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  1. So I tried Fulcrous' technique... and had a 7,380 dmg blocked game. Would have been more but apparently an enemy T28 Prototype carried 20 HE rounds and fired them all at me
  2. Nice write up, I need to play mine more!Your baiting shots tactic is quite reminiscent of how I used to play the VK4502B at its peak, and I'll have to try it with this tank. I also default to overangling it on a sidescrape like an E-100/Maus/E-75, so a tighter sidescrape will definitely help. Thanks! Also, teamoldmill
  3. Any word on where this branch will come off? ELC? 12T?
  4. sr360

    My impressions of the Polish line (Wotlabs edition)

    Great review, and I generally agree. The tier 5 is capable, the tier 6 is terrible, the 7 only a bit better. The tier 8 is solid but is crippled by Tier 8 MM. I’m actually finding the T9 better tier for tier since (a) juicy 560 alpha at tier 9 and (b) tier 9 MM. I am not to the 10 yet, still 150k to go.
  5. sr360

    I seem to be washed up

    I was with you in a game yesterday, and you rushed to a not-so-key spot early without support and without really a plan on what to do when you get there. Just slow it down, relearn the maps, and things will flow from there.
  6. sr360

    Winged Hussars - your opinions?

    Finished the 6. So slow. Too slow. Give it a little speed and it's playable. Armor on the top turret is situationally useable. The alpha is nice, but the entire package is pretty bad.