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  1. Ah, but the completionist in me... Same reason I've ground through nearly EVERY tank in the game. Would be nice to get the 260 sooner vice later... and hilarious if I could pull off getting some of the 260 missions with the 260. ^_^
  2. SIV: H H H H H / 5 orders T28: H H H H H / 5 orders T55: H H H H X / 0 orders 260: X H X X X / 1 orders Total: 11 orders Whelp, just nailed LT 15.1 w/ Honors last night, 4k damage in my T71. That tank isn't broken at all. So, that's where I figure I'm at. On 15.3 for SPG's to free up 4-5 orders there, and TD 15.4. Still need to unlock LT and HT 15.4... been stuck on certain missions.
  3. And figures, I swap over to LT 15.1, and JUST did LT 7.4 tonight...
  4. Honestly, I've been on my home computer, just thought it was a portmanteau of Honors and Order.
  5. Sorry, figured on the StuG and T55, since I advanced to the next, it was evident I'd done 4 15.X with honors for each. So, only 15.X matters. StuG - No LT 15. MT, HT, TD, SPG with Honors, 4 orders "used" to fill in for missing LT 15. If I complete that, I'll get 4 (5 w/ LT Honors) orders, otherwise I'm at 0. T28 - All 5 15.2 with Honors = 5 orders 55A - No SPG 15. LT, MT, HT, TD with Honors, 4 orders "used" for SPG 15. Same story as LT 15.1, then? Completion will net me 4 (5 with SPG Honors) orders, but currently at 0. 260 - MT 15 done, 1 order available. So, with the revised knowledge, I currently have 6 orders available and need 16 get the 260. Completing LT 15.1 nets me 4, and SPG 15.3 would make another 4, making 14 total. I then need either honors on both LT 15.1 and SPG 15.3 (for 2 more), or completion of a 15.4 from another class to lower my requirement to 12. If I complete a 15.4 mission, I don't need it with honors, since I'm just needing to fake completion of 3 15.4's for the 260 with orders, then, right?
  6. @Stiglic or @8_Hussars - since both of you seem to be able to translate this... StuG - LT-15 not done, 7/14 Lt w/ Honors. All other missions w/ Honors. = 4 Hodors? T28 - 12/15 LT w/ Honors, 10/15 SPG w/ Honors, all other classes with Honors. All 15.2 w/ Honors. = 5 Hodors? T55A - 10/15 LT w/ Honors, 15/15 MT w/ Honors, 12/15 HT w/ Honors, 11/15 TD w/ Honors, 5/14 SPG w/ Honors. = 4 Hodors? 260 - 8/14 LT w/ Honors, stuck on 7.4 (3 SPG's), 8/15 MT w/ Honors, 4/11 HT w/ Honors (stuck on 12.4, will work on 13.4 and 14.4 first, now), 12/14 TD w/ Honors (on 15.4), 9/14 SPG w/ Honors (on 15.4). = 1 Hodor? So, seems like 13 total? And I need 4 per 15.x completion, so I can spend 8 on TD and SPG, 1 on LT 7.4, then 4 on LT 15.4 IOT get 260 on Patch? Is my summation correct, or do I need to go back and pick up the 15.1 LT and 15.3 SPG to free up those orders?
  7. Broke again -  Credit balance of 14,042


    Purchased: 'IS-4' successfully purchased.Spent  :  4,270,000.

  8. JagdTiger 8.8, yes/no/am I fucking retarded for considering buying it?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Fabunil



      Not for the Jagdtiger, but for you being retarded for even considering it.

      Be smart and buy something with a turret and that doesn't need to spam gold to penetrate all those new tier 8 superheavies.

    3. monjardin


      Aside from the armor power creep versus what used to be good penetration for a tier 8 pref, Strv S1 drivers will giddily farm steel wall awards from your 88 mm with 30 mm plates at ricochet angles.

    4. Errants


      Whelp, fuck, guess I'll have to wait for more rentals to fix my stats from playing it then...  Since it really is that shit.

      Have Skorp and E-25 already, so don't need it as a trainer, was solely for vanity, as I didn't realize playing rentals put them on your stats.

  9. Early morning streaming!  Because playing while half-asleep is ALWAYS a good idea...

  10. 1/3rd through a 3 hour stream!  Come say hi at


    *quality gameplay not necessarily implied.

  11. TFW: Dropping from Rank 38 to 28 in one night because your BW token deck with 24 lands feels like manafucking you every game.


    Rank 26. Fuck me


    Rank 24.  Whelp, clearly I've forgotten how to fucking play.