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  1. I love how there's about 10 people crying over this, and the rest are finding it fucking hilarious. Edit: Shit, I shared this with my wife (she doesn't play tanks, but she supports me, and knows a little from my blathering), and SHE thinks it is fucking hilarious.
  2. Oh, gods, look at that AWFUL player coming in a shitting up the halls of our halcyon forum!
  3. So, with me eliting the AMX 30 last night, and hearing all the TERRIBLE shit about the AMX 30 B, I am in a debate...
    1) Sell, send crew to AMX 30B and hope it isn't THAT bad.
    2) Keep it, to join with the rest of my Tier IX collection (M46, T30, M53/55, T 55A, Obj 430 vII, T-54, WZ-111 1-4 [and soon the 13 90, 54 Lt, RU, T49]).
    3) Sell it, but sit on crew for the new light tanks.

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      30B is pretty decent. I dunno what dodge is talking about, since the dispersion and handling is actually quite decent. you cant snapshot for shit with the tier9, but you can do it with the 30B.

      The cupola is an issue on medium to short ranges, which limits your "close" range hillfighting, but still manageable. 

      Gun is better than on leopard solely based on the gun handling. The only reason I play Leo over the 30B is the bit of extra mobility it gets, not the gun.

      I would rate the AMX 30B 7/10. 

      The problem with these no armor tanks is that you cant carry games too effectively, but the tanks are still fun to play imo.


    3. Dodge94HUN


      This is my personal experience with the tank. Even though the soft stats are better, the gun is still trollish. It is not as trollish as it was on the 30p, but it is most definitely not a lasercannon IMHO.

    4. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      amx 30b is trash imo, but tbh its a very mediocre tank, as in middle of the ground. fairly decently fast and manouverable, but (in my experience) trolly gun in both gun handling and pen. it's pretty much a less noticble upgrade in manouverability from 30p to 30b than the e-50 to e-50m, but its more or less same scale/comparison, both tier 9's are way better tier for tier and have most of the tier 10's pros, while the tier 10 counterparts new additions (for some) aren't worth having as a tier 10


      IMO AMX 30B is trash

      TBH Very middle ground/mediocre MT 

      AMX 30P -> AMX 30B is comparable to E-50 -> E-50M imo (in terms of tier for tier and selling it and w/e else comparisons, not direct tank to tank line comparison)

  4. Point. Or, mebbe we could persuade/bribe mods to make it so that the board software does this on a carriage return, instead of this sillyness.
  5. Oh, yeah, still wondering if anyone knows of a site/has a tool that does comparisons between different WN8v*. I'd like to see, in one semi-coherent setting, what changed and what didn't. ^_^
  6. A-FUCKING-MAZING! Can you believe that a shitter like me didn't lose that much, either? I think I lost about 100ish on overall. Edit: 2117 v28 to 2079 v29, so 38 points... Yeow. Killer. My e-peen has shrunk, and I must go and commit sudoku. Wonder how to see the difference between my Recent v28 and v29... Dug a little more and I think I found it - noobmeter has me at 2761 v28 for last 1K, and vbaddict has me at 2408 v28(?). So, either I went up 205 or dropped 148. Either way, who give a fuck? I'm still slowly improving my WR, and that's the one I care about. And I clearly platoon pad, out of my 29k battles uploaded to vbAddict, I've solo'd 19k, and platooned 10k. Dunno how it is missing ~11k battles, as I don't think it took me THAT long to find out about stats... How, when he has better stats? Yanno, since we're arguing about stats. Yay! Pokemon! (but, please, for the love of all that is holy, hit "Shift+Enter" so you don't get that HORRIFIC spacing on carriage returns.)
  7. I'm just wondering, as I always do once a new WN8 v* comes out, if there's an easy way (e.g. same site?) to compare your old to your new. Suppose leave it up for comparisons for a month or so? I'm always interested, in an academic fashion, to see how the changes to the WN8v* changes my stats, recent, overall, and per tank.
  8. This, though I even ground through the St.Emil's gun. I don't grind tanks, though, generally only playing them for their dailies.
  9. Service Record: Technical Engineer: France.

    2 out of 9 down!  Whoo!

  10. No, been trying to do it whilst working this week/weekend... will try when NOT subject to my radio/dispatch on Monday.
  11. Turan III, or 1750 gold for my second Matilda BP?

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    2. Errants


      Gold it is/was.  I found the Turan thread shortly after this, and saw it had NOTHING redeeming going for it.  I knew the Ram II was crap, already, so that one didn't even figure into it.

    3. snowdude21325


      Here, lets gimp a tank, then give it such a low ammo count you just can't spam shots either! Great idea, I bet these idiots will buy it anyway because it's a premium! 


      You would think WG and EA were the same company  

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    4. ThomChen114
  12. Damn, I'm getting a 403 error on my work computer... Wonder if mobile works. Edit: It does, damn, guess my work doesn't want me looking at this content... I don't really blame them. Edit II: Same thing, error when trying to file an abuse report. Trying to talk/chat to a rep about it now. (There was an error submitting your request. SSE001 CSE001)
  13. I've noticed that. I've had some decent results (solo pub) by pushing hard to E1 to counter the mid control, but it is a VERY team reliant position. In a scout or a strong hull-down with 1 or less arty, I'll try and counter the mid control by playing in mid at F4-6, but again, you need team support to suppress that F8 ridge. I'm always slightly surprised when I manage to lose Defense on that map... it really is tilted. Without major alterations to the map geometry, where would you place the cap for A/D, IOT make it balanced for both sides? I've heard either the SW or NE corner, but I'd think just put it at the West spawn/cap for regular might be a better option.
  14. Thoughts on Assault/Encounter, and how the meta changes, if at all?
  15. I play anything and everything, but rarely stronk... Tier VII/VIII is just fine for me, though.