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  1. EDIT: I play a large variety of tanks, across many lines and tiers. I will be posting notable games almost on a nightly basis, depending on what tanks I am playing at that point in time. The games will range from good to very good, and they will be chock full of my usual mistakes, bad shooting skill, questionable decision making, and all-around potatoness, but hopefully they will prove instructive to some.
  2. sr360

    sr360's Non-potato games

    I've been neglecting to post replays here for a bit, so here's a dump of a bunch of them
  3. sr360

    M35 Marathon Megathread

    The bundle is $70 before discounts
  4. After having endured the AMX 65T, which is a bag of flaming poo that burned out, was rewarmed up and set on fire again, you get to the magnificence that is the AMX M4 51. This thing is GOOD. Decently mobile, with enough frontal armor to shrug off hits with sub-280 pen guns, and a punchy, well-handling 120 mm gun. I've been playing it ridiculously aggressively to fantastic effect. Hide from those who throw premium and from high pen guns, bully everything else. The downsides so far are paper-thin sides which lend themselves to @CraBeatOff and the Chode$starz, a gigantic turret which has to be kept pointed straight lest the back be exposed, and armor that is solid but can melt relatively fast once faced with 300+ pen rounds as it is difficult to angle and nigh-impossible to sidescrape. Nonetheless, enjoy the FRENCHIE POOSH:
  5. AW did that, and it was awful. High tiers became "hunt for the 3 pixels where you can pen"-- even though you would hit those spots reliably, finding those spots was a pain.
  6. I was grinding credits in my bought-after-IS5-trade M4 49, and the Defender population, while high, was uniformly terrible. Like get schooled 1v2 vs a M4 49 terrible.
  7. sr360

    Obj705A - No one really plays this?

    Just got it yesterday, still trying it out
  8. The setup doesn't seem to be working properly. It's not pulling in all my tanks.
  9. sr360

    Stats page

    I concur
  10. This Lorp Wormhole seems interesting. I'll have a look.
  11. sr360

    Object 430 Appreciation and Boasting Thread

    The 430's main trick is hitting for 390 instead of 320. To do this, it trades mobility, gun handling, premium pen, gun depression...
  12. You'd probably have to contact the Russian devs. We in -G- had a similar situation, with _Lion and Poshybrid passing away. Poshy had a big streaming following so WG staff transferred his account to a memorial clan, and Lion is still in our clan. I feel you, and wish you the best in your attempts.
  13. High five for dad reflexes! (Will watch the games when I get back to my PC)
  14. Three suggestions: -- the US line is the only one you really need for the missions. The 53/55 rocks -- in some cases (especially for Stun tanks X times or duration of stun) I used the stock/smaller gun on the 53/55, giving up alpha for reload+accuracy thereby hitting tanks more frequently and adding up the stun time. -- Tier 10 grand battles are pretty good for arty missions
  15. sr360

    AMX M4 mle. 54

    Short version: nope. Long version: with the 130mm it has horrible pen which will struggle vs superheavies in competitive play. With the 120 mm it has such terrible DPM that it is simply outclassed by the SuperConq and E5.
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    The only reason would be to save the credits.
  17. sr360

    sr360's Non-potato games

    Type 64, Karelia Assault, BT6. Patrol Duty, Scout, Ace Tanker. I dive across, almost get YOLO'd twice, almost get TK'd by arty, spot a lot of tanks, clean up, then do get TK'd by arty... Life of an LT. Strv 74, Arctic Region, BT8. Oskin's Medal. Initial patient play in the north allows me to pick off tanks, then move in for the kill, only to die to a camping Cromwell while searching for my top gun.
  18. sr360

    sr360's Non-potato games

    Type 59, Himmelsdorf, BT9. Ace Tanker, Oskin's Medal. Playing defense against too much aggression from the enemy team on the 2-line.
  19. No tournaments, no CW, no eSports. T49s 4EVA!
  20. I think that’s right, the XP will be transferred to the 430 to continue on to the U
  21. sr360

    Do you EVEN 90?

    Crab and Dual using the ELC have effectively resurrected vision even in the current corridor meta.
  22. sr360

    Do you EVEN 90?