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  1. 20% off coupon, can only use on Prem (306 days currently) or a tank:

    AMX M4 mle. 49, Strv S1, 112, AMX CDC, STA-2, M4A1 Rev?

    Or rebuy one of the ones I didn't mention for the discounted gold?

    Training is not a consideration, more just collecting.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NightmareMk9


      I'll throw a vote for:

      "Don't give WG any money until they figure out the Pref 8s"

    3. Fulcrous


      Lowe if you havent already

    4. hazzgar


      Yeah I forgota about that. Lowe = comfortwagon

  2. @Katoleras - Picks? I think you were 60%+ on the last one, and I know next to nothing on football, American or otherwise.

  3. More than slightly jealous of your competence and confidence. Well done!
  4. Doing my social/anti-social thing:

  5. Live, local and lame! Currently hanging out on!

  6. Victory
    FV4004 Conway 
    Experience received:4,720   (  -2;  x2)    48,077   (  -3,708)
    Battle achievements Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

    Repairs:    -9 394  
    Ammunition:    -43 960  
    Total:    -5 277      WN8: 3 949 (100)

    120, mostly stock. APCR to Type 4's every 6 seconds is lulzy.

  7. Questionable tactics, questionable music, questionable viewing! All at
     Yup, once again, live and lonely. ^_^

  8. Questionable tactics, questionable music, questionable viewing! All at

    Yup, doing that streaming thing again.

    1. Haswell


      Sorry mate, went skydiving today to celebrate grad and EMR. Hope the game wasn't terrible :serb:

  9. Errants

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    I've never been foolish enough to say it as such and out loud to my wife... But I've thought that many, many times. Fortunately, I've married a gamer, so she understands.
  10. Why play when you could watch someone else?  Save credits and frustration!  Visit An laugh at HIS stupidity!

    Also lurking and willing to chat live in WoTLabs TS...

    Talk to me, Goose... I'm lonely. ^_^

  11. Errants

    Tortellini or Ravioli?

    Nobody tell him about Chef Boyardee in US.
  12. Errants

    Tortellini or Ravioli?

    Meat-filled, of course, and baked in marinara... but, still, which would you choose?
  13. Errants

    On Allchat

  14. One of the 6 skills you can tech up via coins earned from promotions.