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  1. Earlier tonight I was in a Tier 10 battle with This guy: he started the battle by emptying his clip of his T57 Heavy into team mates until he got banned. I sent him a message in game telling him to stop letting hsi 3 year old child play his account. When his ban was over he denied shooting team mates in that battle. Yet his gun fired 4 times into team mates.
  2. I just had 5 teams in a row hand the enemy the win without a fight. They spotted the enemy tanks, turned around and ran away without firing a shot and gave the enemy team complete map control. 5 times in a row WTF?  This was in tier 9 and 10 battles.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      Virtual tanking is scary. I don't blame them.

  3. I played 21 battles today and was NEVER top tier the entire time.  WTF matchmaker???  UPDATE: on my 22nd battle of the day I was top tier.  WTF matchmaker?

    1. Bavor


      Bottom tier the entire day battle after battle when I played tier 5 through 8 grinding tanks.  In 30 battles I was top tier twice. WTF?

    2. DHP



       In 30 battles I was top tier twice. WTF?

      Man.. You had it good !

      MM is killing this game. Funny thing is that tier 10 MM is now fucking insane.. I played roughly 70 games in tier 10's this past weekend and i was in full tier 10 game probably >20% of the time. i'd say you are top tier in 3-5-7, 50 to 65% of the time now.. it's a bit dumb really because it means lower tier get fucked up real hard. 


    3. Vettish


      Yea, yesterday I played 20 or so games and I was top tier I think once and that was an all tier 9 game iirc so not even top tier really.

  4. The people I know who play WoT console said that on console the IS-6 has 2 gun options. When you swap in the BL-13 it loses pref matchmaking. When you keep the stock gun it keeps pref matchmaking.
  5. I saw this part.... "– Buffs to researchable vehicles, mainly USSR – Buffs to premiums, mainly USSR" I can't wait to see the patch notes saying the Object 252u/Defender are getting a ROF buff or a gun handling buff due to poor performance.
  6. The whole XP system for ranked battles is fucked up.  I was in a battle where my team lost.  I was top in damage with almost 4,400 damage, spotted all my own damage because it was all done at close range, and I reset cap.  Yet I wasn't top 3 in XP???  A bot like IS-7 that camped cap received more XP than I did. WTF?

  7. I really don't care. Its been a year since my last 1 hour ban. Its not like I do team damage often. Now he is also on the shit list of several clans due to posts elsewhere. So his in game life may be unhappy in the next couple weeks. EDIT: Update. I played one battle in my Lorr 40t and I'm no longer blue.
  8. So, some asshole named RedhairdYoda is trying to cheat the team damage system to get players banned. I was in a battle on Fjords and he was on my team. Apparently he wanted the spot I was in so he kept ramming and pushing me. His tier 6 tank was more suited for that spot than my tier 8 tank in his opinion. Apparently tier 8 French autoloaders with no armor are suppose to brawl on the front lines. Then he drove in front of me and blocked me so I couldn't shoot, but that got him damaged. So he drove behind me and whenever I'd back up while I was reloading he would drive forward and try to get me to ram him. After he got me to bump him while I was backing up behind cover a few times I did turn blue. That didn't make sense since he was driving faster than me, unless maybe he stopped right before I hit him. How does a 10 km/h bump register as team damage? Then he started shooting me. I was planning for this to be my last battle of the night and TK'd him. Its been about a year since my last 1 hour ban. The team damage system is still fucked up if you can cheat it to allow a 10 km/h bump in reverse to be counted as team damage.
  9. Lately I've been in several battles with Omar_Baan and it seems that he spends more time ramming and blocking the highest WN8 players on his team than trying to shot the enemy. I had two battles in a row where he kept moving behind me to intentionally block me. I doubt Wargaming will do anything if I send int he replays with a ticket. They didn't do it the last time when I had several battles with a player that chased me around the entire battle ramming and blocking me.
  10. I haven't played much lately, but I'll continue to record my matchmaking results.
  11. I'm at a loss at how to convince a stats denier that his own game play is responsible for his win rate.  No matter how many different ways i explain it, he can;t understand that everyone gets the same good and bad teams over time.  Rj6cdcu.jpg

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    2. simba90


      Because to accept that means to accept that they are mediocre at a game which is probably damaging to the ego.

      Its easier to blame things that are out of your control and thus remove yourself from the equation of responsibility.

    3. Sapros


      Ignorance is bliss.

    4. DirtyACE7


      The concepts you are trying to convey are often too complex for the average breed of pubbie. They would rather rage at you like a crazed monkey than to take a few moments to do some self-reflecting. Most of the time it's a big waste of effort on someone who does not want to be helped just as it is in real life.

  12. 9.13-9.15 matchmaking for tier 8s with non pref matchmaking. 9.17 matchmaking for tier 8s with non pref matchmaking. Looks like the issue is 9.18.
  13. You obviously haven't been keeping track of tier 8 matchmaking since 9.18. Tier 8 tanks have been completely screwed over by the 9.18 matchmaking. I played 200 solo pub battles since 9.18 without trying the platoon bug mentioned above. After 200 solo pub tier 8 battles in non pref matchmaking tanks, this is the distribution of battle tiers in my tier 8 tanks: Outside of the 7 PM to 11 PM prime time, tier 8 tanks are top tier 14-20% of the time post 9.18. Pre 9.18 Tier 8 non pref matchmaking tanks were top tier 35%-41% of the time any time of the day depending on the patch. Other people who recorded their battle info post 9.18 are reporting similar results in non pref matchmaking tier 8 tanks.
  14. I tried this some more today in tier 8 tanks and it does sort of work on the NA server. If the wait time goes past 30 seconds, you get a tier 9 or 10 battle. I played 22 battles in tier 8 tanks in a platoon by myself. 4 tier 10 battles 2 tier 9 battles 16 tier 8 battles.
  15. fedecastillo from the clan CHOTA(with a whole 6 members) spent the entire battle following me around, trying to block me from moving and trying to get me shot. I have no clue who he is and haven't been in a battle with him all day. Yet he kept parking his tank sideways behind mine and when I drove to a different part of the map he followed me and kept trying to block me form moving. 95% of the time someone tries this stupid shit with me its someone from Argentina.