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  1. Old waffle was in a meta where VR was not particularly stacked, mediums with 490+ VR was a rarity back then, LT was underpowered and rarely played, arty would miss a fully aimed shot on a still target more often than not. Hell, 3 years ago you could farm 4k dmg on Muro north spawn by just going to the bush on the north end of the magic forest cause pubbies were that retarded and tries to enter the forest via open high road. Oh, and lets not forget Type 5. Old waffle worked because the meta allowed it to work.
  2. WaffenT would get creamed in the current meta. A tank with zero camo, 5 degrees depression, literally get auto lit by any tier 9/10 LT, hit by artillery that doesn't miss.
  3. 181 is more than enough pen for a pref MM medium.
  4. its pretty good now after the gun handling buff, without a doubt the best cred maker with nothing even coming close.
  5. RCumt5W.png

    Expected for 3 mark, 5500.


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    2. CarbonWard


      nah, got M60, 260, Type 5 and 430 coming up.

      Also, 7201 is one of those tanks that even for me i had to play 20-30 games to get acclimated and i was changing my playstyle slightly even into my 100th game, which isn't something that happens normally.

      Overall i'd say its a really good tank with a lot of depth

    3. DHP


      How muc time does it take you to do that 137 battles session ? 

    4. CarbonWard


      4 days of  4-5 hours of 30-35 games a day.

  6. I use shift to snipe, but i also use aslain's auto 2x default scope.
  7. This is outside your normal wheelhouse, but I'm looking for an opinion on absolutely min-maxing the T49 - with the 152mm. What equipment do you think is optimal? Or is it simply whether you prefer a style of spotting (optics/vents), vs a style of better chances to hit shots(GLD)? I've played around with tons of combos, but can't really figure out what is best, need an expert opinion. 

    1. CarbonWard


      Optics VS and Rammer.

      VS and rammer doesn't need any introduction

      152 means you are gonna have a lot of downtime to scout, you need VR more than say GLD even tho you are starving for aimtime.


      152 is just shit tho, outside of occasional pens you are basically useless since a 152m HE to the side of a HT is most likely 300 dmg more or less at 19 sec reload, your early/mid/late game role is basically reduced to scout with occasional harrassment, which doesn't do shit on maps like plisen/himms or any city map in general.

    2. CraBeatOff


      Would that change with improved equipment? I've found that rammer is my least preferred 3rd module as I'm so rarely stringing shots together - and that i feel i miss out on more damage from either final accuracy (mitigated by vents) or not being able to close the reticle in time (mitigated by GLD). 

      With 152 i find city fights are great, since like the Type4/5 and unlike other LTs you don't need to flank - frontally hits heavies and superheavies for 350, splashes tracks and sidescrapes for the same. The trouble comes on open maps where accuracy and aimtime are key factors - like steppes and overlord

  8. You got speed comparable to 34-3, far better frontal plate, gun with same aimtime as 34-3 with better accuracy and dpm. Oh, and a shit load more health, only thing 111 doesn't have is camo, which isn't that important for a close range brawler. overall wz111 is just a tank with overloaded stat for its tier and MM, and it shows when its the fourth highest dpg tier 8 HT just below 252 and IS5.
  9. Neither, just get 111.
  10. 0UKIAuS.png

    Thanks to a friend for lending me the M4 54 and let me spam 280 AP :MingLee:.

    Not a particularly good tank but actually fun in a sick sort of way.

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    2. mati_14


      how you dealt with Maus?

    3. CraBeatOff


      Carbon...set up. Always set up. Vstab rammer aaaand ?

    4. CarbonWard


      Vstab rammer vent.

      As for dealing with maus, go for the old face, aim fast and don't give him time to aim in on your hatch.


      Is it sometimes fun? yes. Is it sometimes frustrating? hell yes.

  11. the new french tanks are just weak to raw penetration, thankfully tier 9 tanks tend to not see a lot of tier 10 TDs and instead tend to see a shit load of pref MM tier 8 HTs.
  12. Where i live 470 is more expensive than 10606gb thanks to etherfarms.
  13. GLD for anything that has to shoot and move(JT/T95/Wz120) Vent for anything that can snipe and need acc, but for those tanks(outside of sweds) you are better off with a binoc to be able to solo push a lane.
  14. Well, i've officially peaked, its all downhill from here bois!



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    2. SaintLaurentius


      Well it took me 5mins to find out with whose account he was padding with....TBH it's Carbon own faulth for getting over 5k dpg, it kinda sticks out:gachi:

    3. CarbonWard


      Fuck spencer in the ass.

    4. Fulcrous