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  1. How good is the wraith spire on 1500x for OCing?
  2. Microsoft toolkit, it'll save you 100 bucks on the Windows 10 key. Keyboard wise gaming keyboard doesn't really offer much, i've been using the same Logitech K120(12 bucks) for years and have no problem. I would def invest in a 21-24 inch 144hz monitor tho, with a 1060 6gb you can run tanks at 120+ fps, and there is a pretty big difference between 60 and 120+, that or use the 160 bucks or so you saved and get a 1070, but eventually i think you are gonna want a 144hz monitor and 1060 can last at least 2-3 years if you play on 1080p.
  3. Don't bother. In terms of 1 vs 1 or shooting weakspots the game has an incredibly low skill cap. Trying to beat another skilled player head on is basically a coin toss. Start by avoiding any direct "equal" engagement, always seek terrain advantage, first shot advantage(camo/VR or sheer distance), numerical advantage. Good players don't tend to give you a lot of good shots, no problem, take care of the lesser skilled pubbies first to create a numerical advantage. Or better yet, predict where they will be, and actively avoid them and play the other side. Example being El halluf, good players will go north west almost without fail, in a fast medium/heavy/light, you can easily take low river, in conjunction with your camping pubbies, take out their campers, arties and cap out to force a diversion. Steppes, good players will go to east side every single time(aside from occasional TDs), a good way to win is often to make a strong push west, cross the rail in the north west corner and again, tell pubbies to cap out and force them to come back and cross into the open. In these scenarios, you are not fighting against the good players directly, instead you are fighting them in a sense that you are challenging them to a race of "who can kill the dumbasses faster", if you play aggressively enough on the easier flank knowing you won't have to worry about good players, you can easily create a scenario where you and the other good player each win your respective side, but you having a significant lead on initiative, number and map control.
  4. From the looks of the angle its at least E75 UFP level, that on a soviet dome turret.
  5. Oh man the new 30B is so much fun. /s


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    2. CarbonWard


      STB is still gonna have shittier and noticeably worse dispersion than 30B, but its still a way better trade off when you compare to what i said above.

    3. mati_14


      yeah I thought STB would be better, geez Carbon should strim, he's the Faker of WoT :doge:

    4. nabucodonsor


      So i was right about the Stb1 not being outclassed by the 30b for the same reasons you mentioned. Nice!

  6. STG, bigger alpha is better for just about every tank, esp mediums.
  7. Please don't remind me of that fucking stock grind.
  8. T34 had T30's hull(now its even better due to HD) and T30 was a tier 10
  9. Sure, but honestly i doubt you'll be able to learn much. WoT really is just a game about not making mistakes and not about doing "great". A great game is about as ordinary as it gets.
  10. with booster, prob gonna take around 170 games. As for bad tanks, prob chief/95, that was one shitty tank to grind creds in, Kv4 K also makes the list, after that prob KJagdP.
  11. Im doing a 20mil run tmr. So stay tuned
  12. Patriot has 2.1k base dpm. Caern has 2.7k with 16% with 16% more alpha. Caern and patriot doesn't even close to being on the same level despite filling the same role. They want you to buy that new Caern AX, how else were they gonna sell a new prem?
  13. Its much more flexible than the wz120G. 27Hp/T, 8 degree dep, same camo as 120G. Heres the kicker, 260 apcr/1525ms shell with 0.3 acc(same as skorp/S1) with only 0.1 gun dispersion(120G is 0.15) at 1.9 aimtime. Even tho it has a similar alpha and camo to 120G,its role is vastly different. Relatively low dpm and angle depend armor means its not gonna be able to bully at tier 8 like the 120G, but vastly superior gun handling/stat will mean it can handle tier 10 games like a breeze, as of now the AMXC105 is the best tier 8 prem in T10 game next to S1 and Lorr40. This is essentially a more flexible S1 trading pen for flexibility, sacrificng offense in T10 games for much better T8 games, but overall its better than the S1 because it doesn't have siege mode so realistically it will be able to run and gun in T10 games rather than stale camp that S1 has to abide to. Def Rammer, vent and Binoc. GLD is still useful since you run fast and has a 0.21 movement dispersion penalty, but 360 VR is cripplingly low and its gonna cost you some easy wins cause you simply can't abuse your high camo and spot for your team in lategame skirmishes, if you are really aggressive you can drop vent for GLD, but binoc is a must have unless you are straight up farming dpg(and even thats arguable since you are gonna miss out on some really good bush spotnshots with stock VR)
  14. Well fuck, looks like Caern is gonna make it to live. Well, it was a fun ride IS3. Also 215B HD, wonder if it has the same 300mm hull bulge as the superC.