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  1. 20% off coupon, can only use on Prem (306 days currently) or a tank:

    AMX M4 mle. 49, Strv S1, 112, AMX CDC, STA-2, M4A1 Rev?

    Or rebuy one of the ones I didn't mention for the discounted gold?

    Training is not a consideration, more just collecting.

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    2. Fulcrous


      Lowe if you havent already

    3. hazzgar


      Yeah I forgota about that. Lowe = comfortwagon

    4. Errants


      Went with the Strv S1.

  2. @Katoleras - Picks? I think you were 60%+ on the last one, and I know next to nothing on football, American or otherwise.

  3. More than slightly jealous of your competence and confidence. Well done!
  4. Doing my social/anti-social thing:

  5. Live, local and lame! Currently hanging out on!

  6. Customer Service Welcome Commander! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us! Tsuchi Ishino So, do you know your services are illegal? Lev joined the chat Lev Hi! Not illegal at all Account sharing is not recommended but not permitted, so its only your choice to give out or not but not an illegal thing and we dont use any hacks or illegal mods Tsuchi Ishino Lastly never tell anyone that you are using Overtank services, since you are breaking the Wargaming's ToS at the 5.6, 5.7 points, which is connected but not limited to 'Account sharing'. Lev Yes, its against their ToS although its not illegal Tsuchi Ishino Okay, that's a lawyer's splitting of hairs. While not breaking any laws (legal), you are violating the ToS of the game (breaking rules/laws of the game). Lev If you share your account with anybody WG is not responsible for any losses that is all Tsuchi Ishino So, not illegal in any outside agency, but clearly against the rules of the service. Lev I'm not gonna lie, there is a small risk in it however we've done more than 1000 orders in the pash half year and never had any issues So I can say we are maximally trusted and 100% secure Tsuchi Ishino You're a parasitic company, existing only through the flaunting of the rules of the game on which you provide the service. You add to the negative reputation of both "botted" accounts, and "pay 2 win" that infects the community at large. Lev We don't do botting Tsuchi Ishino The difference between an automated script botting the account, and some lackwitted player yoloing at the start to "grind" max exp/min... mind telling me the difference? It's still two terrible tanks that need to be carried by anyone who's playing for real. Lev We offer WN8 boosting which is played by Super Unicum players Who will carry the whole game most of the time Tsuchi Ishino What do you pay your SuperUni's? Lev I don't know, I work at the support section Tsuchi Ishino Who would I talk to about hiring, then? Lev What do you mean by that? Tsuchi Ishino You say you use decent players for the premium services... how would one get involved in that? Lev They make an application in e-mail Later on our team will contact them Tsuchi Ishino What email would one apply to? Lev You want to apply? Tsuchi Ishino Why not? If this is a legit service, and the wages ain't bad, I could use the extra money. Lev I have the right to deny your application, sorry, you introducing didn't sounded like you are a trusted person Tsuchi Ishino Y Y'all don't have exactly the most stellar of reputation. Tsuchi Ishino So, I will admit I came in a little combative. But, honestly, if you're going to pay me to play tanks, I'd be interested to see at least what would be expected and the compensation therein. Lev How much is your WN8? Can oyu send an in-game name please: ? Tsuchi Ishino Boku_No_Narwhal Lev Your stats are not eligible sorry Tsuchi Ishino Why not? What are your expectations/requirements? Lev 4k+ Tsuchi Ishino Recents? Lev And an overall 3k+ with at leats 10000 battles This is a resetted account Tsuchi Ishino or a reroll, for a friend to get the reward tank. Lev Never mind either Tsuchi Ishino Okay, but if I can meet those requirements, what would the email be? Or, if I forwarded you guys onto some friends who DO meet your requirements? Lev You can send your applicaiton with in-game name , full name and a small introducing to [email protected] If you are not eligible we won't answer Tsuchi Ishino Okay, I guess you've more than enough average players for the non-unicum grinding? Lev exactly! Tsuchi Ishino Though, I'm curious, for more knowledge for others, do you pay your employees hourly, or commission based off of what's purchased? And what would the approximate rates be? Lev I don't know anything, really That is not my concern Tsuchi Ishino But you knew about the hiring process, and could vet if I was a decent candidate or not... Lev I don't give out any info and really dont know too much though Tsuchi Ishino Well, you mind sharing what you make? Yanno, since I assume that others would be in the same range. I only make $11.50/hr at my current job, in the interest of being transparent. Lev None of this info is public, sorry In this way we can write it out to our website I'm getting less than you if that info makes you happy Tsuchi Ishino It's a shame, if more people shared what they were making with others, they'd have more ability to negotiate with their bosses. Unfortunately, when only the bosses know the wages, they keep all the power in thier hands. And bummer on that, my condolences. I know when I was working customer support ( we even used ZenDesk) I made $15/hr. You should try and negotiate for better wages. Lev Thank you! Tsuchi Ishino Do the players, unicum or regular, make more or less than you, then? Lev Will do Tsuchi Ishino And good luck with ZenDesk, that software ALWAYS drove me batty. Do they make you take phone calls through it, as well? Lev no Tsuchi Ishino Whelp, congrats on that... the phone answering system always dropped calls when I was using it, and the voicemails always sounded like junk. But can't tell me if you're better or worse off than the grinding players? Do they make customer service play/grind? Lev, you still there, buddy? Lev Sorry I have customers to talk with, of you have any questions about our services then reopen chat, I'm closing it right now. Goodbye! So, highlights of this conversation: [email protected] for application 4K+ recent, 3K+ overalls, and 10K+ battles to be considered for their unica-grinding staff. I think that's higher requirements than MAHOU/BULBA +64 99 51 99 07 - number is in Auckland, NZ... @Assassin7 and others (can't remember any other's, sorry), I'm on to you Kiwi's. My current job is depressing in wages, but at least not as bad as his. And I don't have to deal with assholes trolling me. Wait, I'm in EMS... I do. So, anyone wanna pick up some side money? Seems totally legit... edit: someone please spoiler this for readability, I couldn't figure out how to do it...
  7. Victory
    FV4004 Conway 
    Experience received:4,720   (  -2;  x2)    48,077   (  -3,708)
    Battle achievements Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker"

    Repairs:    -9 394  
    Ammunition:    -43 960  
    Total:    -5 277      WN8: 3 949 (100)

    120, mostly stock. APCR to Type 4's every 6 seconds is lulzy.

  8. Questionable tactics, questionable music, questionable viewing! All at
     Yup, once again, live and lonely. ^_^

  9. Questionable tactics, questionable music, questionable viewing! All at

    Yup, doing that streaming thing again.

    1. Haswell


      Sorry mate, went skydiving today to celebrate grad and EMR. Hope the game wasn't terrible :serb:

  10. Errants

    You're not a real world of tanks player until...

    I've never been foolish enough to say it as such and out loud to my wife... But I've thought that many, many times. Fortunately, I've married a gamer, so she understands.
  11. Errants

    Tortellini or Ravioli?

    Meat-filled, of course, and baked in marinara... but, still, which would you choose?
  12. Why play when you could watch someone else?  Save credits and frustration!  Visit An laugh at HIS stupidity!

    Also lurking and willing to chat live in WoTLabs TS...

    Talk to me, Goose... I'm lonely. ^_^

  13. Errants

    Tortellini or Ravioli?

    Nobody tell him about Chef Boyardee in US.
  14. Errants

    On Allchat

  15. One of the 6 skills you can tech up via coins earned from promotions.
  16. Errants

    On Allchat

    I miss the banter when you see a friend. I miss the compliments sometimes tossed around. I don't miss the rampant toxicity, position revealing, and other stupidity. I wish they enforced the chat violations more, and left all chat in. I still get plenty of hate, as evidenced by my recent status - it's just sent via PM in the garage.
  17. remy1228 (5/15/2018 1:31:14 AM) theres the aibmot again, nigger, you should be hung from a tree
    Errants (5/15/2018 1:34:31 AM) Wow, racist much?
    Errants (5/15/2018 1:34:40 AM) Or just ignorant and jealous of skill?

    Apparently, I ran into him in the past, where he was just as salty, just not as hateful:

    remy1228 (5/5/2018 11:19:51 PM) obvious radar hack and aimbot
    Errants (5/5/2018 11:20:03 PM) Report me, then.
    Errants (5/5/2018 11:20:13 PM) Or, it's camo mechanics and lack of skill on your part.
    remy1228 (5/5/2018 11:25:59 PM) wrong, youre just another hacking shitbag
    Errants (5/5/2018 11:28:53 PM) You're*
    Errants (5/5/2018 11:29:21 PM) But, right, I'm sure I've been hacking and using illegal mods for over 50,000 games. And WG hasn't EVER caught me... /sarcasm

    1. mistervanni


      i find the choice of words...weird and baffling but maybe in NA it's still a thing, sadly:(

      i would do my best to have that person banned as per the ToS

    2. Errants


      Oh, the ticket went in to support before I posted about it here.

  18. Errants

    The Czech Kolo-Hose - The Tier 1 Abomination

    @Kuroialty152 games later - ACED! Defeat Abbey Kolohousenka Experience received:1,058 17,436 Battle achievements Top Gun, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Ammunition: -16 012 Total: 1 424 WN8: 8 016 (100) - Base exp of ONLY 440... The FUCK!? Not complaining, because I finally have it. Fuck this piece of shit tank. Tier II battle 5/10 BTW. So, it came out of retirement because of the launch of the ITL tanks, and the expected refilling of low tiers with it. Also, I think I've figured out that Ace targets are a weekly thing - and it resets on Friday. So, I've only been playing my tanks I'm trying to Ace on the weekend, Friday-Sunday, and letting the shitters suck in them the other 4 days. It has paid off dividends, as I've knocked out several tanks I've not be able to hit afore. Additionally, I think major patches bork it similar to MoE's... So, again, even easier with a new line out. Regardless, fucking done with this, final stats: 57.89% over 152 battles 2.69/2.59 Damage/Kill ratios 231 DPG, 1.55 spots/game, 1.66 KPG (this thing is SLOW and BLIND) Max exp was 1,259... which makes this 440 Base all the funnier. Max damage of 665 (did 605 in the Ace) Max kills of 8 (only 6 on Ace, still amazed that other game dinnae give me it.) CO - BiA, 6th, Camo 87% Driver - BiA, Camo, Off-Road 87% Binos/Optics/Vents - 40/40 APCR/HE (Thanks, Kuro, for the HE tip), LFAK/LRK/AFE (crew wasn't back to 100% at start of match, so no food) So, I'm not a fan of Abbey being added to low tiers... LOTS of base/bush kemping going on. And a little large for the Tier I speeds. But, it worked out! Finally... Sold: 'Kolohousenka' successfully sold. Received : 17,440. Spent : 20. Fuck. This. Tank.
  19. Victory Prokhorovka Bat.-Châtillon 12 t Experience received:6,318   ( x3)    86,516    Battle achievements Patrol Duty, Mastery Badge: "I Class" Repairs:    -4 920   Ammunition:    -48 000   Consumables:    -20 000   Total:    13 596      WN8: 2 939 (93)

    7k spotted, 1.2k dealt - Prokhorovka Encounter... was still enough on the 1/2 for me to spot.

    LT's and MT's 100% complete, now. Whoo! Just gotta wrap up HT-12-15.4, TD 15.4, and SPG 15.4 to finish in time for new campaign!

  20.  Purchased: 'Strv 103B' successfully purchased. Spent  :  4,270,000.

    Finally Aced the 103 and could pick this up. Holy shit, 90% crew with no food feels better than the 103 running food.

  21. Frontline is amazing, Frontline is amazing, Frontline is amazing!

    I don't even get THAT frustrated when I lose. I've missed General only 3-4 times out of all the battles I've played... Even on a loss, it's great!

    1. TAdoo87


      So far this is the overwehlming consensus of the players. I haven't heard any negative opinion. 

    2. KruggWulf


      Meanwhile I alt F4 before the battle is even halfway over because I get bored or frustrated from getting artied and arty struck 4 times in 10 seconds. Yeah, no, fuck this mode and fuck this game.

  22. Farm - Autoloaders and/or high alpha/DPM Premium tanks - Somua, Lorraine, WZ TD, et alia. Win? Fuck if I know.
  23. I'm a terrible person, but I'm debating bringing back either my US or FR Tier VIII SPG... From what I've seen in the after battle, though, much more reliable results with damage dealers - the arty don't ever place well, and if you don't get at least Major, it's kinda a wash.
  24. Might've gone quicker ifn' I didn't keep stealing the crew for other French Lights... but first one done!

    Victory Province AMX ELC bis Experience received:2,535   ( x2)    44,774   (  +81)  Battle achievements 3 Marks of Excellence, Mastery Badge: "II Class" Repairs:    -74   Ammunition:    -28 800   Consumables:    -20 000   Total:    -4 100      WN8: 5 725 (100)