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  1. The commander of the NA server clan Noobwargamer_Reborn, was recorded on using illegal mods.  Someone did a video capture and uploaded it.

    He is using mods that show laser beams of where gun barrels are pointing, tracers that stay after a shot is fired, deforestation mods that remove bushes and leaves, and possibly an aim bot.

    He also has another account named: noobwargamer

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    2. Assassin7


      This honestly doesnt surprise me.

      He also had/has treedown. Edit: yep, you can see it in that clip. And it looked like a reload timer as well

    3. Nuttydave1234


      It died...sad. I was just having fun.

    4. mati_14


      certainly the thing that amazed me the most, it was his typing speed...

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