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  1. Most likely one of the cable sections is being repaired and impacting routing.
  2. Should we try and get Trumphammer over here to debate the topic?
  3. You can't train them for a non-researched tank. The Prem TD should be available in a week or 2 during the (many) September sales. How much free XP have you got? Siggy seemed to like the tier4. Tier5 TD is enormous and can be seen from space. Tier6 TD allows you to grind out the 60k XP to the tier7 throug skirmishes. I just took a spare MT crew I was training up and retrainied the Commander and Gunner on the tank I was grinding throug for credits to 80% and left the driver and loader as MT trained and took the 50% reduction. Ran food to boost them all.
  4. Like Sarah Jessica Parker? I think the Civ5 stuff makes even less sense than the FO4 chat
  5. Or [O_G] Old Guard Clan AND Player rename.
  6. Looks like it will only get better. Once it comes to a Blitz, it will surely come to WoT PC ASIA.
  7. Searched this. Not what I was expecting... Actually yes it was
  8. My Lorry is available too. Phuk the ping in London. Were there any specials over the weekend that I missed? Really need a German tier9 sale.
  9. Being in an arty made it more special though. Trent should have it.
  10. What would constitute a "reasonable explaination"? I TK'd them because they were hiding behind arty and the HE round penned their LT. The player was a <46%er / <600WN8 and their 'contribution' was not going to be missed. They were driving a T-22 / Animu tank / other. They were in DETOX/NZAD/KELLY, etc.
  11. You were the one complaining about your lack of partners in crime recently, and acquiring battle buddies due to tooning with Scrubba