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  1. War Gaming... where 1 + 1 = 335


    1. Greatspank


      Several occasions i made more damage, assisted damage, and didn't scratch paint jobs but denied high caliber. Arithmetic is hard yo.

  2. Hitting tanks that are tiers above you is a good way to farm XP as well. I've come a lot closer to top xp games in the S-51 (with small gun for better accuracy and a lot more opportunities) than I have in the 261. That being said, the only game I've actually been able to finish it for 15.3 was in the 261 on a game that I lost and died (not finishing the secondary condition). In other words, if your whole team sucks and you do well but loose, you can get it as well. I tried several more times and ended up just giving up and doing the missions for all the other classes as well. I noticed while doing the scouting missions that you get assisted damage after spotting a target even if it goes dark for a few seconds, so holding your shots as arty just to shoot at an unlit target isn't going to do you any favors, better to go for more damage on higher tier tanks.
  3. How would the VK100.01P be at a mission like HT-12.3 (block x3 hp)... which I'm somehow failing to do in the AMX M4 49

  4. @Spartan96 the quality of your avatar annoyed me


    1. Spartan96


      <3 compressed it initially so i could use on main forums as well with their lower kb rating.

    2. Android25


      Well... it's not perfect. But this one is under the 100kb limit of the official forums and still looks better.



      Edit: I take it back, since the main forums only show a max 94x94, you can just keep it in full res and reduce the size


  5. Anybody looking to pick up a Scorpion G, they're still in the NA store for another 14 hours.

    T25E5 and T25E5 (P) for another week. /Public Announcement

  6. Taxes done... Hello refund :3


    Didn't get as much back as I could have though because of all that money I won betting on Trump winning... Is this what was meant by being tired of winning?

    1. Xen


      Wow really? Trump is causing a hard-working US citizen to lose out on a large amount of his hard-earned money like that? You should totally contact CNN and let them tell your story. This injustice must not be swept under the rug! Trump is STEALING your money!

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      but not paying your fair share of taxes makes you smart right? :trump:

  7. TWSYS58.png

    Back in my day we all knew the game hadn't hit version 1.0.0 yet and the fourth number meant micropatch...

  8. March 8th 2012: Former President Barack Obama signs H.R. 347, a bill which declares that to "disrupt" any event where somebody is under protection of the Secret Service is a felony and can carry a sentence of up to 10 years and a fine of $25,000.

    January 20th 2017: Protesters upset with the election results riot at the presidential inauguration, leading to 217 arrests, all of which are charges for rioting.

    January 21st 2017: Protesters now realize that Obama left office with H.R. 347 unchanged under President Donald Trump.


    Protesting is fine, that's a right, but why do butthurt people have to burn cars, destroy property, and assault other human beings? How does that further your cause?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Sidus_Preclarum


      > cunts gonna get a taste of their own medicine


      You mean, absence of medecine.



      And then there was Madonna saying she had thought about blowing up the white house. threat of domestic terrorism nice meme 10/10 ign

    4. Strigonx


      Antifa cunts

      That's why

  9. Oh... That's really weird. Definitely a bug then if even spectator mode can't view the tank.
  10. This was in spectator mode as well. What do you mean radio shenanigans couldn't be possible in that mode? In low tier battles (where tanks on the other side of the map don't always see/communicate with each other) it seems that when you bounce around in spectator mode, tanks appear on the minimap based on the radio of the tank you're viewing. I could be remembering wrong but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
  11. Has anyone seen this happen before? I looked it up and it seems it was a bug years ago but I saw this yesterday in and am wondering if it's still a bug or if maybe the game only spots allies via radio and not line of sight, in which case maybe the scorpions radio and radio operator had been taken out?