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  1. March 8th 2012: Former President Barack Obama signs H.R. 347, a bill which declares that to "disrupt" any event where somebody is under protection of the Secret Service is a felony and can carry a sentence of up to 10 years and a fine of $25,000.

    January 20th 2017: Protesters upset with the election results riot at the presidential inauguration, leading to 217 arrests, all of which are charges for rioting.

    January 21st 2017: Protesters now realize that Obama left office with H.R. 347 unchanged under President Donald Trump.


    Protesting is fine, that's a right, but why do butthurt people have to burn cars, destroy property, and assault other human beings? How does that further your cause?

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    2. MAJEST1C
    3. Sidus_Preclarum


      > cunts gonna get a taste of their own medicine


      You mean, absence of medecine.



      And then there was Madonna saying she had thought about blowing up the white house. threat of domestic terrorism nice meme 10/10 ign

  2. Oh... That's really weird. Definitely a bug then if even spectator mode can't view the tank.
  3. This was in spectator mode as well. What do you mean radio shenanigans couldn't be possible in that mode? In low tier battles (where tanks on the other side of the map don't always see/communicate with each other) it seems that when you bounce around in spectator mode, tanks appear on the minimap based on the radio of the tank you're viewing. I could be remembering wrong but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
  4. Has anyone seen this happen before? I looked it up and it seems it was a bug years ago but I saw this yesterday in and am wondering if it's still a bug or if maybe the game only spots allies via radio and not line of sight, in which case maybe the scorpions radio and radio operator had been taken out?
  5. So this happened today o.O


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    2. MAJEST1C


      The Russian mafia is after you 

    3. Assassin7


      To google translate with you!

    4. PrinzEugen478


      just reply with "cyka blyat" :kappa: 

  6. Moving 17GB WoT from NVMe Drive to RAM takes less than 30 seconds


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    2. Android25


      ASUS RAMDisk, which is supposedly only for specific ASUS ROG Motherboards (but I'm sure there's other software out there to do it) allows you to make a temporary hard drive within the RAM. You still need enough spare room in RAM to run the program as normal, but whenever you need to load anything into RAM, it just moves it from one section to another, which many times faster than from my NVMe drive, even though that's already 4.5 times faster than an SSD. @BlackAdder is right, it takes up ~19GB of my 32GB of RAM and the speed increase is pretty negligible. Wot maps load in about 4 seconds instead of 8 or so with the NVMe. There's no pause when new tanks load in but I think that was only a HDD issue anyway and I haven't played WoT from HDD in years.

    3. BlackAdder


      @Android25 how you handle such downgrade in RAM?

      NVMe is slow for you? How so? 

    4. Android25


      The NVMe drive isn't slow, just slower than RAM. My main gaming NVMe drive is a 1TB m.2 on an AIC and reads between 1.5 and 2 GB/s, my OS NVMe which is a 128GB m.2 on the Mobo reads at around 1GB/s, and my 500GB 840 EVO SSD reads at a max 540MB/s 

      I don't notice the drop in RAM. When I make the disk it leaves 12GB of ram, which is plenty for playing WoT and running a few things in the background. I don't need 32GB of ram, I just got it because my mobo has 8 ram slots, 4 on either side of the CPU, and it would look lopsided to have just one ram stick. I also wanted to get 16GB modules so if I ever want to expand to the full 128GB in the future I just have to add more 16GB dimms instead of throwing out old 8GB sticks and buying new ones.

  7. Sending transcripts to transfer colleges. My current school that is in the SAME system (University of Wisconsin) and has a guarantee transfer program charged me $9 to send a PDF copy... My old college in a different state charged me NOTHING to send a physical copy by mail.

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    2. Xen


      god internet is expensive in the states. heil comcast 

    3. CenturionofRome72


      Im pretty sure it normally costs money to send transcripts. I've always had to pay except in special occasions where it is free as part of a "first time" or "special event" type of deal. Like when i took the ACT, you can send for free to as many colleges as you want but when i decided on where i wanted to go, i had to send it on my own as i had no idea i was going there during the ACT and paid for that. Also had to pay a small fee when sending my transcript to a community college for summer classes and when sending my completed summer classes to my actual university.

    4. Android25


      Yeah, it's just a fee. But I wouldn't doubt the pdf transcript is completely automated, they could easily provide it as a free service. I would have at least expected to pay for the mail copy.

  8. Spend $1700 on computer upgrades during black Friday/cyber Monday... Spend 2 whole days setting everything up... Go back to playing Factorio

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      @Xen some people gotz money like that   :serb:

    3. Android25


      It wasn't just because it looks cool. I was already going to buy a quality Full ATX or larger (for multi GPU + RAID NVMe drives) x99 motherboard by ASUS, MSI, or EVGA that can handle serious overclocking. Based on boards that fit that specification, that's already an absolute minimum of a $250 motherboard. More likely $280-320 depending on deals. So I spent an extra $240-280 to get something that looked cool and should last me longer in terms of usefulness and quality. Plus I get bragging right of having a flagship motherboard...(Which is so totally worth it right?)

      Also if you really want to talk ridiculous, all my upgrades were literally only to give myself better benchmark numbers (what I upgraded from could already run everything on ultra at at least 60fps). I get to upload my results and it tells me my computer is in the top 99% of all tested computers and it makes me happy.

    4. Xen
  9. Just refunded the disappointing Mafia III on steam so I could buy a year of Prem on this game I hardly ever play any more

    1. Medjed


      Mafia III is such a fucking scam. The game ain't bad, but the optimisation is fkn terrible.

    2. Android25


      It reminded me of La Noire optimization wise

    3. Xen


      R* isn't really known for their good optimisation, though. GTA5 is an exception. :P

  10. I went with the Rampage and only 32GB of 3200 CAS 14 RAM. Part of the reason was because the Godlike didn't explicitly support 3200 RAM, plus I like the extra fan control with all the fans my case has.
  11. I already bought the i7-6850K last week for $500. I was really considering 6900K but I didn't see the extra two cores being worth dropping 400MHz base clock speed. From what I've read it would seem that while newer games can utilize more cores, once you go past 4 cores it's clock speed that really affects gaming. And I don't really plan on doing 8 cores worth of multitasking work. Plus the 6900K is currently over $575 more than what I paid for the 6850K, even a good sale would have a hard time dropping it down to only $250 more than what I paid. I actually want the extra PCIe lanes for NVME RAID more than for extra GPU's
  12. I'm really split between these boards and I'm not sure which to choose. Aesthetically I like the Carbon a lot more but I'm not a huge fan of it's RGB setup. Functionally I like that the Rampage has more fan headers but other than that the boards are very similar. While I plan to SLI in the future, I don't believe that the Godlike's ability to SLI 4 cards is something I will ever need, or at least not in the time that this board will be in my computer. Do I need a motherboard anywhere near as powerful as either of these are? No of coarse not, but I have both the money and the will to buy one so don't bother telling me it's overkill, I already know that. I'm just interested on input as which one you think would be better. The board will initially be supporting an i7-6850K (cooled with an H100i liquid cooler), 64GB of DDR4 3000 RAM, a GTX 980 (I know, I know, I should be putting this money towards a new card, but I'm waiting for the Volta architecture next year), 500GB SSD, 1TB NVME, 3TB HHD. Will be powered by an HX1000i, and will be housed inside an Obsidian 750D. Rampage Godlike
  13. Tomorrow FedEx is dropping off an i7 6850k that I currently don't have a motherboard it will fit into... It sure will look nice on my desk though until I can get one.