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  1. I actually studied latin at school for a year.
  2. You can get to know me (in the Biblical sense) Saffee.
  3. The one trouble with your plan is that it was in Brisbane - and nothing is open late in Brisbane. So it was really just a ruse to get someone back to your room.
  4. Have you done the previous 10 daily missions?
  5. Tempted to petition to get HoPeLeSSS added back into CoAF so we can see him get kicked again
  6. CW cessation is global. Ditch end game content so shitters can play tier6? Most mods from the last patch will still work. Unless you are using time limited version. Are you having trouble without your fallen destructibles? Disable XVM (specifically XMQP). You're having a cry that the mod compilers will have most bugs sorted before we get it?
  7. I'll speak to Tan and recommend we skip 19.1
  8. wow r00d Where are you staying Saffee? As in CBD or suburbs? Siggy we still finished ahead in the D1, and I am keen to lend a hand with the VK again.
  9. Hopey still thinks someone is going to come along and white knight him. He really is on the spectrum.
  10. The only bit he got wrong was you could have been working. None of us here would classify pimping out thai ladyboys to your mates as working.
  11. More likely a forum fail as the posts should have been merged.
  12. @StormCrowReaperManyHats Normally the advice is to PM TE_Saffee for gold codes/prem tanks/other. I have a code if you want to be a tank leader.