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  1. Im guessing only retards bought P.Vic


    Easiest 3 mark i've done since rentals.

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      Considering good players already know the cent1 is garbage and the victoria is an expensive cent1. Not surprising

    3. hall0


      whats a PViC

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      The sabaton premium cent1. Copy paste tank

  2. Theres really no balancing LTs that would be satisfying to everyone. its just not possible to balance camo/VR/firepower with out A) Turning it into med clones by improving its firepower B) Completely fucking up the meta by increase its speed/maneuverability further C) Make open maps miserable for everyone else by buffing its camo/vr even further.
  3. This is arguably the best tank for pubs. The perfect amount of speed, armor, dpm, alpha, penetration and size. Its practically a killing machine in a 3/5/7 game, and an extremely effective 2nd line fire support in 15X.
  4. NA first?
  5. Fuck me this is the hardest mark i've ever had to do.


    it took me 62 games to just get from 91.8% to 95%.

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    2. Va1heru


      NA or eu? I know jaeckefa did it in 148 games with 5050 dpg on eu 

    3. Fulcrous


      nearly 100% sure its NA

    4. CarbonWard



      Dpg wise it really doesn't matter as long as its 4700+, once you get to around 90% its just pure RNG(assuming you avg 5500 combined) for that 4-5 consecutive good games. I could of gotten this anywhere from 110th game and up but RNG and my own fuck ups prevented it.

  6. Shit tank, the current meta would mean the WT100 would die almost instantly as soon as it get close to anyone at 445 meters. its basically a slightly better 4005, and even thats kind of up to debate.
  7. I don't see any point to this tank if you already have the S1, 240 alpha mediums are pretty irrelevant as far as the current meta goes.
  8. While its nice to know where to spot on Mali encounter, im fairly sure the best way to play encounter is to not turn it on while playing light tanks.
  9. sent you a msg. Also, am surprised lowe is rated so high, its good in the fact that now it actually has armor, but its still prohibitively slow and has shit for DPM. the only real redeeming factor is that lowe along with S1 seems to have an absurdly high credit co-efficient from what i can notice, they make far more credit under a controlled environment per damage/assist than any other tank ingame, but this is counteracted by the fact that they tend to do a lot less dmg than defender/skorp so they end up making about the same. Now if im gonna make the same amount of credit/game, i sure as hell would play defender/Skorp because they are actually not torture to play.
  10. IS-3: 22M26 Pershing: 8-3=5 240 alpha tanks don't do well at all in the current MMT32: 20Object 416: 23AMX 50 100: 11Emil I: 3UDES 03: 15VK 100.01 (P): 20 Löwe: 26T26E5/Patriot: 24AMX M4 49/Liberte: 20Rhm. Skorpion: 18+1=19 All purpose, all terrain, all map, whether its a tier 8 game against cromwells or a tier 10 game against E100s, skorp does the job, its fast, its got a great gun, and its got pen, its got alpha, can't go wrong.Obj. 252U/Defender: 24Strv S1: 15Lorr. 40t: 23Chrysler K GF: 14
  11. It took me 50 game sat this level of stat to just get 1st mark, this shit is officially deeper than 260.


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    2. mati_14


      which tanks with the highest expected for 3rd? all the CW rewards?

    3. Fulcrous


      It would be the 907 and probably S tank as top 2.

    4. Cunicularius


      pls upload a few to youtube for once

      or have you all along?

  12. New IS7 is looking extremely good. Both for playing and for the overall health of this game. A High mobility, high armor, high health HT with relatively low DPM is a good way of curbing the once again emergent sov med meta at tier 10.
  13. FochB is certifiably insane. I mean, holy shit, apcr gold round, 3200 STOCK dpm, 2400dmg clip in 10 seconds.
  14. Currently, the most fucked up mission is HT-6, that requires you to kill 2HTs thats 2 tiers above you. In the old days what i did was buy a kv-85, mount 122mm, and toon with a protected MM tie r8 like IS6, get that shit done in like 3 games top. nowadays you need to pray that your tier 6 heavy get into a 3/5/7 that end up having 2 heavies at the top, which basically makes HT-6 more difficult than the other 14 missions combined. but on the flip side tho, MT-15 is easy af now, since you can just get a bat, and toon up with 2 E3s, this way the MM will always put 2 tier 10 Tds minimum on the other side.
  15. My backlog is 3 weeks currently.