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  1. Please help poor green shitter

    Yah, I don't he realized I had no intention of doing that gig, and was using disposable info for anything that guy looked at. Again, bored at work, 2 years ago, when I did that.
  2. Here we can show off our various e-peen (@Fulcrous) or lack thereof (@Luna) on running the WoT 1.0 test client! Also, I'm an idiot, and can't use Imgur for shit to upload things.
  3. So, experimenting and swapping out Rammer for Optics on most of my vehicles. DPM hit, but but vision boost. Still running Vents/VStab on anything that'll take them.

    Coupled with picking up equipment I've needed... I've blown 9 million credits today.

  4. Lulz, I forget when I tried this game...
  5. 1.258 base exp

    Victory Sand River Mäuschen Experience received:6,605   ( x2)    117,081    Battle achievements High Caliber, Steel Wall, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Mission completed! Reward: Camouflage added: (x3) Repairs:    -13 857   Ammunition:    -37 775   Consumables:    -20 000   Total:    45 449      WN8: 5 951 (100)

    And another one down! Coupled with the M2 Light yesterday, and the IS-M over the weekend, I'm knocking out some troublesome Ace's.

  6. Anyone able to find the missions/interface for the marathon in 1.0?

    1. king_spaniel


      it finally showed up for me just now - wasn't there earlier this morning

  7. Mods in 2018

    Still a huge fan of Solo's modpack, also available on the hub.
  8. Type 62

    Bumping due to Debating the cheaper package, yes/no?
    1. Daerlon


      I'd get it if it weren't in a bundle for $60. Love my tier 7-8-9 WZ's (not the 132-1 though). The T92 is a better deal at half the price...

    2. kreigermann


      I could never get Type62 to work as well as I thought it should for me.

      Just something about it that didn't click.

  9. Victory Ensk WZ-120-1G FT Experience received:6,748   ( x2)    210,347   (  -192)  Battle achievements Top Gun, High Caliber, Steel Wall, Radley-Walters's Medal, Mastery Badge: "Ace Tanker" Repairs:    -4 971   Ammunition:    -40 500   Consumables:    -3 000   Total:    161 876      WN8: 10 994 (100)


    161k gross, 50% credit boner going. 1,730 base exp, I think that's my new record.

  10. Streaming!

    Additionally, question for y'all: I've one lady left from the winter event... should I hold out for ITL tanks to go live enough that I can make her a CO, or should I just give her to another nation/line...

    1. TheChang


      I don't think you'll be able to claim her by the time ITL tanks go live. I think you need to claim her asap tbh, they said discounts/girls whether claimed or not would be gone by mid march. 

    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      when 1.0 drops i think is when they remove the ability to claim them or any other awards from the winter event

  11. The only T95E6 I saw in ranked was mine. Period.
  12. #3 3 MoE, new high tier!

    Victory Siegfried Line IS-6 Experience received:5,044   ( x3)    88,274   (  +1,887)  Battle achievements 3 Marks of Excellence, Confederate, Mastery Badge: "II Class" Repairs:    -5 933   Ammunition:    -57 600   Total:    24 741      WN8: 2 821 (91)

    1. Darvek



    2. SaintLaurentius


      I managed to mark the IS-6 when the marks were bugged, atleast on EU. Percentage was 88%, but 2k combined game increased that all the way to 100% in one game:gachi:

  13. Questionable tactics, questionable music, questionable viewing! All at

    Broadcasting and blathering now!

  14. The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    121B and T95E6 need it more than M60 does... M60 is still usable.
  15. Apparently, I've forgotten how to play.

    1 win in 2 hours, so far.

    Edit: 2nd win! 2 hours, 20 minutes in.

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    2. Haswell


      I'll make you play the ISU130, that way you will know what it means to be truly useless :kappa:

    3. wes


      If you still enjoy the game, take it as improving your XVM camo LOL

    4. Darvek


      Played 6 games in my session last night - busy with other stuff. Won 5, while playing at 1300 WN8. I had 2 games out of the 6 where I did as much as my own tank's HP, and only one I'd consider an actual good game. (2k damage, decent assisting damage and 4 vultured kills in a Caern vs tier 10s.) Ah well, I was due for a shit session after playing way above my normal level for 3 days. At least it didn't come with a losing streak.

  16. Is it worth blowing my 30% off coupon on a Lowe copy, or do I just let it expire? Most expensive thing in the gift shop I can discount, aside form premium time, and I'm already at 380+ days there thanks to New Year's Lewt Boxes.

    Copied prem tanks turn into gold, right?

    1. Tman450


      Just let it expire IMHO. Unless you really want the gold, no point in giving WG more money.

  17. DYNO Casually Competitive Clan

    Still wondering when they're going to figure out they poasted in the wrong section...
  18. TY, booted up, logged in, reset everyone... I'll have to get specs when I next play.
  19. When does Ranked run until?

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    2. Errants


      Stupid follow-up question....: Do Reserves work in Ranked? e.g. Crew/Free/Credits?

    3. king_spaniel


      reserves should work (they did for me in the first 2 seasons), though I haven't had a chance to play in this newest one

    4. Marty


      I just wonder how is it possible to hit 11 shots in your SConq and not pen a single one.....

  20. So, sold my condo, and filed my taxes, which means I have a windfall for a new laptop. Looking at getting one that can game, because I'm shamelessly addicted, but also need one for college in the summer (hopefully). Saw these two on sale at CostCo, and curious as to opinions on them? I am savvy enough to swap HDD/SDD's and RAM if needed, but as they are laptops, I figure other hardware swaps are a no-go. ASUS ROG GL753 - On sale until Wed for 899.99 i7-7700HQ 2.8 GHz 16GB DDR4 1TB 5400RPM SATA HDD 128GB SATA3 SSD 4GB GTX 1050Ti 17.3" 1920x1080 Acer Nitro 5 - On sale until 11th for 699.99 i5 7300HQ 2.5 Ghz 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD 4GB GTX 1050 15.6" 1920x1080 The financial advisor (my wife) has budgeted up to $1.5k (but closer to 1K would be best) for gaming laptop, so more expensive recommendations and/or builds are valid. But, saving money is a benefit, and would mean I could throw it at something else (larger SSD, portable storage, upgrades for home desktop, et alia) So, what do y'all think?
  21. So, comparing some stuff...|34-233-196^34-233-196%2C34-154-702^34-154-702%2C34-233-226^34-233-226%2C34-234-830^34-234-830%2C34-154-620^34-154-620 Realized I'd rather stay closer to 1.2k than 1.5k... And would like a metal/aluminum body, as this is going to college/on an ambulance. Other recommendations/thoughts/preferences between what has been seen in the thread so far?
  22. Sleep deprived, and over-caffeinated... What could go wrong? - Live and lame, now!

    1. hazzgar


      I feel you man. I have a movie market soon so I heave to read 20h per day and I get free coffee since a ton of my friends are getting ready for coffee brewers cup. I'm pretty sure if I squint blood or coffee will shoot out of my eyeballs

  23. [YOUJO][NICO] is recruiting! <3

    ded TS Ded TS...