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  1. You spotting/tracking is split, that and 100 games is not enough for your mark line to fully peak. Also, thats some god awful dpg.
  2. "Captain, we have broken the 5k barrier!"



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    2. CarbonWard


      I lost, so.....

      During the entire run i've had 8 Ms, the requirement seems to be between 1194 to 1212 base exp(Highest 1st class of 1194, lowest M of 1212).

    3. Tedster59
    4. flare_phoenix


      nice criticals :PogChamp:

  3. Can i just save everyone time and nominate 252 as best tenk?
  4. Came check out wotlabs first tim ein a month, sees 15 msg in my inbox, too afraid to even open them :notlikethis:

    Also, first 121B 3 mark on NA and EU i believe.



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    2. BPX


      so fucking naisu, what was the combined?

    3. CarbonWard


      combined was 4500+900 assist(750 spotting 150 tracking)

    4. FurryLionBalls


      just open mine ;)

  5. For reference sake, it took me exactly 100 games at 4000 dpg+600 assist to mark it from 0 back in september.
  6. In my opinion, anything that serves to slow down the pace of the game is a positive change to this game. Disparity of skill developed over the 6 years of this game has made games far too fast and far too uncontrollable, a nerf to sigma will certainly serve to slow down the game enough to at least alleviate the problem for now, until the disparity in skill once again calls for a more drastic measure.
  7. tfw shitters from 2 servers argue which server is shittier
  8. xUhsjrO.png

    StrvB 3 mark expected value :5300

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    2. BPX


      fuckin noice brah

    3. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      assad of bulba did it, I think when he did the 3 mark it was ~5.2k for mark but i dont remember it was a week ago or so @hiipanda

    4. CarbonWard


      I played 103 games on Saturday, honestly a bad idea since i started off with 5k dpg the first 35 games then started taking a slow dive from that point onward, an di stalled at 92-93% for like 40 games.

      Very map dependent, i had to get 5 field maps in a row since its so dpg dependent(except this game, where i saw an opportunity to get free spotting assist from Karelia offense.

  9. M103 is grossly underrated, but i would say its one of the strongest tier 9s available currently. Load Cola, VS+Rammer+Vent and be liberal with HEAT shells to minimize exposure.
  10. Szr2lii.png

    All my Sp1C games paid off :disco:

  11. 260 get.


    better ride the wave.


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    2. CarbonWard
    3. Fulcrous


      Carbon smells Black Friday opportunities :doge:

    4. TheMarine0341


      MT15 (need w/ honors, game ) TD15, couple HT, 3 arty (cause Im not trying to do scout missions)

      Will get them done, just a matter of making the time/effort to getting them done. I got all the tanks I need for completion, just not the time to spam battles

  12. Pfft, fucking millionaires.
  13. South is actually better in my opinion once they manage to cross the opening, since there are multiple cross fire/hulldown abuse positions for south to use where as north is at a significant disadvantage playing 1 line.
  14. If there are no arty, and your tank is short enough, there is a ditch in the middle of the road in the open where you can hulldown and force whatever scout thats spotting you to fuck off.