the T55 cancer missions using the M40/43 and the 261. There might have been one with a number of hits required that I used the FV304, but I might be wrong about that. After taking a break from the game for a year or so I found arty annoying again, not the stun shit (although that is annoying) but apparently snapshotting my light tanks on the move, even swerving, or when I get lit for the first time in a spot nobody should have been aiming for and I get hit as the 6th sense goes off (so 3 seconds after getting lit arty moved the aim there, fired and the shot landed). So I took arty out for a spin again to see how the fuck this was happening. Apparently cancer is easier than ever to play after the changes, since I've done several of the Object 260 missions by accident. Arty now hits more often than not and is super fast to aim in. Oh, and of course I've snapshotted several light tanks at long range on the move. Because the game really needed snapshoting arty. Eh, one question though, since I've been away from the game for a while. What is this about skipping missions, how do you do that?
  5. It's pretty horrid already. Track, re-track, damage some more, kill. Stun, stun some more, stun yet again seems less of a pain. Annoying. Potentially deadly if the other team develops a sense of teamwork, but at least you don't get killed by the bat-fucker.
  6. Well if you have a repair kit you can pop that. I don't know. This seems fucking annoying, but much less so than getting one-shot in lightly armored tanks. In fact it seems pretty shit if everyone has reusable first aid kits. But if arty turns out to be shit I'll be a happy bunny.
  7. I take it you need the big med kit to negate entirely the stun effect? If so, won't just everybody use those, at least in high tiers? And if you use them multiple times per battle, do you pay for each time you use them or just the once?
  8. Well, the E100 will be screwed, but a fast light/med stunned will be dead. Again, someone camping the other side of the map can just fuck your game with a good RNG roll. Awesome.
  9. Because this game really needed a heavily-armored KV-2 at tier 10...
  10. Grinding the tier 7 IKEA-TD. If I get tier 9s on Stalingrad one more time I'll punch something.

  11. If the fucking MM could stop putting me in teams of meds vs teams of heavies on Ensk and Hitlersdorf that would be good. Fucking retarded.


  12. Yeah, I'm only doing the TDs now since I'm up to the Emil II and got bored with high-tier games...
  13. Yeah, I know. I'm mostly playing the line to have something to do, and eventually try out the new ultra-campmode.