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  1. The i7-8086K is now on sale. Its an 8700K that has a 5 GHz single core bosot speed. MSRP is about $425 US. However for less than $425 US you can buy a delidded and binned i7-8700K that does 5 GHz on all cores. 8700K delidded and guaranteed tod o 5 GHz: I'd like to see how well the 8086K overclocks on all cores. A representative from Intel claimed its not a binned 8700K.
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    I wonder what the i7-9XXXK series CPUs will do with all core overclocking? Probably not much different until the die shrink.
  3. Bavor

    Steam Summer Sale 2018 June 21-July 6

    So far I haven't seen any games on sale that makes me go, "I have to get that for that price!" Everything that's on sale that I'd want is something I already have. I'm sure as more games go on sale I'll find something to get. I did see Voice Warrior on sale. Its a program that uses voice commands to execute key bindings and macros in games. It almost seems worth trying for the $3.99 sale price.
  4. Where is your Star Wars Galactic Empire edition Titan XP to complete the look? Is that case skin from Slick Wraps or somewhere else?
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    I saw this on Twitter today...
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    AMD is offering a 16 core Threadripper to a few of Intel's 40th Anniversary winners,37320.html If I won an i7-8086K I'd take the Threadripper swap deal, then resell the Threadripper to buy other hardware.
  7. My God, it's full of stars!
  8. Some asshole from argentina named immergefickt989809 spent the entire battle following me around and trying to push me out into enemy fire in my heavy tank and shot me with his TYpe 4. I have no idea who the player is. They weren't in any of my previous battles today. I have no idea why this asshole singled me out and had a hard on for me for the entire battle. Filing a ticket with Wargaming support will be 100% useless I'm sure.
  9. I was in the same situation. I was waiting for the white TG R6 or the white PC-011 Dynamic. I thought both would look good with my Asus motherboard which is white and grey digi camo. Then Newegg put the black TG R6 on sale for $119.99 with free shipping. The glass is so dark on my R6 that having a white case wouldn't matter unless I added a more lights than what comes with the AIO cooler and graphics card.
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    I haven't see anything on the various hardware forums I go to mentioning this. What is the sample size? People I've seen on the forums who recently bought 8700K's are getting good overclocking results. No different than before.
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    Depending on what source you go by, 80-85% of 8700K's can hit 5.0 GHz on all cores. I'm not sure if binning is required for a 1 or 2 core 5.0 GHz overclock.
  12. ...with Adobe Premiere after the latest update that uses the iGPU on the processor for hardware acceleration. I wonder if other video encoding software will get a similar update? I updated Premiere CC today to the latest version, but I don't have any big projects to test with and without the iGPU hardware acceleration yet. I'd like to see an 8700K vs a 12700x.
  13. I'd say its a lot more than a minimal number of users. Depending on who's sales stats you believe, Premiere has 50-75% of the professional and semi pro video editing market. Premiere also is the most pirated video editing programs on torrent sites. So its going to have a major effect on many people. The update also probably made the 8700K one of the best bang for the buck CPUs when it comes to video editing.
  14. I've been keeping track of tank and battle stats since 1.01.  So far 75% of my tier 8 tank battles have been tier 10(bottom tier) 3/5/7 battles.  Tier 8 really is getting fucked over by the low server population.

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    2. hiipanda


      is it because of frontline?

    3. Bavor


      It started before frontline mode was available.

    4. Deliberate


      I don't know, I've seen more top tier games in tier 8s since Frontline was introduced. 

      Tier 10 3-5-7 games are a lot more tier 8 demanding than Tier 8 top tier games and with the absence of many Tier 8s they can only really make Tier 8 top tier games.

  15. I get it for $40/year through a vendor on reddit /r/microsoftsoftwareswap/ Its not the clock speed that is giving Intel CPUs the big increase in performance with the latest update.
  16. Bavor

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    This was the easiest three mark. I played one battle a while ago after not playing the tank for a very long time. I guess nobody plays the Tiger any more?
  17. Watch out for a player named frankieV702. He is using an illegal reload mods and even said it in chat. If he is using that illegal mod, he probably is using other illegal mods also. Obviously those mods help him so much and turn him into a unicum!
  18. How long ago did cowboyofbebop sell his account?  I saw him in battle recently and it wasn't him from the playstyle. Also his recent stats took a nosedive.

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    2. Diatomix


      i Remember that guy

    3. hazzgar


      A stats nosedive doesn't mean it's not him. Zeven is also playing WAAAAY below his level

    4. cowboyofbebop


      que? 999.... jajajajajajaja

  19. Bavor

    New build

    I delidded my overclocked 6700K with the rockit 88 kit. It was pretty easy and dropped temps by 10-20 degrees C depending on the test. What is the warranty on the 8700K? Some of my old Intel CPUs had 10 year warranties, but it seems that newer Intel CPUs have shorter warranties. If you don't overclock the 8700K should easily last 5+ years. However the temps may increase at the TIM dries up. If you plan to keep it much longer than the warranty period, delidding it may help.
  20. Bavor

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    I remember seeing one of the popular US or Canada computer hardware Youtubers doing a NVMe vs NVMe RAID array comparison with 4K video editing on a high end i9/x299 water cooled system. The end result was a minimal difference on 10+ minute 4K videos. I personally haven't seen a huge difference in working with 1440p and 4K video on my system when going from a SATA 6 GB/s SSD to a NVMe SSD. The only difference is moving files around. I may be limited by having a 4 core 8 thread CPU and maybe a 10+ core CPU would show a difference.
  21. Bavor

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    I thought Anandtech and Tom's Hardware were owned by the same company now.
  22. Bavor

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    I noticed some reviews were heavily slanted to AMD and using mostly games that do well with Ryzen. Both of these reviews seem to give similar results in their average over multiple games and don't seem biased to one processor or another. If your main purpose is gaming, you can't go wrong with an 8700K
  23. Sadly, if you have a player named duane101 on your team he will be less useful than a bot. He said he is, "mad at Wargaming for messing something up on his account" so he goes and parks in a useless spot and doesn't shoot the entire battle to ruin the game for others instead of getting the issue resolved with Wargaming support.
  24. Bavor

    AMD (Ry)Zen

    I have a feeling that test wasn't done with similar or identical systems. In some of their charts the results are obviously GPU limited. Many results are within the margin of error for testing. Also there were several charts missing the 8700K results. Why is that? Was it not tested or did it win by a large margin and was not included? Most modern game engines still show diminishing returns past 4 or 6 threads. It will be a few years until they can take full advantage of the 8 cores/16 threads of Ryzen over the clock speed of Intel CPUs with less cores. The R7-1800x had about the same performance as the i7-3770K in most games when it was released. I wonder how much of an improvement the 2700x is since its mostly a clock speed increase and not a major design change. I'm guessing in the games that can't take advantage of the 8 cores/16 threads it will be about the same as an i7-6700K.
  25. The player named ConfirmedSerialTKer lives up to his name. He was in a M103 and he intentionally pushed my RRU 251 out form behind cover so the enemy TD's could kill me. Then he laughed about it in chat. His platoon mate in a T95 said he name comes with a warning and I should have known better when he drove up behind me.