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  1. Some of the community contributors said that at Tankfest that they were told by Wargaming employees the matchmaking mechanic that increases your chance of being top tier or middle tier after being bottom tier has not worked since 9.18 was released. It looks like they are speaking the truth. I kept track of my last 600 solo pub battles (all battles since 1.0 was released) in an excel spreadsheet. I played mostly tier 8 through 10 with the occasional tier 6 and 7 battle. I included tank played, tank tier, battle tier, type of matchmaking(all 1 tier, 5/10. or 3/5/7), and other details. Most of the battles were played between 7 PM and 11 PM east coast time when the server population is highest. This is what I found... Tier 8 3/5/7 battles: 155 Top tier: 22 battles 14.19% of 3/5/7 battles Middle Tier: 34 battles 21.94% of 3/5/7 battles Bottom Tier: 99 battles 63.87% of 3/5/7 battles Tier 8 5/10 battles: 66 Top tier: 8 battles 12.12% of 5/10 battles Bottom Tier: 58 battles 87.88% of 5/10 battles All tier 8 tanks in a battle: 14 Out of the 221 battles where I played a tier 8 tank and the battle was more than 1 tier, I was top tier 30 times. That's 13.56% of my tier 8 multi tier battles are top tier. Its obvious 3/5/7 and 5/10 matchmaking doesn't work properly. I had days where I was playing tier 8 premiums to grind credits and I was getting tier 9 and 10 battles all day. Wargaming wonders why players dislike the new matchmaker? Maybe we should boycott buying tier 8 premium tanks, or all premium tanks, until the matchmaking is fixed. When playing my tier 8 tanks I rarely had to wait more than 7 to 10 seconds before I was dropped into a battle. Maybe if Matchmaker worked correctly, I'd have to wait up to 20 seconds for a battle, but I wouldn't be bottom tier all the time.
  2. On the sites that track active players, the number of active players dropped after the release of 9.18, which introduced the 3/5/7 and 5/10 template matchmaking. Then the number of active players dropped again a few weeks after the release of 1.0. Losing active players is working as intended?
  3. There was a players who did that and changed his name several times. I thought he had nearly 90,000 battles last time I saw him in pubs. One of the nicks he used was allrightythen. There was also StickyGreen0. He just drove straight out in his IS-6 and died over and over.
  4. Its the 4 larger screws with the springs behind them in the picture that you probably need to remove first. I'm not sure if you even need to remove the smaller ones. Used EVGA GTX 1080's are going for $350-$400 on eBay from reputable sellers. The GTX 1080 ti cards are selling for at little as $480 now. All the RTX card hype is causing people to dump their cards cheap. I prefer EVGA's warranty and customer service over the other manufacturers.
  5. With you GPU temps being high I'd suspect the thermal compound or a dead/dying fan. Do you have the manufacturer and model of your GPU? There are quite a few different 980 ti's out there. Basically its usually removed a few small screws. Then clean off the old thermal compound with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol. Apply small amount of new thermal compound to GPU chip. Assembly is reversal of disassembly. You can use any good non conductive CPU thermal compound.
  6. In the last wave of bans related to the Fair Play policy, some of the people who admitted to getting banned said they were using aim bots. One said he used it because of a physical disability. However I use to know a player with one hand who still would manage 1900 WN8, so if a one handed player can do that well without an aim bot, what kind of disability requires an aim bot?
  7. In the tier 6 Chinese TD yesterday I fired 10 fully aimed shots at stationary tanks. Two hit. Some days it seems that every no skill n00b can snapshot me on the move as they are driving and my fully aimed shots all go into the sky above the tank or into the dirt below it. The streaks of shit RNG make this game suck. I still am waiting for a streak of amazingly good RNG.
  8. Will it be easier to 3 mark the Type 59 and T-34-3 after the buffs or before?
  9. Bavor

    Am I the only one that likes 3/5/7?

    Pre 9.18 regular matchmaking tier 8 tanks were top tier 35-43% of the time depending on the patch. Post 9.18 tier 8 tanks are top tier in 3/5/7 battles 15-20% of the time depending on the time of day you play. Also, pst 9.18 in 5/10 battles tier 8 tanks are bottom tier vs tier 9 tanks 89% of the time. Yes I have the data to back this up. So basically playing tier 8 premiums gets frustrating because you are bottom tier all the time. In addition to that many battles are largely influenced by how good your three top tier players are. Get a CABRA or MUG platoon on your team as top tier and its a guaranteed loss. I actually preferred the random pre 9.18 matchmaking. It was very very rare that you were one of a few tier 8 tanks in a tier 10 battle. Also the community contributors were told at Tankfest that the mechanic that is suppose to make you be top or middle tier if you were bottom tier the previous battle doesn't work at all.
  10. RNG FUCK RNG FUCK RNG.  Nothing like RNG fucking up what could be good battles three battles in a row.  ALl my fully aimed shots miss yet every sub 500 WN8 shitter can snapshot me on the move form 350+ meters?  SUch great and dynamic gameplay!

  11. Today is the big reveal date. However there have been a lot of details leaked. Much more than before the release of the 10XX GPUs. Supposedly these are the specs of the next generation Nvidia consumer gaming GPUs. Supposedly, all of them are 30-50% faster than the previous generation of the same series. The interesting thing to me is that if the GTX 2050 ti is 30-50% faster than the current version, that means current GTX 1060 performance in a $150 MSRP price point. That really lowers the entry price of 1080p gaming with high graphics settings. Also the RTX 2080 ti should be able to handle 4k 60 FPS in some of the most demanding games now. Also, what will AMD's response be? Tests of the Vega 64 vs the GTX 1080 already shows that the GTX 1080 is 5-8% faster than the Vega 64 across a wide variety of games when both are both stock or overclocked. All the info from AMD says they won't be releasing any new consumer/gaming GPUs until 2019. Some info says that the next generation of AMD consumer/gaming GPUs will just be a die shrink others says it will be a new architecture and a die shrink.
  12. I use to enjoy playing my tier 8 premiums, but with them being bottom tier 65% of the time in 3/5/7 battles and bottom tier almost 90% of the time in 5/10 battles I find it frustrating unless I play platooned.  So many times out top tier tanks are about as useful as a bot and it hard to make up for 3 shitty tier 10 players in a 3/5/7 battle playing solo in a tier 8.

    1. Haswell


      Try suffering in an ISU130.

  13. I've seen used GTX 1080 ti's in eBay from reputable sellers for sub $550 already. I wonder if they will drop to sub $500 soon.
  14. Nvidia is selling their cards for above MSRP. It looks like they got rid of the Titan for consumers and bumped the 2080 ti up to the titan level. That's why it has the $1000+ US Price. The 2080 MSRP isn't muchdifferent than the GTX 1080 MSRP when it was released 2+ years ago. The 2070 MSRP isn't much different than the 1070 MSRP at launch 2+ years ago. The only question is will any 3rd party manufacturers release a cheaper card for MSRP? Nvidia said in the past they will release consumer 7nm chip cards in 2019. If I upgrade it won't be until after 7nm GPU cards are released. I plan to hold onto my 1080 ti for a while.
  15. Supposedly the RTX 2080 Timespy graphics score is 10030 and the GTX 1080 ti reference Timespy score is about 9500. That's without the RTX's extra special cores being used and just the regular graphics core.
  16. If you have a player named 777LN on your team don't expect anything out of them despite their stats. He spent most of the battle trying to snipe from cap in and IS-7 then drowned himself. He then said in chat, "I hope you liked my performance." 3/5/7 matchmaking is bad enough as it is but when one of your tier 10's tries to kill himself and fuck over the team its even worse.
  17. In Vietnam. MSI is listed as, "GTX 1180 GAMING X 16GB GDDR6" Price: 31,800,000 VNĐ ($1,388.07) The ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 preorder listing was just taken down. Price: 34,860,000 VNĐ ($1,521.64) However, the retail box images on the listings look photoshopped. I'm not sure if they are a placeholder or just some retailer trying to get early sales and hold onto someone's money for a few months.
  18. Tier 8's haven't been as profitable as they use to be and they have been harder to win because you are bottom tier so often. I also find many tier 9 and 10 players hiding behind the tier 8s on their teams or just afraid to fight the enemy tier 8 tanks. To win playing tier 8s I have to hang back and play less aggressive than I normally do and save my HP for the end of the battle. If I get spotted I GTFO of the area and relocate or hide behind cover until I'm no longer the subject of the enemy team's attention. I've noticed I do better with mobile tier 8's since WoT 1.0 than I do with heavily armored less mobile tier 8s. A while back I started keeping track of my tier 8 tanks matchmaking in an excel spreadsheet. I had a streak of over 70 battles in regular MM tier 8s without ever being top tier playing 7-11 PM east coast time. Out of 129 tier 8 regular matchmaking tank battles: 3/5/7: 81 battles Top: 11 battles = 13.58% of 3/5/7 battles Middle: 19 battles = 23.46% of 3/5/7 battles Bottom: 51 battles = 62.96% of 3/5/7 battles 5/10: 40 Battles Top: 4 battles = 10% of 5/10 battles Bottom: 36 battles = 90% 5/10 battles All tier 8: 8 battles = 6.20% of all tier 8 battles
  19. The i7-8086K is now on sale. Its an 8700K that has a 5 GHz single core bosot speed. MSRP is about $425 US. However for less than $425 US you can buy a delidded and binned i7-8700K that does 5 GHz on all cores. 8700K delidded and guaranteed tod o 5 GHz: I'd like to see how well the 8086K overclocks on all cores. A representative from Intel claimed its not a binned 8700K.
  20. This is how broken tier 8 matchmaking is these days.  Of my last 57 tier 8 battles I have NEVER been top tier and was bottom tier in over 75% of the battles.  Most of the battles were played between 7 PM and 11 PM east coast time.

    1. Bavor


      I played a few more tier 8 battles tonight.  A total of 62 tier 8 battles in the past couple weeks.  Zero tier 8, 15 tier 9, and 47 tier 10.  WTF?

  21. Bavor


    I wonder what the i7-9XXXK series CPUs will do with all core overclocking? Probably not much different until the die shrink.
  22. Bavor

    Steam Summer Sale 2018 June 21-July 6

    So far I haven't seen any games on sale that makes me go, "I have to get that for that price!" Everything that's on sale that I'd want is something I already have. I'm sure as more games go on sale I'll find something to get. I did see Voice Warrior on sale. Its a program that uses voice commands to execute key bindings and macros in games. It almost seems worth trying for the $3.99 sale price.
  23. Where is your Star Wars Galactic Empire edition Titan XP to complete the look? Is that case skin from Slick Wraps or somewhere else?
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    I saw this on Twitter today...
  25. Bavor


    AMD is offering a 16 core Threadripper to a few of Intel's 40th Anniversary winners,37320.html If I won an i7-8086K I'd take the Threadripper swap deal, then resell the Threadripper to buy other hardware.