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  1. Why bother playing the T49 without the derp?
  2. I think Adrian needs a promotion so he can kick Feet
  3. It is a global issue, so hopefully a consistant global response
  4. In B 4 the shitters blame PYRO for killing the CW event
  5. I have actually had that strat work provided you can maintain vision.
  6. We are but an egg - white on the outside but yellow on the inside
  7. Probably needed a reference to no more cheating on the new periphery, or that there wouldn't be gold spam by pay to win players.
  8. The KR hardware is going to be used for something upcoming, so it makes sense to give it some part time use in the interim. This was planned long before the cable outage, and running a part time periphery provides more upside for WG. Even if it was opened to full time availability it will have spare resources to use elsewhere.
  10. You can have both. Same mission requirements so you can earn one of each emblem per qualifying game.