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  1. Welp, there goes a million XP
  2. Can someone give me a good reason not to trash this thread?
  3. Eh, I've saved quite a few people who partook of that...
  4. Please don't spread misinformation. There is no medical cause of death determined or released as of yet for Poshy. As for DVT, the general thrust is correct, but I have yet to see a reported DVT from a gaming session. Most often there is a second associated aggravating factor seen. See: Virchow's Triad
  5. Yep, that's often the way it's done! Team is falling apart, enemy is pressing, open lane down the mid. Screw it, at least I'm taking arty down with me!
  6. Armor wins games... when you don't go broadside to an ISU
  7. I continue to maintain that at this point, almost 6 years into the game's release, any overall metric based on API is effectively worthless.
  8. I was out of town for a few days, and haven't had any great games, but this one was funny. Type 4, Ruinberg, BT9. Steel Wall, Cool-headed, High Caliber. Basically nobody knows what premium ammo is and I rack up 5.5K blocked...
  9. Meanwhile while trying for LT-15.4, I did spot+dmg 3 arty about 5 times in the last 2 weeks, including once today and once yesterday.
  10. The second one was on Live Oaks where I did 2.6K and spotted for 4.6K
  11. Meanwhile I've fallen within 800 combined of LT-15.4 twice in the last week. *sigh* several hundred games in LTs...
  12. Apparently killing a T8 in a T10 is something worthy of being celebrated...
  13. As someone trying for LT-15.4, the number of T49s who YOLO me to get a shot in then die, while ruining my game in the process is TOO DAMN HIGH.
  14. Yup, you jump on leading the frakking lemming train.
  15. EMIL II, Fjords, BT10. Top Gun on a loss. I start by going up north, but with no opposition I rush down. I find 2 arty there, and take them out, then cut back middle. Things are getting messy as after being up tanks, we find ourselves down all of a sudden. I clip out a T54E1 and put a shell into a Type 5, then back off. The Type 5 and Tortoise press in, and I reload a HEAT clip and take both of them out. Having taken out the Waffle 4, I find myself in a bit of a predicament. I know they're dug in near my base, and they won't try for the win. I can't win by capout, but neither can they. I try and fail in digging them out as their trap works out... T-54LT, Abbey, BT10. Radley-Walters, Ace Tanker, and another heartbreaking loss. I start by playing middle, but the enemy Obj260 platoon pushes the trench hard. I get shots as they try crossing, and bleed them down, taking down one in the process. I also take out a SU-101 who wanders over, and brawl out a T-44-100 who rushes me. Then with the 260s down, I take out a Bulldog and go for the JagdTiger. He gets a shot into me then I rip him apart. Running low on ammo, I get a few shots into their JPE and E-100, but our AMX 30 1/p throws hard as he wanders off, letting our Type 5 be pushed. With only 4 AP rounds left, I catch out the enemy ISU-152 and bounce the last two rounds off the E-100 as the game ends... T-54LT, Mines, BT9. No gaudy stats here, but smart positioning turns a loss into a win. Our fast tanks all go to island, so I abandon middle, and go island as well. For some reason, they stopped right on the island instead of pushing up, so I take the hit and cross over. From there I get shots into the rear of the tanks mid, stalling their progress and slowly turning the game around.