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  1. Two bule overall purple recent players on my team were firing nothing but HE our of their defenders tonight in a tier 10 battle.  No wonder we lost.  That average of 70 damage per shot was soooooo effective.  I wish when people wanted to fuck around like that they would stick to lower tiers.

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    2. Bavor


      Or shoot the front of a heavily armored tier 10 heavy or TD, which is what they were doing.

    3. Hellsfog


      Maybe they were goofing around and spaming HE for the memes.  Some silliness from time to time is allowed, last I checked. 

    4. hazzgar


      @Hellsfog fun in world of tanks? Are you crazy?

  2. I've played 18 battles in this thing so far. My average combined damage is 400 higher than I need to three mark the thing according to XVM yet I'm struggling to win in this thing.
  3. I'll 3 mark the 45.02A before I finish the grind.  I can't seem to get a win in the thing.  Not including spottign and assist damage, I'm already doing more damage per game than 95% of players.  However I just can't get a win in the thing.




    1. Haswell


      The problem is that you are trying to play T8 in a tank not designed for 3/5/7.

    2. Bavor


      The other problem is I get incompetent teams whenever I play it so I usually end up top 3 in damage most of our tier 9's and 10's finish near the middle or bottom.  I had the same Type 4 player on my team in multiple battles tonight.  He basically threw his tank away in the first couple minutes or hid most of the battle and did nothing. WTF?

    3. sohojacques


      In an ideal world sub 50%ers wouldn’t be allowed to play tier 10 or even tier 9. It’s bad for them and even worse for their teammates, especially since 3/5/7 was introduced. 

  4. Tonight a player named Bob_Snipehunter was hiding behind me in his 430 while I was in my tier 8 TD in a tier 10 battle. I asked what he was doing back there and he intentionally shot me and tired to push me off a cliff. Instead he fell to his death, destroying his own tank. I already had him on my last of assholes. Not only does he play arty all the time, but he XVM focuses players in arty.
  5. On the sites that track active players, the number of active players dropped after the release of 9.18, which introduced the 3/5/7 and 5/10 template matchmaking. Then the number of active players dropped again a few weeks after the release of 1.0. Losing active players is working as intended?
  6. Some of the community contributors said that at Tankfest that they were told by Wargaming employees the matchmaking mechanic that increases your chance of being top tier or middle tier after being bottom tier has not worked since 9.18 was released. It looks like they are speaking the truth. I kept track of my last 600 solo pub battles (all battles since 1.0 was released) in an excel spreadsheet. I played mostly tier 8 through 10 with the occasional tier 6 and 7 battle. I included tank played, tank tier, battle tier, type of matchmaking(all 1 tier, 5/10. or 3/5/7), and other details. Most of the battles were played between 7 PM and 11 PM east coast time when the server population is highest. This is what I found... Tier 8 3/5/7 battles: 155 Top tier: 22 battles 14.19% of 3/5/7 battles Middle Tier: 34 battles 21.94% of 3/5/7 battles Bottom Tier: 99 battles 63.87% of 3/5/7 battles Tier 8 5/10 battles: 66 Top tier: 8 battles 12.12% of 5/10 battles Bottom Tier: 58 battles 87.88% of 5/10 battles All tier 8 tanks in a battle: 14 Out of the 221 battles where I played a tier 8 tank and the battle was more than 1 tier, I was top tier 30 times. That's 13.56% of my tier 8 multi tier battles are top tier. Its obvious 3/5/7 and 5/10 matchmaking doesn't work properly. I had days where I was playing tier 8 premiums to grind credits and I was getting tier 9 and 10 battles all day. Wargaming wonders why players dislike the new matchmaker? Maybe we should boycott buying tier 8 premium tanks, or all premium tanks, until the matchmaking is fixed. When playing my tier 8 tanks I rarely had to wait more than 7 to 10 seconds before I was dropped into a battle. Maybe if Matchmaker worked correctly, I'd have to wait up to 20 seconds for a battle, but I wouldn't be bottom tier all the time.
  7. There was a players who did that and changed his name several times. I thought he had nearly 90,000 battles last time I saw him in pubs. One of the nicks he used was allrightythen. There was also StickyGreen0. He just drove straight out in his IS-6 and died over and over.
  8. Its the 4 larger screws with the springs behind them in the picture that you probably need to remove first. I'm not sure if you even need to remove the smaller ones. Used EVGA GTX 1080's are going for $350-$400 on eBay from reputable sellers. The GTX 1080 ti cards are selling for at little as $480 now. All the RTX card hype is causing people to dump their cards cheap. I prefer EVGA's warranty and customer service over the other manufacturers.
  9. With you GPU temps being high I'd suspect the thermal compound or a dead/dying fan. Do you have the manufacturer and model of your GPU? There are quite a few different 980 ti's out there. Basically its usually removed a few small screws. Then clean off the old thermal compound with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. Apply small amount of new thermal compound to GPU chip. Assembly is reversal of disassembly. You can use any good non conductive CPU thermal compound.
  10. In the last wave of bans related to the Fair Play policy, some of the people who admitted to getting banned said they were using aim bots. One said he used it because of a physical disability. However I use to know a player with one hand who still would manage 1900 WN8, so if a one handed player can do that well without an aim bot, what kind of disability requires an aim bot?
  11. In the tier 6 Chinese TD yesterday I fired 10 fully aimed shots at stationary tanks. Two hit. Some days it seems that every no skill n00b can snapshot me on the move as they are driving and my fully aimed shots all go into the sky above the tank or into the dirt below it. The streaks of shit RNG make this game suck. I still am waiting for a streak of amazingly good RNG.
  12. Will it be easier to 3 mark the Type 59 and T-34-3 after the buffs or before?
  13. Bavor

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    Pre 9.18 regular matchmaking tier 8 tanks were top tier 35-43% of the time depending on the patch. Post 9.18 tier 8 tanks are top tier in 3/5/7 battles 15-20% of the time depending on the time of day you play. Also, pst 9.18 in 5/10 battles tier 8 tanks are bottom tier vs tier 9 tanks 89% of the time. Yes I have the data to back this up. So basically playing tier 8 premiums gets frustrating because you are bottom tier all the time. In addition to that many battles are largely influenced by how good your three top tier players are. Get a CABRA or MUG platoon on your team as top tier and its a guaranteed loss. I actually preferred the random pre 9.18 matchmaking. It was very very rare that you were one of a few tier 8 tanks in a tier 10 battle. Also the community contributors were told at Tankfest that the mechanic that is suppose to make you be top or middle tier if you were bottom tier the previous battle doesn't work at all.
  14. RNG FUCK RNG FUCK RNG.  Nothing like RNG fucking up what could be good battles three battles in a row.  ALl my fully aimed shots miss yet every sub 500 WN8 shitter can snapshot me on the move form 350+ meters?  SUch great and dynamic gameplay!