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  1. Smell my finger.

    1. Errants



  2. Farming pos reps is just like Hitler - All you have to do is blame a minority, and then the accolades fall from the majority like rain.

    Regardless of how true the blame, or how "impaired" the majority is.

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    2. Wewum


      Why do you feel the need to insert politics into a gaming forum?

    3. Errants


      @Shifty_101st No, why, did you need one to be able to read it properly?

      @Wewum What politics?

    4. Fifty_Shades_Of_Socks


      @Errants You should've been swallowed m8.

  3. Back at it again, early"-ish" morning stream -


    Now with chat available to ALL viewers!  (I JUST found the setting, I think, to disable the "follow-bait")

  4. No caffeine, no skill, no patience - Early morning tanking with Errants!  Pro'ly streaming...

  5. Renault Otsu - Autocannon with armor. APCR required. But why keep anything here? M2 Light Tank/Pz II - 180 damage clip or 120 damage clip, second one kinda gets you armor. Both are strong in tier. Honorable mention to the H35 with 25mm Raccourci. Pz I C/Pz 38 (t)/LT vz. 38 - Pz I C is autocannon lulz, better now, with no Tier V. Pz 38 (t) has delusions of being a Tier III Panther, but vision meta is HARD to come by at low tiers. LT vz. 38 is a hybrid of both, kinda a Tier III 50/51. Ke-Ho and M5A1 (CN) - Both solid scouts, DPM machines. M5A1 is tougher (relatively), but Ke-Ho has a boomstick for a Tier IV LT. AMX 40 and Matilda are both turtle tank love, as well. DE has many solid IV's - Hetzer (105 or 75) and Marder 38t are sneaky and punchy, Pz 38 nA is a better Pz 38 (t), and Luchs is a giggle cannon, much like the Pz I C afore. US has the M8A1 (57) proto T49, and the M3 Lee (woinky DPM monster), but anything the Lee can do, the Grant (UK Lee) does better. I leave Tier V and up to the previous posters because: They've already covered most of what I'd say. I've kept WAAY too many high-tiers. Not many chimed in on fun/decent low-tier tanks, so I added my two cents in on those. Anything in bold is one that I've actually kept, but I've played all of them a solid amount.
  6. Why play when you could watch someone else?  Save credits and frustration!  Visit

  7. True, but you're also much better than I, so I assume you actually make a profit once and a while...
  8. Nothing, as I'm trying to save my gaming budget for Dragon*Con... Really tempted by a buncha shit in there, though... my wishlist is ludicrous length.
  9. Send in a ticket and recover that shit? How are you more credit poor than I?
  10. I'm a shameless attention whore!  Why play when you could watch someone else?  Save credits and frustration!  Visit

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    2. Errants


      Yeah, didn't know I had it on.

    3. SaintLaurentius


      This room is in 10 minutes followers-only mode. Follow iserrant to join the community!

    4. Errants


      Fixed it, IIRC

  11. Possible Active Shooter at the local military installation.  I'm both glad that my truck wasn't called to respond, and disappointed.  No word on any casualties, yet.

    1. Hellsfog


      Don't take this the wrong way but I hope you'll continue to be disappointed along with every other EMT in the area.

    2. Errants


      Yeah, situation is resolved... however, can't speak on what it was, yet.

  12. Early Morning Strim!  Why play when you could watch someone else?  Save credits and frustration!  Visit

    1. Fianii


      This mans got a point

  13. Yanno, I'm starting to doubt that you two are separate people...
  14. Masturbation Always Required Intelligence Never Expected
  15. poked "WoTLabs" in-game to find me.  I'll be in and out.