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    2. Audax_Bellator


      Good enough. In what plain of reality can someone exist where they spam that toxic garbage and not expect to be punished

    3. Medjed


      Still, chatban. I mean technically he didn't do anything illegal in-game, like cheating, exploiting etc. He's retarded ok, but i've seen thousands and thousands of people spamming that same shit in game and only punishment was chatban. I might be conspiracy theorising here, but to me it looks like that ingame ban has to do with the fact that he didn't only spammed that shit in the game, but to their community contributor, Junkers. In my opinion, it doesn't make any sense, that the punishment is worse just because you insulted their CC.

    4. Strigonx


      just don't be an autistic cunt and that's it

  1. It doesn't discourage some of the newer more powerful premium tank sales, but it should discourage sales of the older tier 8 premium tanks. Regular matchmaking tier 8 tanks get twice as many tier 10 battles as they did pre patch 9.14 and half or less than half the tier 8 battles they did pre 9.18. That's based on data I collected over several patches.
  2. Microcenter ran out of the open box customer return MSi GTX 1080 ti cards. I also received 2 more Amazon gift cards for my birthday. So, the EVGA GTX 1080 ti FTW3 Hybrid will be delivered in a couple days. I'll probably sell my 2 spare Corsair AIO coolers and my GTX 1080. Ebay's higher fees have made me not sell anything there in a long time because they take about 10% of the item cost in fees on electronics and computer parts and about 10% of the shipping cost in fees. The children on reddit hardwareswap still bitch about prices if you sell something for 10% less than its selling for on eBay based on sold listings. Where does someone sell computer hardware these days without excessive fees or lowballers who cry about a fair price?
  3. Those prices are Canadian dollars. I'd like to see what the actual US dollar price is.
  4. I've seen people saying they are going to switch to a Ryzen R7 for video encoding. However is it worth the cost for the time savings? Are you doing video editing and encoding that has to meet a customer deadline or is it just stuff for youtube? Could changing your workflow make a difference? If I have a large video file to encode that will take multiple hours, I'll have it run overnight. With the R7 you are potentially giving up gaming performance for faster video encoding. Also, would it be more cost effective to just upgrade your CPU to an i7 or upgrade to an i7, more RAM, and NVMe SSD? I've noticed that working with video files and also working with images in photoshop I get better performance when I have the files on the NVMe SSD over a SATA SSD. The NVMe SSD doesn't make encoding faster, but it makes some of the loading and editing faster. It comes down to how much do you use your computer for video editing and encoding vs gaming and how much gaming performance are you willing to give up to encode video files faster. I've considered getting an 1800X in the past, but I don't have to do video editing/rendering on a deadline. If I ever needed to encode videos on a deadline, I'd rather buy a used 2011-V3 dual socket Xeon motherboard and a pair of used Xeons. I've seen pairs of 8 and 10 core used Xeons sell for $500 on ebay. Also, another option to consider, if you live near a Microcenter store, they have the i7-6850K on sale and $100 off any compatible motherboard purchased with it.
  5. I haven't made up my mind.
  6. Sometimes you are lucky and find a girl who plays games too. Other times you find a girl that enjoys being tied up and teased, so you can play WoT battles in between teasing her. Both seemed to have worked out well for me in the past. Will you have before and after pictures? Thanks for everything you have done so far!
  7. MSI doesn't have the warranty sticker over the screws for the CPU cooler on that card, so they would never know.
  8. The G12 is $29.99 and I have 2 spare AIOs sitting here doing nothing.
  9. Go look at the reviews. Its the exact same PCB. The same components on the same PCB on both the Armor and Gaming X. The only difference between the Gaming X and Armor OC is the cooler and BIOS. Its not siting open on the shelf. Its on opened box return to the store. Many people return the armor cards because they overheat with the stock cooler. They show up regularly on's warehouse deals as customer returns here and also at the various Microcenter stores. Technically the EVGA hybrid isn't the same price. Its the same out of pocket for me. The difference would be the value of the Amazon gift cards.
  10. The MSI Armor PCB is the same as their better higher end cards such as the MSI Gaming X. You can see an analysis of the PCB here: The point of getting the MSI Armor card would be to remove the stock cooling and replace it with a NZXT G12 as mentioned above.
  11. I have both a 3440x1440 G-sync 100 Hz monitor and a 4K 60 Hz monitor. I was considering adding a second GTX 1080 and running SLI, but SLI still doesn't work properly in all games and causes some issues in games. One of the Microcenter stores near me has an open box MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti ARMOR OC card for $630. I was considering getting that and adding with a NZXT Kraken G12 cooler or going with full water cooling for my system. However the full water cooling setup could easily cost me another $500-$700 if I do it properly. I also have some Amazon gift cards, so I could use those and get a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 Hybrid card for the same price as the open box MSI card. THe EVGA Hybrid might run cooler than the MSI card with the NZXT G12 on it because the EVGA card also water cools the memory.
  12. That's difficult to answer. Things have improved and also become worse in terms of fun or game enjoyment. For me, the regular competitive play has become less fun. Clan wars and tournaments are somewhat ruined with Clan Wars 2.0 and the decrease in tournament payouts, but it seems that clan wars is improving a little now. Clan Wars campaigns are still fun, but tiring. The elimination of multiple leagues for team battles was a bad idea. However being in a clan with a good group of people makes competitive play fun. Pub battles overall have become more enjoyable despite my favorite tanks being bottom tier twice as much as they use to be. Outside of a few tanks, pub battles seem better balanced in terms of team composition. You no longer see a team of 10 heavies vs a team of 3 heavies on Himmelsdorf. Less battles seem to be determined by team tank composition than they were before. It seems that map awareness had decreased in the average pubbie. In the past year, when I'm playing a slower tank, I've lost more battles due to being capped out than I ever did before because my team mates absolutely refuse to look at a map or respond to what is on a map. I see more of my teams giving the enemy the win instead of the enemy earning the victory. Now if they would just fix the completely broken Type 4 and Type 5 heavy tanks that can autoaim, pop out, click and hit you for 300-700 damage with no skill required while we have to carefully aim for weak spots to damage them then it would be an improvement. RNG has made the game more frustrating and less enjoyable as I improved. Nothing like playing a tank with a 5 or 6 skill crew and having 6 fully aimed shots at stationary tanks missing while some sub 400 WN8 player in some tank with 0.44 accuracy snapshots me on the move while rotating hsi turret from 400+ meters 3 times in a row. I guess my highly experienced 6 skill gunner and 0.32 dispersion means nothing? The artillery changes haven't made me hate artillery any less. Sure, the number of times you were one shot by artillery has greatly decreased. However artillery can easily hit light and medium tanks on the move and switch form one target to another and hit it before its no longer spotted in less than 10 seconds. SPGs are still a completely broken game mechanic. Overall I still find the game fun and enjoyable. Honestly the most enjoyable times playing the game was my first 2,000 battles. It was so new and exciting then.
  13. Newegg still has the Radeon packs for MSRP with the usual radeon pack discounts and rebates. You could sell the GPU for $800 and get a really cheap Ryzen motherboard and CPU.
  14. Its one of the worst tanks in the game. Its the same pile of shit the tier 8 was, but it sees tier 10's more than 50% of the time and mostly on corridor maps. Also I'm 100% convinced the dispersion values are a lie. There is no way it has 0.32 dispersion with how many close range, fully aimed, shots miss. It plays like it has 0.40 dispersion at best. My in game ping is int he 25-35ms range and I don't have packet loss issues, yet it seems that every fully aimed shot I fire in the thing misses. I think Wargaming won, I was going to grind through it to the 155, but its such absolute shit that its not worth the grind. The TD is so map and team dependent that you are at the mercy of matchmaker much more than any other TD I played. Why do I keep getting Ensk, Kharkov, Stalingrad, and Himmelsdorf when playing this thing? Give me an open map for once matchmaker!