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  1. The 6700K has no contacts on top near the die.
  2. I seem to have found conflicting info on that. There are people who have overclocked and delidded 3770ks and 4770Ks who used Liquid Pro and they aren't having higher temperatures after 24-36 months while other people have had higher temperatures with Liquid Pro after 6-12 months. It seems that the people who reattached the IHS to the CPU with some sort of adhesive had much longer periods of time before the temperatures rose when using Liquid Pro I've also seen plenty of photos and videos of Liquid Ultra hardening and becoming less effective in 12 months of use. Liquid Pro is not the only one that hardens over time. Liquid Ultra does it also. At this point I'm wondering if its either user error in not cleaning effectively or it has something to do with not attaching the IHS to the CPU with some sort of sealant or adhesive.
  3. I wonder why 26.6 is recommended for thermal testing when the max temperatures are 3-5 degrees C lower than with 28.9. I tried 26.6 on three PCs and all of them had consistently lower max temperatures than 28.9
  4. I've been running my i7-6700K overclocked at 4.6 GHz since shortly after I installed the CPU and motherboard in my PC. My 6700K has been cooled by a Corsair H100i V2 AIO liquid cooler for over a year. I noticed that my i7 6700K's temperatures seemed to be a bit higher than they use to be while gaming. The CPU temperatures were a lot higher than they use to be while running benchmarks. I heard that Intel's' stock TIM(Thermal Interface Material) between the CPU die and the heat spreader can lose some of its ability to transfer heat over time, especially on overclocked CPUs. So, I ordered the Rockit88 Delid/relid Tool and some CoolLab Liquid Pro. While I was waiting for the tool and Liquid Pro to arrive, I ran both the Intel Burn Test v2.54 on the Very High setting for 10 runs and Prime95 v28.9 for 30 minutes and recorded the max temperatures. I used Prime95 2.89 because I read its more CPU intensive and gives higher temperatures than earlier and later versions of the program. The delid tool arrived a few business days later. I followed the instructions in the video on the Rockit88 web page and my IHS(Integrated Heat Spreader) popped right off using the tool. Some cleaning with rubbing alcohol and my fingernail and the IHS and CPU were clean and fre of the stock TIM and black adhesive. I applied the Liquid Pro to the CPU and the bottom side of the IHS and put a very thin line of black high temp RTV on all edges of the IHS and a small dot of superglue in each corner. I used the relid tool to reattach the IHS to the CPU and held it in place for 15 minutes before putting the CPU back in the motherboard. I recorded some maximum temperature results with the same benchmarks that day. Then I waited 2 days later and repeated the benchmarks again recording the maximum temperature. When I ran the benchmarks again 2 days later, the room temperature was about 2-3 degrees C higher than it was the day I did the delidding/relidding. I should have recorded temperature difference over ambient temperature, but I didn't think about that until later. These were the results: As you can see, the results with the Intel Burn Test were a difference of 21-23 degrees C. The Results with Prime 95 28.9 were 12-15 Degrees C. Idle temperatures are also about 3 Degrees C cooler. Overall, I'm happy with the results. I'll have to see if I can overclock the CPU at a higher speed now also. At first, I wondered why Intel doesn't use better TIM on the K series CPUs. Then I remembered reading that K series CPUs are less than 0.5% of Intel's desktop PC CPU sales and setting up a separate production line to attach the IHS to the die probably isn't financially worth it for Intel. Also, I read that Intel gets tax breaks in some countries for using TIM over solder because its a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The TIM probably doesn't cause enough problems for enough K series CPU users to make Intel spend the money to change their process.
  5. I played 7 battles tonight.  In 5 of the 7 my team GAVE the enemy the win without a fight.  A team full of bots would be more useful.  What's with all the players lately giving the enemy control of 75% of the map without a fight.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. OperatorError


      It's almost like it's a new patch and all of the good players have quit the game already.

    3. king_spaniel


      well i mean 5 years of ignoring/not giving a damn about the feedback/opinions of the top-end playerbase, then continually rebalancing and tweeking the game to the beckoning of the deep red retards - what do you expect?  they've driven off a nonstop flow of the skilled playerbase, especially the last 2-3 years.  Why stick around when there's jillions other titles to play, where they treat actual skilled players much better?

    4. Cronk


      Had a lorraine turn tail and run and allow 3 low hp enemy to cap, 3km driven with zero shots fired. 2 x arty zero'd in waiting for a spot that didn't come because he was too scared of being shot. Some people would rather lose than get a repair bill smh.

  6. I was just in a battle with vladka7. THis is the second time he camped cap in a tier 10 and didn't fire a single shot the entire battle. He wasn't botting he was chatting and hiding when the enemy approached.
  7. Out of the box thermals Intel vs AMD!
  8. If you live near a Microcenter store, they upped their discount on CPU and motherboard bundles form $30 to $50 recently. The ASUS PRIME B350-PLUS ATX Motherboard and AMD Ryzen 5 1500X are $219.98 at Microcenter. The motherboard you picked and 1500X CPU are about $247. That leaves more money for other parts.
  9. Some days I think we need matchmaking that limits the number of low skill players on one team.  My last tier 10 battle, I do over 6000 damage.  Nobody else does more than 1700 damage and 11 of the tier 10's on my team do less than 900 damage.  Meanwhile there are five 3000+ WN8 players on the other team.

    1. Gryphon_


      We need a PR threshold that players have to exceed in order to hit battle in a tier 9 or 10. At least 5000 for sure.

    2. Bavor


      I just played a tier 8 TD in a tier 10 battle on Kharkov and did more damage than all of my team's tier 10's and also had 2nd highest damage in the battle.  My team just couldn't stay alive or do any damage.  So many of them with 1 or 2 shots of damage.

      This past week the teams have been awful in higher tiers.

  10. Electric_Invader team killed me because he was hiding behind his teams mediums in his IS-3 and I kept getting in the way of his shots in my Panther as he was sniping from the rear. Yes you read that right, sniping from the rear in his IS-3.
  11. If salmon9939 is on your team expect him to camp the red line in top tier heavy tanks. He has done it in the last 2 battles he was on my team. Then keep saying in chat he is pinned and can't go anywhere even when there aren't any enemy tanks within 700 meters of hsi location.
  12. The commander of WAR_H named celeidh team killed me in his arty. I was next to the enemy tank he fired at for at least 15 seconds before he fired. Then he told me that he will make me a permanent target because I called him out on it.
  13. How many of them are FX and A series CPU owners that finally had an upgrade to another AMD chip available?
  14. Are they really eating into Intel's market share? When I look at the Steam Hardware Survey AMD's market share is still decreasing and Intel's market share is still increasing and its been that way every update since the release of Ryzen. Some of the largest computer hardware distributors in the US are saying that their sales of Intel CPUs are still increasing over AMD. Most of the major PC manufacturers have been very slow to adopt Ryzen CPUs in their systems. When I looked at the web pages of the big electronics retailers in my area, between 9% and 11% of the desktop PCs they sell have Ryzen CPUs. The only time I've heard of AMD's sales increasing was the article about one hardware retailer in Germany.