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  1. Yeah that is why I usually relocates somewhere else a bit faster than this game. Since the spotting damage kept pouring in I did a couple of more runs than normal before I left. And this was while 3 marking the tank as well so I kind of needed those games to be good.
  2. Thank you for the explanation mate. The thing is I find that it rarely comes to a fight for the cap in my encounter games. Maybe it is a meta difference? The only map off the top of my head where this is an issue is Murovanka. I might be turning off the encounter maps later to check if this makes a difference, but right now I don't find it to be that problematic.
  3. That is honestly far down the list of my frustrations in WoT. I would rather have that situation to deal with on an open map, than try to spot on Paris.
  4. This has worked quite well for me from the southern spawn:
  5. I agree with you. That has been my experience so far. Actually Ensk and Himmelsdorf encounter are really not that bad for lights as well, I seem to be getting some good games on them. Steppes encounter is also a good map for lights.
  6. Do you think so? Why is that? I seem to be doing quite good on my encounter maps in light tanks. Can you elaborate pls?
  7. Yep I heard that myself while listening to the final edit, will work on that in the next video. Thank you for the feedback!
  8. So here is my review of the T-71 after 3 marking it. A decent tank!
  9. Quit using mods helps as well, easier to stay focused on the important things. And ye play light tanks! Then you will get 7k sessions with 70% win rate(solo).
  10. The last 2 games that got me the 3 MoE on the T71:
  11. T71 3 MoE stream:
  12. Mostly T71 some SP1C: