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  1. After 3 marking the Amx 13-75 here is my review of it. Pros and cons and what role of light tank play that suits it best. Is it better than the T-71?
  2. pip_wot's YouTube Channel

    Hello! Started playing World of Tanks in 2011 and have been playing on and off since then (Mostly on ) My best tank class is light tanks and at the moment I am grinding the Marks of Excellency on the Amx 13-75. In my Youtube channel I will be featuring streams, highlights and guides. This section will be more thorough and expanded as I get more content on the channel. Testimonial from one of my viewers: " As much time I have in my lunch time at work, I checking back your uploaded streams and I already feel in my gameplay that, your tips and tricks make me see the game from new viewpoint, and its working also So thank you a lot! " Latest stream: Amx 13-75 MOE Session, 6400 WN8 - 67% WR https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO0m9NGg8kIoAE3XcyrYlEQ
  3. Type 64: Still worth it?

    Sealclubbing in the Type 64
  4. Pools on Lakeville:


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    Pools Medal Lakeville:
  6. pip_wot's YouTube Channel

    Stream - 6100 WN8 & 65% WR
  7. Removed the boosts (a.k.a. ‘mountaingoating’ spots) on following maps:






    Sacred Valley

    Mountain Pass

    El Halluf

    Arctic Circle

    Wow WG! 2 good news in one day?

    1. Assassin7


      I wonder which ones, or if its all of them or just the ones you couldn't do before the physics patch.

      you know what, I dont care. fuck boosts and boosting in general

    2. Marty


      Honestly, the boosts that just allow you to get into area a different way are ok (onto Airfield balcony safely, onto 8 line on Abbey through middle, you get the idea). They actually make the map more playable in some ways.

      The ones that just allow somebody to camp base super effectively are pure ebola. 

      Aggressive ones I am 50/50 on, if they're broken with double bush like Fjords they should go but some are not that great and leave tanks really open, they could stay because they're super situational.

    3. Assassin7


      I personally think that if its a position that is one of the defined "unaccessable areas" on the map, I.E the greyed out areas, it should be impossible to get on to. some boosts that allow access to other proper play areas im on the fence on, but anything where the actual position is on a greyed out area, yeah that can fucking go. 

  8. "We know how many of you hold the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t. dear. So do we! Upon considering your feedback on the changes we planned to introduce, we took a step back to review the testing results and didn't find a solid enough reason to rebalance this treasured vehicle. We will leave it unchanged for now."


    1. Assassin7


      Holy mother of thank the lord baby Allah of hinduism for that

  9. T-71 review after 3 marking it

    So here is my review of the T-71 after 3 marking it. A decent tank!
  10. Yeah that is why I usually relocates somewhere else a bit faster than this game. Since the spotting damage kept pouring in I did a couple of more runs than normal before I left. And this was while 3 marking the tank as well so I kind of needed those games to be good.
  11. Thank you for the explanation mate. The thing is I find that it rarely comes to a fight for the cap in my encounter games. Maybe it is a meta difference? The only map off the top of my head where this is an issue is Murovanka. I might be turning off the encounter maps later to check if this makes a difference, but right now I don't find it to be that problematic.
  12. That is honestly far down the list of my frustrations in WoT. I would rather have that situation to deal with on an open map, than try to spot on Paris.
  13. How to scout on Lakeville?

    This has worked quite well for me from the southern spawn:
  14. I agree with you. That has been my experience so far. Actually Ensk and Himmelsdorf encounter are really not that bad for lights as well, I seem to be getting some good games on them. Steppes encounter is also a good map for lights.
  15. Do you think so? Why is that? I seem to be doing quite good on my encounter maps in light tanks. Can you elaborate pls?
  16. T-71 review after 3 marking it

    Yep I heard that myself while listening to the final edit, will work on that in the next video. Thank you for the feedback!
  17. pip_wot's YouTube Channel

    Type 64 stream:
  18. How to increase your WN8 (mindset)

    Quit using mods helps as well, easier to stay focused on the important things. And ye play light tanks! Then you will get 7k sessions with 70% win rate(solo).
  19. T71 Fan Club

    The last 2 games that got me the 3 MoE on the T71:
  20. pip_wot's YouTube Channel

    T71 3 MoE stream:
  21. pip_wot's YouTube Channel

    Mostly T71 some SP1C:
  22. pip_wot's YouTube Channel

    Bad MM and map rotation, but still nice chat with the viwers.