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  1. I might do it if I'm drunk enough to not care about the trash ping and arty.
  2. Someone get me an account with a Maus and I'll test Akula's theory, from a shitters perspective. Provided I can manage to stomach enough games I'll do a little write-up.
  3. That got mentioned in the update thread
  4. I used to ready up the E100/IS7/E5 for 20 games in a row and platoonmates would start questioning my sanity. The good ole days were fun.
  5. I stopped farming pubbies and started farming upboats, that doesn't mean I'm bad! I demand the respect I deserve!
  6. I'm Global on Dust 2, silver 1 on every other map.
  7. Welcome to WoTLabs, where being an idiot means you get de_stroyed2.
  8. I'm going to get absolutely fucked when the E5 values get bumped up... Almost 1500 games all played before the buff. Crab hold me pls, I'm tearing up at the thought of it.
  9. You really don't understand why we're roasting you, do you? You seem to think WN8 is the be all and end all of metrics and your life is now ruined because we fixed the expected values. Here's some advice, go pad WR, you'll be far better recognized for having a high WR and the WN8 will naturally come with it.
  10. Oh yea, when you had 4k recent with that amazing 59% WR? Here's the truth dude, everytime we update the values, we get someone who comes in here and cries about their stats changing. Nobody gives a fuck.
  11. @Never Can we manually set his WN8 to 200? Don't bother changing his WR, its bad enough already. Fuck me I didn't realise we're still in 2016. Bashing shitters is standard practice for the moderation team.
  12. I have prime but some of my friends don't so yea.. no prime rip
  13. I'm playing in the GNM - MG2 ranks at the moment and its not uncommon for 2/3 games to have a blatant cheater in them. Its really frustrating...
  14. My honest advice is to disable XVM stats, you're only fucking yourself by trying to make plays based on people's numbers. I've seen people with 200 WN8 make incredible plays and people with 3k make retarded ones. I only ever made plays based on people I knew. I haven't played this game since March 2015, so I really don't know the current meta and map layouts. From my most recent knowledge, the M46 and M48 were some of the best in tier mediums but I never played US mediums much at all so I'm not really able to give you a definitive answer.