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  1. Please help poor green shitter

    Yah, I don't he realized I had no intention of doing that gig, and was using disposable info for anything that guy looked at. Again, bored at work, 2 years ago, when I did that.
  2. So, experimenting and swapping out Rammer for Optics on most of my vehicles. DPM hit, but but vision boost. Still running Vents/VStab on anything that'll take them.

    Coupled with picking up equipment I've needed... I've blown 9 million credits today.

  3. Lulz, I forget when I tried this game...
  4. 1.258 base exp

    Victory Sand River Mäuschen Experience received:6,605   ( x2)    117,081    Battle achievements High Caliber, Steel Wall, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Mission completed! Reward: Camouflage added: (x3) Repairs:    -13 857   Ammunition:    -37 775   Consumables:    -20 000   Total:    45 449      WN8: 5 951 (100)

    And another one down! Coupled with the M2 Light yesterday, and the IS-M over the weekend, I'm knocking out some troublesome Ace's.

  5. Anyone able to find the missions/interface for the marathon in 1.0?

    1. king_spaniel


      it finally showed up for me just now - wasn't there earlier this morning

  6. Mods in 2018

    Still a huge fan of Solo's modpack, also available on the hub.
  7. Type 62

    Bumping due to Debating the cheaper package, yes/no?
    1. Daerlon


      I'd get it if it weren't in a bundle for $60. Love my tier 7-8-9 WZ's (not the 132-1 though). The T92 is a better deal at half the price...

    2. kreigermann


      I could never get Type62 to work as well as I thought it should for me.

      Just something about it that didn't click.

  8. Victory Ensk WZ-120-1G FT Experience received:6,748   ( x2)    210,347   (  -192)  Battle achievements Top Gun, High Caliber, Steel Wall, Radley-Walters's Medal, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Repairs:    -4 971   Ammunition:    -40 500   Consumables:    -3 000   Total:    161 876      WN8: 10 994 (100)


    161k gross, 50% credit boner going. 1,730 base exp, I think that's my new record.

  9. Streaming!

    Additionally, question for y'all: I've one lady left from the winter event... should I hold out for ITL tanks to go live enough that I can make her a CO, or should I just give her to another nation/line...

    1. TheChang


      I don't think you'll be able to claim her by the time ITL tanks go live. I think you need to claim her asap tbh, they said discounts/girls whether claimed or not would be gone by mid march. 

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      when 1.0 drops i think is when they remove the ability to claim them or any other awards from the winter event

  10. The only T95E6 I saw in ranked was mine. Period.
  11. #3 3 MoE, new high tier!

    Victory Siegfried Line IS-6 Experience received:5,044   ( x3)    88,274   (  +1,887)  Battle achievements 3 Marks of Excellence, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "II Class" Repairs:    -5 933   Ammunition:    -57 600   Total:    24 741      WN8: 2 821 (91)

    1. Darvek



    2. SaintLaurentius


      I managed to mark the IS-6 when the marks were bugged, atleast on EU. Percentage was 88%, but 2k combined game increased that all the way to 100% in one game:gachi:

  12. Questionable tactics, questionable music, questionable viewing! All at

    Broadcasting and blathering now!

  13. The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    121B and T95E6 need it more than M60 does... M60 is still usable.