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  1. British TD changes

    why didn't they just leave the waifuway's gun alone
  2. the Koreans are coming...

    the only thing I got from watching korean streamers is that every english streamer needs a chat readout bot
  3. mel does not give a single fuck https://my.mixtape.moe/fazmic.webm

  4. Is Boosting Bannable?

    They're fun.
  5. Mission completed! Reward:Vehicles added: Object 260 (crew 100% sent to Barracks)Slots added: 1


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BlackAdder


      I hated RNG and MM dependent missions. Like set on fire, or TD damage. Server always shits on you. Any replays @BPX?

    3. BPX


      don't have them on anymore since they break every patch

    4. BlackAdder
  6. Breaking 3k DPG/60%

    If this is true you should try working on your aim first before positioning. http://www.aimbooster.com/
  7. Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    Wooo. Got one shot at 94.8% by arty while unspotted because he was aiming at a bat that was running away and went behind me for a half a second. I got so fucking mad at him then felt like an asshole 5 minutes later and tried to apologise in PM but he already blocked me.
  8. Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    before the dream went rip
  9. Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    I only played the lorr m8
  10. Skoda T 50 pewpewpew

    this thing is so fucking good it gives me a hard-on zipping around and blowing my little 900 damage load on people then running away
  11. TVP VTU Koncept: The Czech Turd?

    Probably the most painful grind I've ever played through.
  12. Emil I vs Emil II - Which do you prefer?

    Play more games in the Emil II. 29 games is too small a number to tell you anything about your performance in a tank.
  13. Expected Values Updated to v29

    Surprised more people aren't complaining about T-62 averages changing.
  14. Expected Values Updated to v29

    Deltas aren't working on the changes sheet.