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  1. Is there still appetite for these replays? I have some more up on Youtube I can post here, and I'm starting to have good games again
  2. TD-8 is the 5x HP mission. To do this mission, you need a tank with low HP for tier and enough mobility to get and chase clean-up damage. So let's break it down further-- Tier 6 -- usually about 550-650 HP, so you need 2700-3200 HP or so. The best tank at this tier for this mission is still the Hellcat. 570 HP (target is 2850), with a turret, mobility, camo, and a solid APCR round. This is the tank I did the mission in. The SU-100 has stealth and alpha, but lacks mobility and a turret-- I got close in it several times. At tier 7, you jump to 800+ HP so you're now looking at hitting 4-4.5K dmg. Still achievable, but a bit harder. The 122-44 and E-25 are the best shots, but 4K with the alpha and ammo capacity of the E-25 is a lot of work. It also doesn't see tier 9s. At tier 8 you're now looking at breaking 5-6K... and unless the enemy comes to you, a Roomba finds it hard to chase damage. I mean, I've broken 6K in a Roomba before, and I've done that in a JP2... I'd say its harder than in tier 6 but easier than tier 7. I think the Skorp G is probably the most likely to hit this mark (target of 5750). The UDES only needs 5K but things would have to align just right for that to happen. At tier 9 you need a minimum of 7,500 and up to 11,000, and at tier 10 you're pretty much looking at 10K+. Again, not easy. So in short: get the Hellcat.
  3. True-- UNLESS you exploited the tanks which were flat-out broken. I'm looking at you, Pz38H735(f), VK3601(H)/Konisch, tier 6 KV-3, tier 9 IS-4, and to a lesser degree, T18, Marder II, SU-26.
  4. You missed the glory days of the M44/HEAT which would pump out SPG-15.4 every 10-15 games or so... In the days since, I've actually had an SPG-15.4 qualifying game in the 53/55. Haven't played much arty though of late...
  5. RU251, Lakeville, BT9. High Caliber, Tank Sniper, Ace Tanker. As the game starts, it's battle of the valley rushes as the two valley rushes collide. Their faster tanks spot out our arty which dies right away and then overrun our valley defenders with the help of their own arty. As we go down 0-6 rather quickly, I'm getting limited spots and shots into city. We keep working city and as it seems decisively won, I ping my TDs to cover me as I turn back. The combination of my position and TD cover fire demolishes the cappers, and I sweep through them, clean out the stragglers and help take out arty for a 15-9 win from 0-6 down.
  6. A mix of both. I do get to platoon with some good folks, but I'm not half bad at just finding a way to win. I'm also really really bad at getting clean up damage, and as @CraBeatOff and others can testify, my shooting is downright terrible. VBaddict has me at a 62% solo WR, 71% platoon, which is fairly consistent with my experience.
  7. How about 64% with 2400 WN8...?
  8. T49, Karelia, BT9. Confederate, High Caliber, Tank Sniper. Tarho and I rush the hill early, and we quickly DPM down a T-10 who tries to challenge us, and a Super P who pushes in behind goes down almost as fast. Then I swivel over and spot out a JT88 camping base, as well as get some shots across into a Panther II. An RU251 tries to come up the back way but due to the crossfire Tarho and I get, he abandons the hill, runs across the middle and dies. From there I snipe across the way, farm tanks sitting in the open then rush in to get clean up damage and spotting. T49, Fisherman's Bay, BT9. Patrol Duty, Ace Tanker. I almost felt sorry for the enemy team. My initial vision run spots the usual push towards city, and as the heavies get lit and start taking fire, they clump behind a rock and die. I then rush into town, clean up their tanks there, camo snipe the remaining IS-3 behind the rock, then push in under the ridge and spot out their campers.
  9. I have neither. I have a 4-skill crew, with commander having SOS/6th/camo/repairs. I have several 2k+ xp replays up for the 13 90 on my replay page. Yeah the VR drop isn't great, but who cares when you can go zoom zoom boom boom.
  10. I run Optics/VS/Vents. And I'm having a blast in it.
  11. Couple of monster games from today: T49, Prokhorovka, BT9. Ace Tanker, High Caliber, Top Gun. I initially play down the 3 to negate an enemy LT going to the E1 bush, and on the way get a couple of free shots in. The enemy pushes a couple of tanks over the 6 line resulting in mutual destruction, so I relocate to the 6 and proceed to farm the crap out of the enemy hill push. As we win out on the 1-2 and push in, I clean up their base defenders, duel out a 13 90, and get a few cheap shots into a VK100.01 to wrap up. RU251, Malinovka, BT11. Patrol Duty, LT-15.4 is get! This is an unusual Malinovka swamp scout-- I get lit on the way there, so I take up a terrain-protected position and do quick peeks instead. I know there is a T49 in the swamp from the other team, so I just focus on getting tanks lit as I'm able. Their team gets gradually whittled down, but I'm at still 4.5K combined or so. As I push up a full HP E3 and subsequently full HP 50B are spotted, and between my damage and my spotting, I end up at 7k spotted, 2k done, and stay alive for the secondary.
  12. Finally did LT-15.4. Now only MT-15.4 OR TD-15.4 with honors, or both without honors left.
  13. It isn't. You may think that, but it isn't.
  14. AMX 13 90, Winterberg, BT9. Ace Tanker, High Caliber, Top Gun. I make my first run field, spotting 3 tanks heading middle. My first clip whiffs 3/4, so I reload in camo, and with my second clip pick off the Bulldog and track a 13 90 who then dies. I also shoot into city killing an M103. With them giving up position on the delta village, I burn down a CDC, put 3 into a Leo and kill the E25. Then I dive through past their cap, kill a T71 and M12, reload, kill a LeoPTA only to realize I have a 1/2 clip, reload with APCR and try to clip out a Lowe for Radley-Walters only to have the kill snatched away as my 4th round comes up.