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  1. PTA is an extremely competitive tank at tier 9, unlike the Leo 1 at tier 10, which is essentially just a PTA with more health but a shittier turret.
  2. RcwVWzs.png

    Pretty good/10, i think i like it better than 252.

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    2. CarbonWard


      The cupola is actually 20mm thicker than that of the E5s and only one third the size, not even a 103B at 100 meters can hit and pen it it consistently, its possible the toughest "weakspot" in-game.

      As for turret, its about 280+ against HEAT minimum, meaning even 340 HEAT will probably only pen half the time, which is as good as it gets for a tier 8 tank.

    3. Unavailebow


      Guess I must be unlucky then. Most of my game in this ended up cupola or turret being penned by gold. APCR mostly.

    4. CarbonWard


      You probably shoudln't stand still, abuse chrysler's fast aim time, only poke when you are loaded.

      Use 3rd person to autoaim on the target and just reverse scrape, best done when you wait an additional 2 sec after you reload so they lose sight of you.

  3. Its a great tank! First tier 8 HT to be completely immune to aimbot Not even 252 can say that!
  4. So i've been getting abnormally high ping on EU lately, and i didn't know why(usually 120ish, now 150) Did a Pingplotter test, and turns out im being rerouted to Kansas then florida before being routed to France, so my question before paying 10-20 bucks is, will VPN help me with this or is this entirely controlled by my ISP?
  5. Foch played this one brilliantly tho. From a publicity point of view, he just couldn't lose. If WG stays silent, he becomes "the man who stands for the common people" If WG acts, he becomes "the oppressed hero" Worst case scenario is losing CC status, which doesn't really mean shit as far as youtube views go. Now lets just see if anyone tries to one-up him.
  6. Poke the bear, surprised when bear bites back. Accuse WG of being dirty fucking money grabbing pieces of shits, surprised when WG does exactly what a money grabbing piece of shit does and DMCA strikes you. Srsly?
  7. 200 pen is more than enough for a tank with [email protected]/h, considering its armor. Its an 8/10 if you only fire reg shells, 9/10 if you shoot apcr. 9.5 if it doesn't catch on fire from the front. US heavies don't usually get FF(nor does it have the incentive to since its got engine/fuel in the back), if this thing gets lit from the front then you can't mount food, it doesn't matter that much if you just go with the reg repair/med/AFE, but fi you want to pad a little and replace AFE with cola theres gonna be some foreseeable problems.
  8. Yeah, that upperplate doesn't look pretty, seems like DPG-On-Wheels here with a roughly 230 effective even with a 20 degrees angling.
  9. 13 90 is definitely the strongest tier 9 LT f the patch, most expensive, too.



    1. RollerCoaster47


      Was the first ever non-premium tank I three marked back shortly after they added marks of excellence. Back then it was necessary to fire all premium ammo in it. Now though, I get by just fine firing mostly regular ammo. I love that most of these tier nine lights now have standard APCR rounds all with 200+ pen. Grinding all five light lines because they're all so much fun, well, except the WZ-132 at tier eight, still pretty mediocre.

    2. SaintLaurentius


      Carbon wouldn't be himself if he didn't fire full gold when grinding marks for people. 3,4k dpg wow! Havent you thought about the fact than when you make stats like that for plebs it's kinda obvious it's somebody elses padding?

    3. CarbonWard



      Yeah, but they don't care when i tell them so i guess they don't mind. Besides its not really as much a mark grind as its a grind from 13 90 to 105.

  10. Lorraine wn8 after v30



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    2. CarbonWard


      I used 2 memorable clips of apcr in total with zero food usage.

    3. Assassin7


      you're literally the god of internet tanks...

    4. CarbonWard


      You should try lorraine, its an insanely good tank at tier 8, most people remember it as the disaster that it is at tier 9/

  11. Either keep a long distance where his derp shell's aimtime becomes unfeasible, or be in a distance of less than 50 meters where he can't break away. 100-250 meters is where Type 5 is most effective, close enough for him to accurate hit you, but not close enough for you to safely close in the distance and force a trade to the death. So either keep away from him(easy, since he has no camo and you can always spot it a mile away) and chip him with gold, or stay hidden until he comes close, then ambush him with full gold load out.
  12. 2nd 260 3 mark :disco:



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    2. DirtyACE7


      You probably used all gold ammo and hacked like a cheating uniscum to accomplish this, so my moral compass will only allow me to give you a light pat on the back ;)

      On a more serious note. Only $15? I would charge at least double that if I were in your position. That’s pretty much minimum wage for playing seven games that you did as work. But also I’m kind of amused that people actually pay for this kind of stuff. Just seems silly.

    3. Archaic_One


      It only took 7 games?  So, let me get this straight - somebody that was able to 2 mark a 260 paid you to play the last 7 games to ensure the 3-mark?  Thats thats ABC after-school special level insecurity right there.

    4. mati_14


      Archaic lol, are you blind or what? nobody can even get close to 5k dpg. Xits did it with T57 and Strv, while carbon got 5.3k avg with Strv. also that account was played for carbon before and he showed a pic about his 260 3rd mark grind was going like 8 months or so, but never ended it, 7 took him the final push for the triple

  13. Tier 8 , non-pref, Patriot/Lowe/44-100, NA-E
  14. Doesn't work, tried it a week ago, 200 games with this "exploit", 200 games without, same avg MM.