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  1. Lately I've been in several battles with Omar_Baan and it seems that he spends more time ramming and blocking the highest WN8 players on his team than trying to shot the enemy. I had two battles in a row where he kept moving behind me to intentionally block me. I doubt Wargaming will do anything if I send int he replays with a ticket. They didn't do it the last time when I had several battles with a player that chased me around the entire battle ramming and blocking me.
  2. I haven't played much lately, but I'll continue to record my matchmaking results.
  3. I'm at a loss at how to convince a stats denier that his own game play is responsible for his win rate.  No matter how many different ways i explain it, he can;t understand that everyone gets the same good and bad teams over time.  Rj6cdcu.jpg

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    2. simba90


      Because to accept that means to accept that they are mediocre at a game which is probably damaging to the ego.

      Its easier to blame things that are out of your control and thus remove yourself from the equation of responsibility.

    3. Sapros


      Ignorance is bliss.

    4. DirtyACE7


      The concepts you are trying to convey are often too complex for the average breed of pubbie. They would rather rage at you like a crazed monkey than to take a few moments to do some self-reflecting. Most of the time it's a big waste of effort on someone who does not want to be helped just as it is in real life.

  4. 9.13-9.15 matchmaking for tier 8s with non pref matchmaking. 9.17 matchmaking for tier 8s with non pref matchmaking. Looks like the issue is 9.18.
  5. You obviously haven't been keeping track of tier 8 matchmaking since 9.18. Tier 8 tanks have been completely screwed over by the 9.18 matchmaking. I played 200 solo pub battles since 9.18 without trying the platoon bug mentioned above. After 200 solo pub tier 8 battles in non pref matchmaking tanks, this is the distribution of battle tiers in my tier 8 tanks: Outside of the 7 PM to 11 PM prime time, tier 8 tanks are top tier 14-20% of the time post 9.18. Pre 9.18 Tier 8 non pref matchmaking tanks were top tier 35%-41% of the time any time of the day depending on the patch. Other people who recorded their battle info post 9.18 are reporting similar results in non pref matchmaking tier 8 tanks.
  6. I tried this some more today in tier 8 tanks and it does sort of work on the NA server. If the wait time goes past 30 seconds, you get a tier 9 or 10 battle. I played 22 battles in tier 8 tanks in a platoon by myself. 4 tier 10 battles 2 tier 9 battles 16 tier 8 battles.
  7. fedecastillo from the clan CHOTA(with a whole 6 members) spent the entire battle following me around, trying to block me from moving and trying to get me shot. I have no clue who he is and haven't been in a battle with him all day. Yet he kept parking his tank sideways behind mine and when I drove to a different part of the map he followed me and kept trying to block me form moving. 95% of the time someone tries this stupid shit with me its someone from Argentina.
  8. I've tired it this afternoon on the NA East server. I played 10 tier 8 battles in a platoon with nobody else. So far, 6 of my 10 battles have been tier 8. I was keeping data on matchmaking after 9.18 and about 20% of my tier 8 tank battles were tier 8 based on 200 tier 8 solo pub battles. The percentage of tier 8 battles was lower outside of 7 PM to 11 PM. It appears this bug is on the NA server also.
  9. The data I have from patches pre 9.18 shows that when playing solo in tier 8 tanks in pub battles, I was top tier 35%-42% of the time in tier 8 tanks with regular matchmaking. That includes battles outside of the time periods of the highest server population. 9.18 changed things so that tier 8 tanks are top tier 1/2 the time they use to be. When I've played tier 8 tanks solo pub outside of the 7 PM to 11 PM time frame I was top tier only 15-20% of the time. For a while it was actually less than 15% of the time that I was top tier in tier 8 tanks.
  10. Not platooning. All solo pub battles. After more tier 8 battles, almost all of them between 5 PM and 11 Om east coast time during higher server populations this is the breakdown: 186 battles total Tier 8: 40 Battles 21.51% Tier 9: 66 Battles 35.48% Tier 10: 80 Battles 43.01% Tier 8 tanks continue to get screwed int he current matchmaker. They get 1/2 the tier 8 battles they got pre patch 9.18.
  11. I posted this on the NA forums: Tier 8 tanks are getting continuously screwed by the new matchmaker. I looked at the data I have for non pref matchmaking tanks during patch 9.13 through 9.15. I played 358 battles in non pref matchmaking tier 8 tanks during the time of patches 9.13 through 9.15. 147 of the battles were tier 8 battles. 127 of the battles were tier 9 battles. 84 were tier 10 battles. Tier matchmaking 8 in patches 9.13 through 9.15: These battles were all times of the day not just 7PM to 11 PM east coast time. Tier 8 matchmaking in patch 9.17: Lets compare the above to patch 9.18 matchmaking. After 131 battles in non pref matchmaking tier 8 tanks since 9.18, I updated Tier 8 matchmaking in 9.18 info I collected: Recently, I played more tier 8 tanks only during the 7PM to 11 PM east coast time period. This caused my number of tier 8 battles to go up to a higher percentage because the server population was higher. Outside of the 7-11 PM time period the percentage of tier 8 battles in tier 8 tanks is 15-20%. Before patch 9.18 about 40% of tier 8 tank battles were tier 8 battles. After patch 9.18 about 20% of tier 8 tank battles are tier 8 battles. Tier 8 tanks continue to get screwed over by matchmaking in patch 9.18. Also, tier 8 premium tanks that don't have pref matchmaking have to fire more premium ammo because they get twice the number of tier 10 battles. This devalues tier 8 premium tanks and reduces their credit making potential. If Wargaming isn't going to fix matchmaker for tier 8 tanks, Wargaming should reduce the cost of all tier 8 premiums that don't get special matchmaking and give every player a partial gold refund for every tier 8 premium non special matchmaking tank they own.
  12. Is 602 automatic fire extinguishers enough?

  13. I keep telling my teams in pub battles that pushing south to the castle from the north spawn in swamp is a bad idea.  Yet they keep doing it and throwing their tanks away.  The last battle I had there 6 heavies that pushed south to castle did ZERO damage.  Then they blame me for it by not helping them push to the castle when I was playing my CDC.

  14. I just had a battle with this guy. He was in a top tier scout and was bitching about matchmaker was rigged because he has only won 2 battles since the 9.18 update. So he camped cap the entire battle. Then when I scouted in a bottom tier medium he spend the rest of the battle bitching at me for receiving 1100 damage while doing his job, scouting. He fired zero shots the entire battle while camping cap. No wonder he has had only 2 wins since 9.18.
  15. I see the 9.18 patch notes were changed from, "Preference of placing a player at the top of the team list, if they have already played several battles at the bottom of the team list." to say "Preference of placing a player at the top/middle of the team list, if they have already played several battles at the bottom of the team list." I guess the NA server doesn't have the population to make the first quoted matchmaker rule work?