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  1. This... I'm starting to recover my garage through restorations, as I've unlocked most everything in the game... You get 4/year, but UNLIMITED as to the amount of tanks you want to drop into a given use.
  2. From what I see on reading that page, you can also "recruit" back players who haven't been in WoWS for a while? If true... I'll be a recruit...
  3. It was, I will decline from pointing out who it was, though.
  4. ...noting for later, at home
  5. This one time, I nuked Garbad in my 212A (on HImmels, no less) - and said my usual spiel of "Remember, artillery is fair and balanced, prevents camping, and promotes dynamic gameplay." - same chat bind I'd use on EVERY arty kill I made at the time (ah, the good old days of cross-team chat). Now, I did do it KNOWING I'd just killed Garbad, but I did that to everyone. FOXEY leadership felt it was in poor taste, even after being told and shown I did it to everyone, not just unica sperglords. They informed me that as FOXEY was trying to improve, I was not to shittalk players better than myself/FOXEY's average level. I told them I wasn't going to stop letting stupid people know they were stupid, regardless of the color of their stats. Shortly thereafter, I was a Recruit in FOXEY, and shortly after that, I left.
  6. What qualifies as an SJW monkey? 'Cause I'd think I'm close to that appellation...
  7. The fuck it is. 3rd still holds that title All of this. My press-ganged induction into Rel_3 by some tube-stroker was some of the best gameplay and teammates I've had... Then the campaign ended, 3rd made Main look bad, so they pulled a bunch of us to Main... and then Main exploded. Now, I'm too shit to get back into Main. Lulz? I mean, shit, they left Hellsfog in there for HOW long? And then that Errants shitlord... I mean, he was kicked/asked to leave from FOXEY, and PetCo takes ANYONE!
  8. 17cm or 21cm? Playing full Pay2win loadout for the rest.
  9. As soon as I get the fucker to 50%, I intend to... that's the only thing that's kept it in my garage. GWE-100 is unlocked. JUST need to get to 50%.
  10. So, this arty was posing problems for me on my grind through it, but I figured it'd get better with the top gun. It hasn't, the +/- 5 degrees of traverse was killer. So, I thought maybe it'd get better with 9.18... If anything, it's gotten worse... I didn't realize just how infuriating not being able to platoon in a support class would be. So, now, I'm 11 games from getting the fucking thing to 50% WR... What do I do to solo-carry in this? How do I best utilize it IOT drag the pubs and me to victory? Running 210mm with food, gas, and full SPrem HE.
  11. So, using the Tank comparison tool, there's two new premiums coming down the pipe...

    Strv 81 - Cent 1 with 254 frontal turret armor and better P/w ratios. CGDL crew

    Thunderbolt - Easy 8 with bolted on armor for General (then LtCol) Abrams, seems a Jumbo/Easy hybrid. CGDRL crew

    Assume the Thunderbolt will come out during next month's Tank Rewards event.  No clue on when the Strv will hit... and yay, a Swede prem that actually trains crews for current Swede tanks... except they stop at Tier VII!?  Expanded medium line to come?

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      strv 81 has extremely sluggish hull traverse by MT standards, guess that's the offset for the turret armor.

      Also lol, thunderbolt has better frontal armor than e2 by 30mm, 165 vs 135. Also 179 mantlet vs 89 mantlet. So thunderbolt is faster, more armored (apart from shit sides which are 38mm), better gun handling by a massive margin, and is a prem. Once again sluggish hull traverse tho.

      Goodbye e2, your time ended years ago, but memories are forever. Or at least until dementia sets in.


    2. leggasiini


      They said in recent Q/As that Strv 81 is not coming anytime soon. Neither Swedish medium line is planned, though.

      It seems overhyped imo anyways, OMG IT FLAT OUT BETTER THAN CENTURION 1 SO ITS OP!!!11 Remember however that Centurion I is still utter shit and Strv 81 still has the shame shitty hull which means that hull is utterly massive, poorly armored and is filled with ammoracks, and it also has 230 alpha with shit bloom on top of that. And it has terrible shell cost/damage ratio (patriot has 10 more alpha yet 2.5x cheaper shells lol). Apart from top speed, its flat out worse than Patriot and it doesnt even have real purpose as crew trainer, unless you REALLY love Strv 74 that much you want tier 8 prem as crew trainer for it.

      Also, who even plays E2 with best turret and gun though these days? Atleast with stock turret it has still lot better turret armor than Thunderbolt. TBolt also has very trash LFP, although its small, so you cant angle the front from corners as  effectively. But yeah, its overall more superior to it. Im more worried about E8 though, i mean, TBolt seems literally better versin of it with -2 less depression but lot more armah...

    3. Matross


      So... T-bolt is a buy for Tier 6 peddling?

      Buy STRV if you find the IKEA female employee's interesting? (I swear, I thought WG was going to give us Victoria Secret model blonds or something... we got IKEA Returns Department). I really, do wonder, if they will give us a Swedish Medium line one day... like the Type 59 was out wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before the Chinese medium line... could be interesting. 

  12. I was too cowardly to try this... shame, coulda doubled my 10K
  13. Apparently, I was slow as fuck, got into the top 30%...
  14. I've gotten my first triple MoE!!!

    I pro'ly shoulda picked a tank other than the Pz T 25... as I don't enjoy it much, so I doubt I'll be showing off the marks... But I did it!

    1. crapcannon



    2. Spec


      GJ mate!

  15. So, next year. ^_^