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  1. I just had a battle where I fired 15 fully aimed shots.  13 of the 15 shots went to the outer 1/4 of the aim circle. WTF RNG???  Seriously?  WTF??  Basically we lost the battle because none of my shots went anywhere near where they were aimed.  Thanks RNG!

    1. Bavor


      Twice in one battle an Obj 268 snapshotted me at 400+ meters while he was driving forward and turning.  Yet I've had several battles today where most of my fully aimed shots at stationary tanks go to the outside edge of the aim circle? WTF RNG?

  2. This is 3440x1440 on Ultra: This is what I got on 1920x1080 at Ultra: I got this result on one of the lower settings:
  3. True, a even a GTX 1050 will still average 80+ FPS at Maximum and average 70 FPS in Sandbox. Older GPUs should still do well at lower settings.
  4. When I tested WoT EnCore at 1920x1080 with the Ultra preset, the total graphics card memory usage was 3,262 MB. When I tested the Medium preset at 1920x1080 the total graphics card memory usage was 2,282 MB. Both MSI Afterburner and EVGA PrecisionX gave similar numbers for graphics card memory in use. The ultra preset is close to the 3.5 GB of fast memory on the GTX 970. What I found interesting is at 2440x1440 with the Ultra preset total graphics card memory usage was 3343 MB. It didn't go up much with Ultra at a higher resolution. Unfortunately both Nvidia and AMD graphics card are up again due to increased mining demand. A used GTX 970 sells in the $250-$300 USD range now and a few months ago they were $150-$225 USD. I'm sure the prices are similar in Europe now also due to the increased global demand.
  5. If you are in a battle with PhiDelt and prey99 and the enemy is capping don't expect them to go back to defend cap. I was in two battles with them today when they were paltooned together. Both times when the enemy was capping they ran away and tried to drive to the enemy's cap instead of defending our own cap. It was me vs 3 auto loaders in a grand battle defending cap and they ran away and started pushing to the enemy's cap. The same thing happened in another tier 10 battle when they were on my team. Enemy was capping and they ran away to the other side of the map and tried to kill the enemy tanks defending cap instead of defending our cap. Apparently they think its faster to kill multiple enemy tanks and cap out the enemy than it is to drive 200 meters to get a reset on cap.
  6. This player redline camps and snipes in his E100 with the 150mm gun firing HE the entire battle. I had him on my team twice recently. Both times he was less useful than a bot.
  7. The pre Ryzen AMD CPUs are still vulnerable to Spectre. SOme of them may be vulnerable to Meltdown. I've seen conflicting info on that.
  8. I wonder when the gaming version will be released. With a mild overclock its faster than 2 Vega 64's in Crossfire in some benchmarks and also almost 4 times faster than a GTX 980 ti in some benchmarks.
  9. I've had 603 battles in my type 59, all without a fire extinguisher. I can count with the fingers on one hand the number of times I've had a fire in the Type 59.
  10. Hey AMD, 1024 means 1024 not 896.
  11. Some RX 560's got worse.
  12. A GTX 1050 ti is so much faster than a RX 560 they aren't even comparable. A GTX 1050 ti will average 90-100 FPS at 1920x1080 on the Maximum graphics preset. The RX 560 gives 20% less FPS at the same graphics setting and resolution in WoT. When I tested similar replays in WoT 9.20 and Sandbox, the sandbox replays averages about 10% less FPS. If you want to maintain 75 FPS at a higher graphics setting in WoT when the HD maps, I doubt the RX 560 will do it. Also, if you do get a RX 560, make sure to get the 4 GB version for the upcoming HD maps.
  13. As predicted, the usual copy and paste reply from support: "Amar Tibs December 4, 2017 1:17 AM Greetings Bavor, Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We do apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this issue may have caused. Don't worry, we can help you with that. With the information you have provided us, we have performed an investigation and taken the appropriate actions in accordance with our procedures. Due to our privacy policy, we are unable to inform you as to what actions have been taken against the player(s) in question. However, we assure you that violations of the game rules are met with appropriate sanctions. To see what actions we commonly take for various offenses, please see our Frequently Asked Questions regarding Rules Violations. Also, you may feel free to submit your reports through our In-Game Complaint system. For details on when and how to use this system please check the following link: Have a wonderful day ahead! Best Regards, Amar Tibs Wargaming America Support Please don't forget to fill out our survey once your ticket has been completed. Battleship Texas needs your help! Your donation can get you a special ship camo in World of Warships here: Wargaming Support is now on Twitter! Follow us @WargamingCS for updates and announcements."
  14. I sent it along with several other people. No reply yet. I'm sure I'll get a copy and paste reply with nothing done.
  15. The commander of the NA server clan Noobwargamer_Reborn, was recorded on using illegal mods.  Someone did a video capture and uploaded it.

    He is using mods that show laser beams of where gun barrels are pointing, tracers that stay after a shot is fired, deforestation mods that remove bushes and leaves, and possibly an aim bot.

    He also has another account named: noobwargamer

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    2. Errants


      Wow, should report the fuck outta that asshole.

    3. HowitzerBlitzer


      Has he not heard of Damage Panel mods? His looks vanilla! 

    4. Sidus_Preclarum


      How fucking retarded can that guy be.

      Aslo : dat accent tho

  16. The commander of the NA server clan Noobwargamer_Reborn, was recorded on using illegal mods. Someone did a video capture and uploaded it. He is using mods that show laser beams of where gun barrels are pointing, tracers that stay after a shot is fired, deforestation mods that remove bushes and leaves, and possibly an aim bot. He also has another account named: noobwargamer
  17. The AMD RX Vega 56 and 64 graphics cards launched today. Most of the online retailers in the US who had them in stock are already sold out. All the initial reviews seem to show they are good competition for the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080. The game benchmark results show that some games they do better than the GCX 1070 and GTX 1080 while in other games they do worse than the GXT 1070 and GTX 1080. Overall they seem to equally well when you look at the popular games from the past 2 years. However, the RX Vega cards use significantly more power and they have a locked BIOS that doesn't allow the max power levels to be increased even though the VRM can handle more power. Also some reviews state the RX Vega runs significantly hotter than the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 FOunders edition cards, which have some of the worst cooling for their series. Anandtech's review said: "The Vega 10 is a large, power-hungry GPU. Much larger and much more power hungry than NVIDIA’s competing GP104 GPU. And while this isn’t an immediate consumer concern – we pay what the market will bear, not what it costs AMD to make a chip with a nice gross margin on the side – from a technology and architectural perspective it indicates that AMD has moved farther away from NVIDIA in the last couple of years. Whereas the Radeon R9 Fury X was almost a win that AMD didn’t get, the RX Vega 64 doesn’t appear to be fighting in the weight class it was even designed for. Instead the power efficiency gap between AMD and NVIDIA has grown since 2015, and apparently by quite a bit." Overall, I'm happy to see AMD making a competitive GPU again. Maybe some of the custom PCB cards form other manufacturers will allow a custom BIOS or have a BIOS with a higher power level to have room for better overclocking.
  18. The 6700K has no contacts on top near the die.
  19. I've been running my i7-6700K overclocked at 4.6 GHz since shortly after I installed the CPU and motherboard in my PC. My 6700K has been cooled by a Corsair H100i V2 AIO liquid cooler for over a year. I noticed that my i7 6700K's temperatures seemed to be a bit higher than they use to be while gaming. The CPU temperatures were a lot higher than they use to be while running benchmarks. I heard that Intel's' stock TIM(Thermal Interface Material) between the CPU die and the heat spreader can lose some of its ability to transfer heat over time, especially on overclocked CPUs. So, I ordered the Rockit88 Delid/relid Tool and some CoolLab Liquid Pro. While I was waiting for the tool and Liquid Pro to arrive, I ran both the Intel Burn Test v2.54 on the Very High setting for 10 runs and Prime95 v28.9 for 30 minutes and recorded the max temperatures. I used Prime95 2.89 because I read its more CPU intensive and gives higher temperatures than earlier and later versions of the program. The delid tool arrived a few business days later. I followed the instructions in the video on the Rockit88 web page and my IHS(Integrated Heat Spreader) popped right off using the tool. Some cleaning with rubbing alcohol and my fingernail and the IHS and CPU were clean and fre of the stock TIM and black adhesive. I applied the Liquid Pro to the CPU and the bottom side of the IHS and put a very thin line of black high temp RTV on all edges of the IHS and a small dot of superglue in each corner. I used the relid tool to reattach the IHS to the CPU and held it in place for 15 minutes before putting the CPU back in the motherboard. I recorded some maximum temperature results with the same benchmarks that day. Then I waited 2 days later and repeated the benchmarks again recording the maximum temperature. When I ran the benchmarks again 2 days later, the room temperature was about 2-3 degrees C higher than it was the day I did the delidding/relidding. I should have recorded temperature difference over ambient temperature, but I didn't think about that until later. These were the results: As you can see, the results with the Intel Burn Test were a difference of 21-23 degrees C. The Results with Prime 95 28.9 were 12-15 Degrees C. Idle temperatures are also about 3 Degrees C cooler. Overall, I'm happy with the results. I'll have to see if I can overclock the CPU at a higher speed now also. At first, I wondered why Intel doesn't use better TIM on the K series CPUs. Then I remembered reading that K series CPUs are less than 0.5% of Intel's desktop PC CPU sales and setting up a separate production line to attach the IHS to the die probably isn't financially worth it for Intel. Also, I read that Intel gets tax breaks in some countries for using TIM over solder because its a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. The TIM probably doesn't cause enough problems for enough K series CPU users to make Intel spend the money to change their process.
  20. I seem to have found conflicting info on that. There are people who have overclocked and delidded 3770ks and 4770Ks who used Liquid Pro and they aren't having higher temperatures after 24-36 months while other people have had higher temperatures with Liquid Pro after 6-12 months. It seems that the people who reattached the IHS to the CPU with some sort of adhesive had much longer periods of time before the temperatures rose when using Liquid Pro I've also seen plenty of photos and videos of Liquid Ultra hardening and becoming less effective in 12 months of use. Liquid Pro is not the only one that hardens over time. Liquid Ultra does it also. At this point I'm wondering if its either user error in not cleaning effectively or it has something to do with not attaching the IHS to the CPU with some sort of sealant or adhesive.
  21. I wonder why 26.6 is recommended for thermal testing when the max temperatures are 3-5 degrees C lower than with 28.9. I tried 26.6 on three PCs and all of them had consistently lower max temperatures than 28.9
  22. I played 7 battles tonight.  In 5 of the 7 my team GAVE the enemy the win without a fight.  A team full of bots would be more useful.  What's with all the players lately giving the enemy control of 75% of the map without a fight.

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    2. OperatorError


      It's almost like it's a new patch and all of the good players have quit the game already.

    3. king_spaniel


      well i mean 5 years of ignoring/not giving a damn about the feedback/opinions of the top-end playerbase, then continually rebalancing and tweeking the game to the beckoning of the deep red retards - what do you expect?  they've driven off a nonstop flow of the skilled playerbase, especially the last 2-3 years.  Why stick around when there's jillions other titles to play, where they treat actual skilled players much better?

    4. Cronk


      Had a lorraine turn tail and run and allow 3 low hp enemy to cap, 3km driven with zero shots fired. 2 x arty zero'd in waiting for a spot that didn't come because he was too scared of being shot. Some people would rather lose than get a repair bill smh.

  23. I was just in a battle with vladka7. THis is the second time he camped cap in a tier 10 and didn't fire a single shot the entire battle. He wasn't botting he was chatting and hiding when the enemy approached.
  24. Out of the box thermals Intel vs AMD!