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  1. Android25

    What's Everyone Been Up To?

    Hey, gay frog water is no joke! Also, I dropped Mechanical Engineering and took up Computer Science... much better fit.
  2. I should really just try to get rid of my account... I never play this game anymore :P

  3. Android25

    MYST 25th anniversary

    I don't know how many of you are fans of the old Myst games or have recently played Cyan's new game Obduction or are looking forward to their next game Firmament, but since I wouldn't have found it without currently trying to get Myst 3: Exile running on my Win 10 gaming desktop, I wanted to point out that Cyan has finally, after over 20 years, acquired the rights to all of the MYST games, including the ones Ubisoft has owned and been unwilling to act to release them on steam. This year, Myst through URU will be re-released to work on Windows 10 and whatever the latest flavor of Mac is. It will be on steam and GOG one way or another this year, but if you really loved the games or are interested in helping out Cyan, the company who started Myst, they currently have a kick starter where you can get some pretty cool stuff including DVD copies of the windows 10 working version and a custom Myst linking book box to hold the DVDs.
  4. I finally did it!



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    2. Android25


      I use the NVMe drive for Steam. The first one was getting full so I picked up another and figured, why not raid them :P

      Honestly it's more just a game of how ridiculously fast I can make the computer at every level.

    3. Medjed


      What's the write/read measuring program called?

    4. Android25


      Blackmagic Disk Speed Test v8.0.1 (it's hard to find for windows)

      It's actually a utility for determining your computer's ability to record and edit various sizes and qualities of desktop video. It tests speeds in file streams from 1 to 5 GB depending on settings, so its good at telling you your raw speed, but doesn't do any real good for testing everyday usage as it doesn't have any queue depth testing.

  5. Android25

    The actual Q&A about the 268v4

    Finally all my data collection every 30 days has some use... Here are the last recent values I grabbed for the old Object 263 against the new 30 day values for the 268-4 Data is filtered for players with 10 or more recent games in the tank. Please note for all charts that quantity of data is low. While the average WR in the tank for higher WR players in the 263 appears to fall above the average of the 268-4, there are only 5 players in the 263 average against over 50 in the 268-4 average. Number of players between 46 and 55 overall WR are more comparable.
  6. "When it takes too long to assign a player to a battle, the matchmaker may add extra Battle Modes to those you’ve marked. If the wait takes more than 50 seconds, you’ll enter the first available match in any mode."

    Fucking hell WG... just let me play regular and grand modes in peace.

    1. Nkrlz


      So then after 49 seconds better cancel the battles. And restart, fuck having to play assault or grand battles.

    2. Hellsfog


      I unchecked those modes because I don't want to play them.  Thanks WG, I'd rather wait. 

    3. Tarski


      This is a terrible idea. Overriding my preferences because you think I'd prefer it? RIP alt+tab during queue. 

  7. Android25

    Burger King tries to explain Net Neutrality

    Net Neutrality invokes Title II of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 to require all ISPs and any company that provides internet service to register for Broadcasting Licenses from the government and regularly renew them. Well... what if the FCC doesn't want to renew them? Ah but that's crazy talk, the FCC can't just revoke Broadcasting Licenses on a whim. It would be taken to court within seconds! But imagine what happens when you're appointed by the president as chairman of the FCC, and shortly after, you get a call from the president. The president tells you that a particular ISP needs to have its license revoked because it's violating federal law. Well, you'd probably want to know what law it's breaking but you don't get an answer, you're simply told to revoke the licence. Then the office phones start ringing and now other government bodies are calling in, all substantiating that yes, in fact, the ISP really is breaking the law. So you call your lawyer, and ask him to look up all the laws they were talking about to see if the ISP really is violating them. After all, what kind of law would justify such an abuse of power? None, in fact, that you know of. The next thing that will happen is your lawyer will walk into your office and hand you a legal document titled Countering Information Warfare Act of 2016 (S.2692). The Mission statement "...counter foreign propaganda and disinformation from our enemies by establishing an interagency center housed at the State Department..." That's so bizarre, you think to yourself. Usually agencies are created independent from other branches of government, specifically to preserve accountability and dissuade corrupting influences. Why would you bother creating a new independent agency if you're literally going to house it in the White House? "intergency center" Ok, so it's a center, of multiple agencies. In the White House... p. 1,399 (1,441 in PDF) - "The head of the Center... shall be appointed by the President." ...that answers directly to the President? Okay? What exactly is it going to do? "Maintain, collect, use, and disseminate records for research and data analysis of foreign state and non-state propaganda and disinformation efforts" Wait what? Non-state propaganda? What does that mean? Literally everyone not part of the government is not part of the state. And how exactly is propaganda defined? Huh, that's strange... there's no definition in the act. Like it was deliberately omitted so they can just... call it whatever they want. Incredible. You look up to your lawyer, "How did this go through Congress?" "It didn't." The file is titled National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017. This act was hidden inside a 3076 page annual military budget that was pushed to the floor on Christmas Eve of 2017 so nobody would notice it. Your lawyer flips to page 1,396 (or 1,438 in pdf format). SEC. 1287. GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT CENTER. "Identify the countries and populations most susceptible to propaganda and disinformation based on information provided by appropriate interagency entities. Facilitate the use of a wide range of technologies and techniques by sharing expertise among Federal departments and agencies, seeking expertise from external sources, and implementing best practices." So an act that allows the White House to use "a wide range of technologies and techniques" to influence target populations in order to shape their opinions to refute anything the White House labels as propaganda from any non-government source. This act, accompanied with the title II classification of internet, allows the President to use any Federal department or agency to suppress information. Thanks to Net Neutrality's Title II, they can order all ISP's to take down "hostile" information and any websites that distribute it. If the ISP refuses, their Title II Broadcasting Licence is legally revoked, they can no longer do business, they go bankrupt, and the government buys out their infrastructure. The government can integrate into the ISPs to censor anything, anywhere, at any time. The ISPs are forced to obey. _________________________________________________ It's not that the idea of Net Neutrality is bad. Sure, all information from all sources should be treated the same on the internet. But the implementation in its current form simply gave way too much power to the government, and you should be thankful it was repealed. A better way to go about Net Neutrality would be to create a new Title of classification specifically for the internet that both protects all information on the internet, and limits the government's ability to tamper with it.
  8. Android25

    Where and how to get vbaddict data?

    @NeatoMan If you haven't come up with an app yet to grab all that data, I did finally find the old data that @RichardNixon posted... It's a few years old though. Let me know if you want it, I have both NA and EU server.
  9. kcG3pJ2.png

    That ping though :3

    1. Fulcrous


      In korea you'd be considered lagging :^)

    2. monjardin


      While travelling, I once got 2 ms ping from a hotel in San Jose to the old NA West server. It must have been really close.

  10. Copied from my status update. I had to make sure to pull my crews and remove camo/equipment to get the right base values on the IS-7, E100, 263, and 430. Since I have all those tanks
  11. zg0PusG.png

    New Soviet tier 10's and their comparisons

    (clicking full size and zooming in will help with clarity)

    1. MAJEST1C


      Is there a thread about this?

  12. Android25

    Where and how to get vbaddict data?

    How much data do you need and from what server? I'm still pulling server data from all regions every month, tracking 8.8 million players who were active about half a year ago. You'd have to deal with the format though, which is CSV for player data and each tank, but then colon seperated for individual tank data inside the comma seperation of tanks (data,data,data,tankid:tankdata:tankdata,tankid etc). I also don't save the tier of the tank, just the ID, so you'd need to pull a list of ID's from the API if you wanted data like that. In other words, if you can write a program, the data will be useful to you, otherwise I guess I could look around for Nixon's excel sheets that I used to help adjust the color scale of WN8 like 2 years ago.
  13. Android25

    How did the kill shot even happen?

    Yes, all of those windows can be shot through and there is rubble on the inside of the building that can be climbed (as the windows are too tall for any turret heights without climbing. You can even use that spot to kill things much closer to the building depending on how high your tank is, what your gun depression is and how high you can successfully climb the rubble.
  14. Android25

    Soo... who got a Type 59 this Xmas? :)

    I wonder if they just set it up to consider the special versions of the T26E5 the same as the unskinned version to prevent people bitching about "getting a tank they already had." If that were the case, it would still hold that it's a random draw that then falls down a list (with the type last in that list) until you have all tanks, and then just the gold value of the random draw once you have them all. Has anyone who has a skinned version of the T26E5 gotten the unskinned version from the boxes? Or better yet, has anyone with the skinned version gotten the 9700 gold value for the unskinned version?
  15. Android25

    Soo... who got a Type 59 this Xmas? :)

    Yeah, the tanks are on a list with the Type at the end of the list. When you roll a tier 8, it picks one randomly from the list and if you already have that tank, you get the next one on the list. It's possible that the lorraine 40t is on the list directly above the Type 59 based on what I've seen here. So if you rolled the T26E5 a second time without selling it first, you likely would have gotten the lorraine. If you already had that, you would have gotten the 59. That's assuming the scorp is first on the list, but regardless of the order, if you have the scorp, T26E5, and Lorraine 40t in your garage, you get the Type 59 when you roll a tier 8 tank. If you have all four, you get the gold value of whatever tier 8 it initially drew for you and the garage slot.