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  1. I would re-install thinking "Time to have fun" only to then rage about the RNG aspects of the game and how it really just dumbs down your skill.
  2. In the moment, ask yourself: Are you penetrating shots reliably in this engagement? If not, load gold. Repeat: Are your gold rounds penetrating reliably? If not, you probably should not be in that engagement. I always had heaps of credits so I never really cared much about the cost, sometimes I shot full gold just because it was funny getting the reactions from the poor plebs as their shitty tanks got peppered with fizzing HEAT rounds.
  3. SO, when I first picked this up it was in the middle of the TD domination era, just after the great arty nerf of 8.6 when a general tier 10 game consisted of 90% TD's. I absolutely loathed the E5, I could barely maintain 2k DPG and banished the tank to CW only. Fast forward to me hitting 300 games in the E5, after only playing it in CW for months, with a DPG in the area of 1900 which embarrassed me to hell. So a few months ago I decided I was going to play the thing until I worked it out, no matter the cost. And so I began my self-torture, 350 game mark arrived and I was on the verge of selling the tank, 25 games later and some of my pain had been eased by a few decent games. By the time my 500 game mark had arrived, I was a changed man, this tank was good and I could not understand why I had not liked it before. Anyway, recently I went over 1000 games in my E5 and I absolutely love this tank. So here comes my main point for this topic. - The ability to flex very well, this tank is mobile enough to challenge almost all typical medium positions. - It has workable armour, LFP is nothing special but reasonably reliable enough use as a spearhead. - The gun has excellent handling, good accuracy and nice DPM. The only downside is that it has HEAT as a gold round. The E5 has the ability to perform in either of the 2 current most important roles; mediums and heavies. The current set of maps are a pack of allsorts when it comes to being either A) Medium favoured or B)Heavy favoured. With the E5 you are never completely out-classed on any map. Your team is low on meds? Fine, I'm a medium this game, get bullied fgts. The game is going to be won or lost at the brawl? E100 m8 u better not bounce/miss a shot cuz i'll rip u a new 1 kunt. OH GAWD THEIR PUBES ARE CAPPING! No worries kunts, i'll just wizz over there. The point of this is to discuss how WG's recent changes have buffed this tank into something extremely reliable as a pub tank, especially solo pub. Personally I think its a gem that no one is talking about, so I have come to share my thoughts. Please share yours/ask questions.
  4. hahaha 2 sweaty muricans can't handle the kiwi 1 pumps :trump: 


    1. Assassin7


      ahahaha get shrecked nerd

  5. The expected values get updated and that changes your WN8 numbers.
  6. For some reason I read this as "Shame on you", I re-read it multiple times... I think I caught a mild case of retard from this thread
  7. Some H1Z1 memes bois


  8. >When you have more warnings than brain cells, later trash.
  9. Some new chinese speed hack has recently popped up and now we have these cunts everywhere...
  10. Never before have I seen a game with so much potential and fun factor, but so ridiculously poorly made. Don't get me wrong, H1ErrorCode1 is really fun, I've sunk 300 hours into it over a few months and will sink many more in future. The game itself is fun, winning a game isn't hard but doing really well requires a decent amount of time and effort, which is good. There's a nice ranking system within the game for solo queue which takes your best 10 games and places you in a bracket accordingly, it doesn't affect your matchmaking whatsoever but its nice for setting goals and progression. The 2 man and 5 man game-modes are also really fun for those of us who enjoy playing with friends. However, Daybreak has somehow made a game that shits itself so reliably you could set your watch to it. Crashes left right and centre, if you manage to get all 5 of your friends into a match without anyone crashing you're lucky. Weapons not reloading. AK47 sounds glitching and firing full auto for a full 30 seconds sometimes when you kill someone holding one. Hitreg about as crisp as a soggy tampon. Laggy servers causing you to fall through the map, your car explode, or just have your weapon locked completely thanks to packet loss. Shotguns. Loot that can't be picked up. Doors that are closed on your screen but open on another player's. I could go on. So who plays? : Share some of your meme moments if you manage to catch them on camera.
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      Im hard saving for new PC, I cant buy it yet :(

      If anyone buys it for me, ill shout them another bundle of your choice for the same price in like a month when I can afford it, or whenever you see one you like, as a return favour. 

  12. If you want to be a little flamboyant you can butt-chug it.
  13. Mate being a cunt in arma lmao


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      Even though i never played or even watched Arma videos i just fucking knew what's gonna happen...and it was still hilarious

  14. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002T44UGA/ref=s9_acsd_top_hd_bw_b292I_c_x_3_w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-3&pf_rd_r=4K87ECX5WAQ10WZFVC5J&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=b949820f-ff03-5be8-b745-f0a5e56b98c9&pf_rd_i=511394
  15. I managed to hit Royalty
  16. This game is actually amazing
  17. Cheng Guan is Recruiting! Cheng Guan Promotional Video: Currently we have a few slots to fill up in CHAI and our network of subsidiary clans are always looking for new blood. CHAI is a Chinese based clan that has existed for many years and is a relevant force on the global map. Requirements: - Be able to speak/understand Mandarin. (This is quite important because battles are called in Mandarin.) - Minimum of 2900 Recent WN8. - A selection of viable tier 10 tanks. (Russian mediums/AMX 50B/T57/E100/Batchat 25T/etc) - Be a cool dude. (No douchebags.) - Commitment. (We aren’t looking for clan hoppers and such, if you have a habit of joining many clans for short amounts of time you probably won’t be considered.) These requirements are guidelines, we cannot guarantee you will be accepted merely because you meet the list of requirements. Once you contact our recruiter, you will be evaluated and after that a decision will be made. English Speakers: - 3000 Recent WN8. - The ability to function in a clan battle with minimal instructions. (You won’t be able to understand what is being said by the caller, so you need to be able to follow your team’s movements and read the minimap to act accordingly.) For us English speakers, it’s a little bit more complicated. You will be evaluated in terms of your ability to function without understanding the caller and having to make the right decisions on your own. There is also the matter of whether or not you will “fit in” to a “foreign” environment, please carefully consider what you want from a clan and whether or not you mind being part of a Mandarin dominant environment. Currently there is myself and spencer_ who are the clan’s only English members, joining as an English speaker is reasonably difficult but if you feel you are a good fit then please be sure to apply! For all recruitment enquiries please contact: _SMS_Derfflinger, Troyzhu, ThousandEnemy, Adipose Cheng Guan Teamspeak: ts.cgchai.com Perhaps you do not quite meet the requirements for CHAI main? Have a look at our subsidiary clan network, I’m sure you can find the type of environment you are looking for! [CHAII] - http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000012774/ [YO_OY] - http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000012917/ [HOHO] - http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000006693/ [ROXY] - http://na.wargaming.net/clans/1000011916/
  18. Yea I got it on sale for 19 NZD and don't regret buying it at all, apart from the crashes most of the bugs are actually somewhat entertaining. That moment when you realise you fucked up
  19. I might do it if I'm drunk enough to not care about the trash ping and arty.
  20. Someone get me an account with a Maus and I'll test Akula's theory, from a shitters perspective. Provided I can manage to stomach enough games I'll do a little write-up.
  21. That got mentioned in the update thread
  22. I used to ready up the E100/IS7/E5 for 20 games in a row and platoonmates would start questioning my sanity. The good ole days were fun.
  23. I stopped farming pubbies and started farming upboats, that doesn't mean I'm bad! I demand the respect I deserve!