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  1. What would that be the monster rig when Intel CPUs give higher FPS in games? The Ryzen can be CPU limited in some games.
  2. They were SLI Maxwell GPUs, so its hard to say if they were the equivalent of SLI GTX 1070's not 1080's.
  3. I looked around for Ryzen benchmarks with SLI GTX 1080 GPUs due to the controversy in AMD recommending reviewers test at 1440p and 4k. I wanted to see if you reduce the GPU bottleneck, woudl the 1080p results carry over. However I haven't found any. I've see some photos and videos of the reviewer's shops with half a dozen GTX 1080's in the box sitting on the shelf. Obviously its not due to a lack of GPUs. Does SLI not currently work on the new AMD motherboards?
  4. When I use to stream with my 3770K and my 6700K I didn't notice any FPS drop in games when using OBS. I'd personally wait for a while to buy a Ryzen CPU/motherboard until all the early issues are worked out. Supposedly some of them will be fixed soon. More than half the tests I saw where memory bandwidth was measured showed the Ryzen systems with DDR4 having less memory bandwidth than a 3770K with DDR3.
  5. I saw some online vendors dropping their GTX 1080's prices yesterday and today. Some of the higher end water cooled GTX 1080's had their price drop by about $150. I've seen factory overclocked GTX 1080s for $499-$520 also.
  6. I'm interested in seeing if AMD was cheating on some benchmarks. The RyZen motherboards that the reviewers received have special benchmark settings in the UEFI/BIOS.
  7. The other good news: "At the same time, the company announced the 1080 is getting a price cut and will now start at $500."
  8. Today, I played 6 battles without personal reserves activated and I average 2500+ DPG in tier 8 premiums and my teams are "average" overall.

    I activate personal reserves, then most of my fully aimed shots go nowhere near where they are aimed and I low roll most of my shots.  I was struggling to manage 1,000 DPG in the same tier 8 tanks I played earlier. Also I get many teams full of sub 600 WN8 players who are barely better than bots.

    What happens the first battle after the personal reserves expire? 3,088 damage, fired 12 shots and 11 hit and 10 pen in the IS-5.

    Stuff like this makes me want to joint he tinfoil hat crowd.

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    2. Bavor


      The game does have odd streaks of RNG that can lead to tinfoil hat thinking.  Nothing like firing 6 or 7 shots form a 750 alpha gun in two separate battles and not having a single one do more than 696 damage.  When stuff like that happens I often wonder what the  actual chances of it happening are.

    3. SmirkingGerbil


      Indeed 8th Hussars, keep us sane with science! You are on that wall, we need you on that wall!!!

    4. DirtyACE7


      I experienced this yesterday. Activated some crew reserves and played my M46. Was averaging like 3.5k damage and could not buy a single win for the entire length of the reserve, then as soon as it ran out suddenly the wins started coming one after another. I'm not going to subscribe to the tin foil brigade because I remember other times when I have used reserves and also lots of wins at the same time with great personal performances. I think sometimes you getting shitty teams simply coincides with when you decide to run reserves and it makes it feel rigged.

  9. I only need 2,357,212 XP on each crew member for my IS-3 crew to finish their 5th skill. I think it may take a while.

  10. No you are missing the point. AMD CPUs haven't been gimped in WoT since 9.15 when they added multi core support. Since 9.15 WoT has been limited by the GPU more than the CPU and I've proven it in benchmark tests before.
  11. 2 FPS isn't a huge difference in WoT. I've seen a bigger difference between WoT benchmarks with different Nvidia drvier versions or different case temps.
  12. 252u confirmed OP Won 9 of my first 10 battles in it. The only loss was due to our tier 10's YOLOing and dying in the first 2 minutes in the loss.

  13. I saw all these posts on Facebook saying Ryzen set a world record score in Cinebench R15 with a score of 2449. Is it really a world record if Intel's best CPUs (Xeon E7) scored 8177 on Cinebench without overclocking? I can put two of them in an ATX motherboard board with multiple PCI Express 3.0 X16 slots. I'm hoping AMD causes Intel to lower their high end CPU prices. My first high end gaming PC was a dual Athlon XP 1900+ CPUs on a Supermicro workstation board. I eventually upgraded them to dual 2400+ XMP's. I think only Falcon 4 and one of the versions of quake fully supported 2 CPUs at the time I built it. The Photoshop performance was amazing though.
  14. I guess I'll throw in my i7-6700K for comparison if people are wondering they the new 6 core 12 thread Ryzen compares to my 1 generation old i7. The i7 does better than the leaked Ryzen results at single core only because of the clock speed difference. I'd like to see how far the Ryzen reliably overclocks.