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  1. Just researched - you also get the VK 100.01 P and Mäuschen unlocked. source
  2. So .. how do the buffed and new german t10 superheavies compare with the E-100? Should I get the Maus or the VK first?
  3. Let me put it this way: MoO2 came as bonus content when ordering the pre-release version .... guess which game I played more (again)?
  4. You don´t have to grind Maus, Mäuschen and Failowe if you have Maus already unlocked according to this
  5. ... I finally have an excuse for my shitty recents.
  6. This. I gave up after 72 battles and freeXPed it.
  7. Paris, by far. North half of the map is totally useless, south is onedimensional dingfest without much room to flex.
  8. Can someone tell me how the various boni to XP/crew XP/free XP/credits stack? For example, a random battle yields 1.000 base XP and 20.000 creds. What happens to these numbers when the following are applied: 1) prem account 2) battle payments 3) personal reserve + 100% XP 4) personal reserve + 300% crew XP 5) personal reserve + 100% free XP 6) first victory bonus x3 XP 6) tank mission x5 XP (asecond and following wins)
  9. Thinking of the same ... and it might be possible soon :). Can anybody confirm that it is definitely better than the CDC after the buffs?
  10. That still sounds like my T-34 will be replaced by the Trumptank :)... Come to think of it: Maybe I could buy the T-34 black edition at reduced price, then exchange both for different prems .
  11. You can get this thing without clown camo on EU now .... if you are lucky: Buy the holiday ops bundle with all level 5 deorations an pray ...