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  1. You mean the tank from Valkyrie Chronicle? WHAT!?
  2. The more I think on this, the more I think they are doing it ONLY on the 13 90... As that is the only one that still branches post the redo... However, I guess we'll have to wait for test to see.
  3. Get out of my account!!! With 42,251 battles... Errants plays since: 29.08.2011 last seen on: 29.03.2017 trees cut: 60001 average tank tier: 6.73
  4. Whelp, fuck, time to turn Accel Crew Training back on everything but the 132, then... fuck me. That's about 100K of exp I have to convert, now. Edit: nearly 90K, on the RU, T49, and 54 Lt. Guess I hadn't touched the 13 90 or 132 since I unchecked them. So, then, owning the RU and the 13 90 will net you a new free tank, as they are getting new Tier VIII's for French and German Lights. Chinese isn't moving up, just adding IX and X. What's going on with the Soviet and two US light lines? I see the LTTB and M41 are moving up... are they doing a tier jump somewhere, or is WarGaming looking to add lower tier Light tanks, much as they added lower tier arty... and if so, where? (So that I can rebuy/start grinding XP in advance/earn ANOTHER free tank ^_^)
  5. How about increased notifications for artillery, in satellite view only. E.g: Make arty tracers more visible, both in satellite view for arty, and in regular 1st/3rd view for tanks. Potentially map pings for arty, especially for subsequent shots from same spot. Make tank shells ALSO with visible tracers, this time for arty only, and only in satellite view. Increase visibility with subsequent shots from same area (require distance traveled to reset, not just track movement?) This would increase the ability for both counter-battery fire, as well as use arty as an anti-camping mechanic again, because they've a ghetto spotting system.
  6. <---free here, missed one mission, earned it on Day 14, and completed Day 15.
  7. I ground through them a while ago, but didn't find them unbearable. The Tier VII is the slowest, per the norm, though the 3 round clip makes for great fun... Just requires a lot of prem AP.
  8. Streaming Monstercat... and my gameplay!

  9. Any tank added to the tree will NOT be researched, even if the tank is researched. When WG edits in either new tanks or modules to/branching to equal or higher tiers from an existing tank, you do not get them researched for free. They have, however, given LOWER tiered tanks fully researched, if you had the previous vehicles elited.
  10. Stupid question, as I couldn't find it in Tankopedia... crew layout the same as the other S-Tanks?
  11. Go for RU Meds, on A-43 line. Access to all 3 Tier X hovermeds, and only the A-44 is a rough playthrough (comparatively).
  12. Warm shout out to suiciding shitlords in arty.  Why bother trying when you lose, right?

  13. This. I'd help, but I'm working. Also, I doubt/question the Encounter 1 point/2.5 seconds... Could swear that some of the Encounter maps have the same rate as regular ones.
  14. My dispatch radio - fortunately it has been rather subdued so far. Only ran 1 call.
  15. This is true, however, I don't know what the values are for the clan consumables, nor do I know the exp multipliers for various Premiums. It is possible, that optimum crew training may be in a mid-tier (read V-VI) versus a higher tier Premium tank.