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  1. I won my third Type 59...
  2. Sounds good.
  3. I concur. Time to retire WN8 in its current form.
  4. @leggasiini try to control your raging erection...
  5. WZ-111, Siegfried Line, BT9. High Caliber, Ace Tanker. I push into the little courtyard from the south, and have an odd sort of game. Ignored for most of the battle, I get a lot of shots in and rack up 4.4K damage. I did use a little more HEAT than I would have liked but still 144K net profit. Strv 103B, Windstorm, BT10. High Caliber, Steel Wall, BiA. With only one tank on the enemy team that can pen me frontally, I climb up a hill, sit in the open, and farm out 6K damage without too much fuss.
  6. Lights will still be matches vs lights. And now TDs will be matched vs TDs as well.
  7. I actually unlocked the derp gun in the game after the one I posted. The 14cm works great vs mediums and softer tanks, but it gives me fits vs Maus/E-100 as well as E3/4/5. I will probably stick with the 15, since it will at least give the tank a unique flavor.
  8. Type 5 Heavy, Arctic Region. Steel Wall, Spartan, High Caliber, HT-15.4 with honors. Tokimi and I push south while N00BSAIB0T takes up a position overlooking middle. Their tanks sit top of the hill, and while the JPE sits back being a threat but not truly interdicting us, I farm blocked damage and help punch out the Tiger II and T-10. With those two tanks down, I accept a hit from the JPE to help get him out, but we note a STRV 103-0 and Grille sitting back. So we pull back, kill the T28 Proto who is an easy target, then the TVP, then Toki moves up to engage the STRV while I hit the Grille every time he shows himself. Final stats: 5.1k dmg done, almost 8k blocked. I also took 2.8K dmg for a combined of close to 16k.
  9. Thing is, he spent several hundred dollars to troll. Look at all those premiums...
  10. I guess some people derive enjoyment from throwing games...


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    2. Visn0r


      4k matches in 8 tanks - le cherry on ze top 

    3. TheMarine0341


      just needs to have 40k battles, and I would gladly take over that account

    4. MAJEST1C


      I saw someone with 110k battles... speechless 

  11. We have a triple platoon of @imoody, bananastothewallhost and myself, in tanks unsuited to Himmelsdorf. We run into a Batchat who blocks our LTs from running scout runs, shit talks the team, then sits in the back waiting for tanks to die, shoots the ground several times then dies. So a quick perusal of his stats shows... Quite obviously this is a troll account who deliberately throws games and tries his best to impede the team. Whatever floats his boat, I guess... I certainly wouldn't put time and money into griefing others...
  12. E-25, Fiery Salient, BT7. High Caliber, Ace Tanker. The TOGpocalypse is real, and I farm it for dayyys. I go middle, intending to get some spots onto TOGs crossing... but they unexplicably do not challenge the 6 line and my first burst of vision nets me near-on 2k dmg. I continue to establish vision on the 1 line and keep farming everything there, and the damage counter keeps ticking up towards the 5k mark...
  13. One million for me.
  14. Meanwhile, my account is @CraBeatOff's test account...
  15. Type 5, Steppes. Steel Wall, High Caliber, Cool-Headed. It's Steppes, and our platoon goes to the 8-9 line, only to run into a mass of mediums. I effectively shoot on reload as I realize that they have next to no clue on how to pen me. 4.6K dmg and 5.8K blocked later... Strv 103-0, Pilsen, BT9. High Caliber. As @Shifty_ pays the price for running food on his T-10, I capitalize and farm the city area, specifically the alley where a full HP tortoise drives at me, until he gets close enough to pen my hatch. Meanwhile I farm him for ALL his HP. Then I turn around and eat up the tanks coming through the field. Nomnom.